Couple's/Women & Men Workshops

Menstuff® lists here a description of various workshops for couples or single women and men. Check out the local calendar by month which includes all international, national, and regional events. Get out of the box!

Legend: Workshops are listed alphabetically by title. We have included the state code where they generally hold their events and sometimes the month, though these may not be current. If you find something that interests you, contact the organization directly for their current schedule, fees and location information.



Affairs: Getting the Message, Emily Brown. An affair is the tip of an iceberg. As a therapist, your skillful handling of this complex and painful issue is crucial to helping your clients resolve the anguish of betrayal, rebuild trust and change problematic behavior patterns. Here, you will learn how to effectively address the hidden affair, the obsessive spouse, the children's needs, and get to the real issues behind the affair. Affairs workshops provide a safe, nonjudgmental setting for recognizing and discussing the deep-seated and potentially explosive issues that are stirred up by affairs. CEUs available. W&M. Atlanta, GA (4/7-8/00); Chicago, IL (5/19-20/00); San Diego, CA (6/23-24/00); Cape Cod, MA (7/21-23/00) or 800.360.1122

The Art of Sexual Ecstasy: Tantra & the Seven Rhythms of Love, Margot Anand. Love is the heart and body's spirit dance. Sexual ecstasy happens when body, heart, and soul are aflame with vibrant energy, expanded feelings, and consciousness. During the weekend as we create a safe space together—with the support of sacred music—we learn how to: Awaken our inner lovers and tune into our ability to love, trust, and value ourselves; Share secrets, wishes, and needs—the art of honest and creative sexual communication; Celebrate the body as a temple of the spirit through dance, rituals, and partner yoga; Honor the god and goddess in each other through ceremony, poetry, song, and dance; Discover new skills of intimacy inspired from different cultures and rituals; Experience the seven rhythms of love, such as letting go, peaking, and more; Use the tools of SkyDancing Tantra to heal and expand our relationship with ourselves and our partners, and move from orgasms to ecstasy; and Celebrate the mystical dimension of love by composing and reciting love poems to live musical accompaniment. Please note: This workshop has extended hours when the children's program is not available. W&M Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY. (5/19-21/00) 800.944.1001 or, and Hollyhock Retreat Center, Mason's Landing, BC (7/19-24/00) 800.933.6339 or or


Being Together: The Art of Intimacy & Relationship, Antra Kalnins Borofsky and Richard Borofsky. An enduring relationship is one of life's greatest treasures. It is a treasure that is created by our being fully present together—aware, open, and wholeheartedly immersing ourselves in whatever experience life has to offer us. By turns, our being together may be blissful, fun, angry, tender, hurtful, or healing. It is continuously changing. And it is our staying present while going through these changes together that deepens our intimacy and renews our love. In this workshop, they share the heart of what they have learned about loving. They offer their own unique and elegantly simple set of exercises for couples that clarify what intimacy is and how it is sustained. When practiced over time, these exercises cultivate a profound sense of connectedness. This workshop is open to all couples—young or old, married or unmarried, straight or gay—interested in mastering the intimate art of deeply loving one other person. W&M. Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY (10/13-15/00) 800.944.1001 or or

Beyond the Game, W&M, Novato, CA (4/21-23+26/00) 707.542.1112

Boys Will Be Men: Raising our Sons for Courage, Caring, and Community, Paul Kivel. Nationally known Author and Violence Prevention Educator who will discuss his new book, as well as examine solutions previously presented in his books Mens Work: How to Stop the Violence that Tears Our Lives Apart, Helping Teens Stop Violence, and Uprooting Racism. Kivel will present his prescription for social justice: getting together, as an alternative to the strategies of getting ahead or simply getting by. The Place: A Resource Center for Men, Belle Mead, NJ (4/7/00) 908.273.3058 or 908.359.0710 or


Celebrate the Heart, Brother Jeff Macnab. A Married Couples Retreat. A weekend for Married couples to come and share with each other as well as other married couples. Our focus will be the "Hearts Desire". What is God calling us to in our marriage? A time for quiet reflectoin, a time for sharing and a time to rekindle the heart. San Juan Bautista, CA or or 831-623-4234 (7/19-21/13)

Celebrate Your Love, Harbin Hot Springs

Communication. Everyone needs it. No one learns it with Warren Faarrell. We walk on eggshells. Even Thanksgiving and the holidays are anticipated with mixed emotion... So, what are you willing to do about it? Would you invest one weekend if it were guaranteed to significantly improve your communication? I am offering that guarantee. That is, I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee of all tuition if the weekend with me at Esalen in Big Sur does anything less than significantly improve your communication. The clearest way to see the impact of the work I've been doing with couples is to take a look at the evaluations of the couples. This is the only workshop I have scheduled between now and June 2009. One comment: many people fear a communication weekend will just rehash old issues, creating more angst than resolution. Done in the normal way, that's a reasonable fear. What this weekend teaches is a process--a process that makes saying what we feel so safe that you'll experience enormous love for your partner and the joy of being able to really be yourself--the self that gets lost in most relationships. Don't let another year go by with less love than you could otherwise have. Esalen, CA (9/19-21/08)

Conscious Connection: A workshop for men and women ready to relate in new ways, Dennis Mead Shikaly & Shauna Wilson. In this workshop we will explore what women want and what men want. How we hurt each other. How we block ourselves from love, intimacy and passion. How to communicate cleanly, clearly and effectively. How we can support each other in growth. Through group processes, rituals, dyads, and carpet/guts work we'll find the power in vulnerability, the freedom in boundaries, and the hope and possibilities available through honest, compassionate communication. Come explore, create and play as powerful men and women in conscious connection. Bellevue, WA $325 each or $550 per couple. Contact Kim Illig at 425.864.2294 or or Joe Illig at 425.766.0877 or (5/14-16/04, 10/7-10/04)

Conscious Dating For Men: Self-Discovery & Readiness with Lewis Denbaum. Are You Ready for the Relationship of Your Dreams While Still Living in Mission? An 8-week Interactive Teleseminar for Men Who Want to Balance Mission and Relationship. All you need is a phone, an email address and the ability to view a PDF file. Within the sacred container we will create, you'll examine, uncover and learn: The areas of your life needing attention Your destructive limiting beliefs around relationships Your life purpose and your life vision Your most important values The baggage that you carry from relationship to relationship Your valued traits and those you seek in your Love Your relationship requirements (must-haves and deal-breakers) The core competencies needed for a great relationship The 10 principles of dating consciously The dating "traps' to avoid. What You Will NOT Learn in This Seminar: Gimmicky pick-up lines Seduction psycho-babble Manipulation techniques Anything disrespectful to women How to be inauthentic (Course Schedule: Eight consecutive Wednesdays at 8:00pm ET, First call August 1, 2012 All calls recorded and downloadable. $297.00 include 130-page workbook. Register at: Conscious Dating For Men or 800-639-4505 or (8pm ET Wednesdays, 8/1/12 for 8 weeks.)

