Men's Gatherings

Menstuff® lists here a description of men's gatherings. Men's Gatherings general are in a retreat atmosphere with a number of different workshops by different people and numerous activities for men only. Check out the local calendar by month which includes all international, national, and regional events. Get out of the box!

Legend: Gatherings are listed alphabetically by title. We have included the state code where they generally hold their events and sometimes the month, though these may not be current. If you find something that interests you, contact the organization directly for their current schedule, fees and location information.



Alabama Men's Conference (11/5-7/10, 11/4-6/11) (Discontinued)

Awakening the Sacred Masculine - A Retreat for Men, Peter DeLong, Dr. Martin Orimenko, Christo Pellani & Special Guests. A powerful and joyous retreat for men. We will use a dynamic blend of breath, Sacred Sound and music, meditation and movement. Together we will create a profound and sacred space for us to share our experiences and our truths, and learn from each other as brothers on the path to greater awakening. 866.340.1008 or or $245 (7/3-4/04)


Bly, Robert, or

Bringing Forth the Gift: The soulful expression of a man's life, Tenth Annual Conference on New Directions in Male Psychology, Robert A Johnson, Doug von Koss. For a decade, we have worked and played together, witnessed each other in joy and grief, in healing and in the struggle to find and express ourselves. Though our journeys may be separate, we travel the same road, each of us passing through the stages of a man's life. This year we continue our outreach and extend a special invitation to our elders. We encourage those of you planning to attend to invite the younger men and the senior men who touch your lives. Camp Gualala, Sonoma County, CA.(5/26-28/00) Sponsored by the Redwood Men's Center, or 707.824.0422

Bryn Athyn Men's Gathering John Lee. (2/18-19/05) (Discontinued)

Buffalo Gap, A Men's Retreat for Growth and Renewal For the last 18 years, as many as 150 men and boys have been gathering at Buffalo Gap Camp on a Fall weekend to: Renew relationships with friends, fathers, sons, and brothers. Share life experiences with other men. Rekindle connections with nature. Explore and grow as men The Men's Council of Greater Washington invites you to participate in the 19th Annual Gathering of Men, in mid-September, 2009, at a new location somewhere convenient to the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The Leadership Council is currently conducting a search for a suitable site for our 2009 Gathering. We welcome all men to participate in this shared experience where each man is empowered to connect authentically, take risks, and grow in a safe and sacred space. (9/14-16/07, 9/12-14/08, 9/11-13/09) (Discontinued)


71st California Men's Gathering, since 1978 - Extended weekend retreats in several locatoins in California. Our Mission Statement We are: Men mentoring men to be men. What is our vision? ‘Within 3 years, the CMG will be a recognized resource for modeling and mentoring leadership in the gay community, providing continuity to all men across the state, to revitalize their spiritual, emotional, and physical lives through Gatherings and local events.’ The primary goal is to create a safe environment where men can let down their guard to connect and bond with their fellow man. Where men can get away for a while to explore different ways of looking at life and expand their concept of self while having a whole lot of fun. Try new things, be a kid again, make new friends, and reconnect with old ones. For some it's like going to summer camp. For others, it's nonstop workshops and self-exploration. The Summer California Men’s Gathering is a three-day weekend in a beautiful woodland retreat. Hundreds of men come together from California and beyond to take a break from their daily routines, open their hearts and minds, relax, have fun and build a diverse community of men. Each man is encouraged to take part in as much or as little as they choose, so the weekend can be about what you want, simply enjoying life, meeting new guys, developing yourself and having a great time! California Men's Gatherings, Inc., 7985 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite #123, West Hollywood, CA 90046 or 877.984.3264x1; Bay Area / San Francisco CMG, 2215-R Market Street, PMB 263, San Francisco, CA 94114, EMail; Los Angeles CMG, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd. #123, West Hollywood, CA 90046; San Diego CMG, 2260 El Cajon Blvd. #437, San Diego, CA 92104; Sacramento CMG, 5353 Terrace Oak Circle, Fair Oaks, CA 95620; Desert Cities / Palm Springs CMG,128 Calle del Callado, Palm Springs, CA 92264 or; Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, 3/4-6/05, 3/20-22/09, 3/18-20/11; Spring: (Memorial Day) Shalom Instatute, Malibu 5/27-30/05, 5/25-28/07, 5/23-26/08, 5/22-25/09, 5/27-30/11, 5/22-25/15),; Summer: (Labor Day) Camp Newman, Santa Rosa 9/2-5/05; 8/31-9/3/07, 8/29-9/1/08, 9/4-7/09, 9/2-5/11, 9/4-7/15); Fall: (Thanksgiving) Camp Stevens, Julian, 11/4-7/05, 11/3-6/06, 11/20-23/15; Malibu, 11/23-25/07; Pathfinder Ranch, Mountain Center, CA (near Idyllwild) 11/28-12/1/08; 11/27-30/09, 11/25-28/11, Local Events

Carolina Annual Spring Men's Gathering. 25th annual. In a safe and supportive atmosphere, around 100 men will gather in the wilderness to lead and participate in workshops one a wide variety of issues including manhood and the military. Cosponsored by groups from Raleigh and Western North Carolina. Contact 336.691.1682. Camp Chestnut Ridge outside Chapel Hill (4/28-30/00)

Chesapeake Men's Gathering. We invite you to join us for the 25th Annual Chesapeake Men's Gathering. Established in 1990, this powerful weekend retreat has brought together thousands of men to share our dreams, discuss our challenges, and rediscover the fire that motivates us and drives our lives. Some may remember this as the Buffalo Gap Men's Gathering. Men of all ages and walks of life are welcome.

This retreat offers a time for men to come together in friendship and brotherhood, share our joys, discuss our challenges, and rediscover the fire that motivates us and drives our lives. Camp Round Meadow in the Catoctin Mountain Park (in our Nation's National Park system) near Thurmont, Maryland

During the weekend we take time to deeply explore and celebrate what it means to be man. We ask important and tough questions, have fun, enjoy camaraderie and experience true and genuine connection to other men. This is an opportunity for deep personal growth and spiritual renewal. It is a place to celebrate all that it means to be a man. Kent Hudson or or for details and to find out more. (9/18-20/15)

Colorado Winter Soul Retreat Guided by Tom Daly, Jason Geoffrion, Geoff Hanzlik, and staff When you clarify what is most important in your life and are willing to collaborate with a community men, then you can muster the courage to say yes to vibrant living and are able to commit to bringing your deeper purpose into fruition. Join us on this Winter Soul Retreat to dive deep within for self-nourishment, renewal, empowerment and connection with other purposeful men. Cal-Wood Retreat Center, Jamestown, CO $395 w/R&B (2/21-23/14)

Colorado Summer or Winter Men's Spirit Camp You are warmly invited to come and share the mystery of life's journey. Held by the ancient ways we explore and celebrate the joys and struggles of a man engaged in the ever unfolding body and soul passages of life. The call is to come together in this winter season of stillness for blessing, wonder and renewal. In a simple way we learn from each others life experiences and visions. In many ways humanity is being challenged to the core question of its own survival. How as men do we care for ourselves so we may be tools of mending, inspiration, love? When we share from our cores life's questions and wonders, we lean into our enriched potential. At these gatherings we invite the solitude and permission to celebrate our lives and the earth we share. Winter: Cal-Wood Retreat Center, near Jamestown, CO (2/6-8/09); Summer: Men's Summer Spirit Camp, Tom Daly and Jason Geoffrion, Sapphire Canyon near Estes Park, CO $350 (8/19-21/11)

