The "ALMOST" Perfect Thing To Say To Her To Get A Date Without Feeling Uncomfortable If She Says “No.” … OUCH!
The Benefits Of Dating Older Women
Does Having A “Wingwoman” Really Work?
Does She Have A Boyfriend???
Do This BEFORE You Head Out For Your Date….
”Do You Want To Hang Out Over At….?” Should You Say This To Her?
First Dates Should Be More Than Just Light And Fun
How Do You Know If You Want Her For Her, Not Because You Can’t Have Her?
How To Get Women To Call You
Men Blaming Women For Their Dating Problems
Men Who Think They Are Too Short. To Date The Kind Of Women They Want
What’s The “Perfect Date” For Women?

Why So Many Singles Move On So Fast After Dating For Only A Month Or Two
Women Reveal Why They Haven’t Gone Out On A Second Date With Men

Why So Many Singles Move On So Fast After Dating For Only A Month Or Two

Have you ever noticed that so many singles move on after dating for only a month or two? It was all hot and heavy in the beginning, and then over time it slowly got colder, and then colder, and then colder…..until finally, one or both of them moves on to someone else.

There are three reasons why they do:

1.) Too many singles settle for a person because they don’t like being alone.

2.) They are tired of dating, so they will just settle.

3.) And the biggest reason, they don’t ask one another enough compatibility questions during that first date. They have fun with one another, so they think that is enough. But what happens after the newness wears off? … Yup, one or both want to move on after they find out that he/she really wasn’t the one after all.

Any of these sound familiar?

First Dates Should Be More Than Just Light And Fun

Many singles seem to think that first dates should be light and fun. No pressure, no twenty questions, just have fun and keep things light. In fact, too many guys are afraid to ask too many questions to get to know her because they think it should be kept light and fun. Big mistake!

You are dating because you are looking for that right woman, right? If you keep the first dates just light and fun, with very few compatibility questions asked, you may not know enough to determine if she is worth a second date or not, so you land up going on that second date. And then, how many times did you get a totally different opinion of her on that second date, or third date? You could have saved al that time and money if you had only asked her enough questions, and, paid more attention to any warning signs she may give off.

First dates can be light and fun, but they are also supposed to be for knowing if two people are compatible enough for future dates, too. You can mix the two together.

And don’t be afraid to ask those questions. Hey, this is your time and money, you know, and if she can’t understand that a couple can do both on a first date, is she really the one for you? Don’t you want a smart and a mature woman?

Here’s another thing to think about: What if you two fall for one another on that fun-filled date because you two are physically attracted to one another while at the same time having laughs, BUT, you two really aren’t compatible enough for future dates?

It happens all the time. That’s one of the reasons why so many couples get tired of one another within the first few weeks of dating. They don’t ask one another enough compatibility questions.

Think about it!

The Benefits Of Dating Older Women

If you are a young guy in his twenties who is tired of girls who play games and / or they are always partying, you may find an older woman much more appealing to you.

It’s amazing, but so many young guys don’t even think to look for an older woman!

Here are the benefits of being with an older woman, keeping in mind that not all older women fall into this group, obviously:

1.) The odds are that she is through with partying.

2.) She’s better at managing her money. After so many years, many of us wise up to carefully watching our money closer than we did when we were younger.

3.) She’s a better lover.

4.) She’s more mature mentally.

5.) She doesn’t play games.

6.) She’s through the phase of, “I want to concentrate on my career.”

7.) She’s more intelligent, and she can make a faster and wiser decision on things.

Sounds pretty good, huh? Now, if you can meet a fit woman who is in her late thirties or early forties, or late forties, even, your dating could be less hectic.

Hey, think about it!

Does Having A “Wingwoman” Really Work?

"Wingman" is a term fighter pilots use. It refers to a pilot flying protectively behind his squadron leader. Then, a couple of years ago, some guy used the term for buddies getting together to meet women. And like a feather floating through the air, the term floated from one guy to the next, across the nation.

In the dating world, a wingman is a man who will back his buddy up when his buddy is trying to meet and talk to women. He'd pump up his buddy if he started to get cold feet. He'd give his buddy ideas on how to approach that cute girl sitting at the corner table. He's typically a guy who has no problems meeting women at nightclubs and bars. He'll get a conversation going with a woman, and then ask her if she has any friends with her that his friend can meet. They all get together, and, voila, an intimate little group has been formed.

