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A few months ago my sister told me about a dilemma she and he boyfriend were having. Her boyfriend's niece was having a birthday party and the invitation expressly said *please, no presents.*

My sister couldn't imagine not buying something for their sweet, little niece. Whenever someone has a birthday, she always buys them a present. How else will they know that you love them?

I suggested to my sister that there were other ways she could help the niece celebrate becoming one year older. They could take her to the zoo or park. An afternoon at Chuck E Cheese (a children's pizza restaurant) or even a trip to a McDonalds with a Playland would be a great gift.

This little girl's parents probably realized that she already had more toys than she needs or even plays with and one more toy wouldn't make her happier in the long run. In fact, by constantly getting new presents, she receives less satisfaction with what she already has.

We often do the same thing in our adult relationships. The first thing that comes to mind when a birthday, anniversary or special occasion comes around is to BUY something to express your love. We forget that experiences are far more valuable than *expensives* in relationships. We probably don't need another piece of jewelry, CD, book or power tool collecting dust. When you constantly receive new *stuff*, you stop appreciating what you already have. What we need are more walks on the beach, picnics under the stars, afternoons by the lake and nights of snuggling on the sofa.

©2009, Michael Webb

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