Committing Our Hearts to Life, Men's Community Celebration of Our Full Humanity, Fred Jealous and community members. We are using the occasion of our tenth retreat to experiment with new formats and leadership. It is time for us to take more responsibility for the creation of our retreats and our visions, building on the extraordinary experiences we have had with Charlie Kreiner. We will also have abundant time in small groups as well as time for rest, play and connection with old and new friends. Experience growth and fun as we relax at the beautiful St. Francis Retreat Center. Sliding scale $240-450. San Juan Bautista, CA 831.373.7163 (7/7-9/00)

Common Ground - Village of Brothers Fall Retreat, Do You Live in Your Body?  Paul Dunion and Joun Guarnaschelli. What a strange question? Where else could I live after all. Aren't we men the physical ones? The ones who labor with our bodies? Who think only of sex? Who are the exercise junkies?> Who fixate on women's bodies? This fall, the Village of Brothers will gather amid the blazing colors of the autumn trees...a perfect setting for asking questions about our bodies. We'll use exercises, play, silence, discussion, and the swear lodge to allow every man to confront his own personal experience about his own body. Camp Hi-Rock, Mt. Washington, MA, $190. (10/12-14/01)

Connecticut Men's Gathering The purpose of the Connecticut Men’s Gathering (COMEGA) is to empower men to create and foster a community where the invitation is to break down the internal barriers that cause isolation. This breaking down of barriers inspires the courage in each man to consciously explore the challenges in his life, and to bring forth his authentic self. He is empowered to bring his newly found awareness, commitments and passions back to his relationships and to his community. Twice a year this opportunity is experienced as a weekend format where men are provided this chance to safely journey from their heads to their hearts, thereby revealing and celebrating their true masculine spirit, often experienced as a feeling of brotherhood. Through various workshops and activities, in small and large groups, COMEGA provides an open, trusting, non-competitive environment for men of all ages, races and backgrounds to openly share and learn from each other. Men are encouraged to bring their sons. This is a wonderful opportunity for young men to watch other men at play and men sharing from their hearts. YMCA Camp Hazen, Chester, CT, Steve Ferreira 860-328-5658 or; Rick Rich 860-584-0618 or or Our 46th men-only Gathering (4/14-16/00) (3/17-19/06, 3/16-18/07, 3/20-22/09, 9/11-13/09, 9/18-20/15, 3/18-20/16)

Council By the Fire, Doug von Koss, George Taylor, Dan Zola, Guillermo Ortiz. Like the knight in the fairy tale, our culture is taveling along the edge of a sword, across a great abyss. The times are calling to us. We must mobilize our life energy as earth warriors, as lovers and guardians of our partners, families and communities. Fortunately, there are archetypal stories and myths we can use to draw out our strengths and our wisdom, even in times when we feel broken or voiceless. In this one-day workshop, in community, we will inspire our souls and our imagination as we embody and explore these powerful archetypes. 9:30a-5p, Fairfax Women's Club, Fairfax, CA $50 at the door. Bring lunch. (4/27/02)

Council By The Fire, building community in Perilous Times Doug von Koss, George Taylor, Guillermo Ortiz, Dan Zola. Chanting, Storytelling, Movement, Group council and Poetry. In perilous times, we must mobilize our life energy as earth warriors, as lovers and protectors of our partners, families and communities. This retreat will explore our connection to the myth of the Bodhisattva. Humans who go where trouble is, bringing compassion, strength and insight to end suffering. Join good men for laughter and tears in community under the oaks. Four Springs Retreat Center, Middletown, CA. $395 Food & Lodging Contact Dan Zola, 510.655.1425 or or (10/3-6/02)


The Dance of the Crane, Flights of Spirit, Descents of Soul. Michael Meade, Malidoma Some, John Tarrant and others. Each life asks to be lived in the interplay between going out into the world and going deeper inside, between climbing the ladder of spirit and wandering the meandering roads of the soul. Like the crane, standing on one leg then the other, we must honor both the light and the dark. Our work, and the exploration of this retreat, is to expand the spirit-attracting movements of the soul, standing deeply grounded in the world, while occasionally flying with both winds animated by the great mystery. In the company of brothers, sons, fathers, elders, mentors and ancestors, we will forge a community, a village that can hold the conflicts, griefs, craziness, ecstasies, and disappointments that arise in any honest gathering. Loon Lake Camp, Maple Ridge, BC. 90 minutes from Vancouver. Contact Michael Bertrand, 604.737.8858 or or (8/22-27/00)

Davis (California) Men's Council Annual Gathering, Rick Rodriguez, Gregg Guss, Brian Dempsey, Bob Miller, Doug Von Koss. This years theme is "finding authentic friendship among men" Local area mens groups or individuals interested in the mens movement or making contact with members of the community are welcome. The Mankind Project will participate in this years workshop. Doug Vonkoss will lead us in song and chant. $20 530-400-6114 or or (5/14-15/04)

Discovery Community. Join a diverse group of men as we come together to enjoy camaraderie, spirit, fun and connection in the beautiful hills above Guerneville and the Russian River. A weekend to energize the spirit and stimulate the body and mind in the heat of summer.

The weekend will provide opportunities for having lots of fun, self-exploratio?n, making new connections, and creating community. There will be plenty of activities to enjoy and participate in of your choosing. You can hike through the redwoods, take in the spectacular views from Julie Andrews Point, and frolic in the swimming pool and hot tub. And even play dress up, show your talent and dance the night away at Disco Saturday Night. The weekend offers the chance to make new friends or build stronger bonds with old friends. Or time to just hang out, relax, eat great food, enjoying yourself and letting go.

There will be presentations and participation in our large group gatherings designed to let you meet everyone, do some self-exploration and perhaps some personal growth. We also offer daily small group meetings in which you can exchange issues and ideas with handful of others in a relaxed, informal setting. More diverse activities are offered to spend time together in workshops/playshops (volunteer-led by guys like you). At night we play board games, have or give a massage, relax in the hot tub, stargaze with an amazing telescope…there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with others or spend time by yourself, to fit your needs and taste! Wildwood Retreat Center, discover? Guenville, CA (7/3-5/15)

Dreams: Lighting Your Path to Wisdom -- The Eleventh Annual Gathering of Men Exploring Nighttime Dreams Together, Tom Lane, D. Min. A meaningful, fun gathering of men to gain wisdom from working on their own nighttime dreams at a Five Star Retreat Center in a spirit of camaraderie. Stoneville, NC, or or 336.545.1200 (5:45pm 1/9 to 3pm 1/11/09)


East Coast Gathering of Gay Men, Join more than 200 nice guys, outdoors in Maryland with Philadelphia Area Naked Guys. 215.978.PANG (5/26-29/00)

The Edge of Learning, The Road of Practice: A Conference for Younger and Older Men Join story teller and mythologist Michael Meade, social activist and poet Luis Rodriguez, psychologist and meditation instructor Jack Kornfield, and human rights activist and community builder Orland Bishop, and other teachers in an intensive retreat that approaches the practice of living through living practices of many tribal, traditional and contemporary perspectives. The essential relationship between youth, mentors and elders can be seen as a ‘living institution’ that becomes increasingly important as spiritual chaos and cultural confusions grow. At the edge of uncertainty practice takes shape and we find both the roots which hold us firmly and the branching ways we must change. Visit to register online or to find out more about Mosaic. Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, 4218 1/2 SW Alaska, Suite H, Seattle, WA 98116 or 206.935.3665 or fax at 206.935.3612 or (8/17-22/04)

