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Vaginal farts - II

The last column was about the noises that come from some vaginas during sexual arousal. Here's a letter from a reader describing the experience that he and his partner have:

Dear Paul

When we are making love, my partner enjoys friction on the walls of her vagina about 2-3 inches deep. On occasion, later in the activity she becomes aroused in a different fashion and wants me to penetrate her deeply, even if it means short strokes which do not rub the walls as much because of the loose skin on a penis. With this kind of thrusting, she enjoys the pushing against the back wall of her vagina which I think is the cervix, and she occasionally gets a vaginal orgasm. This is a very different sensation from a clitoral one. As this arousal is occurring, her vaginal cavity expands to the point that my penis feels like it is entering a cave that is narrow at the entry and opens into a large room. The tip of my penis feels nothing on the sides, just the bumping against the back wall. Now, if I pull out a little too much, I actually pump air into her cavity and it comes out as a fart. This is a little different than the letter in your column. There it seems the woman is actually pulling air in as her cavity expands.

B in Boulder

Dear B,

Thanks very much for your email. You've done a fine job of describing the ballooning that occurs in the back of some women's vaginas as they become highly aroused. When this happens, some women say they've just got to have something inside of there. This is a wonderful dilemma if you are a guy whose partner needs a filler and you've the perfect thing to fill her with.


The Trojan folks started selling a condom aimed at guys who come sooner than they and their partners might want. It's called the Trojan Extended Pleasure. I spoke with my friends at and they said "It's selling like wildfire." On the other hand, they have had no feedback whatsoever on if it works and whether couples like it. Keep in mind that there can be lots of reasons for coming sooner than you would like, and what might help on guy with the problem might not help the next.

If any of you have tried the Trojan Extended Pleasure, please take a moment and drop me an email at Let me know what you think.

Also, in trying to find a good condom for doing oral sex on a guy, you'll want one that isn't lubricated. The lubrication tastes yuckie—as they say. At the same time, the naked latex tastes yuckie too--so what's girl or guy to do? One partial solution is to try bagging your man with a flavored condom such as Trustex Flavored Condoms. (Others are Lifestyles Kiss of Mint and

Durex Flavored Condoms, although I'm told that Trustex Flavored Condoms are the ones to try first.) Mind you, the flavoring is only to cover over the taste of the latex, so you might want to add some of your own flavoring after the condom's flavoring is sucked off. Any non-oil-based food product will work. One person suggested strawberry puree.

©2007 by Paul Joannides

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