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Love Doesn't Cure Anything

Although many of us would like to think so, and we're inundated with ideas like "love conquers all," love is not a cure-all. In fact, love doesn't cure anything. Yes, it sets the stage for us to feel worthy enough and secure enough to face our demons and come to terms with them. But love doesn't do that, we do.

Love is the phenomenon, the force in life that prompts and encourages connection. It's like the glue that brings and holds things together. But love is not a cure-all.

Love does heighten our sensation and perception. It does open windows on a reality that seems, for the most part, to remain obscured behind a veil. In that sense love is a stimulant, a goad or prod from behind, or a light ahead of us shining on what is possible.

And love helps those who help themselves. Love excites those who are excitable. Love supports those who are willing to risk being available. If you don't open, if you can't be inspired, if you hide and wait to be revealed, then you ask love to do what it cannot.

Love is magical in that it presents us with the chance to venture beyond what we've known and who we've been, but that requires change. Love is a change-agent of the first order. If you want to be loved and not be changed then you are in for deep disappointment.

Love will lead you beyond what you've imagined, and it will take you where you hadn't expected and sometimes may not even want to go. But when you are willing it's always worth the risk.

Are you willing?

If so...enjoy!

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Intimacy is spelled "in to me you see". - Stan Dale

I have always made a distinction between my friends and my confidants. I enjoy the conversation of the former; from the latter I hide nothing. - Edith Piaf


Husband and wife psychology team, Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski, are the bestselling authors of "The New Intimacy" and "Opening to Love 365 Days a Year." Their latest book is Be Loved for Who You Really Are: How the differences between men and women can be turned into the source of the very best romance you'll ever know. They provide corporate trainings on breaking through resistance to success and relationship workshops about The Magic of Differences--romance based on respect and value for each other's unique ways. As guest experts they've been on over 600 television and radio shows including Oprah, The O'Reilly Factor, 48 Hours, Canada AM, and The View. Visit their website at

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