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Arena: For Original Magazine for Men. Lip smacking, straight talking, street fighting, scene stealing men's magazine. 4/02: The Music Issue! Unmissable star-studded special! Featuring: Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Damon Albarn, Pink, Peter Yorn, Alanis Morissette. Rock Star Fashion: Bowie, Oasis, Bolan and The Stones remaster for 2002. Britney Turns Up the Heat. The Great British Weekend Reinvented: 30 reasons why Sunday no longer belongs to Ikea. Dr Dre Shoots Mario Testino! (Maybe it's the other way around) Build the Ultimate Home Sound System. EMI-RIP: How a British institution bit the dust. A Girls: Hannah Spearritt, Bijou Phillips, Estelle Skornik. Plus! Barry Pepper+Tom from the Office+Larry Clark+Tenenbaum Style. 2/02: Exclusive! Ewan MacGregor on Obi-Wan and Black Hawk Down. Ali Boomaye! Will Smith and Michael Mann on the 10-year fight to get the Ali story to the screen. Victoria's Secret? It's all about sex...Arena undresses the lingerie phenomenon. World Cup Travel Special: How to get there, where to stay, how to celebrate and what to do when we get knocked out. Thank You! Catch up with old school flames and have sex with them. A Girls: Alyson Hannigan + Heidi Klum + Kate Moss. Plus 30 pages of winter fashion and Calum Best Testino on Testino.12/01: Return of the Rockchick: Rachel Hunter goes all the way to eleven! How to download next year's blockbusters right now. The Ice Maiden Melts: Sophie Ellis Bextor in corsets and fishnets. 'He'll be back with a bit of a spring is his step!" Steve Coogan on the new series of Alan Partridge. Armchair Rampage! Hooligans-the world's most violent football video game is here!  30 pages of the best men's fashion in the world!  Plus: Burchill on Beckham, the new Mercedes SL, Famke Janssen and pages of Agent Provocateur's latest kinky snaps. 11/01: Best Served Hot!  Mena Suvari tasty American Pie no-holds-barred interview. Bad Billy Bob Loves Angelina: And he's got the blood sample to prove it. Laura Bailey: The English Rose in her sexiest session yet. The Very Best New Clothes, cars, girls and super-snug sleeping bags. The Only Drink and drugs story you'll ever need to read. America's Hardcore Heritage: An x-clusive look at the fattest hoard of porn on earth. The A List: Sascha Knopf, Chris Tarrant, Annalise Braakensiek, Faye Tozer, The Smoking Gun guys, John Varvatos, Denise Lewis, Paul McGuiness, Iman. 10/01: The first interview for three years! Christian Slater: The crime, the time and the fallout. 'More Krug, Anoushka?' The mating habits of posh girls. + 40 pages of the hottest fall fashion. Killer Pictures: Wicked Eva: Down and dirty with the world's favourite Wonder Woman. The real Hugh Hefner: What the butler saw in the Playboy Mansion. Hotel California: 70 years of ghosts, sex and slammers. Men Paid to Think Like Women. The A list: Mary J Blige, Molly Sims, Dennis Hopper, Kevin Smith, Lisa Seiffert, Chris Morris, Armando Iannucci. 8/01: World Exclusive! Here's how it feels to be Britney. 'The death rumour? I rarely get mad but I did then.' Are they hot or not?  Self-loving celebrities get the blindfold test. Fantasy Factory: Six brutal months in the making of a popstar. Just You, Me and the Webcam: Sex with the whole world watching. 50 Page of the Best Men's Fashion in the World. 6/01: In Bed with Jennifer Lopez: World exclusive pictures. 50 Page Hollywood Special. Bigger! Earth-shaking epics are back with a bang. Smarter! The Christian Bale survival method. Freakier! Babydol: fall of the Beverly Hills madam...and the best men's fashion in the universe. 4/01: Dream Girls: 25-page supermodel exclusive. Meet Heidi Klum, Ana Hickmann, and the world's most impossibly perfect women. The A List: Sundance 2001, Kate Moss, James Ellroy, Dido, Johnny Knoxville, Embeth Davidtz, The Avalanches, Sam Raimi. Sex and Smoking: Just how good is that killer combination?  Art and Porn: How Benedikt Taschen cornered the markets. 40 pages of essential spring fashion. 1/01: Ana Claudia as the infamous porn diva Savannah. The A List: Helmut Lang, Carrie-Anne Moss, Kyle MacLachlan, Natasha Lyonne, Dave Eggers, Kate Moss, Darren Aronofsky, Houston, Buddha, Mya. 12/00: Gisele: The world's most beautiful woman-a supercharged 25-page photo soap opera. The A List: Alexander McQueen, Claudia Schiffer, Cameron Crowe, Rose McGowan, David Blaine, Courtney Love, Terry Richardson, Shea Seger, Giorgio Armani, Missy Rayder, Bono. Plus: The best men's fashion in the world. 10/00: Revealed! All Saints: Why Robbie Needs Help. The Truth about Jamie's Theakston. My first night with Ilam. + The future of Ferrari. Ivanka Trump. Jay McInerney. Anna Nicole Smith. Gene Hackman. Plus The best men's fasion in the world! 8/00: Legs & Co. Destiny's Child. Up close with the Hotsteppers: Craig David, Linda Lovelace, Paul Smith, Lil' Kim, Martin Kemp, Nick Drake. Me Love Punani: Ali G in NYC. Nice tache, shame about the disco: Arena crasher Saddam's birthday party. Plus Bahamas Bikini Blockbuster. 7/00: 100th Issue Collectors Edition. Helena: Girl of Our Century. 5/00: (No copy on this cover.) American Booty. Thick Plus. Mean Streets. Toscani: Italian for Shit-Shirrer. Swingers. Kanu. Reese Witherspoon. The Million Dollar Cluck. Meet Madonna's Estate Agent. And more. 3/00: Money, Power, Sexy Curves: New look Arena. Milla Jovovich 21st Century Fox. Oasis: The great rock 'n' roll dwindle-how the biggest bands in the world blew it (we predict a 75% sales slump). The Billionaire Prince Who's Buying the World: and why he owns you already. Celebrity Bloodbath: Ross Kemp takes on David Bailey plus Charlize Theron, Lujan, Fiona Apple, Chevy, Jack, Mik, Sly. Inside Pixar: Silicon Valley's dirty secret. Maximum G: Gucci's monogram glam. Nitrous Oxide: Cocaine for cars. 12/99: Special Issue:  007 2000 Bond bites back! Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: The world's most wanted girl in exclusive action...Giselle. Terence Stamp, Elmore Leonard, Irving Penn plus Chris Heath spars with Frank Maloney. 11/99: 50 pages of awesome autumn fashion. Dwight Yorke champions league exclusive. Harvey Keitel kicking back and kicking butt. Mario Testino: He's the glam slam thank you man. All mouth and no trousers:  Meet Laetitia Casta. 9/99: Dynaminte!  Salma Hayek sets the wild wild west on fire. Sounds of Summer:  Missy Elliott, Tricky, Mary J Blinge, Jungle Brothers, Bob Dylan, and the return of beard rock. Sex & The City:  LA porn up close. Wife swapping in suburbia. Give Up the Day Job!  How to win in the new world of work. 5/99: Champions League:  The 100 men who shook our world, Renegade Masters, Cool Rulers and Top Cats. The Greatest. Special Heroes Issue starring Muhammad Ali, Bobby Kennedy, Busta Rhymes, Peter Sellers, Woody Harrelson, Miles Davis, Hank Hill, Neil Young, Pablo Picasso, Steve Biko, The Beatles, Diego Maradona, Dean Martin, Han Solo, Lemmy and more...4/99: How to Grow Up and Stay Young!  Why hip dad wants it all. Flash!  11 steps to the ultiamte lifestyle. Liv Tyler's coming of age. Bruce Springsteen's rebirth of cool. Ralph Lauren's new empire. My mullet and me:  A true life story. 40 pages of sharp spring fashion. And our number one model:  Amber Valletta! 3/99: Top Guns & Sex Bombs:  Stars & stripes special. Generation Flex: How we all became nineties yuppies. Miss America Pamela: How she blew it and why she's back for more!  Big Space, Monster Trucks, Conspiracy Theories:  50 reasons why we love America. USA Today:  Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Christina Ricci, Bret Easton Ellis, Sean Penn & Woody Harrelson in The Thin Red Line. 1-2/99, The A Team, The 50 Power Players of 1998, Will Smith saves the planet. Again. Exclusive! "I'm resilient. I'll give myself that' Madonna: Woman of the Year, The Ice Men Cometh!  40 pages of hot winter fashion. 12/98. 5o ways to love your liver-the survivor's guide to drink. Toys R Us-100 gadgets and gear ideas. What your really want for xmas. Sex, lies and Clinton-The verdict by PJ O'Rourke. TV Special - The joy of Jenny McCarthy. The resistible rise of Ainsley. All your favorite TV moments, ever. Hotter than Denise cooler than Zoe, Melanie Morning Star Sykes. The Rza Chevy Chase, Gail Porter. 11/98. Sex & the Single Girl: What she wants, what she needs, how she gets it, whey everything you know about women is wrong!  My Place Now! 100 essentials for the ultimate bachelor pad. 18 pages of the world's sexiest women. The trouble with Robbie Williams. Clio girl Nicole takes charge. R Kelly's dark secrets. (10/$75 - Newsstand) Ekow Eshun, Editor, Arena, Third Floor, Block A, Exmouth House, Pine St, London EC1R OJL

Bikini, World's Greatest Men's Magazine! For men who should throw better. (12/newsstand) (This is not a bikini catalogue but a hip, contemporary magazine. In fact, the only possible bikini was a top worn by the woman on the cover.) 2/00: Rachel Leigh Cooked to Perfection. Fiona Apple: Blowing up in public. Grope Love, Inc. A decade of festivals winds down and out. Saddle Sore: Surviving the baja 1000 on a motorcycle. Plus: Desmond Harrington vs. Steve McQueen, smashing pumkpins, mod fashion, leftfield, bree turner, jurassic 5 test drive, exhuming cary grant, movies & crap, bad advice, ya want more? Particularly interesting advice on "Shaving Your Lady's Privates". 11/99: Action, Girls, Film, Styles, Pumpkins. Shameless Babe Fest!  Read: blatant pandering to boost sales. Filter Test Drive: The shot heard round the world. Bridgette Wilson: The yummy star of Love Stinks & The Suburbs. To Hell with You:  Hell, Michigan, that is...a town that lives up to its name. Amanda Treat!  Meet Amanda Peet, the sexy star of Jack and Jill...and your dreams. (12/$18.95+newsstand) PO Box 1513, Martinez, CA 94553.

Certified Male, (OOP) 12/00: Father's Footsteps. Western Suburbs Man. A Man of Esteem. Pro-active Defence. The Men from Uncle. The Beauty of Joining the Tribe. Preventative Medicine for our Boys. Hugging Fred. Dads at a Distance. Testicular Cancer Strikes Down Under. Women are from Venus, Men are a Piece of Crap. Men Behaving Strangely. Extend a Hand. Separation Grief. Surviving Divorce. Black Masculinity in the Caribbean. Men, Drumming and Ritual. 3/00:  Lost Boys, Mr. Glass-Half-Full. The Rite Way. Real Boys. Angry Young Men. Machismo. My Goofy Brother. The Power of Friendshp, Sexual Harassment Postscript. Remembering. Trick or Treat. 4/$20 US or air $30 US), Locked Bag 1, Springwood, NSW 2777, Australia. and

Deluxe for Men. 1/99. Massive Attack - Are you having fun yet?  She wants your sex-your girlfriend's filthy fantasies. Fashion Flash-king of casual, lord of the snowboard. Football Frenzy-why Andy Gray's white lines make us feel so fine. Mine's a Vodka and Red Bull-Davina Murphy will see you now. The worst of the 20th Century-War, Famine, Naomi Campbell's album. Method Man-Eddie Izzard. Angelina Jolie-The beautiful south. The Lingerie Jungle. 12/98, The force is strong in this one - Michael Owen, his Only interview. Deep inside Lara Croft-Tomb raider UUU: the bytes, the billions, the digital bum. Nnnnghgk! you really understand the male orgasm?  Blame it on Rio-the foppish rise and hellish fall of Duran Duran. Greed is good-the Christmas presents you really want. Stay frosty - new-look winter fashion special. Angela Griffin-fighting. Morcheeba-Giant Owen/South Park poster. The Rza-who can stop you taking drugs?  Free CD! Speed garage DJ mix. (Newstand) Deluxe, Exmouth House, Pine Street, London EC1R OJL England

