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Fun for All or None at All?

Have you ever had a friend or coworker tell you that they couldn't go to a fun event because their partner had to work, would be out or town or had some sort of conflict and wouldn't be able to make it?

Athena and I are pretty much inseparable. We love to travel, shop, garden, eat, play and work together. But I would find it utterly selfish to make her feel guilty about missing some fun event or opportunity just because I couldn't go too.

Blissful relationships are NOT built on equal opportunity. Athena lets me sleep later in the morning when Ashton wakes her up. I don't make her feel guilty about spending half the day at the pool with friends when I have work to do. I take business trips alone where I am wined and dined and driven around in limousines. Athena sometimes goes to the park or museum without me. We'd be missing out on a whole lot if we decided that we could only have fun together.

Enjoy the perks that your circumstance gives you.

If your sweetheart is offered a meal at the city's finest restaurant, encourage them to take it even if you can't be there to share it. If your boss gives you a free day pass to a spa and resort, go and don't feel guilty that your partner couldn't join you.

Some couples are willing to do this as long as they *equal out* in the end. They rationalize that she can go on an all expense paid three day ski trip with her company only because last year he went on a golf trip paid by his employer. In a truly loving and blissful relationship you aren't keeping score of these things. You naturally desire more good things for your mate than for yourself. If your partner gets ten times as many perks as you do, be happy for them. If you are the one getting all the cool stuff, be grateful and accept it.

If you wait to do all the fun things only with your sweetheart, both of you will eventually regret it.

©2009, Michael Webb

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Romance is a love affair in other than domestic surroundings. - Walter Raleigh

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