Teen Suicide Statistics

Menstuff® has compiled the following information on teen suicide statistics. Every hour and forty-five minutes, another young person commits suicide. Teen/youth suicide rates have tripled since 1970.

Real Time Death Toll as of

Teen Suicide Statistics
Deaths by Suicide and Self-inflicted Injury age 15-24, 1991-1993
Teen Suicide Statistics
Suicide Gender Comparisons (Men:Women)
Teen Suicide Warning Signs
Prevention Organizations

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Teen Suicide Statistics

The suicide statistics contained in this article are gathered from studies done by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Suicide Deaths, U.S., 2001

Source: www.teensuicide.us/articles1.html

Suicide Gender Comparisons (Men:Women)

Girls attempt suicide more than boys 3:1

Men succeed in suicide more than women 4:1

Boys succeed in suicide more than girls

Age 10-14 - 3:1
Age 15-19 - 5:1
Age 20-24 - 7:1

Teen Suicide Warning Signs

Studies show that 4 out of 5 teen suicide attempts have been preceded by clear warning signs. Make sure you know them.

Pay attention to these suicide warning signs:

If you know someone who exhibits some of these warning signs - please contact a local therapist or hotline immediately. If this is an emergency - contact 911 or Text SOS to 741741

Source: www.teensuicide.us/articles2.html

Prevention Organizations

and of course :

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"If you're feeling suicidal this would be an ideal time to try what you always wanted to try but were afraid to try."

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