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Learning to Pack Lightly

Athena and I love to travel. We began traveling on our honeymoon and have been globetrotting ever since. We soon realized that there were a lot of things that we were taking along that we thought would enhance our trip, but in reality, the weight of the unnecessary items put a burden on us. The extra weight limited our enjoyment of our trip. 

When we took a two week tour through Europe, all we carried was a knapsack each. The minimal luggage allowed us to see and do more in two weeks than what many people can do in two months. 

I think we all have to ask ourselves what kind of excess baggage are we maintaining in our relationship that might be weighing it down. 

Here are just a few superfluous bags that might be keeping your relationship from being truly blissful. 

  • Not forgiving your mate of a wrong they did in the past
  • Still worrying over your sweetheart's attachment to old  boyfriends/girlfriends
  • Getting all bent out shape over silly little habits that your spouse has
  • Not sharing your emotions for fear of getting hurt or rejected 

These are just a few of the bags that people tend to hold onto in their relationships. They want them there "just in case." They want to be able to say "I told you so" or they like to drag out those old dusty bags to use as ammunition in arguments.

But it is hard to really embrace each other when you are juggling two Samsonite suitcases, a laptop computer, a purse, umbrella and a duffle bag.

Come up with your own list of "baggage" that you might have in your relationship. Discuss the list with your significant other and then ceremoniously burn the list to indicate that you are no longer going to carry those heavy bags.

If you haven't experienced the freedom of traveling lightly, physically and in relationships, give it a try. You will wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Something to think about...

©2009, Michael Webb

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Romance is a love affair in other than domestic surroundings. - Walter Raleigh

Michael Webb is a world renowned relationship and romance expert having appeared on over 400 radio and television shows. He and his wife have been blissfully married for over 10 years. He is the best-selling author of The RoMANtic's Guide: Hundreds of creative tips for a lifetime of love.. Sign up for his FREE relationship tips newsletter by sending a blank e-mail to: E-Mail or visit or E-Mail

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