She's Looking at My Crotch!

Q: Actually a comment. Another good thing your books are doing is increasing my awareness of stuff I never noticed before. I was in the local video store last Monday night and for the first time I realized the clerk, a woman of about 30, glancing at my crouch. She did it twice quickly.

This is from a 50 year old who is just getting his find-meet-talk-date-mate legs under him. It's all new, exciting and a bit disorienting because as he has told me many times, "I've been doing everything all wrong for years and years!"

A: My comment and suggestion on how to capitalize on CROTCH GAZING. Go back to the store and have something to talk about such as, "Quentin Tarantino the director of Pulp Fiction, used to work in a place like this. How do you like working here?"

Talk about the videos you like. NOT SEX! Bid her a fond farewell and as you're parting, say, "See you Thursday. She'll smile and say "Okay," or she'll say, "I don't work Thursday." You say, "So when do you work? She'll tell you. Nod, smile and leave. DO NOT say that you'll see her on that day. Just leave. Then, show up and rent another movie. She'll tell you something about herself if you go FIRST and tell her something about yourself as explained in How To Date Young Women and Body Language Secrets.

Re-read the chapters Meet Her, Talk With Her, Court Her. At the appropriate moment, introduce yourself and shake hands with her as described in Body Language Secrets. When she asks, "So, what do you do?" Say, "I am a consultant, help small businesses get computers hooked up." At the same time hand her your ICSBC from your SHIRT POCKET. Do not fumble around with your wallet!

Don't talk to her for more than a few minutes. You're a busy, important man with places to go and people to see. Compliment her ONCE during the conversation about her accessories, jewelry or attire. Pay attention and be aggressive with your eyes to find something you genuinely like, "That's a very attractive ring! An heirloom?" The compliment must be genuine. If you can't find anything to be genuine about, don't say anything.

Say good bye using her name, "Nice meeting you, Debbie. See ya."

ESSENCE OF INITIAL CONVERSATIONS. A young woman cannot find you attractive until she realizes you are first of all safe. After realizing that you are safe, she doesn't want to talk further if you are not interesting. She cannot realize that you are attractive until you have talked with her about interesting subjects (she finds them interesting) for a few minutes.

STEEL BALLS PRINCIPLE: The woman must find that you are: safe, interesting, attractive, in that order.

©2008 R. Don Steele

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Don Steele has worked for more than 20 aerospace, defense and engineering companies as well as many political campaigns both in LA and in Hawaii. He became a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in 1976. Beyond writing, other passions include a deep, abiding hatred for hypocrites, bureaucrats, poverty pimps and nearly all politicians; a lifelong devotion to anthropology, philosophy; astronomy and cosmology plus a long-term love affair with Hawaii, consummated in 1996. He and Joanna Bardot Lopez live in Whittier CA, with their number one dog Wolfie, number two dog, Tootsie, Peaches The Rabbit, Puppy Cat, Princess Cat, Snookums Cat and Bebe Cat. Don is the author of Date Young Women:  For men over 35 - Revised, How to Date Young Women:  For men over 35, Volume II, and most recently, Body Language Secrets. Check out steelballsAUDIO.COM and or E-Mail.

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