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This is from a 38 year old who is just starting out learning to 'hear' what women are saying without words.

Question: After reading your super Body Language Secrets, I have become extremely aware of women's signals.

The woman I was talking with on Saturday night was touching and fingering the top buttons on her blouse, up by the neck. Does this have the same meaning as touching the necklace, or is it a type of symbolic undressing?

Steele Sez: It always depends on the cluster of gestures surrounding the signal. I'm glad to hear you are becoming aware of what women are "saying" without words, but you are making the mistake everyone does when first mastering this information, and that includes yours truly when I began. The mistake is that you zero in on one signal or gesture and focus on it. Remember, one signal means nothing. Even two signals cannot be relied on. You must look for clusters of three or more signals. When she sends you three signals of interst in a row, means she's interested.

Back to a woman fiddling with the top buttons on her blouse. That usually is a sign that you are coming on too strong or you may be too close physically. When you notice any sort of neck touching, immediately back off. Diplomatically change the subject of conversation and move slightly back, physically. For some reason she was signaling you she needs reassurance of your motives and sincere interest.

You must master the concept of looking for clusters. Learn to notice one, then search for similar signals that follow the one you noticed.

FINE POINT: When she's undecided, she sends mixed nonverbal signals even though she's smiling. This means you are probably doing okay. So, keep it lightweight and superficial while sending nonverbal, positive signals of interest to her. Then, as I preach, just LET IT HAPPEN.

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