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Back in college I had a bit of a reputation -- a reputation with the ladies. No, it's not what you think. Because I grew up with six sisters I seemed to know quite a bit more about women than most guys so they would often to come to me for advice

I went to a christian university and many of the men were older students and actually serious about relationships. They weren't just looking for someone to go out with, they were wanting to find a wife.

*How will I know if a woman will be a good wife and how do I go about finding her?* was a question I received time and time again.

Here was my advice. 

Don't use all your effort on trying to find yourself a woman who will be a good wife. Instead, spend almost all your time molding yourself into a great husband. That's the hard part. Once you are a man who will make a great husband, finding (and keeping) a wife is much less difficult. The same advice goes for women looking for a husband.

It was amazing to me that men who wouldn't brush their teeth or comb their hair were frustrated that they couldn't get women to go out with them. Guys who had little ambition and absolutely no fashion sense couldn't understand why God hadn't *blessed* them with a wife. And the same goes for sour, abrupt women who complain that either they can't keep a man or the man they already have isn't worth keeping.

This is not to say that if you are single it is because you are unworthy. The point is, don't worry too much about finding or keeping someone. Take care of yourself. Learn to be patient and forgiving. Read books, take courses and do all things possible to make yourself the number one potential husband or wife in the world. That's the best way to find and keep a great wife or terrific husband.

©2009, Michael Webb

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Romance is a love affair in other than domestic surroundings. - Walter Raleigh

Michael Webb is a world renowned relationship and romance expert having appeared on over 400 radio and television shows. He and his wife have been blissfully married for over 10 years. He is the best-selling author of The RoMANtic's Guide: Hundreds of creative tips for a lifetime of love.. Sign up for his FREE relationship tips newsletter by sending a blank e-mail to: E-Mail or visit or E-Mail

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