Strange Sexual Practices

What's perverse to one person may be normal to another. The world of sex is replete with titillating and sometimes curious acts that keep intimacy new.

If nothing less, below is a list of strange sexual practices that are interesting to read about. As you will see, there are no boundaries to what people conceive. And...if daring enough, follow through does not have to be reserved for only the brave.

Hot Wax: Hot wax in sex play is used to increase adrenalin and thus arousal. The most famous enthusiast was St. Pazz, a 16th century nun who would have others drop hot wax on her body while she was tied to a bed post and humiliated.

Blood Sports: 'Blood sports' are those sex activities in which skin is broken. This would include activities such as cutting, phlebotomy, cicatrisation, piercing, carpet burns, abrasions, shaving, scratching, vampirism, flagellation, caning, branding, burning, and so on.

Cutting the skin or drawing the blood creates an adrenalin rush, trust for partner, and a sense of personal conquest for the participant. It may also help relieve stress in some people.

Autagonistophilia: This refers to those who are aroused by being on stage or performing for a cameraman.

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