Conversations in a New Key: A workshop for couples, Paul Lounsbury & Nancy Winston. This workshop is for couples who want to open a space where most satisfying, spontaneous interactions can occur, where more of the individual can participate in this or her coupling. Using a systemic approach and principles of hypnosis in the tradition of Milton Erickson, the workshop will investigate those more unconscious patterns of interaction that generate and maintain the limiting forms that relationships tend to embody. Rather than staying in these patterns, the focus will be to enlarge, enhance, and disrupt them so that an openness for the possibility of new connections ad deeper understanding, both with yourself and your partner, can emerge. Through the use of structured experiments as well as the group process, this work seeks to mobilize unconscious learnings and abilities to help navigate this as of yet uncharted terrain. W&M  Esalen, Big Sur, CA 831.667.3000 or (8/18-20/00)

Couple Course: Relationships made easy. Are you looking for a way to make your love last? Are you just trying to get your relationship off the ground? The Kaufmans navigated the bumps and hurdles of a 4-decade relationship. This is no fluke. You can learn and put into practice the exact tools and perspectives that have enabled their marriage not only to last, but to blossom and improve with time. Any couple at any stage can use this program to create a richer, more loving and more satisfying relationship - a relationship that is fulfilling and fun, meaningful and easy. You and your partner can have it all. W&M. Sheffield, MA. or 413.229.2100 or or (5/7-12/00)



Couples' Communication Workshop, Dr. Warren Farrell. I've never heard a couple say, "Warren, I want a divorce—my partner understands me." At the deepest level, most coupled individuals do not feel understood by their partner. Promises of honesty and love begin to fade when we express genuine feelings that our partner perceives as criticism. Criticism begets criticism, and soon the fear of escalation leads to stuffing feelings and "walking on eggshells." The children consume too much time to unravel the feelings, even as they also create a reason to stay together. The result: Couples remain legally married but psychologically divorced, developing a "silent deal" that looks too much like their parents and not enough like the initial promises. The most important component in this cycle is the inability to handle what our partner perceives as feelings and what we perceive as criticism. Active listening, the best solution, is rarely used. Dr. Farrell has modified active listening to avoid what prevents most couples from using it. When conflict can be fully expressed, he helps couples develop "conflict-free zones." Once the fear of walking on eggshells disappears, he works with couples to replace that fear with an atmosphere of positive associations. The outcome: reigniting passion without sacrificing stability. Once these methods are mastered with partners, Dr. Farrell helps participants apply them to our children, then our co- workers, and, finally, our own parents. Required reading: Warren Farrell's book Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say, chapters 1-3. CEUs are available for psychologists, nurses and MFT’s. Here is a glimpse of an actual workshop held in Warren's home where you can witness real couples’ reactions to the workshop for yourself. If you have questions Register Art of Living Center, Boone, NC (10/18-20/19); Esalen, Big Sur, CA (1/21-23/05, 1/27-29/06, 5/25-27/12. 8/17-19/12, 9/25-27/15, 5/27-29/16, 5/25-27/18; 8/23-25/19; 4/3-5/20); Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, N.Y. (10/23-25/15, 9/30-10/2/16, 9/28-30/18; 5/10-12/19). 1440 Multiversity, Scotts Valley, CA $235 plus R&B (2/9-11/18; 2/8-10/19; 2/7-9/20) Kripalu, Stockbridge, MA (4/13-15/18)

Couples' Course: Relationships Made Easy. A program exclusively for couples: Includes an honest exploration of the real issues that couples face. Opportunities to experience renewed connection with your partner and practical tools to enable you and your partner to successfully navigate roadblocks. $1695. Sheffield, MA. 800.714.2779 or or (9/22-27/02)

Couples' Day-Long Workshop - John Lee. Limited to 6 couples (same-sex couples also welcome) In the Beautiful Mountains of Mentone, Alabama. Call 678-494-1296 for more info or to register. (10/30/10)

Couples': Living, Loving, Rejoicing, Together, Howard Schechter & Barbara Lee. By remembering that love is the source that nourishes a couple, and by holding the challenges that face couples as events unfolding inside a context of loving appreciation, we can trasnform our couple into joyous partnership. Seen in this light, every emotional challenge holds the seed of learning and the opportunity to heal and grow. Couples Only. Esalen, Big Sur 831.667.3000 or (6/23-25/00)

Couples' Massage, Jeff Levin and Emily Osgood. Massage is a wonderful way for couples to support one another in reclaiming their natural capacity for pleasure through loving, receptive touch. This workshop integrates deep massage, movement, acupressure, and meditation techniques that facilitate intimacy within relationships. Using touch in both harmonious and challenging times can contribute to more aliveness and peace in our work, play, sleep, sexuality, and communication. It can help us bring our emotional and physical needs into balance and create a new language with which to express ourselves. In a warm and supportive atmosphere, couples learn: How to be mindful of the intent that we put into our touch; Partner work, including ways to enhance active listening and looking, and focusing on the importance of proper body mechanics in giving massage; Breathing exercises and yoga techniques designed to improve posture, strength, flexibility, and balance; Meditation, visualization, and quiet centering techniques; Relaxation through group sharing, humor, and support; and Massage for common ailments, including stiffness and pain in joints, muscular fatigue, and anxiety. We are also introduced to exercises that help improve posture and rid the body of excess stress and tension, and we learn self-massage and acupressure techniques that we can use in our daily lives to relieve common ailments. W&M Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY. (6/30-7/2/00) or (9/15-17/00) 800.944.1001 or

Couples' Retreat, Yvonne and Rich Dutra-St John. Rekindle Your Passion, expand fun and playfulness and deepen emotional intimacy

Known for their unique, compassionate approach, Yvonne and Rich create a safe and sacred space to shine a light on the current state of your relationship, providing practical and heart-opening tools for deepening your connection.

Through experiential activities and by sharing the magic of their relationship and how they have stayed best friends and passionately in love for 31 years, you will:

Give your relationship the gift of immersing yourselves into this beautiful retreat setting. Surrounded by ancient redwood trees, ample hiking trails and all-inclusive accommodations, it’s the perfect setting to deepen your connection with your beloved.

The retreat is open to all couples in any form of romantic partnership. W&M, $375/person plus R&B for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday) all-inclusive accommodations priced separately. More information and registratoin here. 1440 Multiversity, 800 Bethany Drive, Scotts Valley, CA Register or 1-844-544-1440 or questions or 925-849-3905 (3/23-25/18)

Couples' Vision Quest, Kent & Farion Pearce, Mike Bodkin, Renee Sweezey. An initiatory program for couples, following a Vision Quest model. Set in magnificent high desert, includes time in wilderness: alone for each partner and for the couple together. Extensive preparation and incorporation work, with focus on intention for each partner and for the couple as "the Third." Skilled support, mirroring, guiding by two couples. Inyo Mountains (Southern California) $3000 per couple. 707.537.1927 or E-Mail or (5/14-24/08)

A Couples' Weekend I: Relationship Skills and Tools for couples, Rich and Char Tosi. The mission is to create bridges for couples to reach deeper levels of love, intimacy, acceptance and trust. (See also, Couples II Weekends: Sex, Money and Power) 810.750.7227 or or $795/couple + R&B: Baltimore, MD $995, 9/5-7/08; Chicago 9/3-5/04; Detroit, MI 8/30-9/1/02, DC 10/29-31/04; Fairfield, IA 5/7-9/08 & 9/19-21/08; London 11/19-21/04; Oakland, CA 9/9-11/11; Phoenix 11/5-7/04; Portland, OR 11/7-9/08; and San Diego 2/11-13/05, 12/5-7/08.