Details for Men. A C E F M T clubs and culture. Peer, contemporary language, intelligent, sophisticated perspectives on the world. A daring, distinctive magazine for men who are passionate about adventure, style, music, fashion, sports, politics, humor, and pop culture. Each issue will satisfy all your passions. (527M/$43M) 3/02: Generation X: Ten years later. Starring Ethan Hawke, Nirvana, Winona Ryder, Goatees, Douglas Coupland, Heroin Chic, Flannel, George Stephanopoulos, Pearl Jam, Courtney Love, Lollapalooza, Rick Moody, Ice Cube, Slackers, Starbucks, Seattle, and Your First Divorce. Why Julia and J-Lo Are Shacking Up with Guys Like Us. Hells Angels at War: Mayhem, murder and motocycles. Everything You Always Wanted to Know about AOral Sex But Were Afriad to Ask Her. Exclusive: Will BMW's new young gun change the way we drive?  Special Fashion Special: Readers choose their 49 favorite looks. 2/02: Josh Hartnett:  Dated Gisele and you didn't + Google's geeky billionaires, Summer Phoenix and everything you need to know about denim. Thinking About Plastic Surgery? We tried it for you. Your Unit and You: How you measure up to the other guy. 59 Facts About the Male Member. Exclusive: The Armed Forces' Newest Secret Weapon. Why Jagger and McCartney should keep their new stuff to themselves. Our Guide to Finding Sin in Salt Lake City. 10/01: Here's Johnny: To hell and back. Killer Sex:  The dark truth about young men and Viagra. Good Catch: Why fishing is the new golf. Perp Walk: The bizarre prison break that's embarrassing L.A. Passing the Buck:  Does money still matter?  Plus: The New King of the NFL, 8 Steps to Building a Better Man, and the Surprising Cure for Baldness. 4/01: The Next Big Thing Issue. Joaquin Phoenix: Analyze this. The Natural: Is Cal Ripken calling it quits?  You've Got Jail: Taking down the Texas Seven. Dangerous Curves: Architecture's new wave. Plus: Kate Beckinsale, basketball's wonder boy, the future of sex, and a rising Kennedy. 12/00: Sean Penn:  Loosens up. The Last Don: John Gotti's final days. Restoration Period: Italy's master car crafters. Net Working: The L.A. Clippers get serious. South American Beauty: Inside Venezuela's kill-or-be-killed pageant business. Plus: Sex and the single Howard Stern, Rachel Weisz, and the world's most cold-blooded bullfighter. 11/00: Jim Carrey Up in Arms. O.J. Simpson: Juice on the loose in the Sunshine State. Mama's Boy: Kenneth Kimes's jailhouse interview. Set in Stone: A Mediterranean dream house. Media: The man who would be Forbes. Sounding Off: Outkast and Fatboy Slim. Imposter: The short, happy life of Jonathan Spielberg. 5/00: Aren't You Famous Yet? You could be...six months from now. Caught Web-handed: Where has your girlfriend been surfing?  Gladiator! Seen the movie? Now meet the real thing. Girl on Film: James King survives a Details screen test. Plus: Have a $1,000 dinner of us! 3/00: Next! 23 upstarts tell you what's about to happen...and what to wear when it does. High-Stakes Trespassing: The new afterwork addiction. "My college buddy turned out to be a serial killer." Marry her - or let her go? Neither. Meet: Tomorrow's Girl: Liberty. + Don't get suckered by suit salesmen. 1/00: Selma Blair: Hanging with the coolest girl we know. Make Your Move! Say these 10 words and meet more women. Ditch the joystick and play with this... Crash a Shaolin temple with Wu-Tang Clan's RZA. Find out what really ticks off your boss. Meet the Xena of Cuba, the Puff Daddy of India, and other celebrity 2.0's. + Who's cheating and how are they going it? 12/99: You Are Saved! We handpick the coolest Xmas gifts for your girlfriend, parents, boss & pals. The New Ecstacy? It's not illegal yet. Nude Year's Eve: Clothes to wear before you get naked. Obey This Ad: What Madison Ave is about to do to you. American Beauty's Mena Suvari + 49 more women, trends, and dessert toppings we loved in 1999. Plus ER docs tell you how to stay up all night. 11/99: 100 Women take an ax to Sex and the City (and tell you what really goes down in their beds). Where's Kato? And what's he doing with the bottle of shampoo?  Kill Thy Neighbor: Meet men who live and die by a 15th-century rule book. Hell's Angel: Satan's got a crush on Robin Tunney in End of Days. Plus: You've got to get a Lomo...the camera that takes the world's weirdest pictures. 10/99: Young, Rich, Weird:  Wall Street hotshots want their $500 an hour "mommies". Cinema 101:  What movies taught us about sex, guns, LSD, Milwaukee & more. Well Hung:  8 cool things to stick on your apartment wall. Planet Milla:  Our favorite fifth element lets us land on her world. Bad Liver, Broken Heart:  The Hollywood Hep-C Story. Plus:  The secret ingredient men are sticking down their pants. 9/99: Media Violence:  Details tackles this weighty issue...with a cartoon! Show & Tell:  Rebecca Gayheart stars in our fall tv preview. Can't Fail Fashion:  34 pages of cool clothes that leave nothing to chance. Who Killed Tupac?  After three years of silence, Orlando Anderson's familiy and friends finally talk. Begging for Trouble:  What man in his right mind would try to get kidnapped?  In Yemen? 8/99: Turn Her On Without Touching Her. London Falling: The evil little drink that's knocking Brits on their behinds. Cutting Edge:  Odd Mr. Bodkin deprives willing gents of their family jewels. Blair Witch Exclusive:  A truly tristed scrapbook from the guys behind this summer's cult horror hit. Ready of Not:  Leelee Sobieski grows up fast in Eyes Wide Shut. 7/99: Stick 'Em Up!  Wild wild west's wicked, wicked women. Faking It:   Details pulls a sex prank. Mission Out of Control:  It's missile mayhem in Utah!  Lips Slammed Shut:  Hollywood's love of secrecy. Our Top 49 Albums & the World's Most-Photographed Indian. 6/99: Jon Stewart:  We grant him three wishes and throw in the frog for free!  The Civilized One-Night Stand:  Love her and leave her...happy. Dance Naked to This Music: Detroit's sexy new sound. That'th Not Funny!  Got the balls to mock Mike Tyson?  (Damon Wayans does). 5/99: Catherine Zeta-Jones comes clean, "I've never watched a man die before: Pictures from an execution. The Sexiest Body Part-Anka lays it bare. How to Spy on Nayone: Enemies, girlfriends, coworkers & pals. Act like an idiot & win big prizes. 4/99: Spring Fashion Issue:  30 pages of clothes for suiting up and getting down. Alyssa Milano:  Charmed & Dangerous. Weekend Warriors:  10 places to play soldier without joining the army. Keeping Score: Jayson Williams returns as our NBA court reporter. Junior Mafia:  The sons of the Godfather take a hit. Busted!  Martin Lawrence gets life. Everlast Family Guy Derek Jeter Blur.3/99: Mondo Hollywood. The 2nd Annual Details Movie Awards. The Naked Truth: 110 pages of sex, scandal & other wild things. Secrets of L.A.s notorious Viper Room. Screw this town! The 1999 Hollywood Sex Poll. The Real Star Wars: May the farce be with you. Exposed! Cover girl Denise Richards...Revealed. When Fans Attack!  Look who's stalking. True Crime: The Miss Hollywood murder. Plus: The New Brat Pack. 2/99:  Party Guide to New Year's Eve 1999-Y2K-Buggin'!  Still Shagadelic?  Yeah Baby!  Elizabeth Hurley Returns. The Blade Runner-confessions of a roller derby demon. The Best Kept Sex Secrets-Lessons from women who love women. Jungle Boogie-bark raving mad in the Amazon. Tastefully Greedy!  23 pages of high-tech gear and high-style clothes. 1/99 Sex on a Beach - The ultimate guide to island vacations. Body Heat-the first annual lingerie issue starring Rebecca Roman. Mug Me Tender-how I survived my night in Central Park. Are you addicted to sex-Anka explains it all for you. Blood sport-the Devil and Roy Jones, Jr. Plus: Metallica, Shark Fighting, and the World's Scariest Knife. Plus 23 pages of the best men's fashion. 12/98, On your knees slave-Anka's ABC's of S&M. The sexiest women of the year. Beck's back-is he still where it's at?  Look sharp. Ecstasy bandits-inside the gang terrorizing the rave scene. Sex, clubs and rock 'n' roll-New York after dark. 11/98. Snow Crazy-The ultimate snow boarding guide. The Sexiest Women of the Year. On Your Knees Slave! - Anka's ABC's of S&M. Look Sharp - The biggest and best style section for men. Ecstasy Bandits - Inside the gang terrorizing the rave scene. Sex, Clubs, and Rock 'n' Roll - New York after dark. Beck's Back: Is he still where it's at? Daniel Peres, Editor in Chief, Details, Fairchild Publications, 7 W 34th St., New York, NY 10001

Edge: More of what guys want. 9/01: Edge Exclusive: Survivor's Kimmi: The outback vixen does Vegas. Edge Ranks the Best of Sin City: Hotels & Casinos. Nightlife. Strip Clubs. Wedding Chapels. Top 25 Pick-Up Lines. Rysky Business: Model Monika Rysko heats up Central Park and the New York club scene like a Big Apple native. Plus: The Sopranos' Uncle Junior, Tom Keykis, Barry Larkin, Kim Kanner, Mr. Skin. 8/01: Low Blow: Thunderbox's Christa Campbell hits you where it hurts. Son of the Beach: Posing nude, working for Howard Stern. 1 Billion Served: Our sex tutorial guarantees she'll have it her way. Traci Bingham: Proud to be the Black Barbie. Hey Pyromaniacs! Your guide to explosive fun. Plus: U2's the Edge, Harland Williams, BBQ Grills, Motorcycles & Mountain Bikes. Mr. Skin. 16 Pages of Sex Tips: The most beautiful women in the world. America's Best Nude Beaches. The Modern Humorist-a witty look @ life. Jaime Bergman, Traci Bingham. (12/$59.95) Linc Wonham, Executive Editor, H&S Media, Inc, 2121 Waukegan Rd, Ste 120, Bannockburn, IL 60015.

Ego: Everybody's got one. 10/00:  The Undressing of America. 22 Days in November: Explosive new evidence on the plot to kill JFK. Yankess vs. Mets: A fall fashion classic. My Hero. Howard Stern's "Son of the Beach" Star Jaime Bergman Revealed. With Mike Piazza, Pat O'Brien. Bo Dietl. Rosa Blasi. Greg Guss, Editor-in-Chief, 468 North Camden Dr, 2nd Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Esquire: Man at his Best. C E F J culture, personal essays. (675M/$56M) 8/02: What It Feels Like...15 amazing tales of orgies, gunshots, exorcisms, shark attacks, sword-swallowing, avalanches, dwarfs, giants and more! Plus: What it feels like to be Hilary Swank. The Return of Dubious Achievements & 42 Things You Don't Know About Women. Esquire Goes to War: Untold stories of the war on terror: John Sack Inside Operation Anaconda. Wil S. Hylton at Mazar-i-Sharif. General Tommy Franks Sounds Off. 5/02: How a Man Ages: The survival guide. Your heart. Your brain. Your muscles. Your hair... plus How to add 5 years to your life. Tom Cruse is 40: Life is good. Getting better. He has a few worries. But he has a plan. Also in this issue: David Sedaris, Rachel Weisz, Sarah Silverman, Suge Knight, Kiefer Sutherland, Spider-Man, All that and Ted Turner's Buffalo Chili recipe. 4/02: All About Women: 75 mysteries explained including sex, shoes, baths, infidelity, orgasms & what's in that damn purse. Exclusive: The Former Terrorist who Could be the Next Yasir Arafat. Our Annual Alternative Academy Awards. Esquire's Dubious World Records for Men. Cameron Diaz Spills Her Guts...And More. Plus: Pete Dexter's First Short Story. Ever. 3/02: Are You Normal? How do you compare to the typical American man? The Style Issue: The best dressed men in America (and the worst). Plus: The 45 best looks for spring, and fashion tips from David Sedaris. Marvin Gaye's Daughter, All Grown Up. What the Hell's Wrong with Larry David?  10 Things You Don't Know about Women. Goran Visnjic: ER's Croatian sensation dresses up. 2/02: How to Be Tough. Inside the Rumsfeld-Cheney War Machine. Bill O'Reilly's Advice for Challenging Times. Jennifer Garner: The toughest woman on TV. Mel Gibson:  Goes to War Again. Special Section: The Lost Art of...Hand-to-hand combat. Roughing it. Inspiring the troops. Being a stand-up guy. Laura Elena Harring: A woman we love. A Great New Story by David Sedaris. Secret Suburban Pot Smokers. 1/02: The Meaning of Life: 56 pages of wisdom from heroes, billionaires, geniuses, screwups, visionaries, and legends. Plus The Man Who Climbed Up from Under the World Trade Center: A chilling tale of survival. Eight Years of Chasing Osama bin Laden. 12/01: The 162 Greatest Things About America. Julia Roberts & George Clooney: He interviews her, she interviews him, we listen in. Profiles in Courage: A Marine on his way to war. Kidnapped by Terrorists: How three Americans survived. Plus The Results of Our Annual Restaurant Survey: The best places to eat from Coast to Coast. 11/01: What They Saw. Stories from inside an American tragedy. And: Notes from the Next War. 10/01: Women We Love with... Drew Barrymore, Lauras Linney, Helena Bonham, Nikki Costa, Aisha Tyler, and...women we're ashamed to love. Scientology, Earthlink and the Missing $500 Million. David Sedaris vs. God. A New Short Story by Tim O'Brien. Where Have You Gone, Bill Clinton?  (Our search for the Next Great Democrat). Exclusive: The Fall Preview for Smart People: The best television, movies, music & books for the man with gray matter. 9/01: Hanks and Spielberg Are on a Mission...Again: With Band of Brothers, they're going to change the way you watch TV. Fall Fashion Issue: 28 pages of great clothes and 9 pages of new stuff. Fidel Gave Me a Hug by Michael Paterniti. Sheryl Crow's Cold Heart by Scott Raab. Plus, A New Column: Kim Masters Tries to Explain Hollywood. 8/01: How Women Age: Sigourney Weaver is fifty-freakin'-one. A Man's Survival Guide. The Science, The Facts, The Photos. How She Gets from 20 to 60. What's Wrong with Your Hair?  One Really Crazy Celebrity. Pictures from the Beginning of Time. Plus A New Short Story by Richard Russo. 7/01: Ten Men: Inspiring Profiles of Extraordinary Lives...with Your Host, Jon Stewart. Better Sex Through Gourmet Camping: The Ultimate Summer Drinks Guide. Featuring: Charlton Heston's Liberal Tendencies. Mark Burnett's 'Survivor' Secrets. Don Zimmer's Big, Beautiful Head. Michael Bay's 'Pearl Harbor'. Frank Gehry's Building Blocks. Plus Suits That'll Make a Lawyer (or You) Look Good & 3 Ways to Create Your Own Personal Style. 6/01: Who Owns this Body? More than 100 companies hold patents, actually. And you know what? They own you, too. What it Feels Like... To Walk on the Moon. To Be Struck by Lightning. To Have Amnesia. To Be Knocked Out...a Lot. To Survive an Air Disaster. To Have the Ebola Virus. To Be Homer Simpson. And Much More. Lies Your Docter Tells About Cholesterol. Bad Sex, Dead Dogs & Killer Bees: Three Really Short Stories. We're hoping that if anyone can get you to read an important story, Heidi Klum can. 2/01: Desire Special Issues. The Joy of Sex (with the Wife). The Man Who's Had 46 Affairs. What You Want: The Esquire desire survey. The Devil & Britney Spears. Plus Italian film Goddess Monica Bellucci (and 36 oz. of Itanian caviar.) 1/01: The 2000 Dubious Achievements. Who will survive? 11/00: Be a Better Man: 14 pages guaranteed to make you more useful. The Restless Man: Russell Banks, Screaming Monkeys and 17 ways to get lost in the Caribbean. Starring Debra Messing: As the woman who makes you want to be a better man. How to: Carve the Turkey. Disarm a Gunman, Replace a Toilet, Save a Life, Break the News, Buy Meat, Cut a Rug, Drive like Jim Rockford and Use a Sex Toy (on her, Genius). 10/00: Women We Love. Ashley Judd, Debra Messing, Catherine Keener, Victori's Secret Models, Amanda Peet, Bjork, Alicia Witt, Monica Bellucci and of course, Rodney Dangerfield. Janet Reno is Innocent. David Sedaris in Love. Plus an Esquire Guide: The new rules of dressing for the office.9/00: Why Men Hit Women: A special report on rage. The Next Leading Man: This is Billy Crudup. He's about to be a big star. Whether he likes it or not. The NFL's Greatest Running Backs and the Fat Man Who Wants to Hurt Them. How to Survive the Weekend: First, cut off your fingers. The Big Style Issue: Power suits, perfect shoes, tough tweeds, classic coats. The Information: Babies, bacon, Brazilian models, and 14 pages of what's next. 7/00:  Special Issue: True Stories of Men & Disaster. 3000 degrees Fahrenheit. The untold story of the Worchester Warehouse Fire and the six men who died fighting it. Plus Falling from the Sky: The Final Minutes of Swissair 111 and Dangerous Waters: The revenge of the Andrea Doria. 6/00: Diane Lane, a Nearly Perfect Storm. The Best Cop in America on the Trouble with Cops. Russell Banks's New Story. Let's Do the Numbers: 153 Things a man should know about sex. The return of the '80s. 1 Movie StarWe've Loved Forever. The Last 4 Great Tennis Players. Special Report: 400 men will die from breast cancer this year. 1/00: 1999 Dubious Achievements. Special Guest Stars: Warren Beatty, Jim Carrey, Madonna, Bill Gates, Bill & Hill, George Lucas, Ted Turner, Al Gore, Adam Sandler, C. Everett Koop, Charlton Heston, Steven Spielberg, Fabio, Gwyneth Paltrow, Richard Nixon, Plus: Who is the dubious man of the millennium? 8/99:  Women We Love:  The next generation - Penelope Cruz & Virginie Ledoyen & Sarah Polley & more. Eyes Wide Open:  Nicole Kidman does a bad, bad thing. Vanna, Pamela, Jenny:  How to build a better blond - secrets of a Hollywood Svengali. Introducing the Women We Love Hall of Fame.  27 things Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and Heather Graham have in common. 7/99: The Summer Reading Issue:  Exclusive: A newly discover story by Raymond Carver. Bold New Fiction:  Russell Banks, Richard Powers, Arthur Bradford. Esthen Canadas and The Summer of Your Life including The Perfect Barbecued Ribs. The Essential Vacation Reading List. Norm Abram's Ultimate Toolbox. When to dump the internet stocks. Wines for the beach. Ernest Heminway's Bloody Mary Recipe. "Anyone can jump. The trouble begins when you try to land."  Evil Knievel Looks Back. 6/99: Flesh and Blood:  Amir Tyson and his dad. Stories About Fathers:  by David Sedaris, Jake LaMotta, Jerry Stiller and Rosanne Cash. Yoda Squawks. Ry Cooder talks. Sopranos Rocks. 92 Things a Man Should Know. Diary of a Fat Man. "I live this way because I want to."  The whole sad story of Joe DiMaggio, Jr. 5/99: Can You Live Forever?  Probably. Want to?  12-page special report. Rap Rap Rap: Jermaine Dupri and the best life possible. Una Margarita Perfecta. What I've Learned Kris Kristofferson:  "Never go to bed with anyone crazier than yourself."  The Search for the World's Best Restaurant (Found it). David Duchovny's Death-Defying Acts. "The Clothes Come Off, the Chaos Begins.{  What the neighbors are up to. 4:99: "Could Be Worse," the cop said "You could be black." Drew Carey's Dirty Secret. 93 things a man should know about money. 10 things you can't say about the movies. The private life of a beautiful woman. Impeach Jesse Ventura!  A rush to judgement. 3/99: The Four Letter Word We All Forgot About:  The new AIDS crisis. We thought HIV was under control. It isn't. The worst epidemic in human history launches a new assault on America. Also:  Larry Flint confesses; The spy who raised me; The triumph of Spielberg; The last secret island; Closed for spring: 23 pages of Esquire style. 2/99: The Triumph of Cleavage Culture. 77 Things You Should Know about Women. Dan Patrick-ESPN's Warrior King Takes a Beating. Osama bin Laden-An interview with the world's most dangerous terrorist. How to:  Beat the common cold, improve your memory, dress like a page out of Esquire. Better Sex in a Bottle. Learn from Wall Street's Biggest Losers. Future Car:  It's made of wood. When God says Kill, You Kill - inside the armed abortion conflict. 1/99, It's Jerry's World, We just live in it-Spring Wins! (Defeats all that is good). Calista Loses! - And loses and loses. Solo artist of the year - George Michael. It's official: Worst year ever!. Sinatra-riding high in April...uh-oh. Jerry Seinfield: forgotten but not gone. Princess Di-now in a convenient plastic tub. Oh no. We forgot the Spice Girls. Warning! Linda Tripp photo inside. Also: How to handle the apocalypse: Pat Robertson's Y2K tips. An odd political life: The autobiography of Michael Huffington. Understanding the Supermodel: A primer by Jon Stewart. Get on the bus: Jerome Bettis's bowling tips. 12/98. America's Best New Restaurants 1998. Murry Christmas - my dinner with the fat man. An Ill-Advised, Somewhat Risky, Highly Rewarding Holiday Adventure. 78 Things a Man Should Know about Drinking. Cameron Diaz Does Very Bad Things. Willie Nelson on Pigs, Freedom and Monogamy. What I Learned by Dying - Ramsey Flynn. (12 - Newsstand) David Granger, Editor in Chief, Esquire,250 West Fifth-Fifth St, New York, NY 10019

