International Men's Month - 2000

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Date/Men's Issue/Book of the Day

Jun 1 - Affirmations - Don't Hurry, Be Happy! 650 Smart Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy Life, Ernie Zelinski, Prima Publishing, 1999
Jun 2 - Awareness - The Men's Challenge Deck:  Practicing the Way of the Superior Man, Rob Biagini, Plexus, 1999
Jun 3 - Sex Roles, Social Theory - Behold the Man:  The hype and selling of male beauty in media and culture, Edisol Wayne Dotson, Harrington Park Press, 1999
Jun 4 - Culture, humor, the media, music, poetry, writings - Doing Life from the Inside Out, Lee Bowman, Planting Moon Press, 1999
Jun 5 - Men's Lives - What is a Man? 3,000 years of wisdom on the art of manly virture, Waller R. Newell, Editor, Regan Books, 2000
Jun 6 - Isolation, Intimacy - Love & Survival: The scientific basis for the healing power of intimacy, Dean Ornish, HarperCollins, 1998
Jun 7 - Homophobia, Gay Issues - Navigating Differences: Friendships between gay and straight men, Jammie Price, Harrington Park Press, 1999
Jun 8 - Feelings - Raising Cain:  Protecting the emotional life of boys, Dan Kindlon & Michael Thompson, Ballantine, 1999
Jun 9 - Abuse - sexual, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual - Always Accept Me for Who I Am: Instructions from teenagers on raising the perfect parent, J. S. Salt, Three Rivers Press, 1999
Jun 10 -Violence - plus largest resource of alternatives to violence for male and female perpetrators - Prisoners of Hate:  The cognitive basis of anger, hostility, and violence, Aaron Beck, HarperCollins, 1999
Jun 11 - Crime & Prison - Finding Freedom: Writings from Death Row, Jarvis Jay Masters, Padma, 1997
Jun 12 - Men's Spiritual Health (Men's Health Week - US/CAN) - Calling Our Spirits Home: Gateways to full consciousness, Carla Woody, Kenosis Press, 2000
Jun 13 - Men's Mental Health (Men's Health Week - US/CAN) - The Pain Behind the Mask:  Overcoming masculine depression, John Lynch & Christopher Kilmartin, Haworth Press, 1999
Jun 14 - Men's Emotional Health (Men's Health Week - US/CAN) - Out of the Box of Life:  Being free is just a choice, Warren Berland, HarperCollins, 1999
Jun 15 - Men's Physical Health - men out-die women in all 15 leading causes of death (Men's Health Week - US/CAN) - Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century: The complete guide to energy healing and spiritual transformation, Richard Gerber. William Morrow, 2000
Jun 16 - Men's Sexual Health (Men's Health Week - US/CAN) - Male Lust: Pleasure, power and transformation, Kerwin Kay, Jill Nagle and Baruch Gould editors, Harrington Park Press, 2000
Jun 17 - Vigil for lost fathers; night of mourning and healing (Men's Health Week - US/CAN) - Heart's Calling, Michael DiBenedetto, Spring Hill, 1999
Jun 18 - Father's Day (Men's Health Week - US/CAN) - Fathers, Sons & Brothers: The men in my family, Brett Lott, Washington Square Press, 1999
Jun 19 - Take your kids to work one day this week - Getting Our Kids Back on Track: Educating children for the future, Janine Bempechat, Jossey-Bass, 2000
Jun 20 - Fathering - Daddy Smarts: A guide for rookie fathers, Bradley Richardson, Taylor Trade Press, 2000
Jun 21 - Fathers, Step-Fathers, Gay Fathers, Fathers & Daughters, Fathers & Sons - Business Dad:  How good businessmen can make great fathers (and vice versa), Tom Hirschfeld, Little Brown & Co., 1999
Jun 22 - Mentoring & Initiation - Lost Boys:  Why our sons turn violent and how we can save them, James Garbarino, Free Press, 1999
Jun 23 - Relationships - Meant to Be: Miraculous true stories to inspire a lifetime of love, Joyce and Barry Vissell, Conari, 2000
Jun 24 - Divorce and Custody - The Child Custody Book: How to protect your children and win your case, Judge James W. Stewart, Impact, 2000
Jun 25 - Addiction & Recovery - Don't Leave It to Chance: A guide for famillies of probem gamblers, Edward Federman, Charles Drebing, Christopher Krebs, New Harbinger, 2000
Jun 26 - Environmental Responsibility - Green Man: The archetype of our oneness with the earth, Willaim Anderson, HarperCollins,1991
Jun 27 - Multicultural - Identity Lessons: Contemporary writing about learning to be American, Ed Maria Mazziotti Gillan & Jennifer Gillan, Penguin Books, 1999
Jun 28 - Aging, transition & death - A Prayer for the Dying, Stewart O'Nana, Henry Holt,1999
Jun 29 - The Five Major Men's Movements - Wingspan: Inside the Men's Movement:  Practical wisdom, resources, and challenges for men, Christopher Harding, editor, St. Martin's, 1992
Jun 30 - Responsibility - Promise Ahead: A vision of hope and action for humanity's future, Duane Elgin, William Morrow, 2000

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Health Problems Women/Men: Mentally retarded - 2/3; Autistic 3/4; Hyperactive child 1/6-9; Bed-wetters at age 5 - 3%/7%; Stutterers 1/3; Depression 2/1; Suicide attempts 4/1; Suicide 1/4.

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