A Couples' Weekend, Trained and certified by Rich and Char Tosi, co-founder of New Warriors and founder of Woman Within, to run this transformative workshop for couples. There is great power and potential for healing when like minded couples come together and support each other in deepening their relationships. Non-residential. Practice New Relationship Skills and Rituals , Share Your Experience with Other Couples . Honor Different Communication Styles. Express Anger Cleanly and Safely. Have compassion for Past Wounds, Ask for What You Want and Need. Get support and Encouragement. Make space to be Vulnerable. Communicate from the Heart

Linda and Jim Brooks. Open to couples of all genders and orientations. Fri 6:30-10p, Sat 9a-6p & 8-9:30p, Sun 9a-5p. $750/couple + R&B includes lunch on Sat and Sun. or or 808-353-1099. (Coeur d'Alene, ID 6/10-12-2017). (Fairfield, IA 3/25-27/11, 9/30-10/2/11, 4/13-15/12, 3/22-24/13, 4/15-17/16); (Milwaukee, WI 4/19-21/13) (Rockford, IL 7/88-10/11, 11/2-4/12; 1/8-10/16); Kauai, HA 11/30-12/2/18, 8/23-25/19) Maui. HA (11/15-17/19)

Rhonda & John Gaughan and Darlene & Terry Ward. A Couples Weekend is an opportunity to deepen your intimacy, connection and trust in your relationship. $750/couple plus R&B Houston, TX. Rhonda Gaughan, or 713 533-9556 or John Gaughan, or 281.661.2021 (5/17-19/13, 11/13-15/15; 5/19-21/17, 10/6-8/17) Kansas City (2/16-18/18); Houston (4/6-8/18); Northern, CA (4/13-15/18)

The new All Couples Weekend by Rhonda & John Gaughan. What is so special about this weekend is that it is for all couples. Our tools are designed to support creating healthy, truthful, and intimate relationships. Couples gain clarity about themselves, their partner, and their relationship. We welcome same sex and straight couples. Houston (9/20-22/19); Northern, CA (7/19-21/19) $795/couple. Contact Rhonda Gaughan at 713.533.9556 or or John Gaughan at 281.661.2021 or

Renee Riley Adams and James Adams.. Ashland, OR 541-864-9932 or (10/16-18/15)

Laurie and Rich Riedman, or 585-820-7618. New Jersey, New York

Couples Weekend, Rhonda and John Gaughan.. This powerful weekend is designed to deepen your intimacy, connection and trust in your relationship. We create a powerful container for couples to share with each other in the safety of this sacred space. Couples can gain more clarity about themselves, their partner and their relationship. The weekend consists of a series of lectures and exercises to learn skills for deeper connection and healthy communication in your relationship. There is an opportunity to practice these skills on the weekend with the support of staff as a way to integrate the learning to guide couples in their everyday lives. Rhonda and John are certified Leaders of the Couples Weekend designed by Rich & Char Tosi More information at or Rhonda at 713.533.9556 or and John at 281.661.2021 or $750/couple, Canandaigua, NY (Upstate /Finger Lakes, NY) (3/2-4/18); Kauai, HA (4/20-22/18); Houston All Couples Weekend for heterosexual and same sex couples (4/6-8/18); Kansas CIty,, MO (2/16-18/18); Philadelphia, PA  (4/6-8/18); Woodland, CA (4/13-15/18)

The Couples' Workshop Intensive, Donna Miller. Note: Registration is limited to graduates of The Couples Workshop…Love, Sex and Conflict. This follow-up workshop is designed to support the awakening and deepening process of couples that have completed The Couples Workshop…Love, Sex and Conflict. It is for people who are committed to continually growing in their long-term intimate, sexual relationship and achieving a working balance in their connection and separateness.

Topics include:

We will work with intimate topics respectfully and straight to the point. There will be many exercises with your partner, opportunities to have time just with yourself, as well as small and larger group processes. The goal is for each couple to have a stimulating, lasting relationship renewal and a memorable experience of life and love as profoundly passionate and precious. There is a money-back satisfaction guarantee for all who complete this workshop. 503.293.1757 or or BEGINS: Thursday dinner through Sunday lunch $600 couple/$300 individual plus the cost of lodging. Breitenbush Retreat, neaer Detroit, OR (12/1-4/05)

The Couples' Workshop…Love, Sex & Conflict - Donna Miller. Ever wonder what happens to love and sex after the romantic, falling-in-love holiday hits the wall of long-term daily life? At a nurturing forest retreat away from distractions, reap the benefits of time, attention and skill given to the important topics of love, sex and conflict. More pleasure, less pain. More love, less disappointment. More peace, less struggle. Couples and individuals are invited to attend this results-based workshop designed to enrich, deepen and heal intimate relationship…and prevent problems before they arise.

Learn to:

We focus on how vital PERSONAL development and accountability are to the health of long-term passion and friendship. Individuals, new and long-term couples, couples in love and couples in trouble...all benefit from this practical, heart-opening work. Discover what it really takes to love, respect and forgive another human being—and yourself—day in and day out. This workshop has a money back satisfaction guarantee. 503.293.1757 or or $600 couple/$300 individual plus lodging, Thursday dinner through Sunday 5PM (1/26-29/06)

Couples' Weekend II: Money, Sex, Power, Linda & Jim Brooks. For couples who have attended Couples I with either Char & Rich Tosi, Linda & Jim Brooks, Laurie & Rich Riedman, or Rhonda & John Gaughan. Refresh the skills you learned in Couples I and learn new skills to transform old patterns, re-script the modeling you learned from your parents to create the relationship that you want, turn conflict into harmony and growth, bless and honor each other as the King and Queen that you both are, and deepen the level of love, intimacy, acceptance and trust in your relationship. In this workshop you'll have an opportunity to work in depth on one of the 3 most challenging topics in a relationship: Money, Sex, and Power. Non-residential. Fairfield, IA or or 641-469-6097, $650 (5/11-13/12)

Couples' Weekend II: Money, Sex, Power, Rhonda and John Gsugban. For couples who have completed Couples Weekend I. More Info: or or or To register or contact. $895/couple + R&B Danbury, CT (10/5-7/18).

Couples' Weekend II: Money, Sex, Power, Rich and Char Tosi. For couples who have completed Couples Weekend I. 810.750.7227 or or $795/couple + R&B (Baltimore 12/5-7/08; Rochester 10/14-16/11)

Courting a Lover's Soul for Men and Women in or out of a relationship, John Lee. Charlotte, NC W&M Call 704.564.2647 for more information or to register (3/27/04)

Courting A Woman’s Soul: Going Deeper Into Loving and Being Loved. Kalamazoo, MI Call: 269.342.2402 or email 9:30A-5:00P (2/14/04) Unity Church, 3355 South Jamestown Avenue, Tulsa, OK 918.749.8833 W&M  7-9:30p, $10 (2/27/04) The New York Open Center, 7-10P, call 212.219.2527 (4/16/04) Atlanta, GA Call Fran at (631) 766-4288, W&M, (4/22/04)

Creative Intimacy, Laurie Moore. We are living in times of relationship turmoil. We want perfect compatibility and encounter disappointments. We want relationships that are fulfilling and honor who we truly are. Creative Intimacy is a five step process designed by the facilitator and author of Creative Intimacy, which will turn your problems into solutions. Be prepared to share personally, move, journal, role play, be supportively challenged, and have fun while making profound changes. W&M Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, CA. (5/12-14/00) 831.425.3432 or or

Criminal Law and Alienation, Catherine MacWillie. This presentation will address why understanding the impact of crime on your divorce may just save your life, your finances, your sanity and your children through awareness. Free Webinar (2/22/15)