Emerging Male Weekend. Ric Davis, Jim Laird, Mel McCain. Men experience various activities: drumming, talking stick, storytelling, physical and written exercises, smal groups, talk about men's issues, feelings, communication with significant others and family. Men define and explain their role in live. The Christian Renewal Center, Dickinson, TX $100P/P. (4/26-28/02) (9/27-29/02)

Entering Mythic Territory: An intensive course with storyteller and mythologist Michael Meade. Entering Mythic Territory begins a course of intensive study on the uncommon ground where one’s inner spirit and second nature converse with the Soul of the World. Beginning with family myths and dreams woven in the soul before birth, the course follows The Road of Life and Death where the entanglements of fate reveal threads of purpose and the sudden, generative grip of destiny. This is a course in the sense that each workshop builds on material that precedes it, in the sense that it investigates distinct and deepening layers of awareness where experience becomes knowledge, where psychology encounters myth, where struggle reveals life purpose. Drawing on traditions from many cultures, on psychology of the Old Mind, alchemical imagination, the guiding language of dreams and life sustaining practices, we will touch the pulse of being and work at nourishing the roots of ‘living myth.’ Visit to register online or to find out more about Mosaic. Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, 4218 1/2 SW Alaska, Suite H, Seattle, WA 98116 or 206.935.3665 or fax at 206.935.3612 or Camp Long Environmental Center - Seattle, WA (4/24-25, 5/15-16/04)

Eurofaery Gathering, on the beautiful Dutch island of Tershelling - lots of intercontinental faerie love, good food and sea air. $20-40/day, sliding scale. or (6/20-7/9/00)

Everyman Gathering: Learning from Each Other: A gender work showcase for Women and Men. Any participant who wishes may present and demonstrate the work that they are doing and that is succeeding in their communities, for others to emulate. Either 25 or 85 minute segments. Or just come to listen and learn, to enjoy the company of Everyman contributors, supports and subscribers, and to re-experience our shared vision of real equality between women and men. W&M. YMCA/YWCA Outdoor Centre in Dunrobin near Ottawa, Canada (4/28-30/00) 6th Annual: A dynamic and powerful weekend exploring a new model of blame-free advocacy, how to create what we want in our lives and world, sharing our advocacy visisions, using joy and humour as acativist tools and much more. (5/2-4/03 Everyman Gathering, PO Box 4617, Station E., Ottawa, ON K1S 5H8 Canada or 7th Annual, Fighting the Good Fight, Everyman Gathering, PO Box 4617, Station E., Ottawa, ON K1S 5H8 Canada or (4/30-5/3/04)

Exploring the Masculine, Eric Diamond, Jeffrey Weisberg, and Michael Broas. Our 12th Explorng the MAsculine weekend for men: emotinally intense, powerful ritual space, story, drums, personal work, anger, grief, facing fear, joy, and brotherhood. Sat am-Sun pm, Micanopy, FL $200-300. Limit 14 men. Gainesville Florida Men's Center, or 352.375.3001 or (4/05, 10/10-11/09, 4/28-29/12)


Fatherhood Festival. Mr. Samuel McNabb, the father of Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Donovan McNabb, is the event's scheduled keynote speaker plus numerous workshops and events. Register via E-Mail. or call 484-410-3227. Daddy Universe City, Inc. ( Philadelphia Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 8:00am to 5pm. (6/9/07)

First Light Men's Gathering, First Light Council. A weekend retreat for men to safely explore traditional and nontraditional changing views of masculinity and of themselves. We come together in the spirit of brotherhood, choosing to consciously shed those layers that so often serve to keep us apart. Brighton, ME $90,

The Forest of Imagination: A Mentoring Retreat for Younger and Older Men We live amidst a loss of containing stories and shared imagination that leaves everyone less protected, more isolated and more subject to anxiety and fear. A growing “collective trauma” is fueled by the collapse of public institutions and the intensification of social divisions. Yet when we are oriented to the core imagination seeded in our souls we can find meaning again; even our worst experiences can become revelatory and healing rather than traumatizing and alienating.

The desire to be part of something greater and to occupy life more fully, whether it be through political or environmental causes, through spiritual or artistic quests is also a desire to touch and be touched by the living imagination that sustains each soul and all of life.

Imagination is a key to finding one’s genius in life; it is the basis of mentoring, a requirement for healing, and a necessity for making community.

The Forest of Imagination is always nearby, waiting to be found again whenever we open our hearts and minds and find the “inner eyes of initiation.” The Forest of Imagination involves many languages including: “living myth” and depth psychology, dream work and tribal cosmologies, poetry and honest speech, chanting and dance, martial arts and rituals of inclusion.

This event is intentionally multicultural and interracial; it is also experiential and experimental. It takes place in a rare redwood forest and requires a willingness to enter the Forest of Imagination where each step can alter the course of one’s life. Genuine freedom, like the deepest healing waits to be found where one’s deepest imagination resides; for imagination is the greatest power of the human soul. or 206-935-3665 or 4218 1/2 SW Alaska, Suite H, Seattle, WA 98116 or 206-935-3665 (voice) or 206-935-3612 (fax) or Mendocino Woodlands Camp, Mendocino, CA (11/14-19/12)


A Gathering of Men, Robert Bly and Richard Olivier. What gifts does the conscious masculine have to offer? Is the mature masculine simply someone who has connected with his feminine side? We’ll draw on disciplines from men’s groups and on a single story, relating it to events in our lives. Richard will lead an expressive theatre workshop, Robert will do the storytelling, offering a creative writing workshop. Day and evenings. Cost varies. Findhorn Foundation, , Scotland, UK or or +44 1309 691653. (6/23-30/01)

Gathering of Men. Men’s Blessings, Men’s Curse at Camp Chestnut Ridge near Durham NC. Join us for two days of poetry, music, stories, varied workshops, laughter, ritual, and sharing community in the Mythopoetic spirit. Hosted by the Triangle Men’s Center. Fees include meals and lodging: $150. Camp Chestnut Ridge, Efland, NC (Just off I-40 west of Durham,) P.O. Box 6155, Raleigh, NC 27628 , Fri. 7PM to Sun 2PM. Download the full brochure or register and pay on-line through at Contact Richard Kevin at 919.878.7800 x1 or (4/20-22/07)

Gathering of Men A Men's Retreat for Growth and Renewal. Renew relationships with friends, fathers, sons, and brothers. Share life experiences with other men. Rekindle connections with nature. Explore and grow as men. Open to Men and Boys. Buffalo Gap Camp at Capon Bridge, WV. Sponsor: Washington Men's Council. Contact Robert Haley, 540.434.8944 or or (9/23-25/05; 9/29-10/1/06)

Gathering Stones Men's Council, Pat Medford, Dennis Coffman, Jeff Spikes. An experiental gathering intended to help men recover their lost soulfulness.Using Art as expression, labyrinth for internal integration, Sweat lodge for purification/healing, Solo Warrior Quest to find warrior spirit. There will also be drumming and talking circles to cement the process together. Gathering to be conducted in a beautiful tree shaded green meadow in central Arizona. Wickenburg, Arizona. 4:00pm Fri. to 11:00PM Sun. $400. Contact Pat Medford, 623.210.2561 or or (10/27-29/06)

The Gay Men's Medicine Circle was called into being in November 1999 by Steven Solberg and Don Kilhefner. It grew out of several workshops entitled "Seeing in the Dark: An Introduction to Gay Shamanism" that Solberg and Kilhefner co-facilitated. The workshops were sponsored by Tumescence, an organization founded by Kilhefner in 1994, that was the foundation on which the Gay Men's Medicine Circle was built.