Of course men have been doing this for one another for, God knows how many years, but the term wingman is recent. And just like one guy helping another, many men have female friends who they can also ask for help. This too has been going on for years and years. In steps the term, "wingwoman."

One man, by the name of Shane Forbes, decided to take advantage of it by turning it into a service for men who need help. Forbes said he realized he had more success with women in clubs when he was with female friends, so, in December of 2004, Forbes started At the time of this writing, he has twelve women working for him. The cost to hire a woman is $50 an hour, and of that she gets up to $30 to accompany single men to help them chat it up with other women.

In late November or early October, Forbes told a reporter from The New York Times that men have a around a 65% success rate for getting a phone number.

65%! Forbes shouldn't have said that. Even a man who is shy around women can do just as good. In fact, if he is looking for a relationship, it doesn't matter if his success rate is far below that, because all he needs is one phone number.

Amna Shamim is not your average woman, she's a wing woman. Her job is to introduce eligible New York City bachelors to single women.

Amna Shamim: "A woman approaching a woman is different than a guy approaching a woman, or a woman approaching a guy, because we have sisterhood bonds. If I came up to you and I was like, 'Oh, my God, I really love your shoes.' We would start talking about your shoes. And then in comes my male friend. And you're already in a good mood, we've already established a bond. And that's extended to my friend."

If you don't want to date a bunch of women because you don't have the money for it and/or you're looking for a relationship, all you need is one phone number. At the time of this writing, Forbes said that his clients have a 65% success rate. Don't you think that you can get the same success rate? Even if it was only 40%, you'll still have a number that night.

Do you really need to pay $50 bucks an hour for this?

Here's one thing you need to keep in mind: There's a strong possibility that the longer this wingwoman is out there conversing with women, trying to break the ice so she can get the man and the woman to meet, the more money she makes for Forbes and herself, so in all likely hood, she'll be taking her time.

But, if you are shy, and you fumble your feet around women, you don't know how to hold a conversation, and you don't know how to approach them, this service, could, be right for you.

This service is just for the EXTREME cases.

The, ALMOST, Perfect Thing To Say To Her To Get A Date Without Feeling Uncomfortable If She Says “No.” … OUCH!

She’s the girl in your class. She’s the cashier at the store you go to every week. She’s the coworker…. Now, what in the hell can you say to her to get a date, without being put in a really awkward situation if she says “no” to you? I mean, you have to see her again, right?

Some guys don’t care, but if it makes you feel awkward because you have to see her again, you need to come up with a line that is almost perfect.

Here is one of several things you can say, and yes, this is almost perfect:

You (after talking with her for a bit): I was going to have lunch over at X place sometime this week, maybe tomorrow, and I thought maybe you'd like to come along. (Or replace it with a movie.)

Her: Hmmm, that sounds good.

You (Give her a big smile. Remember, women love it when a guy smiles): Ok, well, would you like to meet there, say, tomorrow, or can I pick you up???

If you can picture yourself doing this, you will notice that you will be coming across as JUST a guy who was going out to lunch or to the movie anyway, and you thought that maybe she would like to come along. You eased her into the idea of it. It’s better than the typical, “Do you want to go out with me?”

When it’s at the spur of the moment doesn’t this sound much better than: “Do you want to go out?” These are more flattering, and it eases her into the idea of accepting a date so quickly from a complete stranger or from someone she doesn’t know or whom she sees occasionally.

How Do You Know If You Want Her For Her, Not Because You Can’t Have Her?

Most people are like a little child wanting a toy. The more mommy says no, the more that child will want it. … Right? And when it comes to dating women, the more she denies you, the more you want her. Well, not all of us are like that, but a surprising larger number of guys are. They simply can’t let her go. There is just something about her that he has to have.

Perhaps you are a little like this?

Here’s a little technique you can try, to see if you really do want her for a relationship, or your brain slid down to your dick again:

Yup, you guessed what I am about to say: After you have had sex with one of your dates, you masturbated or if you aren’t in one of those horny moods that has you jumping on anything that moves, sit down and think about this woman you are interested in. … Are your thoughts and feelings for her as strong as they were before? Really think about it. If they aren’t, well, you pretty much got your answer.

Many, many guys, when thinking with their John Henrys, think about being in a relationship, but once they have sex with their date, or after they masturbate, they no longer think about being with a woman.

Ah yes, the power of hormones!