Cultivating the Garden of Loving Partnership; A Retreat for Couples, With Louis Carosio and Trinity Harris. At This Retreat You Will: Discover what it really takes to cultivate satisfaction in your relationship. At this retreat you will: Discover what it really takes to cultivate satisfaction in your relationship; Find out what happens when you truly "show up" for one another: Learn how to ask for and receive what you want from your partner; Find out what creates passion in your partner and what doesn't; Learn your partners unique touch pathways that increase connection and pleasure; Learn a simple, powerful process to immediately diffuse and creatively resolve that same old argument; Find out what happens when you truly "show up" for one another: Learn how to ask for and receive what you want from your partner: Find out what creates passion in your partner and what doesn't:; Learn your partners unique touch pathways that increase connection and pleasure; Learn a simple, powerful process to immediately diffuse and creatively resolve that same old argument; Discover the power of simple rituals in enhancing connection and intimacy;Enjoy a candlelight catered dinner and very special Saturday evening program. Retreat size limited to 8 couples. $490 plus lodging and self-catered. Wayfarer Resort on the McKenzie River, just outside Eugene Oregon. For questions or for a registration application for our upcoming retreat, please call 541-687-2835 or eMail. (11/13-15/09, 11/11-13/11)


A Day for Couples, Amy Pine & Steven Kelly. Join us for a full day with couples aspiring to create a safer, more intimate and fulfilling relationship. We recognize the unique struggles and rewards for couples when one or both are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Through guided experiential processes you will deepen your own awareness, get positive results from negative patterns and improve the quality of contact with your partner. They day is open to people of all sexual orientations. W&M  Survivors Healing Center, Santa Cruz, CA (4/8/00) 831.423.7601 or

Deepening Your Love: A workshiop for couples, Kate & Joel Feldman. This deals with real issues that couples confront; finding time for pleasure and joy, power struggles, blocked communication and intimacy. This workshop will teach you skills and create a safe space for you to explore what's really happening in your relationship. Sensitive facilitation will help you become aware of patterns and bevhaviors that separate you from your partner. By practicing the art of speaking truthfully and listening fully, you'll discover how to develop understanding, compassion and trust. You'll leave this weekend with a fresh perspective on your relationship and a renewed commitment to yourself and each other. W&M Lexon. Kripalu Retreat Center, Lenox, MA. (5/4-7/00) 800.741.7353 or

Divorce and Other Losses: A healing workshop for men, Gordon Wheeler. As men, we tent to bear our losses alone, often pushed early in life toward a rigid self-reliance. As we grow older, this aloneness with our losses grows deeper - through deaths and other absences, relationships that end in divorce or disappointment, the loss of dreams, and the ongoing loss of the closeness of youthful friendships, which we somehow don't find again as adults. Even more difficult can be the hidden loss of things we never really had: the right to our own deepest feelings and experience and nurturant support from our fathers and other men. The result for many of us is an undigested place with us - of shame, resignation, anger, bitterness, or self-doubt. Even when we do find new connections and successes, the old wounds are still there, nagging at our bodies and sapping our spirits. Coming together in an intentional space as men, and building on our own process, we will learn and apply a model of supporting each other and ourselves with renewed energy and courage, through loss and other difficult feelings. We will grieve old wounds, honor and celebrate where we have been, and learn the healing skills for transforming isolation and shame into renewed spirit, for new freedom and satisfaction in living. M Esalen, Big Sur, CA (4/14-16/00) 831.667.3000

Divorce Mediation Training, Elizabeth Allen. A professional certification seminar: initial phone contact, fee agreement, 10 essential mediation skills, psychological stages of divorce, law and procedure, mediation language, parenting plans, temporary agreements, needs of the children, ethical issues, setting up a mediation practice, mediating an advanced case, drafting agreements, and much much more. 26-36 CEUs. W&M  Secaucus, NJ. (4/6-10/00); San Francisco, CA (6/22-26/00); Cape Cod, MA. (7/27-31/00) Carmel, CA (11/30-12/4/00) 800-748-6462 (in the US) or 760-436-8414 (outside the US).



The Fire Within: The Dragon in Myth and Psyche. Robert Moore and The Mankind Project of Houston. (men and women) The Jung Center, Houston, TX. (7/21-22/06)

The Four R's of Mixed Orientation Marriages: Resolve, reconsider, roller coaster, resolution (One Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Spouse, One Straight Spouse) A Teleclass Series with Joe Kort, Ph.D. and Michele O'Mara, Ph.D. This class will meet via teleconference (using your phone) from 11am-12pm EST on the four Wednesdays in March. Recordings of this series will also be available for purchase on my website following the class. What do you do when a woman comes to your office and tells you she is a lesbian but she hasn't told her husband yet? Or, what do you do when a gay man decides to act on his attraction to other men, but doesn't want to tell his wife? This four-part training will offer therapists the necessary information to understand why gay men and lesbians enter heterosexual marriages. It will offer the variables that make these situations unique, tools to assist clients in finding clarity and peace, and the skills to facilitate a more successful resolution for clients in mixed-orientation marriages. Cost: $180 for the four class series. Register (3/6, 13, 20, 27/13)

From the Cave to the Condo, Karen Jones, is a look at our male-female differences from a different angle…a different story that gives us the freedom to have the best with each other. "I'm fine. I don't need this." you might say.

This is a new way of thinking in which we see just how our brains are wired differently, and move to holding the differences between men and women in a positive, respectful way so that we compliment each other and thrive, not just survive.

Here is the opportunity, not to be missed, to take sight on the possibility of spectacular partnership - no matter where you are in relationship with the other gender; at home, dating, at work, with parents, with siblings, or friends…any place in your life where having more ease in your relationships with the other gender would make life better. Karen Jones, 16-year relationship coach, author of Men Are Great; How to Build a Relationship that Brings out the Best in Both of You and From the Cave to the Condo is coming to us in the Bay Area after Karen's Caveman Cavewoman was so well received at the recent Las Vegas Success for Men and Success for Women Summit. For more information, a brief video and to register go to: 9a-5p, $75 each or $120 any man & woman together. $90/$150 at the door. No one turned away. Hillside Community Church 1422 Navellier St. El Cerrito, CA (6/22/13)


Gay and Lesbian Couples: Psychotherapy Networker Symposium. Presented by: Joe Kort, Ph.D., LMSW As a straight clinician, it's important to be gay informed, more than just gay-friendly. It's especially important to recognize the differences between the relationship dynamics of gay male and female couples. In this workshop, we'll compare the distinct differences in relationship dynamics and problem areas that arise for gay men and for lesbians: responsible sexual practices and the need for more connectedness among gay male couples and diminished sexual desire and the need for separateness among lesbians are just a few. You'll leave with specific interventions and assessment tools that promote gay-affirmative couples therapy. Washington, DC. More info here. (3/22/13)

Getting the Love You Want, A workshop for couples,Harville Hendrix & Helen Lakelly Hunt. Lay the foundation for creating the thriving relationship you have always wanted together. Move from an unconscious to a conscious relationship, rediscover safety, sustain deep connection and experience joyful aliveness. Based on Imago Relationship Therapy, this approach views couple hood as a spiritual path. As you engage in the experience of this weekend, you will discover the innate healing power of connection and the profound spiritual potential in your intimate partnership. $10 plus two nights , 1440 Multiversity, Santa Cruz (11/2-4/18)