God, Sex and Money, John Lee, Joe Laur and Jeffrey Duvall. This unique event will focus on critical passages and areas of a man's life where many of our core issues, deepest wounds and greatest potentials reside. Themes and topics include: Godwrestling: Healing Deep Issues with the Divine, Phallos and Private Parts: The Sacred and the Shamed, Your Money or Your Life, Holes to Wholes: Healing Family of Origin, Building Family of Destination. Source of Life Center, New York, New York. Mark La Riviere or Joe Laur 978.544.0001 or or $300 (3/9-11/01, 7pm Fri - 2pm Sun)

Granite Men's Gathering: for men. There is great freedom at the gathering to pick and choose from a range of social, recreational, educational and spiritual experiences throughout the weekend. Each man may develop new friendships, converse with other men about anything and everything, attend or present workshops, perform in a talent show, jam on drums or other musical instruments, eat great good, or simply bask in the sweet serenity of the place. At the GMG, men can relax, recreate, and share and explore all aspects of what it means to be a man in a safe atmosphere of brotherhood, openheartedness and mutual respect. It's a wonderful opportunity for men to enjoy camaraderie with other men, not only in play but also as they work on the issues, challenges and truths of being a man in the world. The men of the GMG do not bring misogyny, misandrogyny, racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, judgment, contempt, resentment, or other hurtful elements. The GMG Weekend is a space of safety, comfort, and peace. Please come only to add to the positivity of this safe vessel. Copper Cannon Camp, Bethlehem, NH or contact or $125 (5/19-21/00, 5/16-18/08; 9/18-20/15)

Great Mother and New Father Conference founded by Robert Bly. There is an idea that to love something fully you have to betray something else. It’s the weight of the betrayal that gives substance to that which is adored. Carrying this kind of paradox used to be called becoming an adult, what the Anglos-Saxons called “entering the bone-house.”

In the 21st century we are looking in two directions at once. We have unprecedented communication between cultures, languages and continents – with the translation of literature, poetry and story as one dimension of this richness. The wealth of this is clear.

But there seems to be a cost involved. Some feel unanchored, disembodied, adrift. Looking back, it’s hard not to feel nostalgia for a psychic life that had a much deeper root system: planted in the local, furnished with connectedness and a shared mythos – a “culture.” If this is so, we ask: Where is betrayal present in the promise of eternal progress? What have we been sold?

All week we dwell in story: What happens when a myth goes walkabout? And what is happening to the stories we carry? Another focus will be the role of translation in poetry, its ability to make the regional transportable. What are the gains and losses from such easy access? When we are uprooted and endlessly moved, fragmented from a sense of heritage to a stretch of land or cosmology, how do we make art – and lives – from its very absence? Can we?

For nine days we will gather and cook in these ruminations: engaging the arts in their fullest capacity, from mythology to poetry, to music, ritual, art and dance. Stories will be spun that draw us up close to the Otherworld: from both the local to the migrational, poems read and songs sung from close and distant cultures. Our enquiry will aim to stir both heart and mind, hips and feet. We will again hoist our wagons on the trail of beautiful trouble. We leave at dusk.

Over nine days we will gather by a lake in Maine and through poetry, discussion, storytelling, astrology, time spent outdoors, music, movement and private reflection we will continue the work of nourishing the soul and lifting the spirit. For forty years this conference has seen some of the most agile minds of poetry, mythology and the wider arts pass through its doors, creating a robust container for a thriving community of artists, thinkers, ecologists, children, and passing animals.

Through its rich history the Conference has been honored to welcome such teachers as: Joseph Campbell, Marion Woodman, William Stafford, Jane Hirshfield, Galway Kinnell, Naomi Shihab Nye, Li Young Lee, James Hillman, Coleman Barks and many others.

It has long been speculated that the gathering is secretly a longship of gypsy-souled troublemakers dreaming of Persia pretending to be a conference. We can neither confirm nor deny. What we do say is: Bring your dancing shoes, a revolution of the heart is afoot! Camp Kieve, Nobleboro, Maine 42nd annual (5/28-6/5/16)



In His Fullness Men's Gathering, Jared Feria & Lance Hastings. The Gathering’s focus is on walking the journey of manhood together with other brothers and will include participant-led workshops, opening and closing circles, engaging conversation, hearty chow (with vegetarian options), and opportunities for connection with men from various backgrounds. Fri 6pm-Sun 11am. $200.00. Gold Head Branch State Park, Keystone Heights, FL $475 (5/20-22/05) (Disolved in 2012)


Journey: Men's Weekend. Camp Navarro runs world class team building weekends. C3 Journey is a christian 2 to 3 day event with teaching, break out sessions, team building and fire pit time. It is a "full on" Journey in a Boot Camp style setting. Great for extreme team building and leadership training. Czmp Navarro CA or 707-633-3020 (7/10-12/13)

K - a directory of men's gatherings. Broken


Labor Day Retreat for Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Men, Benjamin Seaman Andrew Plummer, and Craig Kukuk Celebrating 31 years as one of the nation's longest-running gay men's gatherings, the Rowe Labor Day Retreat continues to harness the power of brotherhood and transformation for gay and bisexual men. Find out what brings men back, year after year. A spiritual home for some, a jumping- off point for others. or or call: (413) 339-4954 from 9 to 6 Seven Days a Week. $360-$460 sliding scale + R&B (9/4-7/15, 9/2-5/16)

Labor Day Weekend for Gay & Bi Men. Three nights and four days to Saratoga Springs, a beautiful 260 acre private wooded valley in the mountains near Clear Lake. Check out our gardens, relax around the cool pool in the midday sun, and enjoy the hot pool in the cool of the night. Bring friends and make new friends as you explore this beautiful land on the edge of the wilderness. Indoor accommodations available and lots of camping! Saratoga Springs, Upper Lake, CA $185. 800-655-7153 or or (9/1-4/00)

Leaping upon the Mountains: A Men's Abuse Recovery Weekend PA (5/9-11)

Lee, John, 553 County Road 624, Mentone, AL 35984, General Business Calls: 678.494.1296 or or


Maine Coast Men's Gathering - a part of the many different men's groups that are present here in Maine. Each involves a semi-annual get together of men. This all started with Mainely Men who represented predominately the central and southern part of our state. Based on their model, Maine Coast Men began to meet in 1989. A typical weekend is very informal. MCM's is in a remote wooded area on a river with enclosed bunk houses and gathering rooms. It begins with a Friday night potluck and a voluntary "check in." Saturdays offer workshops which are conducted by other members who volunteer. In the past their have been workshops about anger, living single, relationships with fathers and sons, spirituality, co dependency, homophobia, racism, singing, and so on. No one has to attend anything but usually over the weekend those who gather engage with each other and feel support and comradeship. Most guys are amazed at the energy that comes from the weekend and take that with them to their everyday world, renewed and often more interested in building community back home. $100. Maine Coast Men, c/o John Bangeman, 266 Payson Rd., Union, ME 04862 Tanglewood 4H Camp, Lincolnville, Maine. or (5/4-6/07, 10/12-14/07, 10/16-18/15; 5/6-8/16)