FHM: For Him Magazine: The World's Faster Growing Men's Magazine. 4/04: Bada-Bing! Jamie-Lynn Discala: Tony Sorprano's little girl is all grown up!  Take the Sex Test: How much can you score?  Thrill Rides: Wheels that are faster than your ex-girlfriend. Road Trip Your Way Through: Bons! March Madness! Plus! Johnny Knowville, Roy Jones Jr., St. Joe's Hoops, Kevin Harvick, and the hottest opera singer on the planet! Free! Jamie-Lynn pull-out poster inside. Open to Reveal the Most Wanted Soprano. 8/02: Bikini Special! 40 pages of aquatic ladies! Exclusive Pictures Inside! Pam. Open to Reveal Our Skimpy two-piece cover! Sex Games! New ways to drive her wild! Them Crazy Gallaghers! 15 rounds with Liam and Noel. Plus! Carol Grow, Jeanette, 'Black Widow' Lee, cop cars, Nelly, The Swamp Man, Chris Titus, and how to sell your body parts! 6/02: The Sexy Star of JAG! Catherine Bell is on parade!  Funny! Jack Osbourne: Prince of Darkness junior!  Sexy! Kari Wuhrer undergoes a clothing reduction! Useful! Our guide to the only thing that matters:  Winning! Supreme Sex! Master the bedroom's toughest maneuver! Plus! Chely Wright, the new Cadillac, Funkmaster Flex, all-in-one gadgets and more invaluable advice from Isaac. 5/02: The Money Issue: 20 brilliant ways to make a fortune! Exclusive: The Hilton Sisters! Hot, wild and richer than you'll ever be. Funny! Heidi Fleiss on men, sex and hard cash. Sexy! Rachel Hunter: Allergic to clothes? Useful! Ten ways to make women think you're rich. 4/02: Sex on Ice! 15 remarkable new positions to try at home. Funny! Tony Stewart: Meet NASCAR's loosest cannon! Sexy! Smallville's hot new girl, Kelly Brook!  Useful! This year's 25 most babe-magnetic vehicles!  Beth Ostrosky! Could America's best-kept secret become the queen of all media?   Plus! Vampirella, Nickelback, Cee-Lo and the guy who stole your car! 3/02:  Exclusive! Jennifer Lopez: The world's biggest star in her most revealing photos ever! Massive Fashion Special! 100 powerful ideas! Her 14 Secret Sex Spots: Master them all! Funny! Snowboard champ brands NASCAR a 'Redneck Mafia'. Sexy! The naked girl from Not Another Teen Movie. Useful! Our essential guide to bikiniville vacations! 1-2/02: The Sex Issue! A 25-page special on America's favorite pastime. Nightmare in Baltimore: One family's struggle with a deadly maniac. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos: Look what John Stamos comes home to!  Funny! The NBA star who never got laid!  Sexy! The hottest lingerie on the planet! Useful! The truth about what really turns women on! 12/01: 50 Ways to Turn Her On! The ultimate guide to what women want. Sexy Lingerie Special! Featuring the girls of daytime TV Sharon Case, Kelly Monaco, Adriana Catano, Nikki Schieler Ziering. Gadget Heaven! Instruments of pleasure worth one million dollars!  Funny! Slipknot: "We need more bass fishing" Sexy! A 25-page salute to the power of lingerie!  Useful! How to fall 13,000 feet and survive!  Plus: Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Ray Allen and life inside the president's ride. 11/01: Mind-Blowing Music Special! 40 pages of the finest noise. Rock Chicks! Eden's crush: Could they be the sexiest group of all time?  Perfect Sex! How to seduce any woman!  Funny! Rock opera on ice!  Sexy! Willa Ford! Nikka Costa! Alicia Keys! Useful! The wild secrets of groupies-revealed! 10/01: Nikki Cox: Feast your eyes on prime time's sexiest new star!  Girl Frenzy! 30 pages of sensational small screen honeys!  Funny! Andy Dick: "I had sex with my very own stalker." Sexy! Carmen Electra as you've never seen her before!  Useful! TV's 100 greatest characters: the official and definitive list. Special! Best and worst new fall shows. Plus Triple H, Ja Rule, Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Zahn and the new Hummer! 9/01: Anna Kournikova! The sexiest athlete of all time serves up her hottest protos ever!  Fashion Bonanza! 100 ways to make women melt. Big Football Blowout! 20 pages dedicated to the only sport worth watching. Funny! Tommy Lee torches home in fight against boredom!  Sexy! The irresistible new girl from American Pie 2. Useful! Sex class: Astonish her with 100 mighty facts!  World Exclusive! Plus, Tony Siragusa, midgets of rock, Ice Cube and Jay Leno on cars! 7-8/01: The Girls of Sci-Fi!  A gift from the Universe - nine women who make our planet tremble!  Space Babe Bonanza! Almost infinite foldout cover!  Funny! Johnny Knoxville shares his pain!  Sexy! The mermerizing Brooke Burke!  Useful! Stud or dud.  Your sex skills analyzed. 6/01: Halle Berry: Hollywood's action goddess exposes her wild side!  Shape Up! Fitness and grooming secrets to impress the ladies. 100 Fashion ideas for summer. Rowboat to Hell! 267 days of shark attacks, hurricanes and a toothpaste diet. Funny! Blind guys with guns! Road kill sculptures! Jesus does magic! Sexy! 30 pages of women in skimpy bikinis! Useful! How to steal another guy's girlfriend! Plus: Chuck Zito, the most dangerous rap group, John Leguizamo, the fastest street motorcycle, hi-tech watches, RZA, Jim Rome and the hottest weather girl, Jillian Barberie. 5/01: Leslie Bibb: Uncovered and sexier than ever before! The Money Issue! Our guide to the green stuff!  Funny! Flavor Flav on teeth, jail and becoming president. Sexy! Rich women reveal their most intimate secrets. Useful! 20 new ways to blow a fortune. Plus: Mark Cuban, the laster lawnmower, Ickey Woods, Western fashion, Alexis Thorpe, how to lose like a high roller, personal submarines and George Clooney's girlfriend. 4/01: Shannon Elizabeth: Reveals all in our hottest issue ever!  Sex Machines! The 20 greatest vehicles of all time. 25 Pages of Awesome Fashion!  Exclusive! Welcome to the Thunderdome:  Life inside the maximum-violence unit. Funny! Tom Arnold: "I streaked through an old people's home."  Sexy! 8 breathtaking pages of women in fishnets. Useful! How to seduce a woman in uniform! Plus: Alexandra Holden, 20 great sneakers, Butterbean, Fabio's many motorcycles, an elderly cannibal and the fastest gun in the world. 3/01: Play Time! Fun and games with Tiffani Thiessen. 'I've Just Hacked My Ears Off!' Meet the world's toughest man. The Miracle of the Toolbox: Ten tricks to heal your home. Who's Better at Sex? Is it you or your girlfriend - find out inside! Swagger into Spring! with our 30-page fastion spectacular. Plus! Erinn Bartlett, Ray Liotta, Xenia Seeberg, Teddy Atlas, base jumping, digital cameras, religious comics, violent mascots, and the chance to weave your own Tiffani Thiessen! 01-02/01: The Girls of Vegas! and our 20-page insider's guide to the world's greatest city. 24-Karat Gold! Alyssa Milano made from the stuff that drives men crazy. 'Women Can't Resist Me' and 19 other ridiculous lies you tell yourself. 'Hey Dude, Nice Shot!' Meet five guys who know how to kill. Muscle-Bound She-Beasts: FHM investigates the freakish world of lady bodybuilders. Is Your Women Eating Soil?  Oh, no! She's pregnant!  Toasty Fashion! Warm clothes for cold months. Plus! Matt LeBlanc, snowboards, end-zone dances, The Offspring, religious sex, and a scientific test for infidelity. 12/00: Black Magic Woman! Let Shannen Doherty put you under her sexy hex!  Lingerie Special: It's a 20-page festival of intimate garments!  "I've Gotten Scooty Since Prohibition, Sonny" FHM's grandpa of eight decades of sex. A Whole Bunch of Fashion! 30 pages of outstanding threads. "Call the Terminator!" The war on evil pests continues. "But We Just Had Sex Last Month!" Is your girlfriend boring you?  Plus! Gary Busey, the beer helmet, Donald Trump's girlfriend, the art of the threesome, and find out if you're about to be fired!  9/00: Easy Tiger! Dominique Swain is on the loose! It's the FHM Sex Survey! Women reveal their remarkable secrets! An Invite to Hell: POWs take you into their world of pain. 'They Stole My Eybrows!' Are your friends scrum?  Find out with our test. Is Your Computer Full of Money?  Gamble on stocks-and find out! Plus:  Burt Reynolds, Kiss, Wyclef Jean, Vanessa Marcil, Jevon Kearse, the future of sex and guys named God! 7-8/00: Honey! Feast your eyes on Alicia Silverstone. Total Sex! How much action can you expect in your lifetime?  18-Page Beach Extravaganza! America's love affair with sand continues! 'Pirates Snapped My Pelvis' Bloody horror on the high seas. 'Can I Get a Deal on the Death Trap?' How to win at the used car game. Feet of Fortune! The man who pranced his way into $100 million. Plus: Ali Landry, video cameras, Jack Black, James King, holy clocks, the beach babe challenge, Cheech and many, many pages of fashion.6/00:  Smart Pads! Cool guy flats and plants that you just can't kill. Kelly Brook: Kicks off our jaw-dropping 30-page Brit babe parade. Girl in a Box! It's Donna Air-framed for your pleasure. March or Die! Inside the world's most brutal boot camps. 26 pages of cool summer fashion. 21 easy ways to prolong your life and 14 sports madmen. George Best's Last Even Interview: Unless he lives... Plus: Top Tramps, Michael Flatley, where to buy arcade machines, Christian Bale, Angus Young, Miss UK and more angry monkeys. iu8 3/00: Exclusive: Sex on the Beach: Virginie Ledoyen: the hottest star from the year's biggest movie! What Does It Feel Like to Kill Someone? FHM meets the real-life Grim Reapers. 'One Ticket to Hollywood, Please' Make your own movie masterpeice. 'I Have Composed Thee a Ballad...' How to charm any woman into the sack. All-Star Fashion! Britain's coolest celebrities in the smartest new gear. Plus! Dina Meyer, Ladies of death row, Maurice Greene, The art of seafood, Gary Coleman, Make a fake ID, Agua and hairy faces. 12/99: Dannii Minoque: Shows us what we've been missing. Live Like a Lord! Transform your hovel with our monster DIY special. 'Fondle My Love Berries - You Tart!' Learn to speak the language of love. 'He's Not the Messiah, He's a Very Naughty Boy!' Meet America's No 1 cult-buster. Death Blows! How to get into martial arts. Plus! Snowboarding fashion, fat pets, Darren Day, BMX bikes, Meat Loaf, FHM's expert dads, make money from the internet and Ronald Reagan. Celebrity Special! Includes: Lisa Fauklner, Tim Booth, Claire Richards, Mick Hucknall, Beverly Turner, Vinnie Jones, Lisa Snowdon, Thunderbugs, Nell McAndrew, Ali Landry, Jason Flemyng.5/99: To Die For!  Catatonia's Cerys as You've Never Seen Her Before. Two tickets to paradise please-get set for the world's hottest beach holidays. Are you unpopular? Find out with our depressing test. South Park's Trey Parker:  On his special feelings for Barbara Streisand. Fashion Blowout!  Page after page of the coolest looks! Why Won't My Kettle Work?  Revealed:  the true horror of the millennium meltdown! Invisible!  Invincible!  Peckish!  The microbe hordes snacking on your bits! Plus Katie Holmes, Edward Norton, Emma Ledden, Peta WIlson, John Ratzenberger, The Happy Mondays, Eagle Eye Cherry and a Gimp cries for help. 2/99: Prime Time-Gail Porter and the sexiest babes on British TV!  Heal Ladies' Problems-Your girlfriend's health explained. Aroused by Stubble!-Ask yourself-"Am I gay?" Outclassed by Infants!-Why your qualifications are worthless. Plus:  Power tools, Andrea Nemcova, stacks of fashion, misery in space, fat nudes and how to drive a car on two wheels. 1/99. Bah Humbug-Bleak anti-Christmas issue. Climb, run, swim for hours-some proper manly resolutions. Beachy head, here I come-are you a miserable failure?  Stop bothering me, old woman - Mums: what is their secret plan?  Spread a little sadness-how to wreck someone else's relationship. Lighter fuel, turpentine, toilet blocks-Just how thirsty are you?  Wild-Lisa Faulkner will eat you alive! 12/98. "I Always Wanted to Be on a SWAT Team" The strange desires of Johnny Depp. Ordered to Drown! Horror on a doomed nuclear submarine. "Sack Me - For God's Sake" Survive the world's hardest jobs. Jennifer Lopez is Ready to Rock!  Riot!  Get New Year's Eve right for a change. Clown Pants-fungal growths-laughing children. The wretched lives of the obese. Are You Trash?  Find out with our test. Plus Sheryl Crow, air-conditioned pants, Frank Butcher, the world's best grooming products, Jordan and pigs in lingerie.(12/78 pounds-Newsstand) Ed Needham, Editor, FHM, Lathkill St, Market Harborough, Leics LE16 9EF England or

For the Groom, The Man's Get-Married Guide. Chances are you'll have to look where the Brides magazines are but this is definitely written for men. It's worth the five bucks! Sum 00: Get Ready to Wed! How to help your bride and survive the stress. Plan the Perfect Honeymoon. Steady Sex:  More is better. Cool Tuxedos: No-sweat styles for warm weather. 22 Cost-Cutters. Plus:  The right gift for her. Tips for a great toast. Nailing the first dance. Joe Carter, Editor, (23 men, 13 women), Wings MediaLLC, 20 Broad Street, Norwalk, CT 06851 203.846.2448 or (See "Marraige" for other important information.)