Getting the Love You Want: All Couples Straight and Gay/Lesbian', Joe Kort, this workshop is for couples to make good marriages even better, to strengthen new relationships, and to resolve conflicts in longstanding relationships. During the weekend, partners focus on becoming one another's best friend and healer. We learn to use our relationships for emotional healing and spiritual awareness; for communicating our desires; for expressing love and appreciation in ways that touch our partner's heart; and for getting to the root of problems and dissolving them. Group sharing is not required. Confidentiality is respected throughout the workshop.W&M. Royal Oak, MI ($650/couple) or 248.399.7317 or E-Mail. (6/2-4/00, 11/4-7/07, 5/15-16/10, 3/5-6/11, 11/12-13/11, 2/16-17/13)

Getting the Love You Want: For Gay & Lesbian Couples, Joe Kort, offers a unique opportunity for gay and lesbian couples to access the support and role models frequently available only to heterosexual couples. The intention of this workshop is two-fold: we learn the remarkable Imago relationship theory and communication skills, while also creating an environment that works to overcome negative experiences caused by homophobia. In this atmosphere of warmth, sensitivity, and humor, we learn through lecture, guided imagery, exercises, and demonstrations to use powerful communication tools that help us: Get a handle on long-standing conflicts; Gain a new relationship foundation; and Re-experience the fun and laughter that are essential ingredients for all relationships. During the weekend, we rediscover the excitement and connection of the "first days," relate more compassionately and safely, help each other resolve childhood issues, and foster emotional healing and spiritual growth. W&M. (10/6-8/00, 10/19-21/07, Royal Oak, MI) ($650/couple) and (5/7-8/11 London, Enland) Register at or 248.399.7317 or E-Mail.

Growing a Creative Relationship, an expressive arts group for couples, Tiffany von Emmel and Dietmar Brinkmann. Most of us long for love and true intimacy. But often relationship becomes the most challenging part of our life which holds tension, misunderstanding and pain. Practices to build an embodied self-awareness, expression through the arts and movement help to communicate more fully as we speak through first person experiences and images rather than concepts and ideas. Sensory awareness and conscous touch as listening practices enliven and connect sensuality to the many aspects of our life. As we explore self-expression and play we easily move through stuck places and conflict. Exchanging experiences with other couples, we learn from our expertise of being who we are. No previous art or movement background required. Pre-registration required. W&M Held at the Shotwell Studio C, 3252a 19th Street, San Francisco, CA. (5/2-6/20-Tuesdays.) 415.643.1250 or or


The Healing Truth Between Women and Men, Course #7556, authors Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski will be doing a workshop at Colorado Free University, Apr 27, 02 from 9am to 12m. Workshop on The Healing Truth Between Women and Men, Course #7556 from 1:30-5pm. 303-399-0093 or (4/27/02)

Heart Practices for Couples, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor, George Taylor.

This Valentine’s Day program is an opportunity for couples to awaken the heart of joy and love together. To be intimate, we must learn to be fully present. Through partner meditations, verbal and nonverbal communication exercises and group sharing, couples will practice the art of intimacy and learn skills to deepen the shared journey.

This program is not appropriate for attending alone, as the majority of the day will be spent in partner practice.

Teachings are appropriate for the general public, as well as health care professionals. This day will help mental health professionals working with couples learn the skills of being more present and connected with a partner. This personal experience dramatically increases the professional's ability to support clients in being more present and connected with others. Continuing Education (CE) credit available. See to register. Sliding scale $95-200. Bring your lunch. W&M 10a-4:30p (2/17/18, 2/9/20)


Igniting Your Love: A Couples Weekend for Deepening Intimacy and Communication. There is a place to go to reignite the magic of love; to practice deepening your connection with your beloved; to hone the skills that make love stay. This workshop is for adult couples of all ages, relationship statuses, ethno-cultural backgrounds, socioeconomic statuses, physical abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations and practices. Pre-requisite: each participant must have completed Level 1: Love Is a Miracle. Stan Dale Conference Center at Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, CA Register online or call the HAI NorCal office at (707) 981 7886. Join Jason & Marci for this remarkable weekend event. $495/person.

Intimacy & Awakening: A couples' retreat, George and Debra-Chamberlin-Taylor. Relationship offers an extraordinary opportunity to awaken from the dream of separation into vast love and immense joy. This does not happen accidently, but through sincere willingness to use principles and tools which transform relationship into a path of awakening. This retreat is a time for couples to learn essential practices of this path and to deepen their bond through conscious loving. Through couples' meditations, communication exercises, and group sharing, partners will learn to honor the sacred in themselves and one another and to use the challenges of daily life toward greater intimacy and awakening. Mount Madonna Center, Watsonville (3/19-21/04)

Intimate Relationships: Keeping the romantic spark alive, Ayala Pines. When two people are in love, it seems like the magical spark between them is going to last forever. More often than not, however, with the effects of everyday pressures and stresses, the love is eroded and eventually burns out. Burnout is not caused by individual pathology or inadequacy nor by major dramatic events. It is caused by a building of petty annoyances, minor dissatisfactions, and a gradual increase in boredom. How can this insidious process of love's erosion be prevented? How can a couple in love keep the romatic spark alive? Participants will be encouraged to fnd the romantic images they shared at the beginning of their own relationships. This workshop is recommended espeically for couples commited to keeping the spark alive in their relationships, and for marriage and family counselors. It may also be helpful for individuals who are trying to figure out what went wrong in a relationship that burned out. W&M  Esalen, Big Sur, CA 831-667-3000 or (8/25-27/00)

Is Nothing Sacred? A retreat for couples, Patricia Liberty & Bill Sapp. This retreat, a joint project with Associates in Education and Prevention in Pastoral Practice, is for couples where one member is a victim/survivor of clergy abuse. The goals are to provide women and men with a safe place to disucss their experiences and perceptions of exploitation by a religious professional, to explore the impact of exploitation on their relatonship, to receive new information to reframe the experience and to look at the next steps in the healing journey as individuals and as a couple. W&M Kirkridge Retreat Center, Bangor, PA. (6/2-4/00) 610.588.1793 or



Keeping the Love You Find: A Relationship Class for Gay, Lesbian and Straight Singles, Royal Oak with Joe Kort. Every Tuesday 8-10 pm, October 2-November 13, 2007 in Royal Oak, MI This 6 week workshop is appropriate for singles not currently in a relationship, who are tired of making the same mistakes over and over again and want to learn the secret to finding and keeping lasting love. This workshop is all about transforming the self. Often we are tempted to think the problem is "finding the right person”. But this workshop is all about "becoming the right person”. This workshop is also an ideal follow-up workshop for those who have taken the couples workshop. Couples have gone through this workshop together after the couple’s workshop. It is a great opportunity to reflect on one's self within the relationship. W&M. Royal Oak, MI ($650/couple) Register at or 248.399.7317 or E-Mail. (10/2-11/6/07)


Live Your Wild & Precious Life! Daniel Ellenberg/Susanne West. We are limited by the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. This weekend forum will challenge limiting beliefs. Embrace the richness and freedom of your deepest nature. Seminar includes writing, meditation, group sharing, guided imagery, and a program to help you stay connected to your inner knowing & direction. $625 Novato, CA 415.883.5600 or or (5/6-8/05)

Longing for Wholeness: Embracing the Shadow in Relationships, Linda & Charlie Bloom, W&M, Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA. (7/23-28/00), Tahoe City, CA (11/9/02) 530.581.5117. or or 707.939.1139

