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After a few weeks of studying the hottest "get laid quick" books, and armed with a few splashes of pheromone-scented sex cologne Steve was ready to pick up a woman. He approached the first hot-looking woman in the packed dance club. She seemed like a willing target and was gorgeous. Within a few seconds of eyeing her, Steve whipped out a "proven to work every time" pick up line. His first attempt was; "Your father must have been a criminal because he stole all the stars in the skies and put them in your eyes." The sexy babe responded with a cold blank stare. Steve shrugged off the rejection and approached the next attractive woman who caught his eye. This time Steve tried a slightly different approach. He said, "Congratulations!

You've been voted the most beautiful girl in this room and the grand prize is a night with me!" The woman became angry and slapped Steve and then told him to leave her alone.

Are you tired of face slaps, expensive and overrated call girls, lonely nights with your right hand, and phone sex bills that induce your next heart attack? Picking up women in a bar or bookstore can be accomplished with pick-up lines, persistence, flirting skills, common sense, and a lot of practice. Unless you are a millionaire, a rock star, a professional athlete, or just damn lucky, you probably need help. Lots of it.

The art of seduction begins with an ability to create romantic conversations, the freedom to flirt, confidence, and a command of language. Shakespeare was lucky enough to have all four. Casanova and Don Juan were able to capture scads of woman¹s hearts and bodies by the power of their words, body language, romantic skills, and their sheer animal magnetism.

While honing your skills with women you might be tempted as Steve was to use pickup lines to meet women. In our research we¹ve noticed that pickup lines rarely work. Michael Cunningham, a psychology professor at the University of Louisville, spent several years studying the success rate of various ways to approach women. In the 1980's he sent graduate students out to bars to do "field research" and collect data. His research showed that the most successful line in approaching the opposite sex was, "I feel a little embarrassed about this, but I'd like to meet you." The runner-up line was,"What do you think of the band?" Running a close third was simply saying, "hi."

The next issue for you to examine is how quickly you must move with a woman and how far you need to push things. We¹ve found that when meeting a woman for the first time you generally find yourself in one of three situations: you have days or weeks to seduce the woman, you have a few hours to seduce the woman, or you only have a few minutes to seduce the woman. With each situation you need to create a different game plan. And you also need to take different amounts of risk. It takes more guts to ask a woman out after only knowing her for two minutes than it is to ask out a woman you¹ve known for months. These varying degrees of risk are important for you to access when constructing your overall dating plan. Here is an overview of the three situations:

Situation one: You have days or weeks to seduce the woman: In these situations you have time to seduce the woman. A few examples include a waitress, grocery store check-out girl, cashier, or a woman who works out at your gym. In these situations you know where they work or you have some "excuse": to run into them time and time again. You can then strategize to "bump into them" again, and keep building the seduction over time.

Situation two: You only have a few hours to seduce the woman:

A few examples include meeting a woman at a party, meeting a woman at a bar, talking to a woman on a train ride, or any other situation where time is not on your side. These situations require you to work quickly to win her over. The master seducer will use the lack of time to move through the stages of seduction rapidly.

Situation three: You only have a few minutes to seduce the woman: In these situations the woman will be gone unless you say something and make your move. You need to move quickly or the opportunity will be gone.. A few examples are meeting a woman in a line, talking to a woman at a nearby table at a coffee shop, or talking to a woman in a store. These situations require you to quickly develop rapport and trust. In situations where there is very little time you need to take a larger risk and have the guts to ask for her phone number, her email address, or set up a date right then and there.

Aside from understanding how to talk to women, you must also understand the various stages of creating rapport with a woman. Here is a brief outline of the stages you will likely go through on the way to having sex. At each stage it is important to keep focused on the outcome so that you can keep moving to the next stage. Here is an overview of the stages of rapport. Study these and apply them in any dating situation with a woman. By having a clear understanding of these stages you can easily determine which stage you are at and how to move to the next stage.

Stage one: Breaking the ice, small talk and getting to know each other.

Stage two: Establishing trust and building rapport.

Stage three: Develop romantic/sensual feelings. Having her consider you a potential lover.

Stage four: Some form of physical touch, kissing, or handholding.

Stage five: Either set up the next date or intense sexual connection

With the information on the different stages of dating as well as the three different situations you can now start to construct a more thorough approach to dating. But to really succeed you must also remember that dating is a numbers game. Being persistent is the most important thing you can do. Date and approach as many women as possible. It is your job to break down your own shyness and your resistance to being successful with women. The master seducer is persistent and stays on course to his goal. If you take on this attitude and act accordingly, you will be successful.

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We must try to trust one another. Stay and cooperate. - Jomo Kenyatta

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