Fragrances and Temporary Insanity

The sense of smell has a powerful impact on romance. The effect is so strong that research has proven that our sense of smell gives us the ablility to choose partners who are geneticlally compatible. So nature's way of keeping the human race going is based to some degree on the way someone smells to us. All that happens is that we are attracted to some people's smells and turned off by others. Appealing to the sense of smell doesn't stop here. Scents can also be used to heighten arousal and emotions in your partner.

The most common use of fragrances in romance is through aromatherapy using essential oils. Essential oils can be used in different ways: massaged into the skin, inhaled through the air (candles, incense), added to the bath, dabbed on your pillow, or heated in a diffuser. Essential oils are potent, and just a few drops are needed per use.

To make your first aromatic experience simple, use just one oil. The following list of essential oils below is a good place to start:

  • Benzoin-Vanilla smell. Combats lonliness and anxiety, relaxes, invigorates.
  • Cardamom-Ginger smell. Enhances sex.
  • Lemon-Lemon smell. Helps to manage stress, relieves anxiety, tension, and mental fatigue.
  • Rose-Rose smell. Stimulates sexual feelings for women.

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