Front: for men with plenty of it!  5/02: Sex!  Jo Guest. Thirty, Dirty and No Shirty! Meet Front's New Sex Columnist. The World's Strongest Drug: Front necks the shamen's Jage in the depths of the Colombian jungle...gulp! Teresa Di Marco: Ex-Easties star Leila Birch strips off and jumps in our bubble bath. Free Sexy Supplement. Plus! NYC's body snatchers. DJ Tiesto. Sarah Whitefoot. Jose Calzaghe. Britain's rocket builder. Tim Healy. Clubbing in Egypt. Clinton Morrison. Adam F. Mull Historical Society. Simon Pegg. 3/02: Melania Knauss: Is this the world's sexiest supermodel? See inside for details... Russia's Evil Drug Prison: Could you face cold turkey with a load of Russian junkes? Miss Nude UK-the Winner: The woman who won it all by wearing nish. Blue Fingers Red Snow: On manoeuvres with the Army's crack mountain-warfare unit. Planet Earth in Danger! The man who scans our skies for Armageddon's asteriod. Come to Britain It's Brill: Front's travel brochure to woo back the tourists. 2/02: Nell McAndrew introduces: The greatest scraps of all time-ever! Death in the Desert: Front joins the Eastern Alliance as they enter Afghanistan on the hunt for the Taliban. Phats, Small-Large! Tank racing with Brighton's muddy funkers. Traci Bingham-Big! Baywatch babe bares heart, soul and breasts. Speed Seduction-Fast! How to pull without wasting time and money.10/01: Christina Aguilera: Drop the shorts! Pop's bad girl just got badder!  Eminem Raps: Front sits down with Slim Shady. Iraq Uncovered: Risking death in Saddam's Baghdad. Emma B Undressed. Beautiful blonde babe bares bottom!  Arm Wrestling: Front has one-off-the-wrist in Belgium. Burning Man: America's festival of total mentalists. Fashion Special: 32 pages of the latest, greatest gear. 2/01: 100 Reasons Why Britain is Bloody Brilliant! Danniella Westbrook: Topless & tootless: exclusive pics and interview. Cocain Kitchens: Front risks death in Columbia. Bonus Cards: kinky kitchen capers. Krista Vendy: Everybody needs naughty neighbors. Jaws Attacks! Diving with the Great White scary bastards. Tough Man: Rednecks ruckin' in the USA. 1/01: Exclusive: Jordan naked! Topless, bottomless, even the hat comes off! Train Surfing in New York: The world's most dangerous sport? Hooligans! Toe to toe with top boy Martin King. Katie Richmond and friends get cheeky in our calendar of curviness. Bouns Birds! Beautiful busty brunettes. England v France: The Frogs get stuffed at Xmas. Jim Smith: A journey inside football's amazing millennium dome. Plus: Dave Hill: Making of the Front calendar. Redgrave and Pinsent talk rowlocks. Great Guns: Front Weekender. Boycie. Midfield General. 7/00: Sophie Anderton: Smooth, Rich & Tasty. Football Madness: Zidane v Owen: Bang on! Elephant Poaching: At war with the Kenyan tusk force. Vanilla Ice: He's back and he's no Mr Softee. Brandon Block: We say 'Oi, oi!' to the UK's nuttiest DJ. + Mark Morrison, Helen Mirren, Parabouncing, Garry Kasparov, Craig David, Armand Van Helden, Malcolm McDowell, Dave Courtney. 6/00: Davinia: Miss Taylor: British, blonde and beautiful-believe it! Lara Croft Strips: New Tomb Raider babe uncovered. Extreme Fighting! Knockout, submission or death? Puff Daddy Speaks: Guns N' Lopez exclusive! Plus Al Pacino, Madasun, Batman, Camel Trophy, the Wannadies, Bettie Page, Stunt flying, Norman Parker, Cypress Hill, Portuguese Rally, Bloodhound Gang. 5/99: Aussie Soap Star Comes Clean Down Under:  Melissa Tkautz. Pamela Anderson: Get a load of Tommy's knockers. Fatwa on Vanessa:  Putting the balls back into TV. Happy Fundays!  Boozing it up with Bez. Lee Sharpe & Mufc in Italy:  front takes on the San Siro with a wing and a prayer. Plus:  Suede, Gillian Anderson, Hasbeen Hotel, Deep-sea trawling, Playboy birds, Carl Fogarty, Jimmy White. (12/73 pounds) Piers Hernu, Editor, 01454 620070, Bradley Pavillions, Pear Tree Rd, Bradley Stoke North, Bristol BS32 OPP, England

FW  Freewheelin'.Anything is Possible. 4-5/99: The Onion:  we taste the pungent new flavour in comedy. Dubwear:  Two young entrepreneurs have success all sewn up. Denise Ricahrds: The new Bond girl talks bout sex scenes, sun and stardom. Plus:  Sex columnist Kyle Frost is a bad boy, Red Sea scuba, yoga laid bare and why Star Wars isn't geeky. (6/$10) Jonathan Bogo, Editor, 302-296 Richmond St. West, Toronto, Ont Canada M5V 1X2 (4-5/99)

Giant 10-11/04 Thank God It's Wednesday, Christina Ricci: She's all grown up. Jesus vs iPod: Not even close. Exclusive: The Giant Interview Jack Black: meet the man behind the beard. Star Wars Strikes Back. New! Grand Theft Auto: Prepare to be floored. Plus Jessica Biel, Interpol, The Ofifce, Kurt Vonnegut, Bjork. Mark Remy, Editor in Chief, (6/$8) Giant, PO Box 8391, Red Oak, IW 51591-3391.

GQ: Gentlemen's Quarterly is the ultimate authority for men's style news. The magazine's editorial scope appeals to all types of men — from recent college grads to business executives. Stimulating, informative articles cover such diverse topics as fashion, sports, food and spirits, relationships, technology, and more. A C F E H T plus service, politics, finances. (709M/$58M) 1/04: Frat Boy Abuse: A battered brother tells all, The Tender Beauty of Scarlett Johansson, Please Release Me! Secrets of sexual massage. Orland Blooms in Lord of the Rings. Our Biggest Ever Spring Fashion Blowout: 45 pages of everything you need to know, wear and buy. The Ones that Got Away. 5/02: The Male Species. Our Bodies, Our Brains. Our Hearts. Secrets of Aging Well. Building the Perfect Athlete. Living Forever. Cloning Elvis. The Indomitable Jim MacLaren. Lust. Losing 125 Pounds. The Hedonist's Guide to Health. 2/02: The War: Bob Drury rides into battle with the Northern Alliance. Does Bin Laden have suitcase nukes? Feeding the Afghans. Guy Peare: Exposes himself. We Tell You How to Look Very GQ. Sexy Valentine Gifts for Her. Confronting Duke's Coach K. Baltimore's Preppy Sex Scandal, My Mentor, David Halberstam. 12/01: Will Smith: Stings like a bee. The New Elegance: 8 steps to dressing great. Exclusive: The Plot to Blow Up LAX. The Shadow War. God, Green and Pat Robertson. The Cosmology of Britney Spears. Plus: Alec Wilkinson on Hockey's Tough Guys, William Shaw on Mick Jagger, and new fiction by David Gates. 10/01: The Sports Issue: Near Death in the Afternoon. The Ballplayer's Boyfriend. Basketball's Black Pioneers. NFL & NBA Rookies Get GQ Style. Mario, Kobe...Tiki & Jason Got Game! 8/00: 5 Things We Wish the Candidates Would Say. We Dress Our Top Olympians. Your Mojo: Why men rule. The Black Woman in the Chinese Hat: New fiction. Table Stakes: Elizabeth Gilbert takes money from Amarillo Slim. Anna Kournikova "Don't call me Lolita." Exclusive:: Bob Drury on the Palm Beach multimillon-dollar jewel con.5/00: Estella Got Her Groove: The winsome Ms. Warren is the next big thing. Silicon Valley Billionaires Get Some GQ Style. What You Should Earn at Your Age. My Month was a Day-Trader. NBA Seers and Spendthrifts. How to Eat to Live Forever. The Foo Fighters & Greil Marcus go Behind the Music. Special Wealth Section:  Why the good times won't end soon. 1/00:  Tyra: Please pull your hair back! First Peek at Y2K's Best Clothes. Stanley Tucci Gets the GQ Look. The Best Little Bordello in Nevada. 12 Places to Go and Be a Man. In Search of the Giant Squid. Pick next January's Cover Girl on  9/99: British Edition. Celebrity Packed Issue!  Zulu!  On the campaign trail with Chief Buthelezi. Beatle reformed Why McCartney is better than Lennon. Naken Helena:  The very last pictures. Hollywood fashion special:  14-page celebrity extravaganza. Lear we go...New money at Old Trafford. "I'm on the Mobile" and the 49 other ultimate irritants. GQ world tour:  Iggy Pop in Miami. Teen vixen Billie takes Manhattan. Hunter S Thompson in London. Win a trip to the Malaysian Grand Priz! 9/99: Special Issue:  Why We Love Football:  Because of Terrell Davis's grit, Doug Flutie's magic, Ricky William's style, and Bill Parcells because he's...Bill Parcells. Has 17 pages devoted to Breast Cancer. 2/99: Spring Fashion Preview. The Elegant, Versatile, Solid Suit. How the CIA Subverts the Drug War. Wild New Fiction from James Ellroy. Teen Killers. Plus:  Thomas Mallon on God, Terrence Rafferty on Westerns. James J. Cramer Cools on Net Stocks. Evander Holyfield-God's Champion. 1/99. Heidi Klum (Rhymes with bom-boom) is making a splash. How to stay in shape forever. 37 steps to personal style. God's Hit Man plus Terrence Rafferty Deconstructs Elvis, Jack Hitt Stalks a Feral Pig & Shane DuBow Survives a Bank Robbert. Arthur Cooper, Gentlemen's Quarterly, 350 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10017

Ice, Defrost Before Use.6/02: Triple Decker Sex: Three into one does go. Shopping Centre Wars: Grebos versus townies. Suicide Bombers: Hunting the kids that kill. LA Bikers. Get Laid for 20p. The Old Firm. Kylie: Red hot & bared! Plus! Jo Lawden, Melanie Walsh, Johnny Vaughan, Herbaliser. Select Media Ltd, PO Box 22463, London W6 0ZZ, England.

Icon:  Thoughtstyle Magazine for Men. Affluent, intelligent, investigative to amusing, brief social commentary. Profile intriguing and successful men. (167M/$15M) 10/99: "I'm a Rock Star":  cott Weiland, The Icon Profile. Violent Issues:  Tim Roth: Pacifist? Guns of the Rich and Famous. How to Disarm the Office Psycho. TV Now:  WB's Brass, SNL's Flab, NBC's Scribe, Fox's Minx. Plus:  The Internet's Sexiest Fund Manager. Bob Guccione's Magazine Opus and Middle Finger. 8/99: The Respect Issue. 21 Stories about Respect: from those who deserve it to those who can't find it. Issy, What Have You Done?  Once again, America can't avoid Detroit's bizarre music scene. 5-6/99: Samuel L. Jackson:  The Jedi Shaft from Star Wars to Blaxploitation. Summer Movie Special:  Legendary Directors, Controversial Actors, Hot-shot Producers, Ornery Critics, Absurd Awards, Men Behind the Scenes, Sex Behind the Camera. Almost Kings:  Bo Jackson & Jose Canseco Plus The Next King in Vegas, The Bad Boy of Tennis, The New Boy on Broadway. 4/99: Q:  What's so scary about Cortland Dahl?  The "Funny" Face of Politics:  Actors, wrestlers & racists fight for the fate of America. Starring Charlton Heston, Hulk Hogan & David Duke. Hollywood 99:  Seven men who shaped modern cinema. Meet the Hitlers:  Jennifer Jason Leigh, Alec Empire. 2/99: Val Kilmer-Is Not Insane. He's just concentrating. General Aleksandr Lebed-Needs more than a broken nose to lead Russia. Clive Davis-Last of the old-school music execs gets his ears checked. Border Vigilantes-operation gatekeeper's mea culpa. James Coburn on Bruce Lee. Jean Reno: I'm no Mastroianni. Willie Nelson needs you. Under 25 and worth $50 million. 12/98. Bruce Cutler - Gotti's defender defends himself. Virgin's CEO is a Self-Made Brand. But is that any way to live?  Race & Ratings - the unreliable legacy of In Living Color. Jon Stewart - tries once again. The Little Bug - Between Disney and Dreamworks. Janet Leigh - remembers Hitchcock and Welles. Robert Rodriguez - indie legend in the breaking. (6/$10 - Newsstand), David Getson, Editorial Director, Icon, 595 Broadway, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10012 or

Later for Men, Success Money Women. Voted best new magazine! 7/01: Suzi Perry: Grandstand goddess - somewhat sexier than Tony Gubba. Cat-Loving Psycho Wanted: How they created the classic movie baddies. Death of a Drug Overlord: The desperate last hours of Pablo Escobar. Lap Dancing, Net Sex and Asparagus: Modern dating tested (by an attractice lady). "A Double Room with En Suite Sumo Wrestling". The world's top sports events and the best places to stay. 6/01: Rock'N'Roll Sex Guide: 10 brilliant love-making tips we found in your record collection. Punch People, Get a Six-Pack: How our man boxed his way to a perfect stomach. Jack Dee has probably spat in Your Food: The comedian (and former waiter) confesses. Girls! Wine! Holidays! Camembert! Ultimate guide to France: 32-page special section! 5/01: Ferraris, Orgies and Death by Lobster: The remarkable lives of gentleman rogues. Tales from the Singles Bar Scene: 15 unattached, successful women sing like canaries. Paul Whitehouse: "I sterilised Pharaoh ants". Tara Palmer-Tomkinson: Sexy, available, game for anything postpone the revolution. Vinyl Revival Special! The smart way to buy a new turntable. Valuable rarities you probably own. The best record shops in the world. 4/01: Ravish Her in the Stables! We find the hidden sex tips in romantic fiction. Death by Football: When Dynamo Kiev took on the Luftwaffe. Whips, Bears and Ballots: The 15 most eccentric politicians of all time. 200 a Dinner Jacket...with a Hangover: The playboy racers of Grand Prix's golden age. Sophie Anderton:  Unfeasibly beautiful, staggeringly rich and refreshingly uninhibited. 2/01: Model Stampede! All the not new girls, none of those bothersome bras. They Refused To Die! The 15 most heroic soldiers of all time. "It's Not a Lovebite, It's a Cyst": How to have an affair and get away with it. Inspiring Advice from Business Gods. The 15 Funniest Websites: Never do any proper work again!  21 Sex Myths Investigated. Special Fold-Out Cover! This way to more lingerie. Girls Love Thoughtful Boys. 1/01: Man Eater! Carmen Electra unleashed inside. 15 ways to stop your job killing your sex life. Tell Lies. Get rich. Tricks of the world's most ruthless entrepreneurs. Extreme Hair! Dangerous styles and strange salons. Exclusive: "Cocaine paralysed my legs" Charlie Sheen's incredible drug confessions. Luciana Morad: Undressed and glistening. The Men Who Foiled the Dome Gang: On the front line with the gun squad. Internet Trousers: 21 great places to buy clothes on the web. And...Kevin Phillips, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Al Murray, Don Simpson.12/00: Sex, guns and sleazy's Caprice!  Kill Stress, Smash Brinks: Your guide to civilized martial arts. America's Dumbest Mobster: The bizarre downfall of Sammy 'The Bull'. Be An Evil Sex Genius! 25 steps to bedroom supremacy. Tyra Banks: In a very small bikini. Success Special! Turn a sacking into your big break. How to make a miollion before you're 50. 10/00: Know Her Body Better than She Does! 16 new sex zones to explore and conquer tonight. 'I Sold Submarines to Drug Barons' The world's most ambitious gang boss. Home Surgery! Meet the men who operated on themselves. A Whole Bunch of Sexy Women: Jennifer Lopez, the twins from Snatch, an English rose, Leonardo DiCaprio's sexy ex-girlfriend, and a table dancer from Manchester. Unbottoned with Lis Rogers. All Saints on-Tour Masseur: 15 dream jobs and how to get them. Topless Kungfu! 11/00: Unlash Her Inner Strumpet! 15 ways to talk her into truly wild sex. Betamax, We Salute You: Learn from the world's great business disasters. 'I Name THis Ship Don Johnson!' Luxury boating adventures in Miami. How To Be Overpaid! Read the wages guide that could double your salary. The Sexiest Woman in Brookside! (It's the lesbian obviusly). Frankly indecent pictures of Lisa Snowdon. The Later Hate List. Hard Stuff: The filming of Scum, The Krays' henchman. Inside the InterCity Firm. The Ollie Reed story. Bruce Willis. 9/00: We've Found the Sex Formula! Secret stuff that'll have her howling like a wild thing. Mad Nazis! Naked Gangsters! Great TV documentaries remembered. Tania Bryer: Without much in the way of clothing. Business in the Mod's Backyard: Brits making big money in Russia. 'I'll Need a Fast Car and a Decanter!' Our man tracks down the best wine in France. Sexy, Talented and on a Rug: American Beauty Mena Suvari. 8/00:  A thrilling encounter with Pamela Anderson. Career: Killer Salesmen! Meet the world's most aggressive deal makers. Nostalgia: Avez-Vous Flick Knives Mister? School trips remembered. Crime: 'Sent to Prison By My Best Mate' An armed robber's bizarre true story. Film: Naked French Girls: We enter the world of art cinema. Investigation: From War Hero to Drug Smuggler: 'How my Falklands hell drove me to crime.' Gear: Gadget Lunacy: 6 pages of shiny new stuff.  6/00:  Heather Graham! 'I feel sexy.' Match of the Day: Behind the scenes with Gary and Alan. Investigation: The New American Gun Cult: The next generation of weapon obsessives. Travel: Holiday like James Bond: Where to find famous movie location. Ben Elton: The comedy tycoon. Career: Business is War! Top entrepreneurs reveal their secrets. Women: Bargot Naked: Rarely seen shots of the sex icon. Health: Male Weight Loss: What Other Mags Won't Tell You. Oh, and...The secret history of LSD, Pamela Stephenson, Bob Marley, Kim Basinger, Paul Daniels agony uncle. 3/00: Burn Your Desk! 5 great ideas to transform the way your work. Have You Slept with Less Than Eleven Women? Does is matter?  The Priest Who Took on Los Angeles Gangland. Buyer's Guide: The 50 best wines under 10 lbs. Bill Murray: On philosophy, fame and driving. On-Line Banking: All you need to know. Covergirl Cindy. Oh, and...Cindy Crawford, the Ford Capri remembers, Phil Lynott, Jimmy Nesbitt, toasters and Keith Floyd. 1/00: Gold Rush! The 5 hottest industries and how to join them. Lennox Lewis: Exclusive! Inside a heavyweight's training camp. Investigation: "I was sacked for sending an e-mail." Internet Brothel: The crime scandal gripping America. Picture Special: Elle Macpherson and Tyra Banks. Oh, and... Threesomes-amazing tales, Charlie Higson, Peter Cook, mobile phone offer for every reader - worth over 140 pounds. "How I made 40 million pounds in 10 years." 9/99: Orgasm Report!   Our sex-testers try the latest techniques. Secrets of the world's toughest managers. The men who bounced back from early heart attacks!  Suck my presentation!  Our guide to office lunacy. Lindy Crawford picture special. Investigation:  Buried treasure and murder in Las Vegas. Covergirl Carolina. Oh, and...Madness, the making of The Warriors, foreign experts preview the Premiership, Jack Nicholson, rich women who pay for sex, invest in a business, the Sid Vicious story, MiniDisc players. 7/99: Success, Money, Women. Get Paid to Have Fun! Meet the men who turned their hobbies into big money. Defeat the Seven Enemies of Sex. "I Throttled Simon Bates" Behind-the-scenes secrets of Eighties Top of the Pops. Jack Dee on Alan Partridge. Is she the Real Thing or Just a Rehearsal? Investigation:  The weird confessions of a suburban cocaine dealer. Oh, And... The Telly Savales story, buying shares made easy, this month's agony include (12/75lbs-newsstand) Eric Bristow. IPC Magazine Ltd, King's Reach Tower, Stamford St, London SE1 9LS