Love & Awakening: Intimate Relationship As Soulwork, John and Jennifer Welwood. This is the first part of a 7-day program It may be taken separately or in conjunction with the 5-day workshop, Love & Awakening: A Meditative Retreat For Individuals & Couples, August 21-25. Maintaining an alive and honest connection with an intimate partner today requires a whole new vision and approach. Instead of looking to relationship merely for pleasure and security, we need to recognize love as a call to awaken to our deeper nature. Relationship is a powerful vehicle for this awakening because it inspires us to open up and expand, while also stirring up all our obstacles to greater presence—old identities, wounds, and conditioned patterns from the past. Here at this juncture—where we feel the tension between our small self and our larger being—is where relationship becomes a path of soulwork and real transformation happens. The focus of this workshop, open to couples and individuals, is on seeing every psychological limitation or difficulty that arises in a relationship as a special kind of spiritual opportunity that shows us where we have lost touch with essential dimensions of our being, and thus provides an occasion for recovering these lost parts of ourselves. Gaining access to these lost inner resources—rather than learning new strategies or techniques—provides the true resolution to most relationship problems. The format consists of talks, discussion, experiential work, and the practice of mindfulness meditation, which is an essential part of our approach. Previous meditation experience is not necessary as long as you are willing to engage in this practice. Required reading: Welwood, Love and Awakening: Discovering the Sacred Path of Intimate Relationship (order from Amazon on the side bar.). W&M. Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY. (8/18-20/00) 800.944.1001 or or


Manwatchers Week. For nearly 20 years, this event has been celebrated by women around the world. ManWatchers Week 2001 coincides with the launch of the ManWatchers's web site on the world wide web where women can now view the current Most Watchable Men, vote online for their favorite gorgeous guys, participate in woman/man opinion polls, sign up for a free newsletter, and read information about dating and relationships at: Date Time! You do the Asking! In the 21st century, you've got to take control of your life. Ask a man out. Go to a movie, dinner, ice skating, or whatever, but you plan it. Don't wait! Remember, she who snoozes, loses. This is an internationally recognized woman's organization that originated the annual list of "10 Most Watchable Men", as well as produced the first male pageants for TV. This is a week of appreciation for the many men in a woman's life who are well worth watching. Different activities are listed for each day of the week such as "take a man out to lunch day" or "send a man flowers", including "Turn About Day" where women open doors for men, help them off with their coats, etc. ManWatchers Week Activities Include:

Suzy Mallery at 310 474-9906 or Link to this story online: (1/15-19/00)

Massage for Couples, Fiona Walker. Touch helps us become sensitive and attuned to ourselves, and to those close to us. It is well-known that massage increases our capacity for intimacy and creates well-being. Come with your partner or friend, and learn the basics of traditional massage. You will learn basic full-body massage strokes, pressure and rhythmic rocking and foot massage. You'll also be introduced to concepts of energy work. Through breath awareness, movement exercises, and the giving and receiving of massages, participants are encouraged to transform their tensions and inhibitions into the joy of naturalness. W&M. Hollyhock Retreat Center, Mason's Landing, BC (7/24-28/00) 800.933.6339 or or

Massage Intensive for Couples, Char Pias & Attila Thomas Vaas. This workshop is for partners who want to learn to massage each other. Emphasis will be on "hearing" with the hands, de-stressing the home, asking for what we need, and giving to those we love. Sessions will include demonstrations and hands-on guidance. Individual concerns will be addressed so participants can continue their practice at home. CEUs available. W&M Esalen, Big Sur, CA. (5/12-14/00) 831.667.3000

Mindfulness and the Pursuit of Intimacy, James Baraz & Steve Newmark. Forming meaningful intimate relationships can be a painful and confusing process. We may meet someone who seems like a promising potential partner, have the highest intentions to act with honesty and sensitivity, and still find our hopes ending in disappointment. By becoming aware of unconscious patterns that sabotage real intimacy, there is a greater possibility of creating the kind of bond we are seeking. Through frank discussions and experiential exercises this workshop will explore the challenge of forming new relationships consciously so that barriers that keep us apart can be dissolved so that you can be more genuine, have fun, and learn to use relationships as a vehicle to become more awake in life. W&M Esalen, Big Sur, CA (5/5-7/00) 831.667.3000

The Mystery of Relationships, Angeles Arrien. Explore parts of our experience that seem unchangeably feminie or masculine, and the areas where we have clear distinctions cross-culturally. Timeless resources of poetry, stories and diverse creative expression are markers of the wisdom that men and women share. Come prepared to move beyond stereotypes. 10a-5p, Angeles Teaching Room, Sausalito, CA 415.331.5050 or (9/7/02)


The New Intimacy: Discover the magic of your differences, Judith Sherven & James Sniechowski. Disappointed that your partner isn't the perfect match you'd imagined? Do you hide the secret fear that if someone really got to know you they wouldn't want you? What if your relationship could be the source of transformation, healing and growth? This workshop - for singles and couples - teaches the spiritual power, meaning and intimacy available only through the difficulties and differences everyone encounters in relationships. Utilizing exercises, discussion and lecture, the workshop teaches how o: open your heart to receive love; understand, respect, and value the differences between you and your partner; stop self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviors; achieve mutually satisfactory resolution to the inevitable conflicts; attract eligible and averrable partners; and deepen the intimacy you already have. W&M Esalen, Big Sur, CA. (6/23-25/00) 831.667.3000

The New Intimacy for Singles and Couples, Judith Sherven & Jim Sniechowski. When a relationship is new, everything is brilliant and exciting. Then, as the glitter of first attraction dims and the reality of differences between the partners emerges, people who truly love each other too often give up and say, "We have nothing in common," or "This can't work, it's too hard.' Rather than learn how to keep our love alive and thriving, we use the difficulties caused by our differences to sabotage the relationship. In truth, however, it is the differences between us that can bring us closer together. When we make a conscious decision to navigate the rough waters of our differences, only then can we achieve a deep, spiritually nourishing intimacy-richer than anything we ever imagined possible. This is an experiential workshop for singles and couples that teaches the potentially positive meaning and power of the difficulties that everyone encounters in their relationships. All too often, when those difficulties are misunderstood as bad or wrong, they are the cause of unnecessary heartache and divorce. This workshop will set you on the path to a truly rewarding New Intimacy. HopeSpring, St. Helena Island, South Carolina. 800.342.9655 for information & registration. $205 (2/16-18/01)

A New Paradigm for Love, A workshop with Deborah Anapol & Shantam Nityama. This will teach us to bring the abstract spiritual truth of unconditional love directly into our bodies, hearts and minds. New paradigm relating teaches us how to keep love alive by creating intimacy based on complete honesty, allowing, understanding, compassion, and trust. By giving up the need to be in control, be right, and preserve appearances you open yourself to limitless love. Then the right form naturally emerges. Polyamory is a philosophy of relating from autonomy and conscious choice so that whether you have one partner or many, each relationship grows out of integrity with your deepest values. While polyamory is not just about sex, we recognize that contacting our erotic energy is a core aspect of intimate relating and that nearly everyone who has been raised in this sex negative culture has been conditioned to restrict their sexuality. Instead, we support you in discovering what is natural for you. We will be working with breath, energy, conscious touch, contemplation and communication to help you find your own personal pathways to Love Without Limits. W&M  Western Sonoma County, CA. (5/19-21/00) 415.507.1739 or or



Passionate Journey: A Valentine's retreat for couples, Debra Chamberlin-Taylor and George Taylor. A relationship can become a sacred path that leads to mutual awakening and joyful connection. In this workshop we will explore three essential practices that help couples travel this path of lasting love, passion and creativity. Couples will learn partner's meditations, conscious communication skills, and co-breathing exercises that fuel a vital physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy. Using these tools, even difficulties can become gateways to shared insight and growth. Mount Madonna's panoramic ocean views and guiet redwood forests support partners on the passionate journey of opening their hearts to each other and to all beings. Near Watsonville, CA. or or 408.846.4064 (2/9-11/07)

A Path for Couples: A One-Day Workshop for Couples, Debra Chamberlin Taylor, George Taylor.