Mainely Men's Gathering (Attention: The Board of Mainley Men STRONGLY encourages all attendees to be fully vaccinated before attending the Fall Gathering) Mainely Men provides a comfortable environment in which men may examine traditional male roles, explore what it means to assume alternative roles. Many workshops are just plain fun-designing, building, writing and painting. Even hiking the trails, going canoeing or playing volleyball. We have campfires and sweat lodges some sessions. We have many traditions such as opening circle and closing circle that are the common threads that bring all men together. We provide an orientation to all new participants who are the lifeblood of the weekends. Mainely Men has sustained itself for three decades because it renews itself with transfusions of new members and keeps its continuity through the many men who return year after year. We welcome men of all ages 18 and over to celebrate our diversity as men and our uniqueness as individuals. Usually in May and October. or Pilgrim Lodge, West Gardiner, ME, sliding scale $57.50 - $210.(50% off for first timers) If you are a newcomer and have any questions on the weekend, please do not hesitate to contact Steve at (5/18-20/07, 10/9-12/15, 5/13-15/16, 10/7-9/16; 5.5-7/17, 10/6-9/17, 5/4-6/18, 10/5-8/18, 5/3-4/19, 10/11-14/19. 5/1-3/20, 10/8-11/21))

Man to Man, Charlie Bloom, Boise, ID, 208.385.7552 (5/19-21/00) (9/29-10/1/00); Sacramento 916.454.5800 (11/3-5/00); Clinton, LA 225.751.4117, (11/17-19/00)

Massachusetts Men's Gathering. Massachusetts Men’s Gathering (MMG) is a participant-organized and participant-led weekend that happens twice a year at a year-round camp/retreat center. Like similar format retreats throughout New England and in several other states, MMG does not hire “experts” to run workshops or provide the entertainment, but trusts in the abilities of whoever shows up! For over twenty six years now, men have been using the wide-open format of the weekend to take chances and be good to themselves — by leading a workshop, receiving applause during talent show, sleeping incredibly late, playing Frisbee or Scrabble, hiking around the pond, talking around a campfire, pitching in to help with meals. We are happily married husbands, widowers, men still smarting from divorce, gay men, gay couples, and confirmed bachelors. We are lawyers and carpenters, software engineers, therapists, graphic designers, professional entertainers, healthcare workers and students. We are retired, unemployed, and thrilled to get away for 48 hours from the pressures of our stressful jobs. Held at a boys camp on a one acre private lake. Participant Led. Camp Eliott Joslin, Charlton, MA. MMG is inclusive of all men, regardless of their race, color, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion. Contact Chris Harding 617-282-3521 or or Dennis Donovan or (5/16-18/03, 9/25-27/09, 5/14-16/10, 5/27-29/11, 9/18-20/15, 6/3-5/16, 9/16-18/16)

Meade, Michael Mosaic Multicultural Foundation, 4218-1/2 SW Alaska, Suite H, Seattle, WA 98116, 206.935.3665 or or

Men at Risk: In a World at Risk!! A weekend men's retreat with Sam Keen. More men lead lives of "quiet desperation" than we might imagine. Since the women's movement, many men find themselves overwhelmed by changing role expectations, media put-downs, career uncertainties and a host of other challenges. We invite you to spend a weekend with other men facing the issues that put us at risk and experiencing new possibilities. Happy Valley Conference Center, Santa Cruz, CA 925.945.2487 or (10/25-27/02)

Mendocino Men's Gathering: The Spirit of Practice: A retreat for young and older men, Michael Meade, John Tarrant, Luis Rodriguez, Malidoma Some and others. Practice can be seen as the core project in the life of a person. Practice is the attempt to find the same 'way' again and again. Through practice a dream is touched repeatedly and held. This requires discipline, for practice makes us a disciple of some way in the world. In practice we serve what we see and cannot see, what we know and do not know. Devotional prayers, songs, rhythms and dances; the crafts of poet, diviner, healer, meditator, and pilgrim all weave the threads of inner life with the invisible 'world beyond the world.'. There may be no better time to consider the ideas and images of meaningful practice than this time of rapid change and spiritual confusion. Mendocino Woodlands Camp, Mendocino, CA. Mosaic, PO Box 364, Vashon, WA 98070. 800.233.6984 or (7/16-20/00)

Men of Unity Conference Dan Millman, Dr. Steven Vazquez & others. This event brings men together to explore how to unleash our spiritual power as peaceful warriors. Internationally acclaimed author and teacher Dan Millman presents the keynote address and an afternoon workshop on “The Warrior Spirit”. Other quality workshops will be offered as well as powerful rhythms from the Mondo Drummers. Lunch included. Registration/Social Hour 8 - 9 am; Conference 9 - 5:30 pm $65 Unity Church of Fort Worth, Rev. Ed Conrad, or or 817.423.2965 (1/22/05)

Men Perfecting Men, Church of God in Christ National Men’s Conference. Each year, men of faith gather for the Church of God in Christ National Men’s Conference. The convocation, held in a different city every year, is a time for these men to worship, learn about mission efforts, socialize and support charitable activities. For the last three years the Drive Against Prostate Cancer has been a staple of this religious gathering. Bishop Darrell Hines has made men’s health a priority for his denomination. As a predominantly African American organization, COGIC recognizes the deadly toll that prostate cancer takes on its members.The Drive will screen in Detroit, Michigan during the conference. The theme for this year’s conference is “Men Perfecting Men” and what better way to start than to take a healthy stand against prostate cancer., (5/11-13/05)

Men's Adventure Hawaii, Hawaii's volcanos, waters, forests, hike, snorkel, kayak, crater lake, thermal springs. Kalani Honua Eco-Resort, Pahao, HI 800.800.6886 or or (7/1-7/00) (10/17-23/00) (12/29-1/4/00) (2/17-23/01) (2/23-3/2/01)

Men's Blessings, Men's Curses. Get ready for our annual Spring event that gathers men in a safe and stimulating environment where we explore issues like isolation, relationships, careers. By telling our stories, playing our music, hearing other men, exploring our inner worlds, having fun, writing poetry, making art, and more. $150 Efland, NC Triangle Men's Center (TMC), Raleigh, NC (4/20-22/07)

Men's Community Retreat. We are inviting all men of goodwill to a weekend retreat in and about community. In community we can connect deeply to our own feelings and memories as well as those of others. From this place of connection and support it is possible to see new possibilities, re-imagine old losses and, surprisingly, have lots of laughs. This retreat is part of a decade long experiment between Geo Taylor, Guillermo Ortiz, Dan Zola and Doug von Koss into the relationship between community, creativity, passion and big fun. We have found that truth-telling, deep listening, singing and dancing together, creating ritual, and just getting out of Dodge into the beauty of Nature are good places to start in creating that most blessed and elusive of critters, a true community. We have planned this weekend to be as low cost as possible, because we want you to join us, without money being a problem for you. We will be working with the story of Orpheus this year. What does his story of love, loss, and descent to the underworld say to us men today? How can the story of Orpheus the artist encourage our creativity? We will all bring our individual gifts. What will you bring to enrich the weekend? $165. Four Springs Retreat Center, Friday to Noon Sunday. For more info Dan Zola (510) 655-1425 or (9/26-28/03)