Loaded. For Men Who Should Know Better. Summer Special: Now with 500% more bikini action. 50 Incredible Bloke Holidays: Where Judith Chalmers fears to tread. Official! World's Raunchiest Nation Revealed. Gabrielle Richens Beach Sizzler! There's a lovely warm front ahead! Summer Madness! Nuttiest festival! Steamist sex club! Cheapest drugs! Scariest brothel! Deadliest disease! Win! Hi-octane holidays in Ibiza, USA, Marrakech, Majorca and More!  Loanded Holiday Sex Survey 2002. Loose women (and where to find them.) 2/02: Historic Souvenir Session! Jordan - nice to see you both again. Loaded's Stripper Heaven: Pole-slidin', booty-shakin', chest-jigglin'. Exotic dancers a-go-go!  "Mummy, Why Is That Man Naked?" Loaded tests naturism in public. MMM...Napalm! Under fire with a war addict. Bunny Boiler Alert! How mental is your girlfriend! Rapid response quiz. 1/02: Yeah Baby! A bedtime story with Sexy Spice. Lady Killers! Unleash Her Inner Nympo: A laser guide to her secret hotspots. Seduce Her With Science: The boffins' guide to boffin'. Snow Blind: 11-page winter party wipeout!  'My Brain Hurts': 100 reasons why it's great to be dumb. Sharks! Sunburn! Naked Diy! An SAS man's Atlantic hell. Loaded Crime Spree. Drunk in Charge of a Cow! 12 crazy laws we broke in the lunch hour. 12/01: Sex-a-Thon! Threesomes made easy! Sex tips from barmaids! Your girlfriend's filthy mind! What models want in bed! Coronation Street Vixen! Haomi, the cream of Manchester. How to Tell Outrageous Lies: Hot tips from Britain's biggest-selling magazine. Nightmares! Two years in a rat-infested cell...for smoking a spliff. Why Women Find Ricky Tomlinson Irresistible. Win! Charlie O'Neale's bust. Skin Your Own Breakfast! Six lunatic weekend breaks. Fresh Air Exercise! Organic Food! Man Chops Off Own Arms to Get Leg Over! Meet the Next Kelly Brook (And Cat. And Gail. And Davina.) Casting couch queue starts. Ride Him Cowboy! The world's gayest rodeo. 10/01: Bill Blowout! Sunhill Sexbomb! Samantha Robson's taped confessions. Murder One!  Face-to-face with the man who butchered 1,800. Lards of the Manor: Why fat sportsmen rock!  Gigolo Sex Tips! What women expect when they pay for sex. Just Say No!  No booze! No burgers! No drugs! Could you go 30 days without vice?  'Cocaine Dwarf Anyone?" The10 craziest parties ever!  Plus Roy Keane, fighter pilots, Armando Lianucci, the Honeyz, very dangerous holidays, and lap dancing etiquette. 7/01: Charmed & Dangerous: Bad girl Shannen on guns, violence and revenge. Blow Me! Johnny Depp shifts a mountain of coke. Gambling: 10 pages of high rollers, cheats and the man who won breast implants (for a bet). It's Behind Her! 26 great rears revealed. Among the Thugs: the world's hardest football fans. 15 Minutes of Shame: has telly gone completely mental? Plus Dane Bowers, Gangsta Rappers, Jaime Pressly, Miss Indianapolis on a fast car. . 5/01: Piston Broke? TV hot rod Tess Daly starts your engine. Bush Whacker: Lesbian dominatrix tells all. Outkast: It's hip-hop in flip flops! Plus Paul Whithouse, Feeder, office spies and How to travel without moving. 1/01: Jan Anderson Casualty's Sexy Nurse: Chloe takes off her uniform. Plus! Jordan! Pure Evil! and Meat! And all the usual puerile nonsense about drugs, sex, football, booze and greyhound racing. 12/00: Kat Got Your Tongue? EastEnders temptress will leave you speechless. Girls! Ilsa Fisher, Holby City, Britney Spears & Cameron Diaz. Guns! Rubber bullets & petrol bombs at the Prague riots. Gurning! Pete Tong's stateside disco inferno-hardcore! Sex in Cyberspace: How to do it, what's it's like, and how to get the stains out. Plus: Fireworks, Hell's Angels, Peter O'Toole, Lennox Lewis...and curry. 8/00: Angelina Jolie: Hollywood bad girl lays herself bare. Ibiza 2000: Sunburnt folk on bangin' drugs & bangin'. The Rolling Stones: Charlie Watts on drugs & banging stuff. Columbian Warlords: Guerillas on drugs, cake & stuff that goes bang. Singled Out's Tess Daly: TV hotcake bangs stuffed gorillas. Plus: Elvis Cooks! Animal House. Kate Charman, Sid Owen, and getting drunk on a bloody great tank. 6/00: ...And a Kebab for the Monkey. Britney Spears is lonesome tonight. Gail Porter Naked!  'this is ridiculous. I'll just get my kit off'. Jody Morris Confesses: He may be stumpy, but he can play!  Top 20 Inventions. The wheel to the bra...and back again. Richard Harris: 'a life of booze and f**ki' birds' WWF Wrestling loaded's Beaglev the Godfather.3/00: Mr. Clean: Drugs, gangsters, brain tumours and eastenders-the incredible life of Martin Kemp. Jennifer Lopez underdressed and in this mag. Go on, Rod! Angelica Bridges most wanted special. Five Talkin' about sex, groupies and Mariah Carey. Man UTDvThe World. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha - exclusive. Daryl Hannah's Sex Trapeze: Celebrity photo filth from Maschen. Ian Brown exclusive - first interview since prison. Plus Cigarette World Cup, Motors, Tennis, Gazza, Rabbits, Puff Daddy, Trousers and the 20 Greatest Sitcoms Ever. 12/99: The Future Issue. 9/99: Sexy Ladies in Every Premiership Kit. They Must Score...They always score! Janine Newberry and Nell McAndrew. Bring Us 90* pages of end to end action in our football special (*by 90 we mean 25.)  Plus:  The Dice Man, Five Go Mental in Ireland, Claire Goose, Grooverider, Jean Reno Exclusive, Howard Marks in Ibiza and Sinister Toothpaste Girls. 4/99: Sunset Beach:  The ultimate in TV insanity... or is it?  Check out our definitive guide to the sexiest, most unbelievable shows ever made. Plus:  Don King, drugs in Russia, Darren Huckerby, Robert Carlyle, Treasure hunting in Guatemala and the Return of the Diceman. 3/99: Pam's Back: not to mention her front, her sides and her fancy new tv show. Club Fantastic: starring Kate Winslet, Tony Curtis, Bernard Manning & Kraftwork. James Brown: lays down his funk on Norman Wisdom. Kelly Brook: sets herself on fire and falls down some stairs. Elvis Presley:  alive & well and riding an elephant in Nepal. Leeds United: sponsored by mothercare, destined for silverware. Course They Are: type stuff. 2/99: Lights Cameron Action!  Hollywood superbabe Cameron Diaz in her hottest shoot ever. Michael Caine:  "I've just been reading Loaded. I was laughing my bollocks off." The Prodigy-face disappointment at the Eskimo Olympics. Ray Ralour-goes mental at the mtv awards. Christian Slater-takes over barnet football club. Billie-rewrites war & peace. Hang On - that can't be right. 12/98: Fried and Tested-Britain's best cafes. The '80's-to cut a long story short they lost their minds. Fear & Loathing-drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. Frocky-Thailand's transvestite boxing champ. Going down?-Southampton fc's catalogue of disaster. Killing me loudly-Paul Oakenfold's US tour. Can't buy me love-Davina Taylor's millionaires sex hell. Men called horse-Stable relationships in Eastern Europe. (12/35 pounds-Newsstand) Alan Lewis, Editor, Loaded, King's Reach Tower, Stanford Street, London SE1 9LS or

