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Chemistry of Emotion It's Contribution to Deliberately Creating Unconditional Love

Hello readers, I do hope you have had plenty to think upon ie what your thoughts and beliefs are costing you when it comes to creating an intimate loving relationship. This week we are considering your emotions and feelings and how they are costing you when it comes to creating a loving relationship.

(a) In order to appreciate where feelings arise from, one needs to understand our amazing brain. We think a thought and our brain cells fire up.

(b) Electrical information travels through a brain cell which is then converted into chemical information

(c) The chemical information swims across a synaptic gap and transfers the information to another brain cell

Each brain cell receives thousands of incoming messages every second and acts like a vast computer, redirecting information instantaneously through electrical-chemical biofeedback. In her book "Molecules of Emotion" Candace Pert, a neuroscientist, explains how emotional states originate in the body and in the mind simultaneously.

Emotion is the state your body feels on perceiving a chemical change within your cellular self and feeling is the meaning you attribute to the bodily sensation of chemical energy in motion (e-motion).

Lester Levenson, developer of the "Sedona Method" cured himself from cancer by identifying the feelings, thoughts and actions associated with the emotional states of Apathy, Grief, Fear, Lust, Anger, Pride, Courageousness, Acceptance, and Peace. David Hawkins, in his book "Power vs Force", found emotional states produced different electrical readings, eg: Apathy generates 50 megawatts, Peace generates 600 megawatts. Lynn Grabhorn in her book "Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting" states that we don't manifest by thoughts alone but how we feel things into being.

How does an emotional state create feelings within you?

Take the emotional state of acceptance. You FEEL allowing, beautiful, attuned, compassionate, harmonious, loving, receptive, secure etc.

By experiencing any one of these FEELINGS you find yourself THINKING thoughts like "Everything is beautiful" or "I love you just as you are" or "I have a contribution to make" or "All is well" etc.

This THINKING means your ACTIONS will be balanced and you will come across as compassionate, empathetic, non-judgmental, tender, understanding, warm etc. The process in creation from the state of acceptance is about forgiveness and understanding.

You will be aware from the above example that our thinking, emotional states and feelings are very much interconnected and it is difficult to say where each starts and finishes. This week I encourage you to become mindful of what emotional states you are experiencing and acknowledge them. If you have difficulty releasing tough emotional states then I can highly recommend the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or The Sedona Method and would encourage you to look these up. Next week I will give you the two plans on how we create our reality through the astonishing power of our thoughts and feelings.

So until next week, keep smiling and have a wonderful week.

By Kate Ginn ( For this week and next week we will feature Katherine Ginn in this section of our newsletter. Kate is an international facilitator, speaker on Mega-Learning and Colour. She lives in Wimbledon, England.

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