Men's Gathering Weekend, features an outstanding speaker in the field of men's spiritual growth, with presentations and workshops by 20 distinguished authors and practicioners in the field. Dan Millman, a former world champion athlete, college professor and best-selling author whose eight books, including "Way of the Peaceful Warrior" and "The Life You Were Born to Live" have inspired millions, will be our featured speaker. Bryn Athyn, PA near Philadelphia. Fri.-Sun (Women welcome Fri. eve for Laws of Spirit presentation) 600 Tomlison Rd, Bryn Athyn, PA. Info/Reg 215.947.6225 x 204 or or or (1/23-25/04)

Men's Nudist Gathering West Coast. Activities will include themed social hours, great swimming and sun bathing, evening discos, seminars, workshops, playshops, country square dancing, bingo, massage, talent shows, ropes course, evening shows, hiking, and much more. Sponsored by CMEN (California Men Enjoying Naturism)t Shalom Institute in Malibu. Everyone had a fabulous time in the warm California sun. Shalom Institute is a spacious conference facility in the heart of the Santa Monica mountains, far from the city lights, but only 40 miles from Los Angeles. Amenities include a heated olympic-size swimming pool, heated dormitory-style cabins, modern restrooms and hot showers, a full-service dining hall, several hiking trails, and many indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. The camp is secluded from the highway, is full of trees, and has great views of the surrounding mountains. (9/11-17/00) or 1-877-NUDIST-1 (1-877-683-4781)

Men's Retreat - with Charlie Kreiner (deceased). San Juan Batista, CA Contact Fred Jealous 831.373.7163 (7/6-10/00)

Men's Retreat: 72nd annual. "Being a Man of Faith Today. It's Not Easy!" This weekend will continue in the tradition of building bonds of friendship and support for those who have participated in years past as well as welcoming new men to the weekend retreat experience. St. Francis Retreat, San Juan Bautista, CA or or 831-623-4234 $240-290 R&B (1/15-17/16, 1/20-22/17, 1/19-21/18, 1/18-20/19, 1/17-19/20)

Men's Summer Timeout, Twisp, WA (9/4-10/00)

Men’s Weekend Retreat with Robert Moore, Robert Bly, Kalamazoo, MI. 678-494-1296 for more information or (6/26/-27/04)

Men's Weekend Workshop, John Lee and Tarwater. The weekend will start Friday at 7pm and continue through Sunday to about 3pm. $225 by Aug 1st. $250 by Sept 1st. $275 after Sept 2nd. Includes camping and meals. Limited indoor space: $25 (please reserve for older men). Bed & Breakfast and Motels near by. We have a few tents available to borrow. Contact Hawkwind at (423) 322- 0151, (256) 605-6353 or (423) 322-6252. Located in Valley Head, Alabama, Hawkwind Retreat Center. (10/1-3/10)

26th Men’s Wisdom Council, Sparrow Hart, Blase Provitola, Leo Horrigan, Dan Roden invite men to open the door to all they have forgotten and connect with a larger, sacred story. For thousands of years men have gathered together — told stories, faced danger, hunted, and done what must be done to protect and serve what we’ve loved. Together we’ve celebrated the joys and grieved the losses that came with these tasks.

We invite you to come join us for a week of wonder and wildness, a week you won’t forget. This year we will explore the themes inherent in the Bhagavad Gita... how a man can take part and fully function in a world filled with violence, dysfunction, dishonesty , and inauthenticity, while undertaking a journey that’s worthwhile and maintaining a connection to something inspiring and beautiful. For information and questions, contact or call 802-387-6624 $700, R&B, Hawley, Massachusetts (6/5-10/16 - (cancelled)) (rescheduled at Putney, VT - 6/26-7/1/16; 6/25-30/17; 9/10-15/17, 6/15-20/19)

Mentone Men's Gathering, 7th Annual, John Lee. Mentone, AL (11/3-5/00). 678.290.0111 or

Michigan Men's Gathering, John Lee. W&M Battlecreek/Kalamazoo, MI. (6/2-4/00) 616.381.2626

Michigan Men's Spirit Camp & Soul Retreat (19th), Jeffrey Duvall, Gurudarshan Khalsa. An opportunity for men of all ages (14 and up) to gather together in sacred circle for exploration of our world's and souls to learn more about ourselves in a space condusive to growth through loving and non-judgemental sharing and guidance. Clare, MI. In the woods near Clare, MI Scott Southers at 734.717.7794 $195-295. (5/18-20/01) (10/12-14/07)

Midwest Men's Festival was formed as a gathering of men working on building community and different ways to be men, and has been happening every summer since 1982. MMF is open to men 18 years and older of all persuasions, but is mostly attended by gay, bisexual, and queer men. Camp Gaea Retreat Center, Tonganoxie, KS. $75 for min. 3 days; $215 for full 10 days. or eMail or 201-888-3725. (7/19-28/11)

Minnesota Men's Conference, 31st annual: Where is Iron John now? Simply the oldest and greatest mythopoetic men's conference in the United States. 90 adult men and 30 youth. The teachers list over the years has been a who's who of great souls. This year's teachers are Robert Bly, John Lee, Migual Rivera, Orland Bishop, Daniel Deardoff , Martin Shaw, Tom Gambell, Doug von Koss, Timothy Young, Thomas R. Smith and Jay Leeming.. This years gathering will be at Camp Du Nord, Ely, MN. Craig Ungerman, 860-942-1658 or or Standard Adult: $975, Standard Youth: $600 (9/19-24/00. 9/9-14/03, 9/12-17/06, 9/4-9/07; 9/30-10/5/08, 9/8-13/09, 9/21-27/15)

Moon over Maryland, Men's All-Nude Square Dance Weekend, featuring Bill Eyler and guest callers plus discos, two pools, bingo, social hours, drag races, talent show, craft fair, bonfires, movies, contests, entertainments, and much more!! This event is sponsored by CMEN and is held in conjunction with PANG and the East Coast nudist gathering, an all-gay, all nude event that has been held at Camp Ramblewood, a beautiful retreat center approximately 40 miles north of Baltimore for the last five years.(5/26-30/00, 7/25-27/07) or


New Orleans Men's Gatherings, King's Arrow Ranch, Hillsdale, MS. Spring - The Warrior Soul (4/14-16), Winter (12/8-10/00)

44th North Coast Men's Gathering An annual event where men and boys can share their experiences, dreams and hopes, trials and triumphs -- while safely exploring with other men the external and internal barriers that hold us back from being the men, fathers, brothers, sons, lovers, partners and community members we want to be. This year’s event consists of opening and closing ceremonies, evening fire circles, and morning workshops centered around an annual theme. There will be afternoon free time for men to bring and share their own workshops, activities for boys, and a Saturday evening sweat lodge. The Gathering is an empowering and inspiring opportunity to speak and listen from the heart. Men and boys often leave experiencing a feeling of connection and brotherhood. The process of helping each other to become men of integrity and compassion positively impacts our community. There will be plenty of time to play, swim and relax at the beautiful, secluded Camp Mattole. Fri 4pm through Sun 2pm. Sliding Scale: $0 - $200. Mattole Lodge, Petrolia, CA on the forested banks overlooking the Mattole River. History: Recollections Of An NCMG Co-founder or or call 707-499-7097. (5/30-6/1/03, 6/3-5/05, 6/2-4/06, 5/29-31/09, 6/4-6/10, 6/3-5/11, 5/29-6/1/15, 6/1-3/18, 5/31-6/2/19, 5/29-31/20 cancelled, new 9/11-13/20 cancelled. Men who want to meet in smaller groups can connect on the North Coast Men's Gathering Network page:


Pacific Men A spectrum of adventure, culture and wellness sharing presented by island men. Hawaiian temple massage, floating shiatsu in thermal springs, swimming with dolphins, ancient male hula. Pahoa, Big Island, HI (8/7-13/00) 800-800-6886



Radical Faerie Gathering A gathering in a sacred queer male community. We will rediscover ourselves, heal each other, and celebrate our Sex and Spirit. We will seek a deeper knowledge of our strength and power as Radical Faeries. or (8/12-21/00)

Redwood Men's Center, 29th annual Men's Retreat, Conference and Gathering at Mendocino Woodlands Camp 2

These days we hear the word “broken” everywhere – broken hearts, broken promises, broken treaties, broken vows and broken rules. We know what it means to be breaking up, breaking down or breaking out. We lament that the political system, democracy itself, even the environment is broken beyond repair. In this wealthy nation many are too broke to afford a roof over their heads.

