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Question: I get many first dates with young women but never get a second date. Why?

Answer: Never, ever go to the movies. First dates are for talking with one another. It gives you the chance to demonstrate that you are a Man, what she has been dying to meet. Women all must convince themselves you are worthy of them, before they can proceed. You will be tested and resisted and she will be reluctant. You have to deal with all of that on the first date, and even more so on the second date.

Given this is a continuing problem, I believe you did not maintain The Right Attitude during the date. And, or, or both, you did not follow my primary mandate to NOT suggest a second date while on the first date. Instead, plant the ideas and fan the possibilities for interesting, fun second dates while on the first date.

A third possibility is that you went on too long of a first date, or too romantic of a first date. A fourth possibility is that you went on Friday or Saturday night and what that tells the woman is, you do not have a LIFE! Another common FATAL mistake is looking at other women. Another, being negative or cynical, or serious. Or trying for a kiss at the END of the date. We have a file for MOSBs. The ways to screw up are endless.

The all time DATE DESTROYER is being a NICE GUY. You must be a Man of Steel Balls. You have to have a life, and ideally, you are dating and having sex. That alone gives you a major dose of The Right Attitude.

Excerpts - First Dates:

Lunch at the park, like adults do it impresses her and she feels like a woman, not a girl. There, you're both equally distant from home base. No one is too defensive. But it's more of a commitment unless you add, "I've got to be back by 2." You only need an hour, the first time.

Sunday brunch at an expensive hotel is great, if during the suggestion it's clear you have to be somewhere at 3 PM. This puts on the time limit, making it easier to accept.

A dinner date is even a bit much for a woman to bite off. It implies dinner and. Save it for third or forth dates. Your place is verboten. She has to be on guard. Suggesting her place makes her think you're married. She's not so dumb, she reads Cosmopolitan.

Don't plan and scheme. Let things happen naturally. Just enjoy her company. The more relaxed you are, the more she'll relax. Don't try to impress her. Be yourself. Expect nothing.

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©2010 R. Don Steele

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Don Steele has worked for more than 20 aerospace, defense and engineering companies as well as many political campaigns both in LA and in Hawaii. He became a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in 1976. Beyond writing, other passions include a deep, abiding hatred for hypocrites, bureaucrats, poverty pimps and nearly all politicians; a lifelong devotion to anthropology, philosophy; astronomy and cosmology plus a long-term love affair with Hawaii, consummated in 1996. He and Joanna Bardot Lopez live in Whittier CA, with their number one dog Wolfie, number two dog, Tootsie, Peaches The Rabbit, Puppy Cat, Princess Cat, Snookums Cat and Bebe Cat. Don is the author of Date Young Women:  For men over 35 - Revised, How to Date Young Women:  For men over 35, Volume II, and most recently, Body Language Secrets. Check out steelballsAUDIO.COM and or E-Mail.

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