The Perfect Birthday Gift For Her

Ok, so maybe it’s her anniversary, or Valentines day is once again at your throats…whatever day it is, you’re hating it just the same. So, what is the perfect gift for her? And for you guys who hate to shop, never mind opening your wallet, what is the quickest gift to get without al the hassles?

That’s easy! You ready?……

Get nice-looking stationary, in her favorite color and write her a love note. Yeah, yeah, I know…puke, but hey, this is perfect.

Write down what you first thought after seeing her pretty face for the first time. Put down how you felt spending that first night with her. Put down how you grew to love her over time, and what she did to make you fall in love with her. And lastly, tell her how you feel about her now.

Do you have cologne that she loves? … Give the stationary a couple of squirts. Roll it up and tie it in a colored ribbon. Yes, I know, but we are talking about women here. They love stuff like this.

Combine that with her favorite flowers and one more gift. That last gift you are going to have to decide on. But no matter what it is, that love letter will make her day.

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Perry Rose is a syndicated freelance writer for singles on sex, dating and relationships. He is also the author of, All About Men: Another Damn Book For Women About Men. & Women and Sex And Dating, For The Single Man published by Intimacy Books. From first getting dates from complete strangers, to finding that right person to be with, Intimacy Books has interviewed single men and women on what they like and want from one another. The findings were published in Women, Sex and Dating, for the Single Man. Their site is

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