We ask each man, young, middle and older aged: How are you broken? How do you hide your brokenness? How has your brokenness helped you? How have you broken through?

Each generation is challenged to confront, perhaps facilitate, the breakdown of old systems that no longer serve, to find or create something new and more relevant. In doing so, we speak of breaking through; breaking the curse; breaking the spell; and breaking the silence.

There’s a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in. – Leonard Cohen

Men are now called to acknowledge that “going it alone” no longer works and that our narratives of heroic isolation have led directly to our broken condition. Indigenous wisdom offers some comfort in realizing that we’ve been here before. Consider the Ojibwey chant: Grandfathers, Grandmothers: look at our brokenness.

This is not only an urge to be seen but also a sign of our willingness, as Greg Kimura says, to: Sit with the pain in your heart. Hold it there like a sacred wine in a golden cup.

Over the past 29 years we have learned how to create and maintain a community, a sacred space that honors our rich diversity, both in depth explorations and exuberant celebrations. We will sing, hear stories and poetry, engage in vibrant ritual, display our talents and beauty and eat wonderful food. We will support and inspire each other. Come! Bring yourself, your gifts, your passions, your struggles – and bring your sons, fathers, brothers and friends! Come together! Brochure, Registration Form, includes 5:32 video.

And if you haven't seen it, be sure to view a 5:36 video produced two years ago of men speaking on the Conference experience, about the safe container we create deep within the redwoods, and the changes that we carry back out into the world from there.

Open to men of all ages, cultures and sexual orientations. Treat yourself to a most unusual week-end of nourishment. $380 before May 10, $415 after and $345 each for 3 or more in the same vehicle. More information at or or Register here. (5/25-28/01, 5/23-26/03, 5/25-28/07, 5/27-30/16; 5/26-29/17, 5/25-28/18, 5/24-27/19))

Retreat for Gay & Bisexual Men. This is one of the largest and oldest gay retreats in the country, an amazing and gorgeous gathering, a place of transformation. As gifted, colorful, sensitive, deep, tender, outrageous, and shy gay men, we've been trained to hide our magic. Most gay men are community deprived. In Rowe's community, we're healed by the support, acceptance, and connection we give and receive. Knowing we can share our stories and feelings, hold hands, and hug, makes it safe to invite our free gay selves to come out and play. Men of all races and religions, young and old, those living with HIV, singles and couples, activists and artists, country and city folk, those long out and those not quite out, gay or bisexual, athletes and accounts bring our gifts, our struggles, our own vision of gay loving, spirituality and creativity. Rowe Conference Center, Rowe, 413.339.4954 or (9/1-4/00)

"Rendezvous" wilderness retreat for men!

Rhode Island Men's Gathering, Join us for Rhode Island's 26th annual Men's gathering is a winter get-away for men from different walks of life to gather in a safe, non-competitive, non-religious, trusting environment to relax and explore men's issues. The weekend will include workshop, games, drumming sessions, and a talent show. For Men 18 and older who want fellowship, learning, and a chance to explore the challenges of being a whole man in this era. The gathering is alcohol and drug free. Fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, friends and mentors are encouraged to attend. Contact Paul Hodosh, or 171 Arnold Avenue, Cranston RI 02905 or $175, . (2/16-18/07, 2/19-21/10; 2/18-20/11, 2/20-22/15, 2/19-21/16, 2/9-11/17)


Somé, Malidoma, 2626 Albion Ave., Orlando, FL 32822, phone/fax 407.568.1946, or

Southeastern Winter Men's Gathering, Jeffrey Duvall. Come share your story, your joys and struggles as a man. How can we live and help strengthen our communities? Men are most wise when they gather in nature and human nature and take life's questions and wonders to heart -- to new and renewed depths in relating to one's vision and life passages. St. Simons Island, GA. Blue Joy, 912.778.5046 $125. (2/23-25/01).6pm Fri - 2pm Sun)

Spirit Gathering (Hawaii) A fabulous, tribal celebration and transformative alternative to the holidaze. Loving brotherhood, abundant nature, healthful living. Pahoa, Big Island, HI (11/19-25/00) 800.800.6886

Spirit Gathering (Georgia) We will play, learn, fish, swim, drum, sing, tell stories, connect, feast, hike, and just be ourselves. Oh, and take in these gems: John Lee. He will lead two sessions - one based on his new book "Breaking the Mother/Son Dynamic" and another will be titled "The Wound is Where the Light Comes In." AND! MKP Full Leader and author Rich Grehalva with us to do a session on "Integrating The Medicine Wheel Into Everyday Living." AND! Author Z Newell will be leading a session called "Live With Magnificence." This is one you don't want to miss. It's inexpensive and you will leave with a dancing spirit. All men are welcome! Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park, GA. $150 Contact: Ed Carter (678) 525-5767 or or (6/24-26/16)

Spring Renewal: New Beginnings: The Challenge of Change. UU Men's Fellowship. One very special man who will be facing a new beginning is Rev. Tom Owen-Towle. He will be retiring from San Diego First UU in June. Due to his upcoming retirement, this will be the last renewal weekend that Tom will be able to join us for at least three years. Tom was a pioneer in men's work and has been a tireless champion in this area for more years than he'd like us to mention! As part of our weekend, we are planning a special time to honor all of Tom's contributions to men and this will be your chance to let Tom know how much he has meant to you. This is sure to be a powerful moment that we will all remember. We encourage you to register in advance for the weekend. Camp de Benneville Pines. For information and registration: (4/19-21/02)

Stand Fast My King Men's Conference. Annual event that enables men regardless of racial, social, economic, or spiritual background to come out and experince the very presence of God. Carl Sims (the cathedral of the holy spirit, Bishop Earl Paulk) of Atlanta, Ga. will open this life changing conference. Other speakers Pastor Lewis of Utica Ms., Minister Ray Coleman of Port Gibson, Ms. and Overseer McDuffy will continue on Saturday. theme: "Building the Kingdom - Share the Load" 410 Morgantown road Natchez, MS. or 601.445.4779 or Bishop Stanley Searcy Sr. or Pastor Matthew Minor (7/12-13, Fri 7-10p, Sat 10a-8p) Free.

