The Food Quiz

You can tell a lot about a couple by watching them eat a meal. For people who are very close, a meal is an occasion to connect. Take the following quiz to find out how you and your partner fare:

1. When you are out to dinner with your partner, you:

a. Share food by feeding your partner with your fork.

b. Feed your partner with your fingers.

c. Let your partner dip his fork in your food and take a bite.

d. Don't share food with your partner.

2. If a little sauce is on your partner's mouth during dinner, you:

a. Wipe off your partner's face with your napkin.

b. Tell your partner he has sauce on his mouth and lick his face seductively.

c. Verbally tease your partner that you will use your tongue to lick off the sauce, but don't actually do it.

d. Don't say a word because you know he'll eventually wipe it off.


3. After dinner, when it's time for desert, do you:

a. Share one desert using two forks, possibly feeding your partner one bite off your fork.

b. Use one fork to feed each other passionately.

c. Maybe have just a bite of your partner's dessert but order a cappuccino and enjoy his company and more conversation.

d. Skip desert and head home because you're out of things to say to each other or you have things to do at home.

Scoring this test is very simple. All you have to do is count up how many a's, b's, c's, and d's you have. The category with the most like letters is the one that your relationship falls into.

Mostly A's: New Love

If most of your answers fell into this category, then your relationship is still in the early stages of blossoming love. It's like a new flower; it's fresh, beautiful, untainted, and yearning to be picked. Meals are a reason to spend time together. They are a chance to be physically and conversationally close to each other. This is also a time when you are on your best behavior and a little uncertain of the commitment. Eating a meal together is done more in an innocent manner rather than acting out lustful impulses to demonstrate your affection for your partner. Basically, each partner sticks to his own plate and holds hands through the meal or shares a light kiss or two at the most.

Mostly B's: Lustful Love

This category is what poets write about and artists paint. It's the passionate core of love. You move into this stage when you begin to feel confident that your romantic feelings are mutual. This is the time when you want to devour every aspect of your partner: his words, his meals, his touch, his soul, his mind, everything. This is when you experience an inability to concentrate, sleep, or eat. It's when you feel that you can't be away from each other for more than a minute. Eating takes on a sensuousness as you hand-feed your partner, clean his fingers with your tongue, and use food more as finger paint than a consumable item.

Mostly C's: Comfortable Love

This category is the ideal category, so be happy if you are here. You and your partner have a close, strong bond to each other. After moving past category B, you eat because you're hungry. The two of you are still playful with each other, but it isn't as blatantly sexual as before. Now you are more aware of your surroundings, so you are more careful about your suggestiveness. At the table, you still sit close, but not so close that it restricts you from your eating.

Mostly D's: Red Alert Love

If your quiz score landed you in this category, then you should be concerned. The closeness you once felt for your partner just isn't there anymore. During meals, you don't touch each other, you don't share food, and the conversation has died down. Dining together is no longer a bonding experience, but a time to fill your stomach because it's hungry. In the process, you are neglecting to feed your love. The only way to get out of this category is to include the behaviors specified in the C choices.

Don't lose hope if you didn't score as high as you would like to. This is not a pass-fail exam, it's more of a practice test for your real-life relationship. And guess what? You've lucked out, because this book contains the study material to help you pass the test with your partner.

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