Maxim for Men is written for young, professional men who are confident, intelligent, everyday guys. It serves as both a fun and informative publication, delivering a healthy balance of accessible service with a humorous tone. Editorial features include articles on women, food, work, sports, fashion, and sex. A C F H RGeneral interest, food/cooking, personal finances, humor essential, travel, culture. (734M/$57M). 7/02: Naked Twister! It's Maxim's new sex guide - take your positions. 10 Wildest Road Trips! 4 Guys Who Spanked Death. Music's Sexiest Girls! Christina! Britney! J.Lo! and many more and Mandy Moore. Rock's New Goddess: Shakira!  Plus! Cowboy midgests, crappy movies, selling your organs, and the macho world of Broadway musicals! 6/02: We're Hot for Teacher Jeri Ryan! It's Boston Public's sexy schoolmarm. Sex At First Sight! Doltproof pickup tips women wish you knew. Survival Special: Take Down a Terrorist! The tools and skills you need to take control now! America's Fist Superkiller: 49 victims in a 20-year spree: Would they ever catch him?  Supermodel Phone Numbers. You wish. Plus! Dream boats, Roger Daltrey, Benji's itty-bitty grave, and Hiroki's Spam nightmare. 5/02: Scorpion King's Kelly Hu: Just relax - this is goijng to sting a little. Sex Express! How to spot the girl with a condom in her purse. "Enemy Sub Off Coney Island!" The U-boat that tried to take out New York. Summer Movie Survival Guide: Now showing: Stoner dogs, alien babes, and green goblins. Exclusive Star Wars Episode II: Lucas reveals the secrets!  Plus! Lil' Kim, heart-stopping fun with Tasers, and 48 hours of sex, booze and violence in Las Vegas. 4/02: Monster 5th Anniversary Special. Maxim Takes Over the World. Blade Stunner! Blade II's vampire Leonor Varela-come see her fangtastic fotofest. The Day of Your Death!  Revealed inside. Compare Yourself: How your salary, sex life, and...gulp! sausage stack up. Best Sex Ever! 16 women...the ultimate road test! A Cross-Dressing Billionaire Murderer? We can't make this stuff up... Maxim Declares San Fran Greatest City on Earth! 3/02: In Bed with Tara Reid: Van Wilder's leading lady sheds her inhibitions...and a whole lot more! Join Tara for the mother of all laundry days. Jump-Start Your Sex Life! We even show you where to put the alligator clips! Free Money! March Madness betting tips that literally can't lose. Breaking News: The Girls of Cosmo Surrender! A sex treaty to save the world. The 100 Worst Ideas Ever: Figure skating, male nipples, Rhode Island: It's stupidity on parade! Plus! Five bands that'll save rock. Gorilla-tested luggage. The world's dirtiest pool trick. Edible dogs. 2/02: 50th Smash Issue. The 3rd Annual Real Swinsuit Issue: Hot, wet, and beee-yoo-tiful! (The swimsuits, dummy, the swimsuits). Endless Sex: Enough is never enough. "Go Ahead Make My...Sandwich?" The great Maxim movie quote quiz. Reefer Madness! Why everybody's legalizing pot. Swimsuit Issue Bonus: Watch bin Laden throw in the towel! Plus! Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis, bikinis, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), and bikinis.1/02: World Excllusive! Open you ears, feast your eyes, and roll up your tongue...yes, it's Jessica Simpson! U.S. vs. Them: Climb inside America's trillion-dollar war chest-watch the Stingers. Sports Felon Hall of Fame: Three strikes and you're in!  700 Pages of Lingerie: A serious Maxim investigation, not just girls in panties. 3 Girls in a Bed: The Maxim 'Big O' Test. Plus! Drew Carey's Danger Diet, a foreplay cheat sheet, the Lord of the Rings movie and how to pick up a deaf chick. The Best of Maxim #1:  Collector's Edition, Bro'. Maxim Overdrive! Shallow Hal's Susan Ward jumps out of the cake! 24-jaw dropping cover girls: Tara Reid, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Shannon Elizabeth, Rebecca Romihn-Stamos, Jessica Alba and many more! Our Most Devious Tricks. Our Least Dangerous Advice. Our Stupidest Jokes. Our Sexiest Photos. Plus! Go behind the scenes with our photo-shoot editors. 12/01: They Call Her Dr. Love: Head-banging sex made easy. Come and Get It! The ballsiest gift guide on the planet. "Hold My Ski Mask, Officer" How they pulled off the most daring heists of all time. Star-Span gled Badasses: The 50 all-time greatest Americans. She Wants You! Your guide to field-stripping Jaime Pressly. The Last Outlaw: Willie Nelson coughs up the straight dope. 11/01: Touch Her Anywhere! Prime her pump - in impossible places. Hell Week: 45 troubled teens fight to survive in American's most brutal youth camp. Win Sex with His Fiancee!  It's Maxim's perfect poker tournament! Ante up, sucker... Enclusive: Don't touch that box - it's E! Vixen Jules Asner. Jules Rules!  Plus! Shaq talks smaq. Fully automatic rubber band guns, and how to get dumped in 30 days-guaranteed! 10/01: Galaxy Exclusive! Trek Mate! Engage's Enterprise star Jolene Blalock!  Pain Street U.S.A.: Horrible tales of human'll laugh your damn head off!  Super Sex: Faster than a speeding bullet? Here's help. The Coming Plague: It's fast, it's fatal, and it's already here. Plus! Mob tour of Brooklyn, Maxim saves hockey, 6 great reasons to be paranoid, and missions of dead, bloated fish. Bonus Girls of Etreme Sports: Bikers, surfers, crashers, burners: Come see the bodies they're risking!  Maxim's Cars of the Year: Special dust eating preview. 9/01: Meadow Soprano: Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Come see the shoot that cost us our thumbs! Once Upon a Mattress: Amazing tales of twisted sex - would our readers lie?  TV or Not TV: Maxim's essential guide to the new fall lineup. Don't stay home without it. Spawn of Saddam: Hussein's psychotic sons: born to rule, bred to kill. Plus! Conan O'Brien, amateur triage, torture survival tips, and the Saga of the 80-hour stiffie. 8/01: Be a Sex Genius! Expert tips to sharpen your pencil. Dead Men Tell Tales: Catch a killer with a top forensic cop and his army of maggots. Go Ape! Planet of the Apes star Helena Bonham Carter: Take your darm dirty thoughts to p. 102. Lights...Camera...Traction! Movie stunts that'll rip your face off. Plus! Mark McGwire, cheap Ferraris, & fun with huge adult diapers. 7/01: Temptress! Brittany Murphy's law - whatever can come off, will come off!  Tyson Talks!  We're all ears. Pretzel Sex! 300 women share their favorite positions! Teleportation! Living Plastic! Edible Cameras! Six new inventions to pan-fry your brain. "Thou Shalt Not Share an Umbrella..." 50 rules of the game: Maxim lays down the law. Plus! Blow through speed traps, conquer sissy fears, spank that hangover, and crash our sexiest photo shoot ever. 6/01: The Real Swimsuit Issue: 33-page bikini bonanza! Sex, War & Dinosaurs! Summer movie special: Planet of the Apes, Jurassic Park 3, Tomb Raider, Pearl Harbor, Chicken Soup for the Soul in IMAX 3-D and more! 5/01: The Rise of Eliza! Buffy bad girl Eliza Dushku-you saw her here first!  Great Escapes: Sex, sun, surf, and beer-eight passport-shredding vacations! "Screw the Game - Ally McBeal's On!" How to fake your way into her bed. Know All 8 Ways to Reach First Base? Instant sports mastery - read on and rule the bar!  Plus! Jolene Blalock, gritty war stories, and motorcycles to go head-over-heels for! (Er...loosen the brakes.) 4/01: Sex on the Edge: Boldly go where no man has gone before. Sammy the Bull Gets a Suntan: A curious tale of skinheads and Ecstasy in the Arizona desert. Fast Cash for Dopey Ideas! Get rich now. "Pass the Harpoon!" Catch it, kill it, eat it - Maxim tackles fishing. Glory Glory Ali-Lujah!  American Outlaws' Ali Larter shows us a glimpse of heaven. 2/01: Hey, Denise! Our readers' all-time #1 Valentine, Denise Richards. "Dost Thou Cometh Here Often?" Maxim's unbelievable history of sex. Street Lethal: Seven drop-dead sports cars faster than you sister. Dear God, Why Me? Horrible tales of adject human misery. Aural Pleasure: High-tech audio special! Plus! The Jaws of Life, Monica Bellucci, and the Dot-Com Disaster Game!1/01: Sex 911: Who's she gonna call? You! Find out why. The Nuclear Football: The doomsday duffel bag that could destroy the world. Women 'Fess Up: 50 female mysteries solved once and for all. Blood Sport: World champ Lennox Lewis on boxing's darkest hour. Foxy! That '70s show's Laura Prepon shakes her groove thing. Plus! James Bond car, gear, harems made easy, and the Million Midget March. 12/00: "Lights! Camera! Action! Take 69!" The 25 greatest sex scenes ever filmed. Fire in the Hole: The desperate final minutes inside the doomed Russian sub. A Maxim Exclusive. Build Your Own Nuke: The MacGyver guide to jury-rigging everything. Josie and the Pussycats' Purrfect Tara Reid is on the Prowl. Best Xmas Gift Guide Ever!  Plus! Rug-burn kits, flask phones, supersized ice, and free Girlfrend 3.0 software! 11/00: (Editor's Note:  Watch out on this issue. They printed four different covers so you may find yourself buying two copies of the same issue over time because you didn't notice they switched covers. This tactic does a disservice to reads. A really cheap trick to boost circulation and make a little more money.) 42 Page Photo Blowout! Models of the Year 2000. The Girls of Victoria's Secret...and more! Michelle Behennah: Our favorite English import. Tickle Her Pink! Take your sex life to the edge. World-Class Losers: Stupidest sports screwups of all time. The Dirtiest Cops Alive: Murder and madness in the country's worst precinct. Plus Jon Stewart, sex in outer space & the 125th annual Maxim awards. 8/00: The Be-Aooooo-tiful Girls of Coyote Ugly: World exclusive photo shoot. Master Sex Moves: The complete guide. Bush Whacking! Maxim takes the White House! Eat My Cleats! The world's bloodiest sports rivalries. World War III: It's coming soon. Here's why. Plus! Angelica Bridges, Josie Maran, in-line blages, online gambling, lying made easy and a thick slice of Kevin Bacon. 7/00: Get Rich Click! Online trading secrets. Have Sex Anywhere! We'll distract the waiter. X-Mania! Summer's sexiest mutants Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, Halle Berry & Famke Janssen. Power Toys 2000! Summer gear special. Plus! Uzi paintguns, sex tips for weasels & the most hated men in sports. 6/00: Grovel Before the WB Girls: Sarah Michaelle Gellar. Katie Holmes. Alyssa Milano and...Katherine Heigl!  Angelina Jolie Photo Explusive. Sex with 300 Girls: Read our survey. Get some rest. You'll need it. 'Trump! Fetch my Slippers!' Moneymaking secrets from the filthy rich. Topless Models: Nine great new convertibles road-tested. Fore Play! America's wildest gold weekend. Plus! Dave Grohl extreme climbers, old weapons & what lions taste like. 5/00: Vamp! The original Buffy wants a second bite. Shoot Hoops with Michael Jordan: Summer camps that rock. The Mafia Beach Party: High times with the lowlifes. Gold-Plated Pizza Boxes! Hollywood's coolest bachelor pads. Pull the Trigger! 20 surefire sex surprises to try out tonight. Plus! The world's hardest things, faster pitches, toughest bikes and stupidest photo captions. 3/00: Return of the Ultra Vixen! Jenny McCarthy is back in black. Sex Unlimited! Make any girl seduce you! Makin' the Grade: The 22 critical guy skills you just gotta know. Naked by Noon, Dead by Dawn: Up all night in the world's riskiest beach resort. Plus! Massive 30-page fashion special, stunt driving tips, home-brew kits & how to hypnotize a lobster. 1/00: Tasty! American Pie's Shannon Elizabeth. Warning: Contents may be hot! Maxim's Best Stuff: 25th Issue Spectacular! Her Secret Sex Fantasy: Coming soon to a bedroom near you! Snow Balls!  Maxim's wildest winter sports weekends. "He begged me to kill him." Was it mercy or murder in the New Mexico desert? Plus! Monkey butlers, concept cars, absolutely no Millennium articles. 12/99: Tonight's the Night! 40 totally unfair pick-up tricks. Annual Lingerie Spectacular: Panty like it's 1999. Killer Canyon: The adventure trip to hell. No-Grief Gift Guide. All Rise! It's Practice star Lara Flynn Boyle. Plus! Hockey brawls, devious bosses & the online gold mine. 11/99: #1 Readers'Choice:  Hot Love! Jennifer Love Hewitt's exclusive Maxim shoot. All-Sex Workout: Never go to the gym again!  Fashion Advice from Women? Chothes she'll rip off you - with her teeth. Death Row Escape: Six violent men, one desperate plan. PLUS!  Best trick pool shots, fastest E-trade sites, worst movie sex scenes & frozen turkey fun. Special Section! Maxim's 15 coolect cars. 9/99: 30 New Sex Tricks:  Tips so good she'll wonder where you got them. "I Get Paid to Break Legs"  An NFL hit man confesses. The 20 Beer Workout:  Get drunk! Look great! Death Cruise. Plus!  Drew Carey, animals that pick up women & dumb hunters. Wham! Bam! Brand New Pam!  Entra!  Must-haves: this year's coolest clothes. TV Vixens Photo Blowout! 5/99: Second Anniversary Special Collector's Issue.  How to do Everything Better!  100 things every man must know. Squealers:  What women say the morning after. Death Dive: Four jumped, one lived. Caprice is Coming...Surrender! 4/99: Tongue Twist Her: How to kiss her where it counts. "My Cellmate is a Psycho": Uncensored letters from inside the worst prisons. Gotcha!:  16 evil tricks for Aprl Fools'. Xena: Like you've never seen 'er. Sex, Sports, Beer, Gadgets, Clothes, Fitness. 1/99 Wild Rose!  Hollywood's #1 Bad Girl. Any Women Any Time: 8 pick-up tricks that never fail (we bar-tested 'em!)  Three extra inches, please! Can surgery turn your toothpick into a baseball bat?  Cause serious trouble - 65 fun things to do when you're bored stiff. Plus Aliens, bounty hunters, leg lamps and shirtless fat guys. And, Maxim's sex Q&A. 12/98, Women Confess-why they'll say yes to anything this month. Odd jobs: trash divers, blood maids, and Mr. Tushy. Save your butt gift guide-we do the shopping, you take the credit. Bleethal Weapon: Nash Bridges' newest cop Yasmine roughs us up. Where are all the women-a travel guide. 11/98. Sex, Sports, Beer, Gadgets, Clothes, Fitness. Four Play - How sex would change if Maxim ruled the world. You Screwed Up - Get her to forgive and forget, fast. Wild, Wild Russia - Misplaced A-bombs, strippers and two-headed fish. Look Out - Spin City's Jennifer Esposito and 11 other women to love in 1999. Mark Golin, Editor-in-Chief, Dennis Maxim Inc. 1040 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018

Maxx Magazine. Pictures of beautiful women, stories about sex, parties, cars, sports and women, more mindless, vulgar humor and fewer pages of useless ads. Premiere issue, 4/01: Cindy Margolis: The world's most downloaded woman in an exclusive 8-page pictorial! To The Maxx's Perfect Woman: We created our ideal woman, piece-by-piece, using the best body parts of the hottest celebrities. March Madness: A how-to guide to winning your office pool. Celebrity Swimsuits! 12 pages of the most beautiful women in the most revealing swimsuits. Spring Break: A rundown of the hottest spots and wildest parties. Plus: Todd Zeile, Jennifer Cole, Ashley Cafagna, Mr. Skin, & the Extreme Bikini Team. Brendan O'Neill, Editor, To The Maxx, H&S Media, 2121 Waukegan Rd, Ste 120, Bannockburn, IL 60015.

Men's Edge, A Guy's guide to living right. (9/$9) Premier Issue 2-3/04: 10 Gyn Sins: Don't make them. Longer Stronger Sex: How chemistry can help. Get Rock Hard Abs: Easyt exercises that work. 5 Minute Foreplay: Get her going first. Karl Malone Jerry Rice: Top athletes exercise secrets. Crunch Time: Maximize your workout. Combat Ready - How the U.S. Army stays in shape. Ben Wyatt, Editor-at-Large, House Communications, Inc., 245 Townpark Dr NW, Ste 550, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Subscribe at Highbury House Communications, PO Box 91178, Long Beach, CA 90809-9862

Men's Journal. Adventure, Sports, Fitness, Ideas. A  H. Active men, participantory sports, travel, adventure, quality leisure time. Written for active men who are interested in sports, travel, fitness, and adventure. It offers practical, informative articles on how to spend quality leisure time. (556M/$52M). 7/03: How the West was Lost, Beaches & Bars Issue: Where to Party, Wakeboard, Slurp Oysters, Slam Tequila & Swim Naked. Growing Up Mantle: Mickey's sons tell their story. 20 Hot Beaches (And Supermodel Marisa Miller!) The 45 Best Bars: Watering Holes from Key West to Rio de Janeiro. Jack Johnson: How a pro surfer became a rock star. Jimmy Buffet: The man who never left paradise. Barbecue Buyer's Guide, Best Massages, New Road Bikes. 4/02: Own Your Own Cabin: How to buy land and build the perfect hideout. 14 Spring Adventures. Body and Mind: Yoga power: Why you need it now. How to get started. Cars: Best sport wagons. Fashion: Return of the suit. Tech: Great digital cameras. Escaping the Twin Towers: Survivor stories you'll never forget. 2/02: Special Issue: Paradise. Secret Beaches: 19 weekend hideouts you can get to in hours. The Terrorist Hunters: In side the FBI's elite task force. American Gold: The six men to watch in Salt Lake. The Best Cars and SUV's of 2002. 1/02: How to Build Your Best Body: One easy weight loss plan you'll stay on forever. Last-Minute Gift Guide: Backpacks, sunglasses, tents, camcords, power tools. 5 Places to Get Warm Now: Desert lodges, island diving, hot spas. 50 Greatest Bars: Our humble opinion. 12/01: 16 Cool Winter Getaways: Islands, lodges, ski schools, weekends. Holiday Wish List: 67 things you really want. The Sharpest Digital Camera. The Fastest Mountain Bike. The Most Versatile Home Gym. The Toughest Backpack. Exclusive: Under Fire in Afghanistan: A reporter's diary from the war zone. 11/01: The Firefighters: Their own stories. 10/01: Terror Under the Sea: How 118 men died on the submarine Kursk. Build a New Body: Basic steps to a flatter stomach, stronger arms, and a bigger chest (keep it forever). Great Fall Drives: Road maps to food, music and adventure. A Man's Guide to Drinking. 9/01: Style & Design Special: 96 objects of desire. Perfect Stuff: Things you must own. The Best: Motorcycle, Sunglasses, Watch, Knife, Sports Car, Flashlight, Camera, Health Monitor, Backpack, Baseball Bat, Hiking Boots, Phone, Golf Clubs, MP3 Player, Snowboard and more. Sex Camps: The new road to great sex. Workout Breakthrough: Twice the muscle in half the time. 6/01: The Perfect Summer 2001 Hot Water: The best swimming hole, wreck dive, seafood shack, trout stream, coral reef, surf break, nude beach. And 23 more secret spots. 30 Great Escapes. Bigger Biceps (fast). Sex Creams for Women (they work). The Thirty-Year War: Ali vs Frazier. The Very Weird World of Superstar Jockeys. Mountain-Bike Paradise (A Men's Journal Discovery). 1/01: 15 New Winter Weekend Getaways. The Deadliest Round-the-World Race. Real Safari: On foot with the maasai. Holiday Drinking: The professional's guide. A New Body in 12 Weeks: A simple three-part plan. Rasheed Wallace, the NBA's most puzzling star. The Enviable Life of the World's Greatest Skier. What the New Cholesterol Drugs can Do for You. Men's Guift Guide: Toys, tools, and more. 11/00: NFL Special: Inside the Huddles, The Lock Rooms and The Lab Where 400-Pound Terrorists are Made. The World's Most Dangerous Traveler. Workout Recovery Secrets. Going to Mars: A team gets ready. Heidi Klum as the referee. Plus: Best New Skis and Snowboards. Jim Harrison: Gone to Mexico. The East Coast Rockies. 10/00: Fall Fitness Special: The NFL's October Surprise. Michael Johnson: The human fitness project - three gold medals and counting. Perfect Shape:  11 power exercises. 9 herbs, drugs and medical breakthroughts, 4 speed secrets plus the best sex money can't buy (yet). The Man Who Knows Everything: Paul Theroux on Oliver Sacks. A Name-Dropping Jerk on Staggering Genius: Dave Eggers on Neal Pollack. Baseball, Rum and Castro: Storming Cuba with Bill "Spaceman: Lee. 9/00: Style & Design Special. The Stuff of Life: 90 things to sharpen your style and add to the fun. The best-designed cell phone, roadster, suits, hammer running shoes, lounge chair, skis, motorcycle and a whole lot more. Olympic Training Secrets: Fall Football Films. North America's Greatest Hike. My Favorite Things: Stephen King. Jackie Chan. Tom Wolfe. Moby, Tom Ford, Ozzy Osbourne, Hunter S. Thompson. David Byrne on blips, blobs, grooves and curves. 8/00: Great American Hideouts: Our 10 favorite towns for holing up and living right. Brothers in Danger: Adventures on the edge. Better Lovin' Bigger Muscles: Which supplements really deliver? Olympic Rivals: The biggest showdowns. Jeff Bridges: Has his hideout. Have you got yours? The Super Bowl Workout: Training secrets of next year's champs. The Dirtiest Man in the USA. The Strongest Girl in the World. 4/00: Take off: 15 back-road adventures and more hideouts that you can count. Secrets of the Road. I was a Pro-Wrestling Washout. Food, Sex, Music and other necessities. Spring in the Air, War on the Ground: The next Balkans blowup. Billy Bob Thornson vanquishes the suits. Spring Fitness:  Muscle in a month. Allen Iverson Steals the Show. Pump Up Your Golf: The best sticks and schools. The 52 Winningest Poker Tricks. 3/00: Turn Flab into Muscle: 3 workouts to make you a fat-burning machine. Last Tango in Kathmandu. Bar-Fight Etiquette. Latrell SPreewell Speaks. Robert Hughes in the Australian Bush. Worst Shark Attack Even: The story that haunts the U.S. Navy. 12/99-1/00: Winter: Get more mountain, have more fun. 50 new trails, bowls, peaks, resort deals. The Life and Death of Alex Lowe. 4 Total Body Workouts. Gear of the Year. Carl Hiaasen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oliver Stone, Jason Williams. 10/99: Fall Fitness Special. Do it Now:  Great Shape (no shortcuts). 10 Tests to Check Your Fitness. One Perfect Workout. What to Expect of Your Body When You're 25, 35, and 45. How to Pick the Right Cell Phone. Mountain Trout plus Great City Fishing. Ricky Williams. Navy Seals. Roger Clemens. 9/99: 85 Perfect Things. The Great Life. The Best Designed home gym, longboard, golf club, fly rod, ballpark, chair, laptop, cowboy hat, motorcycle, seaplane, workout machine, guitar, cell phone, ski, dark glasses plus 70 more. The MJ Design Collection. Heroes. 8/99: Dream Towns Issue. Hideouts & Secret Spots:  25 four-star one-horse towns. Lost?  Adrifts?  Stranded?  The MJ survival guide -3 days to live or die. The Ultimate Shipwreck. Tom McGuane on Cutting Horses. Burn Fat, Have Fun, Get Strong. 5/99: The Man Who Tried to Save the World; 5 pages of gym tips - Yvon Chosuinard - Golf's New Edge. Road Trip:  Drive-cross country - Back roads, fastest Hwys. The MJ Route:  10 days, 12 states, 1 million laughs. Looking for Hemingway. 3/99: Mind & Body: Power yoga, tai chi, sports psych. The Everst of Rivers: and the deadly race to run it. Adverture Time:  Spring Skiing, Free-Diving, Desert Hiking, Kayak Fly-Fishing and...How to escape a burning high-rise. Spring Break for Grown-ups. 15 New MJ Trips: Mt Washington, Baja Surfari, Buffalo Country, Valdez. 12-1/99 - The world's most dangerous girlfriend - PJ O'Rourke on the Karma Highway. Mike Lupica on the year in sports. Winter Kicks 1999-Jackson Hole to Newfoundland. The Secret of Vallee X. Muscle Builders. Best toys and tech for Christmas. New Year's 2000 Planner - 20 wild places to party around the world. John Ramus, Editor, Men's Journal, 1290 Avenue of Americas, New York, NY 10104 or subscribe at or send letters to

Men's Journal Buyer's Guide, (5/$12 - Newsstand) PO Box 420863, Palm Coast, Fl 32142-8326

Ministry. The world's biggest-selling clubbing magazine. #38: 50 Things that Rock Your World. Starring: Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Lost Weekends, Cops on Drugs, Sex in Toilets, E-spresso, Giant USA, KM5, Ibiza, Kylie. Free CD: Pumping house mix from the Ministry of Sound. Scott Mason, Editor.

