Tom Blake is an expert on dating after 50. He has appeared twice on the "Today Show" and has written more than 500 columns on dating and relationships. His "Single Again" column appears in The Orange County Register in southern California, is read worldwide and is often featured on msn.com. He is a professional speaker. He spoke at the national AARP convention in San Diego in 2002, and will speak at the AARP convention in Chicago this September. His book, Middle Aged and Dating Again, is a humorous account of his first year of dating after his third divorce. His new book, Finding Love After 50: How to begin, where to go, what to do, is hot off the press. To ask a question or receive Tom's free weekly column on middle-age dating and relationships by e-mail, click on www.findingloveafter50.com See Archives 2005, 2004, and 2003.

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Anatomy of a Broken Relationship
Are you hot enough?
Background check a must before dating a stranger
Being Single Not So Bad
Blame it on loneliness
Burning Bridges
Catch and Release
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Defining the word "Chemistry"
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Don't Be Shy
Don't sweat the small stuff
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Get a Life 2
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Internet Love in Santa Barbara
Internet Successes
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Lava Lamp Love Lounge
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Long Distance Disaster
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The Magnificent Six
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The real world of mature-age dating
Men React to Women Who Don’t Want Marriage
Men Respond To Sex Too Soon?
A Mexico – California Long-Distance Relationship
Never too Late for Love
New Year's Eve
Numbers Game
Older Men Dating Younger Women
Older Woman, Younger Man
Passion Fading
Reason To Believe
Responses to Where Are the Men?
Rushing Intimacy
Screwing up a good thing
Sex Buddies
Sex Too Soon?
Should he tell you he won't be calling anymore?
Should Women Travel Alone?
Shun Mode
Single Man Stuck in Neutral
Singles Need to Protect 4 Things
Single women involved with men who won’t commit
A single woman's frustration
Success Stories
Summer Travels and ramblings
Taking a picture of your boyfriend
Tread Lightly
Unusual Places To Meet
Verbal Intimacy (lacking)
When women earn more than the men they date
Where Are The Men?
Who Pays?
Why Married People Read This Newsletter
A Widower Shares His Journey Coming Out of the Fog
Widows Give Their Opinions
Women who look younger than their age

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