First Dates Should Be More Than Just Light And Fun

Many singles seem to think that first dates should be light and fun. No pressure, no twenty questions, just have fun and keep things light. In fact, too many guys are afraid to ask too many questions to get to know her because they think it should be kept light and fun. Big mistake!

You are dating because you are looking for that right woman, right? If you keep the first dates just light and fun, with very few compatibility questions asked, you may not know enough to determine if she is worth a second date or not, so you land up going on that second date. And then, how many times did you get a totally different opinion of her on that second date, or third date? You could have saved al that time and money if you had only asked her enough questions, and, paid more attention to any warning signs she may give off.

First dates can be light and fun, but they are also supposed to be for knowing if two people are compatible enough for future dates, too. You can mix the two together.

And don’t be afraid to ask those questions. Hey, this is your time and money, you know, and if she can’t understand that a couple can do both on a first date, is she really the one for you? Don’t you want a smart and a mature woman?

Here’s another thing to think about: What if you two fall for one another on that fun-filled date because you two are physically attracted to one another while at the same time having laughs, BUT, you two really aren’t compatible enough for future dates?

It happens all the time. That’s one of the reasons why so many couples get tired of one another within the first few weeks of dating. They don’t ask one another enough compatibility questions.

Think about it!

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Perry Rose is a syndicated freelance writer for singles on sex, dating and relationships. He is also the author of, All About Men: Another Damn Book For Women About Men. & Women and Sex And Dating, For The Single Man published by Intimacy Books. From first getting dates from complete strangers, to finding that right person to be with, Intimacy Books has interviewed single men and women on what they like and want from one another. The findings were published in Women, Sex and Dating, for the Single Man. Their site is

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