Mondo: For the sharper man. 05-06/01: Head Trip: A bluffer's guide to life, the universe, & everything. Naked City: Uncovering life in the striptease business. Bullets Over Bogota: Our man in Columbia cops a slug. Digital Death: Has MP3 murdered the art of sleeve design?  Simon Pegg: Pop picking with the urbane Spaced man. Nick Cave: He smiles! He laughs! He even tells jokes! Mondo, 374 Euston Rd, London NW1 3BL 020 7554 5700

My Generation, 6/02: Make Money on eBay: Real-life success stories. Exercise for Every Body: Plus: The perfect 20-minute workout. Social Security Surprise: The news (gulp) is good. The Horror of High School Reunions: Dress to conquer. How to Get a Great Job Now. Jazz Sensation Diana Krall. Balancing Body & Brain. Summer Salads, And More... Isabella Rosselinni (without apologies). 10/01: Jeff Bridges: Beautiful dreamer. Get Ready to Live to 120: It'll happen sooner than you think. E-dating: For grown-ups. 5 Ways to Cut Your Credit-Card Debt. Talk to Your Kids about Drugs: Honestly. Surprised by Joy: Five lives transformed. Plus: Walter Mosley, Scary Hair, 1,001 Uses for Prozac. 9/01: Matt Groening: The genius who controls Bart Simpson (Yeah. Right!) Mom, Dad & Three Kids from Korea: Snapshots of the new American family. Sobering Truths: From a recovering alcoholic. Move It or Lose It: How to stay flexible. Help! My ex has someone new. (12/$10 as part of AARP membership). or 800.424.3410. Betsy Carter, Editor, 601 E St N.W., Washington, DC 20049 or

P.O.V. Men's Point of View. Work hard, Play hard, is a survival guide for today's man. Each monthly issue covers things guys are interested in: sports, careers and finance, style, love and romance, and sex symbols. 2/00: Own Your Destiny! P.O.V.'s guide to the future. Sex: Women divulge 29 secrets. Internet Start-Up from Hell. The Real Man's Road Trip. Victoria's Secret Weapon Daniela Pestova. Plus Sharp Shoes, Valentine's Dinners, Cool Car Toys. 12/99-1/00: American Beauty Mena Suvari. Retire by 30! Find riches with internet niches. Sex+Sports+Dream Girl. Score with IPOs. Dating Game Shows Exposed! Men's Point of View: Work hard, play hard. Y2K Bonus! How to survive anything. Plus. Miami Party Nights, Canyon Adventures, Babes in Sweaters. 11/99: Men's Point of View:  Work hard, play hard. Money! Music! Sports! Jobs!  The 4th annual POV 100 best web sites. Who Really Runs Silicon Valley?  Sex:  Flirt like a pro. Killer:  Island escapes, football trips, tax dodges. Deadlier than Navy SEALS. Amazing Grace:  Debra Messing shoots straight. 10/99: Men's Point of View:  Work Hard, Play Hard. Entrepreneur of the year '99. Live Large!  P.O.V.'s Top 50 Trailblazers. Sex:  Score your perfect match. Best Home Bars, Tailgate Gear, Online Brokers. The Spies of Silicon Valley. Pro Athlete Hell. Tennis, Anyone?  Anna Kournikova. 9/99: Land Your Dream Job!  Plus:  The 12 coolest places to work. Sex:  Secrets of the bar pick-up. Tommy and Calvin on Style 2000. Cult?  Gold:  300 yards - easy. Mystery Woman:  Claire Forlani. 8/99: Score Abroad! 8 best bets for the next Prague. Stock Message Boards:  Inside the scam. Sex:  The no-hassle relationship. Man of the Century:  At 100, Hemingway can still teach you the good life. Beach Parties, Beach Drinks, Beach Workouts. (Big) Daddy's Girl:  Now everyone's chasing Joey Lauren Adams. 6-7/99: Zoooom to the Top!  12 CEO's tell you how. Think Like Tiger. Raft the Grand. Internet Sotcks:  It's not too late. Sex:  The hottie in the next office. I Love You Man!  The Bushes, the Alomars and more tales of male bonding. Jeff Gordon:  Life in NASCAR's fast lane. 5/99: Sex:  The art of the first date. Love Your Life!  1999's 10 hottest jobs. Survive Your Nightmare Boss. Great Golf, Cheap Golf. Silicon Valley's Alien-Loving Millionaire. Move Over, Jordan!  Meet wrestling's Goldberg, America's favorite really.4/99: 4th Anniversary Special!  Think Big!  7 Winning Rules: Tyra Banks on Confidence. Sammy Sosa on sportsmanship. Steve Case on perserverance. Larry Flynt on independence. Norman Mailer on audacity. Joe Torre on patience. Ban Bradlee on truth. The Rise and Fall of an NBA Rookie. Sex:  Have a fling!  Wear a Suit Like an All-Star. 3/99: Oscar de la Hoya: Is this the next Ali? Snowboarding's Rag to Riches Saga. Quit Now!  Ditch your job and chase your dream. Fast Money: Make big bucks trading at home. How to Pop the Question. Taxes Made Easy. Ski 'til July. POV's Living Large book on sale. 2/99:  Privacy Secrets-Mardi Gras Hotspots. Get rich! and have fun doing it!  Racehorses. Baseball teams. Movie Posters. Wine & More. Suck it Up-Terry Bradshaw. Survive Your Ex-Girlfriend. Flirt the DEATH at 200 mph. Mira Sorvino: The thinking man's knockout. Win a Prize a Day! 12-1/99. Sex: Break the female code. Hit the Jackpot!  The 75 best cities to earn your fortune. Skiing: Best the cold. Sell Your Movie Idea. Modern-Day Moonshiners., Perfect Dharma - the business of being Jenna Elfman. Randall Lane, Editor, Be Your Own/Freedom Ventures, Inc., 56 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10010

Ralph, Sex & Style Issue. No. 11: 2 Magazines: Blondes issue, Brunettes issue. (The "Blondes issue" was highlighted on ours. Unlike Gear, Men's Health and MH-18, Ralph makes it at least somewhat clear that they have printed more than one cover for the same issue.) Christina: Like you've never seen her. Amazing Twins Special: Twin models, twin meter maids, twin boxers, V-Twin Honda. Estelle Warren: Monkeys around in Planet of the Apes. Snow Bunnies: on the piste in Mt Buller. Swedish Backpackers: Talk about sex. 100 Greatest Rock Bands Ever. Plus: Anna Kournikova, Captain Stupid, Whale Surfing, Scarborough Beach, WA, Grass, RSLs. No. 10 (9/01): Sex & Money. Sex: How to charm her pants off. Money: Coke dealers snort it. Sex: Working in the porn shop. Money: Playing the pokie king. Sex: Supermodel Kylie Bax. Money: Pro gamblers roll in it. Sex:  Melbourne babes talk dirty. Money: It doesn't talk (and it doesn't sing and dance, and it doesn't walk.)  The LG Birl: Steamed-up shots. Bling-bling fashion. Easy riders: The world's best bikes. Plus: Dugongs, Kelpies, Upside-down, catfish, Penguins, Sharks. No. 9: Roll with Me: Chiko chick Sarah Jane. Graffiti Bombers Tag Trains. Ourlaw skaters vs security guards. "I ate a box jellyfish" Making porn at home. Real punks don't die. "Don't defuel in the dobe, chocco." Massive Free posters. 20 page hot car special. Victoria's secrets: Atisa de Kretser: Undergirl. Erin Normoyle: Motocross Queen. Annalise: student. + Freddie Fittler, Jeff Kennett, Pennywise, Iguanas.

Razor: More than just a way of life. 6/02: Cruising into an Endless Summer: 6 pages of classic convertibles. Sidney, Halle & Denzel: Striking Oscar gold. A profile by writer, director and producer Robert Townsend. Tina Brown Talks No More. How one woman's unbridled ego and brazen uncertainty killed talk magazine. The Heidi Fleiss Interview: Breaking the silence. The Hollywood madam in her own words. Milla Jovovich: Proving lightning does indeed strike twice. 20 Pages of Men's Fashion. + Jolene Blalock, Chuck Barris, Gilbert Gottfried, Jesse James, Summer Altice. 5/02: Sex & Power Music: A sizzling pictorial featuring powerful women in music today and those on the cusp of tomorrow. 50 Things to Do in Spring. Jewel: Sexy, lyrical and poetic. The complete package. Cameron Diaz: From the gangs of New York to a Garden of Eden. Basketball Diaries: Hard times on the hartop in Harlem. Vinnie Jones: The soccer bruiser and mean machine. Featuring Madonna, Alicia Keys, Alanis, PJ Harvey and more! + Anastacia, Vincent Gallo, Eva Longoria, John O'Hurley, The Iron Chef, Ted Nugent, Bill Hicks. 4/02: 2002 Major League Baseball Preview. Mike Tyson Meltdown: From menace to madness. Alanis Morissette: In a stream of consciousness. Robert Forster: The resurrection of a movie star. An American in Paris: The simple life of Maxine Bahns. A Classic Moment with Rosa Blasi. + Salma Hayek, Erin Cressida Wilson, The Masculine Travelor, Cindy Ambuehl, Ted Nugent.

Rolling Stone, 1/31/02: The New (Legal) Killer Drugs. U2 Alicia Keys Sum 41: Rule our annual music awards. It's a Family Affair: No doubt: Sex, success and staying together. National Forest Under Attack. Nickelback. Shakira. Wu-Tang Clan. 4/12/01: Tangled Up in Bob: The tender madness of Dylanology. Air Rage: Death at 35,000 feet. Inside L.A.'s Violent Girl Gangs. What's Cool Now starring Julia Stiles as the coolest coed. Special Issue: Hip-hop bands, style, movies, video games, tattoos. Aerosmith, Andy Dick, Daft Punk, Tina Fey, The Strokes. 7/6/00: Special Double Issue. Guess What Christina Wants. Ozzy: At home with the Prince of Darkness. Special Report: Can a Boy Scout be gay?  Napster's Boy Wonder. Olympic Style. Slipknot:  Nine angry men. No Doubt: Grows up. Eninem, Destiny's Child, Springsteen Live. 5/25/00:  Britney Wants You!  Money, Greed & Mystery: Who worte 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight?' The State of Gay Politics. Hanson Blink-182 Kittie. Y2K's First Smash: Gladiator. Hanson Grows Up, Rocks Out., PO Box 420870, Palm Coast, FL 32142-8338

RoMANtic, practical guide on becoming the man of every woman's dreams, (6/$15), PO Box 1567, Cary, NC 27512-1567 (5-6/99) or

Sky Magazine: Action, talent, style. 7/01: Sex Issue: Our annual orgy of spicy secrets 'n' semi-clad stars. Atomic Kitten: On Beckham, Bowers & the other celebs they've snogged. Porn Star Sex: x-rated tricks from the professionals. Usher Unzipped: His top's off and he's talking dirty. Kinky Confessions: Red-hot readers' stories in the Sky sex survey plus! dozens of pics of your bits. How Many People Have You Slept With? We reveal if it's enough. Sexual Chemistry: Are drugs good in bed?  Undies 'n' Beachwear That'll Make You Way Fitter. Sex Issue People: The Offspring, Shannon Elizabeth, Sunshire Anderson, Pied Piper, Ivana Horvat, Travis, Tinhead from Brookie Supermodel Ana Hickman. 5/01: Faye from Steps: On booze, boob jobs and leaving the band "No one's ever seen me this sexy before." Free CD: Toploader, Stereophonics, Gorillaz, ATB, Leftfield, Wheatus, Ash, Artful Dodger, Timo Maas & loads more. Dirth Talk: The filthy flirt tricks that get you more sex. Jiggy-on-Sea! Where to get hot 'n' horny this summer. Revealed! What your mobile says about you. Make Yor Mates Jealous: Bags, belts, and trainers to turn 'em green. Sky People: Katie Holmes, Eminem, Destiny's Child, Shaggy, Mel from Big Bruv, The Avalanches. Lisa Snowdown. 4/01: SClub7: Sex, cigarettes & alcohol...their frankest interview ever. Livin' Rich: Britain's most loaded under-30s and how to join 'em. What's the Richest Star Sign?  Designer Labels for Not Much Dosh? What It's Like Being Stinking Rich by Lady Victoria Hervery. 20 Gotta-Have T-Shirts. Wherever You Go This Saturday, We Guarantee You'll Pull. Sky People, David Boreanaz, Toploader, Mya, Darius from Popstars, Dark Angel's Jessica Alba, Keanu at the Drive-in. 2/01: Drop 'em! It's the Norotious Naked Issue: Naked celebs, naked models, naked readers, naked fashion, naked clubbers-need we go on? Kerry: Atomic Ktten's bombshell bares the lot. And Bryan Westlife doesn't like it. Look Sexier during Sex: How to keep your cool with your kit off. Steps: Wicked 'n' wild. Fatboy Slim: Wets the baby's head. Charisma Carpenter: Wearing not much. Jade from Damage: Whacks his tats out. Joaquin Phoenix: Wtih a hosepipe. 12/00: 100 Rude New Sex Tips: So full-on, we had to seal 'em. Britney rocks: Clubbing, swearing, smoking...Where did it all go right? We Phone the Pope and say Whassup. Sky People: Eninem, Katie Holmes, Ryan Phillippe, Spice Girls, Ssqo, Daft Punkl, Nelly. 11/00: TV's Sexiest!  Jamie Oliver, Emily from Brookie, Buffy & co., Joshua Jackson, Donna Air, Vernon from FBi, Finn from Hollyoaks, Zoe from Enders, and starring...Cat SMTV's Golden Girl. + Win a weekend with Robbie. Why massage is the new sex. Coldplay: Winter Style Essentials. Vote for Noel's new girlfriend. Britney Strips. Finley Quaye. How to work a room. All saints. 8/00: Bite Me!  Sarah Michelle Gellar on boys, bras and Buffy. Five Badass Boys Givin' it Large. Emily from Brooke: Scouse saucepot on the pull. Eminem: Asks us to step outside. Bermot from T4: Dishes the backstage dirt. Craig David: Shows us his boink. Win!  Designer scooters, New York trips, MP3 players, and Wap Phones. Plus! 69 best sex tips on the net. Ayia Napa uncovered. Thandie Newton. Why you need 7 sorts of mates. Lil' Kim. Bloodhound Gang. David Gray. 3/00: Lil' Devil: American Beauty's Mena Suvari Hollywood's Hottest Sex-Nymph! She's wicked, innit? The Beach: Leonardo! That French Lady! plus your ultimate backpacking guide. Red Bull: The full story of Britain's favorite high. Sex with Aliens: Everybody's at it. Sky People: Britney Spears, Queer as Folk Blokes, Dreem Teem, Lara Croft vs. Nike, Oasis, Kelis. 9/99: The Fashion Issue:  Starring Olivia Williams, Supergrass, Kelly Brook, Prince Naseem, The Cardigans, Jonny, Lee Miller, Will Smith, Leelee Sobieski, Rhys Ifans, Jason Schwarzman. Our celeb-studded cast strike poses for David Bailey. Try It On!  Britain's hottest new models kick-start our style riot. Trainer Family Tree:  The incestuous world of sneakers. Drugs, Guns, Katie Holmes:  America's Human Traffic has landed. "Cocaine Sex in a Champagne Jacuzzi, Sir?"  Fashion's wild side exposed. 4/99: Twice as Much Sex:  Who's having it and hot to get it. Blur Album:  Read this before you buy it. Reese Witherspoon:  "My breasts are the best thing in Pleasantville". "Oh look, her leg's fallen off"  Readers on the rampage. Kelly Brook "And then I smashed the chandelier..."  Sky People:  Stereophonics, Fatboy Slim, Wonderbra Girl, East Enders babes, Janine Club Vision, Gail Porter Radio 1's Zoe A & Showbiz Jude. Cameron Diaz Drunk!  Gwyneth Paltrow Naked!  Slickest TV Clips Ever:  We condemn this outrage. In full colour. Jonny Lee Miller:  Trainspotting's sick boy gets down and dirty. Plus!  Summer Fashion:  Stay on top!  Sort it now! 12/98. The annual glode-trembling...Sex Issue. Bed anyone in five minutes. Dear Karen's rumpy masterclass. Uncensored: the Sky sex survey. Clubbing on Viagra. Rudest people ever. Three-way lav love. Eleven-way bath bonk. Underclad naughty neighbour Nicola Charles. Sick. Twisted. Terribly amusing - 50 funniest moments of all time. That's disgusting-Emma Harrison, Gail Porter, Finley Quaye, Homer Simpson-tackle our sex test. Sky people: Johnny Depp, Alanis Morrissette, Liv Tyler, Eagle-eye Cherry, Oasis, Electrasy and ahem Richard Bacon. (64/78.40 airmail-newsstand), Christopher Hemblade, Editor, First Floor, Mappin House, 4 Winsley St, London W1N 7AR England.

