I Saw Him Masturbating

Q: Recently I saw my boyfriend masturbating to pornography while he was in the bathtub. He had no idea that I saw him and now I'm worried that he prefers pornography to me. Do you think I should say something to him about this?

A: There is no reason for you to 'talk' to your boyfriend about what you saw. It's common for men to use fantasy, of various kinds, for sexually stimulation during masturbation. A pornographic magazine is one form of fantasy. Some men prefer reading erotic stories, while others enjoy watching X-rated movies. Regardless of the type, the purpose is usually the same—to relieve sexual tension.

The act of solo-sex meets certain needs that partner-sex doesn’t—it’s a sexual experience when performance is not an issue. Instead, it is a time for a man to release sexual tension without having to be a good lover to anyone else but himself. So, don't give it a second thought, this, in no way, will decrease his sexual interest in you. If it does, then you have something to be concerned about.

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