Now, if you still want to be with her, you have to know if she is indeed the right one for you, never mind trying to get a date with her. That will come later. What’s the sense of having all these thoughts about her if she could be a man’s worst nightmare? Once you start thinking with your brain (you know, the one between your ears?), instead of your little buddy, you’ll have much better luck with women.

What’s The “Perfect Date” For Women?

”Perfect date”??? Why do some of you guys feel that you have to have this long, “perfect,” expensive date in order to show her that you are the one for her? Did you know that none of that matters if you aren’t physically attracted to her, or you can’t even hold a good conversation with her? All that money and energy will just go down the toilet!

So, what do women think is the perfect date for them? It’s probably not at all what you think. Here are their answers, and pay attention!:

1. Be a great conversationalist (If you don’t know how, read chapter three of Women, Sex And Dating, For The Single Man. Click on the link below).

2. Ask her questions to get to know her. You don’t have to make it like an interview, either.

After all, how would you feel if she asked you questions to get to know you? How would you feel if she was interested in the things you are interested in? Well, there you go.

There’s an old saying, “If you want to be interesting, be interested in them.”

3. Make sure the food is good. Choose a restaurant you know has good food.

4. Be a gentleman. Hold the door for her, ask her how her meal and wine is…

5. Don’t talk about sex, IN ANY WAY!! That was their number one complaint against you clods. I mean, come on, guys!

That’s basically it. Pretty simple, huh?

It isn’t about the atmosphere of he place. It isn’t about how expensive the date is. It isn’t about candles or a nice centerpiece.

If she is a nice, down to earth girl, THAT is a perfect date for her. After all wouldn’t it be for you???

Now, let’s just hope she is physically attracted to you! … Gulp!

Women Reveal Why They Haven’t Gone Out On A Second Date With Men

One of a single man’s most frustrating things when dating is getting a second date. Do you also have that same problem? After that first date, you think it went just fine. You thought the conversation was interesting and flowing, you dressed nice, you acted like a complete gentleman…yet for some reason you can’t get a second date!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could read your date’s thoughts during the date? Women aren’t the only ones having problems getting a second date, or their date not calling when the say they will. Men have the same problems. Well, for now you are going to have to settle for the next best thing.

The following are women’s top ten reasons on why they don’t go out with the same guy again (Learn from them!):

First Reason: Poorly dressed. Many men think they look okay, when in fact women have said that their dates had no style at all, or they didn’t put forth the effort. Of course this isn’t a reason not to go on a second date with him, but if it is combined with other things, it can hurt him. Read the section on clothes, in chapter two again.

Second Reason: He was too sexist? Many women flat out refused to even return his phone call for a second date because he asked her sex questions. Some men are complete dead heads that they don’t get it. Many women won’t show their disgust.

Third Reason: Bad hygiene. Again, men think they don’t have bad breath, or they think they can get away with wearing a shirt they wore for a few hours yesterday.

Fourth Reason: A Boring conversation. A dull conversation, with few questions asked to her has ended many dates in its tracks.

Fifth Reason: She wasn’t attracted to his looks as much as she first thought. We all know that there has to be some attraction between two people in order for it to work. Many single people, men and women have gone out on a date with someone who they thought was cute only later they changed their mind. Have you ever seen a woman for that first time and thought she was pretty, but later on you see her a second time and you no longer thought that? It’s strange how that happens, but nevertheless it does. If this has ever happened to you, it isn’t being shallow, because there has to be some physical attraction there. Put yourself in her shoes.

Sixth Reason: They were going out on other dates, and she chose the other guy. OUCH!

Seventh Reason: She went out on the date because she was bored. Again, OUCH! Or, she didn’t want to say no, thinking she would hurt his feelings. This is the bad side to asking out overly-nice women. It can be very confusing!

Eighth Reason: She wants to get married, but didn’t think he would be a compatible husband. Boyfriend, yes, husband, no. This has happened many, many times. She doesn’t want to waste her or his time, because she is looking for a husband. This also applies to a live-in relationship. If you were looking for a wife, and your date wasn’t quite what you were looking for, would you waste your or her time?

Nineth Reason: The chemistry wasn’t there. She thought he was nice looking, and the conversation was nice, but that was all there was. "Nothing clicked." Sometimes that happens. She would go out on a second date, but it would be as just friends, and she thought that he wanted more. She didn’t want to bother with it.

Tenth Reason: And, she is materialistic. She thought he was very well off only to later find out that he didn’t have as much as he let on. Yes, some women admitted this.