Couples seek a warm, intimate connection. More than that, they are looking for a path, or model, which will carry them through the thicket of struggles that arise in any relationship. At this workshop we will teach practical tools for direct intimate conversations, as well as describe a powerful transformational model of relationship.

This workshop offers a time-tested road map for couples that leads towards the treasures of love and joy that are hidden in their hearts. Practices will be taught from George’s book "A Path for Couples" which will be available at Spirit Rock.

Students will learn:

Spirit Rock Community Meditation Center, 5000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Woodacre, CA. 9:30am - 4:30pm) Sliding Scale $75 - $200. Please bring your lunch. W&M. or or 415.258.9516 (9:30a - 4:30p, 12/3/16)

Pathways to Intimacy. PAIRS is a professionally-guided training in how to sustain intimacy in relationships. A comprehensive program in which couples and individuals learn the necessary skills to maintain satisfying, healthy relationships.Corvallis, OR, $325 or (6/14-17/01)

Peace, Love and Passion: Partnership by Design, Alison Armstrong. Our jobs, children, even our health, don’t have the same impact on our day-to-day sense of power and joy as the person with whom we are intimately connected. Yet we rarely take the time to design our partnership with them to withstand the pressures of life and deliver the results we both want. In this 4 day workshop, held in a resort setting, that will all change! Get away from it all and design the partnership of your dreams! (Couples)

Pornography and Cybersex Addiction: Helping Partners Address Betrayal and Trust, Joe Kort. The ease of access to porn has caused unquestionable harm to some individuals and couples and can feel just as threatening to a marriage as infidelity does. Some women say that finding out their husbands look at porn is like finding him in bed with another woman. For the men looking at pornography, they may be addicted and compulsive and replacing their spouses with internet porn. At the same time, porn use may satisfy many individual needs, unrelated to psychopathology or sexual dysfunction. In this workshop, we'll discuss how to help couples face the crisis when one partner discovers that the other is secretly using pornography. You'll learn how to help couples depathologize the issue, explore its significance to the user, and define limits. Finally, we'll talk about helping the spouses develop empathy and validation, ultimately creating a more differentiated sex life. Royal Oak, MI 10a-1pm, Call 248-399-7447 to reserve your spot today (3/10/13)

The Power of Two: An erotic retreat for male couples, Don Clark & Collin Brown. We will gather as a community of lovers to celebrate and explore the many levels of intimacy within a committed partnership. Using massage, breathwork and ritual, we will open our hearts, energize our bodies and explore the erotic/emotional connections to ourselves and our lovers. As we cultivate honest and clear expression of our own desires, fears and hopes, we enhance our willingness and ability to communicate from our hearts and souls with our beloved. Rediscover the playful innocence that informs our deepest desires for spiritiaul and erotic connection. Through guided personal discover and communication exercises along with full-body touch, this retreat offers a deeply nourishing time of renewal for you, your lover and your relationshp. Kalani Eco-Resort, Big Island, Body Electric, or, or 510.653.1594



Relating as a Distinguished Man, Sasha Cobra. The quality of relating you experience with women in casual interactions or a long term relationship is dependent upon the quality of YOU as a man. This 3 day workshop is an exploration of YOU and how the YOU functions in relating. It is deeply revealing, deeply transformative and will give you the tools necessary for you to continue to grow, develop, and begin to peel back the layers of collected conditioning. or or 415 439 9902. Travel Schedule: Baltimore (8/10-16/10), Buenos Aires (10/27-12/7/10), Copenhagen (10/18-26/10), London (9/1-8/10, 9/22-30/10), Los Angeles (8/22-30/10), New York (8/16-21/10); Oslo (9/16-21/10), Rotterdam (9/9-13/10, 10/1-10/10), San Francisco (8/5-10/10). Workshops: London $900 USD (9/1-8/10, 9/24-26/10, Fri. 7pm-10pm, Sat. & Sun. 12pm-8pm)

Relationship As A Spiritual Path: A Workshop for Men, John Lee. Unity Church, 3355 South Jamestown Avenue, Tulsa, OK, 9a-5p (with lunch break); $75 918.749.8833 (2/28/04)

Return to Balance: A Gender Reconciliation Workshop Facilitated by Will Keepin Ph.D. and Cynthia Brix of the Satyana Institute, Seattle, WA . The ultimate purpose of Gender Reconciliation is to transform the roots of gender imbalance in ourselves, our relationships, and our larger society. The work invokes the power of mindful, heartfelt truth-telling in community, and the capacity of loving witness to foster deep healing. Gender Reconciliation is a doorway—alchemical in nature—to transforming collective awareness through the mystery and grace of Spirit. $200 per person, $350 per couple (partial scholarships available) Congregational Community Church, Tiburon, CA Friday night, all day Saturday, Sunday afternoon. For more information: Jane Calbreath, (3/31-4/2/06)

Rhythm of Closeness for Men & Women: How to Have True Intimacy Without Losing Yourself, John Lee. W&M. Rowe Conference Center; Rowe, MA. (5/12-14/00); Kalamazoo, MI (6/1/00) 413.339.4954 or or Palm Springs, CA. (30 people) (6/30-7/3/00). 760.327.7324;

Romantic Lover's Adventure, Beverly Baby, Josh Cohen. For couples who wish to share a passionate, fun-filled outdoor adventure while rediscovering themselves as best friends and dynamic partners. Enjoy swimming with wild dolphins, snorkeling, kayaking, and Hawaii's famous black-sand beaches, rainforest trails, and 1,200 foot waterfalls. Feel free to explore on your own, or discover other inspirational couples who share your love of the outdoors!  Choose from a variety of exciting activities purposefully designed for couples, including massage and Tantra instruction. Tantra is an ancient art that uses breath, sound and movement to increase your ability to give and receive love. It will help you to create an easier, more natural flow of energy and love between you and your partner. Our relaxed approach is sure to spark playfulness, honesty and mutual care in you and your lover. (No overt sexuality.) Hawaii. (5/20-27/00) 800.990.HERO or or

Running With Iron John™ participants are New Warriors and their female spouses or committed partners.The experience has been designed to provide an opportunity for the couple to participate in a weekend that will bring them to a deeper level of understanding and commitment after the man has attended the New Warrior Training Adventure™. You will come away having experienced a deeper and different connection with each other by exploring their relationship while relaxing and playing in sacred space together. Whenever possible, Running With Iron John™ is held at the same New Warrior Training site where the man was initiated. Louisville - Bedford, IN (9/22-24/00); Indianapolis (Bedford, IN 10/20-22/00, 4/6-8-01, 5/25-27/01, 9/14-16/01 and 10/26-28/01; Memphis (Somerville, TN) (3/23-25/01). 317.562.2972 or or


The Secrets of Great Relationships, Linda Bloom and Doug Von Koss. In this workshop, Linda B loom and co-facilitator Doug Von Koss illuminate the principles she and her husband discovered in their research with couples of long-term marriages and wrote about in their book, Secrets of Great Marriages. Presenting the essence of these exemplary relationships through interpersonal exercises, dialogue, mindfulness practice, and group process, it is designed for individuals and couples, late 30's to late 60's, who wish to enhance their relationships. or or 707-779-8202. $325 (B, Lodging extra.)W&M. (8/17-19/12)