Storm the Gates, from regular guy to incredible gate-stormer. What's the battle? You're expecting some tough-guy talk here about how you need to step up to the plate and be a "real man". You should love your wife, go to church, and be a nice guy, right? Truth is, there's something standing in the way between you and Jesus Christ. You know what it is. There are a half-million other guys who know what it is too. They want a closer relationship with their wife. They want to be men of their word. They want to raise their kids to be followers of Jesus. They want to stand side-by-side with men like you and take on the gates of Hell in their lives. It's time. The Promise Keepers wants you to find your passion again. or 800.888.7595. Tampa, FL 5/31-6/1/02, Atlanta, GA (6/7-8/02), Rochester, NY (6/14-1/02), Knoxville, TN (6/21-22/02, Miami, FL (6/28-29/02), Washington, DC (7/12-13/02), Raleigh, NC (7/19-20/02), Cleveland, OH (7/26-27/02), Grand Rapids, MI (8/2-3/02), Dallas, TX (8/16-17/02), St. Louis, MO (8/23-24/02), St. Paul, MN (9/6-7/02), Denver, CO (9/13-14/02), Los Angeles, CA (9/27-28/02), Stockton, CA (10/11-12/02), and Phoenix, AZ (10/18-19/02)

Sunshine Coast Men's Festival, Annual gathering of remarkable men...and unremarkable men, powerful men, meek men, strong men, gentle men, tradesmen, professional men, sports men, intellectual men, women's men, men's men, men who are their own men and all kinds, colours, sizes and inclinations of men. A deep sharing of masculinity by us all in our humour, strength, vulnerability and passion. We'll gather and give or participate in workshops, share experience, or simply hang out in each others company. We will create our own festival. You can run your own workshop, create an 'event' or 'happening' or participate in whatever you want. Ewan Maddock Dam Reserve on the Glass House Mts Highway, 6 kms north of Landsborough, 80 kms north of Brisbane and 20 kms inland from Caloundra (Across from the Big Kart Track.) Australia. (4/28-5/1/00)

The Sydney Men’s Festival is a chance to talk, relax, participate in and run workshops with other men. The Festival is an annual event held at the end of January each year on the second last full week of the school holidays. The Festival is open to all men regardless of colour, creed, religion, sexuality, profession or employment status. Approx. 60-100 men. (1/13-21/07; 1/12-20/08)


A Taste of MMG (Massachusetts Men's Gathering) Free Men's Event * Free Food * Free Optional Workshop Samplers * Entertainment * Networking* Boston Reunion for MMG vets.

The Massachusetts Men's Gathering is a no-pressure, participant-led men's retreat weekend which has been held every year in the spring and in the fall since 1989. Currently we meet Fri eve. thru Sunday midday at a North Oxford, MA (Worcester area) conference center. Veteran MMGers wanted a mid-winter daylong mini-reunion to which they could bring their men's groups, family members and friends to see for themselves "what they would be getting themselves into" if they attended a full weekend.

Drop by anytime between 10 am and 3 pm to sample the sharing circles and mini-versions of some typical workshops, or just chow down and shoot the breeze with some regular attendees. If you sing, play an instrument, or do any kind of entertaining, consider coming prepared to join our day end talent jam. Drop by Anytime between 10 am-3 pm - All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church, 196 Elm St., Braintree, MA For more info call Chris at 617 282-3521 or cell 282-3379 or Please E-Mail your RSVP with number in your group. (1/12/08)


Unitarian Universalist Men's Spring Renewal, Mike Collier, or 619.582.1741 (4/25-27/05)


Vets Journey Home offers a weekend program designed to heal the emotional wounds associated with war and it is free to all participants. When combat veterans return home they have important stories to tell. Stories that need to be heard, without judgment, to heal the anger, the grief and the fear. Often friends and families are uncomfortable asking about the war. The result is the pain within the vet’s soul remains unprocessed. This can lead to nightmares, alcohol and drug addictions, broken families, isolation and even suicide. Vets Journey Home creates a safe secure container in which the wounds of war can be healed. Staffed by other veterans and civilians, men and women, whose intention is confidentiality, healing and honoring.

Program Goals:

Appropriate candidates for Vets Journey Home Combat veterans, peace-time veterans, in-country or mainland, any time or engagement. Any veteran, male or female, still feeling emotional pain connected to military service is welcomed to the Vets Journey Home.

War impacts us all - individually and as a society. This is an opportunity to be involved in healing the wounds of war for all of our society and really “support our troops”.

The Vets Journey Home weekend is free to veterans. It is provided from donations by individuals who want to support our vets and their healing. All leaders and staff are experienced and dedicated volunteers and 100% of donations go to program deliverables. To make a donation, call Gene McMahon, Director, VJH Maryland at 301-829-2808 or e-mail

If you are or know a combat-zone veteran, we recommend the Vets Journey Home ( to help heal the emotional wounds.

For Maryland (4/27-29/07, 10/23-25/09, 4/26-28/13) contact Gene McMahon, or, phone 301-829-2808

For Houston (9/7-9/07, 10/16-18/09, 1/29-31/10) contact Sam Luna, 281.395.9152 or

For Camp Bird, Crivitz , WI (5/28-30/10) and Milwaukee (8/20-22/10) contact Patricia Clason, 414-374-5433 or or

von Koss, Doug, or


Weaving a Path in the World, Michael Meade, Luis Rodriguez, Jack Kornfield, Orland Bishop and others. An intensive retreat for younger and older men that approaches the practice of living and living practices through many tribal, traditional and innovative perspectives. A practice gives a symbolic structure for being and a way of helping to continue creation. Over time, practice becomes a bridge that serves oneself as well as the world, Mendocino Woodlands Camp, Mendocino, CA or (8/20-25/02)

Weller, Francis, 1023 4th St., Suite B, Santa Rosa CA, 95404 or or 707.568.5803 or or

What Will Heal the Wounded King? 18th Annual Minnersota Men's Conference with Robert Bly, Martin Prechtel, John Lee, Miguel Rivera, Doug von Koss, Matt Cohen, and Vicente Griego. Telling of stories, the gift of poetry, the making of music together, and the opening of hearts to grief, which sometimes happens when men who trust each other gather together. In the last few years we have begun to ask that men who have received some of the honey of old stories and soul teaching give some of the sweetness back to younger men. So again this year we'll be inviting a dozen or so young men between 13 and 20 to attend. If you would like to sponsor one of these young men, that would be even better. Camp Miller, MN or or 877.333.3136. (9/10-15/02)

Wildwood Fall Men's Festival This Fall Men's Festival will focus on Sacred Brotherhood. This Special 4 Day event will be the most exciting Men's Festival that Wildwood has offered. Chef Darleen will be preparing amazing meals. We'll have lots of fun, sun, pool, and jacuzzi! Sign up now, and take advantage of the early registration, just $395 for the entire long weekend! Just book the room/tent you choose on the web site when you register. Guernville, CA (9/8-11/11; 9/17-20/15)

Wingspan Leadership Conference, Jed Diamond. or (11/11-13/00)

Winter Elder Gathering: What Our Fathers Didn’t Tell Us
What— Join the MKP USA Northwest Area Elders for the 12th annual Winter Elder Gathering. There will be presentations and break out discussions throughout the weekend on What Our Fathers Didn’t Tell Us and other topics and activities of interest to Elders. More information on our website. Come join us!
Who May Attend—Elder men of any age, MKP initiated or not. Elderhood is not so much about age—it’s about Elder energy. If you feel you may have it, even if only a little, you’re old enough.
Where—Fort Worden State Park, 200 Battery Way, Port Townsend, Washington 98368, on beautiful Puget Sound.
When—Check in 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Friday, Jan. 27. The Gathering ends at 12:00 noon on Sunday, Jan. 29.
Cost—The total cost of the event including lodging and meals, (Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch), is $220 Early Bird Special, or $250 after December 31, 2016. Sign up today!
Sign Up & More Info—Go to ElderGathering.




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