Men Blaming Women For Their Dating Problems

On questions like: How to talk to women, what to say to them, how to approach them, should you bring a flower on that first date...some men think that the advice should come from the men, After all, they say, they are the ones who are doing it; that you should ask the men who have success with women. And, they say, "women don't know what they want. They are too indecisive."

On the surface this does seem to make sense. There are indeed a lot of women who really don’t know what they want. But, if one was to look at this closely, you may find another point of view. Let's look at this more closely, and think about this:

When you compare the sexes, do you think that there are probably just as many men who are the same way…because they think with their hormones? One moment he wants this particular woman, the next he changes his mind to another type of woman. Are some men indecisive like this?

Also, could it be that it isn’t that women don’t know what they want, it’s that many men can’t understand them; there is this misunderstanding between the sexes, which in turn makes it seem like they don’t know what they want???

For example:

Many women say they like "nice guys," but they don't date them. They date jerks. This is a classic misunderstanding between the sexes. She wants to be with that nice guy. It's just that he is TOO nice. He always tries to please her. He acts like a doormat. While, on the other hand, the "jerk" doesn't act like that. Many women will stay in a relationship, if you want to call it that, because they are hoping that they can get rid of that part in him that they don't like. They will try to change him. They want a man to act like a man, but at the same a nice man.

"I Will Always Pay Attention To MEN'S BEHAVIOR That Attracts Women."

We read this recently from a gentleman who firmly believes a man should get dating advice from another man who can get the women. If you want to know what words to use to best get that date with a stranger, listen to a guy who has already done it. Men shouldn't listen to women because women don't ask other women out, so how would they know what works and what doesn't?

Does this also seem to make sense? Well, let's take another look at this one also.

It's true that one should listen to the man who knows how to attract the women, and get dates, but, what should be looked more closely is what kind of women is he able to get dates with? If he usually dates easy women, who have no character to them, what does that tell you? If you are looking for a serious relationship with that, RIGHT woman, should you listen to him?

Here's another thing to think about. Men who say that you shouldn't ask women on how to ask them out and the best way to approach them is because they don't ask out other women. Well that one really doesn't make sense. No, they don't ask each other out, BUT, they do get approached by men! What if you asked your female friend if such and such line would work to best break the ice with her. She can tell you if it would work with her. After all, you aren't asking the man out!

Here's another thing to think about.

How would you feel if your female friend, or a coworker asked you for dating advice on how to get a guy to ask her out? She asked you what your favorite perfume is, how you would feel if a woman asked you for a date, etc., etc. Well, why should she ask you? Shouldn't she ask a woman?

You see, once you better understand women, and take another look at the bottom line to all of this, you will realize that they do indeed know what they want (Well, most women, that is. There are many screwy ones out there), and that it is better to listen to women on the best way to get dates with them. You just have to understand their thinking better, just like they need to better understand our thinking also.

Men Who Think They Are Too Short. To Date The Kind Of Women They Want

Are you a short guy who is self conscious about your height? Do you think it is affecting your dating lifestyle? Well, did you know that there are a lot of women who could care less about your height? It’s true.

If you haven’t met them yet, it's probably because you gave up too fast. You haven’t asked enough women out so you can get to her yet. Yes, most women want to be with a guy who is at least 5’ 8," but you would be surprised by the number of women who don’t care if you are shorter than that.

You don’t believe us? … Here are two web sites that just may change your mind: & These two sites will open your eyes, and make you feel better about yourself!

At you will read stories from women who married men much shorter than them. It didn’t matter to a lot of these women. It’s a great site to visit! At is a list of famous people who are / were much shorter than you think. For example: Elton John is 5’ 3.5." We found this very hard to believe, until we found out for myself. He must wear lifts.

Alan Ladd was 5’ 4." He was one of the biggest actors during his time. He too must have worn lifts. The same with Audie Murphy (war hero and actor), who stood in at 5' 5". The studios didn’t care about their height, obviously, because of their attitude, character and the way they carried themselves. Remember that!

And how about Michael J. Fox? He stands in at 5’ 4." You don’t think the studios could have gotten taller actors for the roles he played in? He too got them because of the way he carried himself, and also because of his personality.

Here are a few more:

Rod Stewart: 5’ 5."
Dudley Moore: 5' 2.5."
Robert Blake: 5' 4."
Scott Hamilton: 5' 3.5.''
Phil Collins: 5' 5." 