Sports Illustrated, (53/$40-Newsstand), 12/22/03: Special Report: Hazing, a High School Tragedy, How Much is This Jersey Worth? In Charge: Peyton Manning, on Top of His Game, Pushes the Colts to the Playoffs. The Best Sports Books of 2003. 12/99-1/00: Special Double Issue. The 50 Greatest Sports Figures from California and every other state: 1900-2000. PO Box 61290, Tampa, FL 33661-1290.

Stuff for Men (from Maxim magazine). 7/02: Movie Madness Special: Best summer flicks. The Stuff Survey: Ever slept with your gun? U.S. soldiers shoot off their mouths (and more). Sex Without Trying: Less dating more mating. Homicidal Hoboes! Murderous tales of rail-riding lunatics. A Guy Walks Into a Bar: And gets lucky. Here's how. Iza Does It! 077's hottest babe. Plus Busta Rhymes, The Crocodile Hunter, Pictures of Ugly Fish. 6/02: Law & Order's Elisabeth Rohm:  Verdict: She's hot!  She So Crazy: Psycho girlfriends - a survival guide. Hell on Earth: Richard Simmons' couch and 17 other scary destinations. C.S.I.'s Jorja Fox: TV's sexiest scientist shows us the body. Sex Machine! Gentlemen, start your women! The $5 Million Bathroom: The world's most ridiculously expensive stuff. Danger: Midgets inside! Bikini Science: A two-part expose. Plus: Turtle rodeos. Andy Richter. Kim Basinger. Scotch. Chris Webber. Really fat cats. Marlon Brando's underwear. 5/02: WWF's The Rock Loses It! His virginity, that is. Find out more. The Real World's Cara: Too hot for MTV? Circus of Sex! Behold the wildest acts on earth. Faces of Evil: How four men survived terrorists, kidnappers and killers. Sofia Vergara: Is in big trouble, and we've got the pictures to prove it. Sex You Don't Deserve! Now to aim higher in bed. "My Uncle Punched Hitler" The Liar's Bible: 400 fibs you can get away with. Plus: Shiny surfboards, Morgan Fairchild, Joe Strummer, Tina Yothers, Golf gear, Sombreros and other stuff to put on your head. 4/02: Her Positions on Sex:  Women bend over backwards to answer your most pressing questions. Kylie Minogue: Is la-la-lusciouis! You won't get these pictures out of your head. Massive Music Issue!  Coolest bands. Diabolical songs. Wu-Tang weirdness. Effective prescriptions for pesky infections. Ugliest Rock Stars: We dare you to turn to page 58. Hot Women in Vinyl: The sexiest album covers of all time. Nicole Eggert Returns: Stuff's steamiest shoot ever. How to Stop a Hijacking: The true story of flight 219. Plus: Saddam Hussein's romance novel. GameCube giveaway. Fun with foreigners. Great guitars. An evil frog. 3/02: Sheryl Crow:  Spreads her wings. Phi Beta Babe: Our women's studies winner unveiled. Drop That Koala! The weirdest stuff ever stolen. A Serious Investigatoin: Easy Come, Easy Go: Confessions of a retired adult-film star. "This Won't Hurt a Bit" Horror stories from the doctor's office. Inside Shaq's Secret Stash: Mr. O'Neal lets us play with all his toys. Carnal Crash Course: Get an A in bed tonight. The Stuff Stupidity Test: This is a test to see if you're stupid!  Fashion Special: Pick up your clothes!  25 pages of shirts, pants, shoes and disgruntled models. Plus Bo Derek, Ray Liotta, Hot Bikes...And Where Chickens Come From. 2/02: King of Queens: Leah Remini reigns over prime time. G.I. Joe 2004:  America's deadliest new weapons (This stuff really hurts). Craziest Prison Escapes: How cons did the crime, then skipped the time. Rock Bottom: Celebs confess their most pathetic addictions. Inside Charles Barkley's Bald Head: "I want to play the piano and get really, really fat." Sex Survival Guide: How to get by on just three women per week. Plus: Awesome ATVs, Kid Rock, Cool Coffins, Jimmy Kimmel, Rebecca De Mornay, Hot Sacks.1/02: War Report: Put up your nukes. Our guide to kicking al Qaeda's arsenal. Sexclusive! Will she sleep with you? Only if you read this! Monster TV's, Tiny Computers, Meat in a Bag! Our favorite stuff. 20 Best Bars in the U.S. Hottest babes! Cheapest beer! Nicest curtains!  Not Another Teen Movie: Two for One: Chyler Leigh and Mia Kirshner: The ultimate double feature. Plus Pretty pictures of Pink, Trent Reznor finally smiles. The CIA's deadliest killer. A duck in a stress. 12/01: America's #1 Sweetheart: Alyssa Milano. Stunning new photo shoot!  Banned by the Taliban! 1,000 Women Bare All: Our exclusive new sex survey. Killer Babes: The 10 hottest women on death row. The World's Greatest Parties: So good you won't remember them. What a Leper Can Teach you About Women. The Stuff Annual Gift Guide: Best of the year in gadgets and gear. Sex With Your Ex: Less nag, more shag. Plus: A trip to porn school. Buffy's hot lesbian witch. New Order. The Xbox. How to win any fight. The ugliest bunny ever. 11/01:  S-E-X in the USA. Where to find the hottest women in the country (directions included). Corvettes, Porsches, Ferraris, Zambonis. The ultimate buyer's guide to the world's coolest cars. Apes of Wrath. Inside India's shocking Monkey Man murders. Go Down in Style. 11 pages of great new snowboarding gear. America the Beautiful. Land of the free and home of Brooke Burke. Inside Snoop Dogg's Secret Dogghouse. Here's what MTV couldn't show you. Plus! Charlotte Ross, TV's sexiest detective. ESPN's Kenny Mayne. An Evening With Rob Zombie. Build Your Own Bar. Cooking with Power Tools. 10:01: Pamela Anderson: Shakes off her shyness. 60 Sexiest People, places and positions of 2001. Take Our Torture Test: P.O.W. secrets to enduring unspeakable pain. What Women Really Want in Bed: It's worse than you think. TV's Forgotten Stars: #10: Larry from Three's Company. "Alien Reptiles Control Denver!" The craziest conspiracies-revealed. Bonus! Huge Pamela Pullout. Plus! The real world's steamist star, A salute to sloppy joes, Heather Locklear. The freakiest freak aaccidents. Pages of shiny new gadgets. 9/01: J.Lo Jennifer Lopez! Officially the galaxy's most beautiful woman. 50 Amazing Things Explained! Robosaurus! Human skin! Giant squid! Bacon! Sex Without Baggage: 11 foolproof ways to get in and get out. The Meaning of Life. Fashion Frenzy! 31 pages of clothes she'll rip off your back. 8/01: Willa Ford: Wants to be bad. Ultimate Sex Secrets: Guaranteed to blow her mind and scare the pets. Get Mad...and Even! 10 recipes for revenge. Iggy Pop's Guide to Life: Advice on love, parenting and skin care. PLUS Rush Hour 2's, Roselyn Sanchez, The Beta Band, Power Tools, A Glass Eye, Nancy Drew. 7/01: The Hot New Women of MTV. World Exclusive: Survivor's Amber: Casts away her clothes!  Sex with Strangers: Pickup secrets that work every time. Mud Baths, bon fires and $20 Hot Dogs: The summer's most outrageous concerts. The Best Cities in America: For women, clubs, beef, entertainment...oh, and jobs. Plus: Radiohead, Lesbian Love, Tips, Delicious Monkeys! 6/01: Jamie Pressly's Back! And her front, and her side, and her... Speaking of sex gods: Are you her Best ever? You will be now! 50 Dangerous Movies: Forgotten flicks you almost missed. Flaming Nutjobs: Psycho firefighters who start deadly blazes. Big-Screen Special! The ugliest film stars ever. Kirsten Dunst. 36 Greatest (and worst) Lines. A Man Who Thinks He's Peter Pan. 5/01: The World's Most Amazing Sex: 53 high-wire acts you won't believe. America's Worst Surgeon: He'll have you in stitches. The Catalog of Cool: Clothes, gear, gadgets, gizmos. Jump In! Marisa Coughlan is wading for you. 20 pages of the Most Beautiful Women You'll Ever See. Plus The Sex Secret She Won't Tell You. Psycho Shrinks and Randy the Helpful Pineapple. 4/01: Destiny's Child: A date with music's hottest threesome. Plus Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Aaliyah, Jessica Simpson and other women who want us. Vacation Sex: You won't come home without it. World's Deadliest Job: No hiring. Extensive travel. Typing a plus. Some killing required. Hot Robot Love: So much closer than you think. Giant 36-page music special! 50 forgotten albums, great bands, and scary groupies. 3/01: The Opposite Sex: An instruction manual. Read carefully before turning her on. Free Movies! Free Money! Free Lunch! Honest. Would we lie to you?  A Day in the Life of Your Hand: Shocking! Revolting! Repulsive! More Free Stickers! 20% stupider! Enhanced with tomfollery!  Great Brittany: The new queen of Hollywood: "On Your Knees, Peasants!"  Bonus! Special Fashion Section: 30 pages of stuff you'll actually wear. 1/01: Office Sex Exposed: Who's doing what...and to whom!  The 100 Most Dangerous Men on Earth: Drug lords, CEO's, mad scientists, boy bands and Janet Reno. You're Toast! A terrifying look inside your body. It's Mila Time! Meet Ms. Kunis: The foxy one from That '70s Show. Plus! Booby Traps. Kylie Bax. Clown Porn: Yep, it's back. 25 Free Stickers! Offend your friends. 12/00: Exclusive Photo Shoot: 9021 Oh! Tori Spelling unzipped. Ice Picks: Hot clothes for cool nights. On the Lam: Stuff hits the road with America's outlaw street races. 25 Pranks So Devious They're Delicious. Wild Winter Parties: Downhill couch racing, naked caroling, beer fests and extreme toe warming. Plus Katie Holmes, Punky Brewster, Beastie Boys, Disturbing Dog Toys, All New Page Numbers! 9/00: Twice the Sex! Half the foreplay. The Great Stuff Sports Quiz: A test so grueling, you'll tear a brain muscle. The 50 Most Annoying Things Even: #40 small dogs. #32. England. Burn Rubber! America's hottest models in the world's coolest cars - Our annual auto special. 4-5/00: Wet n' Wild: Natasha Henstridge, caught of Stuff's showercam. Press Her for Sex: One-touch hot spots that'll turn her legs to jelly. Bomb Voyage! Tourist traps where your passport is a death warrant. Earth's Wildest Parties! Desert raves, boozapaloozas, coed mud baths (clothing optional). Plus Liz Hurley, Julia Stiles, Jeffiner Sky. #5: Scorching! Jaime Pressly, TV's sexiest star in Earth's smallest bikinis. Sex on the Wild Side: Hot-wire the sheets and burn rubber. When Weather Attacks: The world's worst natural disasters. All-Out Gift Blitz: 35 pages of stuff you'd sell your sister for. Now That's Stupid! Not just dumb. Hilarious tales of pathetic morons. Plus: Rebecca Romihn,m Kelly Hu, Robin Tunney. #4/99: Fall Fashion Frenzy: 150 smart ways to blow your dough. 69 Sex Secrets: women wish you knew. The Men Who Wouldn't Die: 20 guys who kicked the Grim Reaper's butt. Gear Junkie: We've got your fix: flying cars, computer suits, paper=thin speakers, and more. Shark Spanking: Could you trake down a great white with a knife?> These fellas can. Alyssa! Hide the towels - Ms. Milano is leaving the pool. 1-2/99. Exposed:  100 new things you've got to have. Weekend Warriors-how to be a hero in your spare time. Banned in Britian-the stuff they don't want you to own. Wristy business-great new faces for 50 pounds. Almighty minidisc-cutting edge sound systems to suit your pocket. Foolproof gifts for her. New sleep secrets for longer life. Britain's top 10 murder zones. Sex scientists. The instant beer machine. (6/$10 - Newsstand) Andy Clerkson, editor, Dennis Stuff, Inc,1040 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018 212.302.22626 or

Stun: Men Who Want More: Sex! Humor! Sports! Gizmos! 7-8/02: What's Your Game? The world of sporst as seen by Stun! Wet & Wild! Catch the ocean's motion on a jet ski. Shot by Shot: Stun! Reviews rum & tequila. Victoria Silvstedt: We're Swede on her! Sex & the Single Man: Mating calls & other essential stuff. Hit the Dirt! SUVs, trucks & 4x4s. Marriage = Death: Don't let it happen to you! 5/02: Tons of Very Sexy Babes. Behind Wheel: 2002's hottest concept cars. The All Mountain Bike Experience. Double Trouble! Meet the Bentley twins. Strip Search: Is there ever a bad time to be nude? Leather & Lace: TV's primetime vixens like it rough! Jag Star Cindy Ambuehl: Is at your command. Who's the Next Stun! Discovery? 4/02: Over 200 Sexy Pics! Ball-Z Babes: They're tough, sexy and ready for anything! Blind Dates: The good, the bad and the just plain ugly! So What Is Victoria's Secret? Lingerie you'll love...on her! Yes! Yes! Yes! Get her to scream those 3 little words... Nice Body Good Bite! Hey, we're talkin' about beer! Booze & Babes: Tips to make the bar scene FUN again... Television Teasors: There's a reason why we call it the "boob tube" Nadia Bjorlin: Is oh so naughty. The "Days of Our Lives" star breaks out. Who's the new Stun! Discovery? Premiere issue (12/01): Wow! Seductive Jaime Bergman Sizzles: Howard Stern's 'Son of the Beach' star gets wet on the set! Make Her Really Beg for You! Tips to give her the ultimate... What Women Really Want! Are you her type? Better loosen up the tie... Fire in the Hole...You've come to the right sauce!  Packin' Heat! Babes, guns, movies and Andy Sidaris... Mystery Stupidity Theater 2001: Our critics tackle a lingerie show. 100s of Sexy Photos!  Hot Celebrity Gallery: Jaime Pressly, Heidi Klum, Carre Otis, Kristy Swanson, Rachael Leigh Cook, Alyssa Milano, Nikki Cox and lots more! (12/$5.99@) Celebrity Worldwqide, Inc., 20 E Sunrise Hwy, Ste 202, Valley Stream, NY 11581

Vitals: The new men's magazine about life's great necessities. 9/04: 783+ People to Know, Places to Go & Things to Own. Exclusive: Sofia Coppola Photographs Andre 300 in Fall's Best Clothes. Matt Damon: His guide to winning the game. How To: Buy the perfect suit, zip through airport security, milk your ex dry, live at a hotel. John Kerry's Breath Mints. George W. Bush's Pickup, Larry David's Humidifier & Free Expert Art Advice that will Make You Millions. First Look: Bruce Weber's new clothing line. Joe Zee, Editor-in-Chief, Vitals, Fairchild Publicatoins, 7 West 34th St, New York, NY 10001.

Yolk, Generasian Next. Vol 8, No. 2, 2001. Mano a Mano with Baywatch Babe Stacy Kamano. Beat Takeshi. Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa. DJ Qbert. Linkin Park. Miss Saigon's Jennifer Paz. Trigger-Happy Tourists. Summer Swimsuits. (6/$50) Alex Luu, Editor-in-Chief, Informasian Media Group, PO Box 3607, Alhambra, CA 91803

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He who confronts the paradoxical exposes himself to reality. - Friedrich Durrenmatt


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