Secrets of Successful Relationships, Linda & Charlie Bloom, W&M, San Francisco, CA (4/15-16/00)W&M 415.674.5500 x 241; Iowa City, IA. 319.626.7246 (9/9-10/00); Boise, ID 208.385.7552 (1/12-14/01), 319.626.7246

Seeds for the Fertile Heart: A workshiop for men and women, Martin Prechtel. W&M The Magdalene Farm, Somerset, England (4/15-16) 0171.244.6978 or

Sex on the Download: When the Internet Disconnects a Relationship, Joe Kort. This presentation will discuss how to help couples face the crisis when one partner discovers that the other is secretly using pornography or connecting to potential partners online. The course will explore its significance to the user and define limits. Finally, the presenter will talk about helping the spouses develop empathy and validation, ultimately creating a more differentiated sex life. Royal Oak, MI, $75 9a-4p Register (4/26/13)

Sharing the Path: A Retreat for Couples, Judith and Robert Gass. This retreat is for couples who are committed to a shared journey of deepening love in spirit and in friendship. Our love relationships are profound vehicles for personal and spiritual enrichment. It is within the vessel of relationship that we experience the full spectrum of joy and pain. Relationships mirror back to us that which we most need to learn. The magic and aliveness of our loving connection is often lost in deadening and repetitive behavior patterns and the pressures of day-to-day life. This workshop is a supportive yet intensive retreat in which we sit eye-to-eye, speaking our truths, hearing each other with new openness, and learning new skills. This workshop is designed to help couples make significant shifts in their patterns of relationship; to heal wounds and find new ways of connecting; and to experience breakthroughs to greater levels of intimacy, health, and trust. Structured exercises help us develop our capacity for listening, empathy and compassion, communicating respect, telling the truth, creative problem-solving, and taking personal responsibility. Shared meditation, energy and breathing practices, music, and movement help us open our hearts to each other. We also learn skills we can use at home. This retreat is suitable for old and new couples; couples in crisis; couples in love; couples of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. Judith and Robert Gass are well-known therapists, teachers, and healers with a rich background in humanistic psychology, business, social activism, and the arts. They bring to their work a depth of compassion and insight forged in the living laboratory of their 31-year marriage. They are assisted by long-time associates Donna Macomber and Peter Watson. Please note: This workshop has extended hours on Wednesday afternoon; child care will be provided when the children's program is not available. W&M. Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY (7/3-7/00) 800.944.1001 or or  

Stronger at the Broken Places, Linda & Charlie Bloom, W&M, Esalen Institute, Big Sur. CA 831.667.3005 (4/28-30/00), Esalen 831.667.3000 (8/23-25/02), Sonoma 707.939.1139 (11/2/02) or or 707.939.1139

The Sweet Fire of Connection: A Couples Renewal Retreat, Howard Joel Schechter & Barbara Lee. To keep our relationship alluring and alive we must tend its fires. We must give it top priority in our lives. This retreat is designed to help couples rededicate themselves to their relationship. It addresses both the blocks to a satisfying relationship and the skills needed to enrich it. By remembering that love is the source that nourishes a couple, and that the challenges that arise are events unfolding in a context of loving appreciation, it is possible to transform discouragement into joyous partnership. Everything that emerges within a relationship is fuel for growth. Every emotional challenge holds the spark of learning and the opportunity to heal.Howard and Barbara write: "Together we will co-create an environment that satisfies our need to feel alive through meeting our self and our partner at a deeper, more authentic level. We will seek to identify and connect with our highest Self, that part within us which is most satisfying, meaningful, and capable of sustained loving connection." Long time cofacilitators Howard Schechter and Barbara Lee provide guidance from the heart. Discussion, interactive exercises, and facilitation for those who wish to work on specific issues will be blended with interventions that meet the needs of the whole group. The actual movement of the circle from one process to the next will be determined by the needs of the individuals and couples in the moment. Same sex couples are welcome. Enrollment is limited. Reservations Information (Accommodations & Pricing) (Esalen 11/11-16/07)


Two Spirits: An erotic retreat for men & women, Collin Brown, Selah Martha, E. Maya or William McMeniman. Women and men have so much to learn and so much to teach each other. This retreat creates a supportive community that celebrates the healing power of coming together to explore the erotic potential of all human beings. We will use touch, conscious breath, full-body erotic massage and self-pleasuring rituals to awaken the connections between erotic energy and mysticism, and between the feminine and masculine within ourselves. When men and women honor their bodies and connect from their hearts, they can access collective wisdom to nourish body and soul. Gabriola Island, Canada (5/17-21/00); Shalom Mountain, NY, (10/5-9/00) W&M Body Electric, or, or 510.653.1594




Warrior-Monk Training Intensive for Couples, Dan McKee and Teddy Gardner. Exploring the Spirit of Your Real-life and Sacred Relationship. This Warrior Monk retreat for Couples is an opportunity to experience going deeper into the mystery of the third entity committed couples create: the “Us”, and finding the wisdom and humanity of your combined essence. This workshop uses many of the same Warrior Monk practices and tools that have been helping individuals come to know their more compassionate, conscious, powerful and spiritual selves for the last 11 years. Along with those, we combine exercises, teachings, connection and play designed specifically for couples work. This workshop retreat for couples is limited to 12 couples - so it is best to register early. It is not necessary to have previously attended a Warrior Monk Training to attend this. The training will be held at the beautiful Still Meadow Retreat Center, about 30 minutes outside of Portland, Oregon. Couples pay their room and board expense ( $640.00 per couple) and at the end of the training we will invite you to make a contribution based on your value received, ability to pay and interest in supporting the work. Contact Michelle at 503.348.0524 or or Training Leader Dan McKee at 503.754.7985 or (2/14-18/07)

"What Love Looks Like!" 5th Annual Evening for Women and Men around Valentine’s Day. Full of Love & Chant & Beauty & Community & Song With Doug von Koss & The Noah Project. We gather once again by soft candlelight in a great hall Blending our voices in universal chants. Moving our bodies in old circle patterns. Singing and hearing and talking and laughing. About "What Love Looks Like!". (Of course, the usual tea and cookies, praises and blessings shared with Men and Women of good will.) 7-9:30pm. Singles $10, Couples $16, Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut (off University) Berkeley, CA More information Email: (2/15/04)

Working with Couples Experiencing Emotional Abuse, Ellen Yashinsky Chute. Emotional abuse is an ongoing relational dynamic that perpetuates a "one-up" mentality for the abuser and a "one-down" for the victim. This dynamic perpetuates a contemptuous and toxic atmosphere that may easily escalate to other forms of abusive behaviors. This workshop will address the complex etiology of emotional abuse, the family system dynamic it creates, and strategies for intervention that address the root causes of the behaviors. This workshop will also address safety factors, and long term relational recovery. This workshop addresses social justice by helping to facilitate more egalitarian family systems. This workshop will use a combination of PowerPoint, lecture, discussion, case study, video, and role play. Please call the office at 248-399-7447 to reserve your spot today or click here to register online. Royal Oak, MI 10a-1p $35 (5/19/13)





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Without contraries is no progression. Attraction and repulsion, reason and energy, love and hate, are necessary to human existence. - William Blake

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