The reason why these famous people seem taller is because of their attitude about themselves. Speaking of which, did you know that Jimmy Hoffa was only 5’ 5"? And this guy ran a union for truck drivers! Steve McQueen and Paul Newman stood in at 5’9," and even though that really isn’t a short stature, nevertheless it is only a couple of inches shy from being short. They look taller in some of their movies because they obviously wore lifts.

And speaking of lifts…DON’T USE THEM!! They have to come off eventually anyway, right? Why not have women see you for who you are? It’s just like wearing a wig. It has to come off eventually. She may very well be unpleasantly surprised. How would you like it if it’s done to you? Show your true self up front.

Yes, many women will reject you because of your height, but not all will. Whenever you go out, you will see short men with very cute women who are taller. If that doesn’t convince you that there are many women who don’t care, you have a problem, and it’s not your height!

Many women surveyed on this subject have said that they don't mind having a short mate, as long as they were the same height. So, find a woman who is your height! And then let your personality and character take care of the rest.

It's all up here (between the ears)!

Do This BEFORE You Head Out For Your Date….

If you're looking for a serious relationship where someday you hope to get married, and, perhaps, have children, you want that woman to be the sweetest, nicest woman you have ever met, right? You want her to be hardworking. You want her to be good with money. You want her to be smart....but, how often do you go into the date actually using your brain to see if she is indeed the one for you?

It’s kind of hard to think when your penis sucks out all the blood from your brain, isn’t it?

How can you find her if your hormones are tackling you and holding you down until the date is over? How will you be able to look out for any red flags she may be waving that tells you she is nothing but a pain in the ass? After all, we are talking about your valuable time, and, your money here!

While we are on this subject of looking out for any warning signs, you NEED to write out a list of red flags your past dates waved in front of you that you missed because your hormones were beating the hell out of your lifeless brain, so you couldn’t see them until much later.

Write everything down on paper. What things did she do or didn't do that would have you thinking she wouldn't be worth a relationship?

Did you get more attention from your dog than her?

Did she take her cell phone with her? … Did she answer it?!

Was the conversation with her so boring that it put the other customers within hearing range asleep?

If the answer is yes to the above, you'll realize that she isn't worth a second date. But, if your penis is doing the thinking that night…oh boy.

Now, here's something you should be doing, BEFORE you head out to the date. It will keep you from thinking with your penis, which in turn you'll be able to see her more clearly:

Masturbate at least twice while thinking about her just before meeting her.

Ok, ok, stop rolling the eyes. Think about it. What were your thoughts on when you were dating that last woman you were attracted to? Was it on anything about her inner beauty? And how many times did you go on a second date with a woman because she was so pretty, and later on you got burned? You totally missed the warning signs she gave out.

Think back to all those dates where you could have saved all that time and money if you had only left your hormones at home so your brain had a fighting chance.

Are you thinking?

And while you’re sitting there using your pea brain, think of all the times you were at home alone, thinking about that really cute cashier at the grocery store you'd love to date. Are you thinking? Now, think about how you then felt after you masturbated while thinking about her. Was your enthusiasm for her as strong as it was before? How about after you masturbated a second time within that same hour?

All of this sounds pretty silly, doesn’t it? But don't take this for granted! It's what you need to do if your hormones have more pull power than your brain. The date should be about what she would be like as a girlfriend or wife, rather than you having sex with her.

What qualities do you want her to have? Write them down, and stick to that list! If you think more like this, you'll be able to find that sweet girl, and then the sex will follow.

”Do You Want To Hang Out Over At….?” Should You Say This To Her?

In some situations, many guys seem to think that you shouldn’t come right out and ask her out on a date. College guys especially think this. They think that a lot of college girls are turned off by “Do you want to go out sometime?” It’s the whole “date” thing. Oh my! So these guys will use the words “hang out,” and then, over time, hopefully she will be attracted to him enough for a date.

Really? I never knew this. Is this really true? Well, there is one thing that IS true, you using the words, “Do you want to hang out over at…” can very well make it harder for you.

Think about it…how would you feel if she used those words on you? What would you be thinking?

Exactly! The guessing games begin. After awhile, she may be thinking, “Does he like me in that way?” “Why doesn’t he ask me out on a date?” On top of that, you’ll be wondering and guessing on when, or IF to ask her out on a date. … Right?

Talk about a big headache.

Or, what if she isn’t attracted to you in that way? You wasted all that time with her.

