Nice-Guyitus Causes Deadly LJBF!

Q: How do you deal with women who say “Let’s just be friends?”

A: Say in a non-angry, yet firm statement-of-fact voice, “I have plenty of friends.” Follow that with deadly silence and strong, sensual, direct eye contact.

Steel Balls Principle? Silence is a powerful tool during any negotiation, romantic or business.

Poker face. Just sit there. Do not get angry or gruff because she translates anger to, “I win! He wants me.”

What does she win?

Safety:. Because now she doesn’t have to take a chance and go out with an powerful, mysterious, sensual MAN, not a boy.

Ego Boost. She wants the gratification of knowing that you are dying to go out with her, that you find her sexy and desirable. Why? Because MOST of them DO NOT know that about themselves! They think you are the catch until you screw it up!

In short, she’s testing you to see how you’ll react. Read “Reluctance, Resistance And Tests” in Body Language Secrets for the grisly details about this delicate part of the courtship ritual.

If she’s not testing you, she’s a game player who has been leading you on. MOST LIKELY. Your disease, NICE-GUYITUS caused you to blow it quite sometime ago. Gifts, fawning, too many compliments, been accommodating and other such puke-producing stuff. NICE-GUYITUS shows her you are not different, just another boy, not a Man, which is what she really wants. It’s what they all want!

The other possibility is that she has decided for whatever reason that you’re not all that attractive, and “Let’s just be friends” is her way of saying, “I don’t find you sexually attractive. Beat it!”

But, since females don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, she says LJBF.

In my personal world, a fourth of the women who tried, “LJBF” yielded to the strong, silent treatment and ended up being my lover. The rest were either afraid or not interested.

Important! You can’t talk her into anything once this stage is reached. Just say your piece and shut up.

If you’re not all that experienced, when it gets to this stage you have probably demonstrated that you’re just another boy or you showed her that you’re strongly attracted to her. You must read, then re-read, then practice everything from How

To Date Young Women in the chapter The Right Attitude. She must see you as strong, manly, powerful, slightly dangerous, somewhat mysterious, possibly attainable if SHE plays her cards right.

©2009, R. Don Steele

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Don Steele has worked for more than 20 aerospace, defense and engineering companies as well as many political campaigns both in LA and in Hawaii. He became a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in 1976. Beyond writing, other passions include a deep, abiding hatred for hypocrites, bureaucrats, poverty pimps and nearly all politicians; a lifelong devotion to anthropology, philosophy; astronomy and cosmology plus a long-term love affair with Hawaii, consummated in 1996. He and Joanna Bardot Lopez live in Whittier CA, with their number one dog Wolfie, number two dog, Tootsie, Peaches The Rabbit, Puppy Cat, Princess Cat, Snookums Cat and Bebe Cat. Don is the author of Date Young Women:  For men over 35 - Revised, How to Date Young Women:  For men over 35, Volume II, and most recently, Body Language Secrets. Check out steelballsAUDIO.COM and or E-Mail.

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