Now, of course, hanging out with her can get her to like you better over time, but what if she simply isn’t attracted to you in that way? And if she is, she will go out with you if you ask her out anyway.

Common sense, fellas!

How To Get Women To Call You

For many men it's easy for them to simply ask for a woman's phone number, or, to get her to call them. But can you? And, because of safety reasons, some women won't give out their number.

You need the odds in your favor when asking for her number, or, at the very least, getting her to call you. Here's a simple one-line sentence you can say to any woman you see on a regular basis, like the bank teller or cashier:

"If you ever feel like talking, call me." Then hand her your phone number, give her a big friendly and warm smile, and then leave.

Now of course you just can't blurt it out, or say, "Hi. If you ever feel like talking, call me." It would sound pretty odd. Talk to her for about a minute or so beforehand.

This works even better if you think something is bothering her, or she looks tired.

For example: You say, "You look tired." "I am." she says. Just as you are about to leave, you then say, "I know this is just out of the blue, but if you ever feel like talking, call me." Then hand her your phone number.

It's that simple.

Of course this works with women you've seen for the first time, also.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself at, say, the grocery store, and there is a cashier you've never seen before. Your putting your food on the belt, she's ringing it up, you say hi to her, she says hi back, then you stand there while she finishes ringing you up. You say a few things to her, like, "I haven't seen you before. Is this your shift?" Or, "Long day?" Think of things to say to her. Then, after she hands you your receipt, you say, "I know this is just out of the blue, but if you ever feel like talking, call me."

Perhaps you think this may sound kind of weird? Well, no, it won't. Switch roles with her. How would you feel if she said that to you? Think about it.

The odds are more in your favor because you are simply letting her know that if she ever feels like talking, she can call you. It's not a date. No pressure. It's just a simple conversation over the phone. It's also something totally different to what she normally hears from men.

She knows what you are getting at anyway, but you are being more friendlier this way, which will improve your odds in talking to her over the phone, and then, getting that date!

Women think more highly of a man who is quick/imaginative on his feet when asking women out, and, he has a sense of humor, so this next line will work even better:

"Do you like to talk on the phone?" More than likely she will say yes. When she does, hand her your number and say, "Well, good. ... Here's my number. Call me and let's talk."

Don't forget that big, friendly, warm smile!

Let's hope she has a sense of humor, and that she likes to talk on the phone!

Of course some women won't call you, or, for that matter even take your number. She'll act like a little girl: "Oh, no! Get it away from me!" kind of an attitude. She'll get all uncomfortable. Some women overreact like this. They're ridiculous. Ignore them and move on to the next woman. Dumb women like that aren't worth your time anyway.

Try this technique with as many women as you can. You'll find that they are some of the best things to say to women in getting them to call you and/or getting their phone numbers.

Does She Have A Boyfriend???

As long as I have been a syndicated writer for singles on dating, for the life of me I cannot understand why so many men simply can’t ask a woman, “Do you have a boyfriend?” It’s as if he will be perceived as weak or something. Do you think it is? I got a little bit of news for you…IT ISN’T! You think that, not the women. It’s an assumption that’s all wrong.

Your buddy may say, “Well, just ask her out. Why do you even have to ask her if she has one?”

I already know what you’re thinking: “Well, then I will feel really awkward if she does have one.”

Ok, if you can’t seem to get over this little hump, you can try interjecting a question into the conversation, like, “What does your boyfriend think about that?” or, “Is your boyfriend here? I don’t want to get you into trouble?” and then give her a big smile.

Assume she has a boyfriend, and interject such questions.

She may ask, “What makes you think I have one?” Come back with something along this line, “Well, you are so easy to talk with, and you seem really nice, so I just naturally assumed. … You mean you don’t have one???”

Or, you can get a pair of balls and simply ask her, “Are you single? … Because I’d love to get to know you better, maybe over lunch sometime this week???”

It, WILL NOT, make you look weak! Only “little boys” think that, and women do not like little boys! I mean, think about it, how does this question make you look weak, or whatever it is that you are thinking right now?

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Perry Rose is a syndicated freelance writer for singles on sex, dating and relationships. He is also the author of, All About Men: Another Damn Book For Women About Men. & Women and Sex And Dating, For The Single Man published by Intimacy Books. From first getting dates from complete strangers, to finding that right person to be with, Intimacy Books has interviewed single men and women on what they like and want from one another. The findings were published in Women, Sex and Dating, for the Single Man. Their site is

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