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Dear Ron and David,

I've gone out with a girl I met only a couple of times and the sex is great. It started out on a sexual level and I'm happy to keep it that way. All of a sudden she's asking me lots of questions, 'cause I initially lied about my age (cause I'm older than she thought, but I eventually fessed up). Now she wants me to tell her the "truth about everything." O.K. I admit...I even lied about my true name because sex was all I was interested in, and she doesn't need to know more. So here's the question.

What do you do when chick starts to like you too much and wants more into your world than you care to have her, while at the same time you don't want to lose the sex?

C. R.


Thanks for writing! You have here what we call a "short-term sexual relationship." This means that when she wants more, it ends. It is short-term.

Usually relationships that end after just a few times being sexual together end because the women wants "more." That's when you tell her you don't want more, the relationship ends. That's it.

When you lie to a woman, it makes the end of the relationship even more dramatic. When you lie to a woman and she finds out, she either leaves or stays around to punish you. If she stays with you after you've lied to her about you age, your name, and who knows what else, it's going to be to take revenge. That might get you a bit more sex, but we guarantee it won't be worth it.

To be clear: while we are supportive of short-term relationships, we do NOT support lying to a woman. We are against lying both because of the effect it has on her, and because of the effect it has on YOU. Lying to a woman is hard on your self-esteem and self-respect as a man. When you lie to a woman to get sex, you affirm to yourself that you HAVE TO lie to get women. It's almost like you are saying, "The real me isn't good enough to ge a woman, so I have to lie." Why would you want to affirm that to yourself?

So our suggestion is don't lie to women, let this woman go, and thank your lucky stars if she doesn't extract some kind of revenge on you.

Best of luck!


I have a little dilemma. I hang out a lot at my friends dorm room and one of the benefits of this is that there are always women around. A few of these women I am interested for various reasons, the common one being that they are outgoing and active. I talk to them all of the time, and drop hints that I am interested in them but nothing ever seems to come of it. Probably the most bold thing I have ever done was give one of these women a massage late one night after a party. But nothing ever came of it. At this point I am unsure of what to do, other than that I know I can't give up. Any ideas?


Uneffective Seducer


Good to hear from you. This is a common problem, and fairly easy to correct. Here is a few actions to implement immediately:

1. Click here and read the 10 flirting move and start doing them on these women. This is critical. Remember, seduction fundamental number six is "Show Your Romantic Interest Right Away." This isn't technically hard, but can be challenging at first. Do it.

2. After talking to them, ask for get an email address and/or a phone number so you can seduce them over time. Quit trying to get it all handled in one evening. It's not working to try to get results in an hour or less, take these on as longer term seductions! Seduce them online is probably better than on the phone, because you can think about your answers. If you are unsure of how to do this, you might want to consider getting our booklet, "The Internet Seduction Toolkit"

3. The massage is a good move, but make sure you're also doing the flirting moves so they KNOW you are not a friend.

4. Get them alone, or walk them back to their room or apt and then ask for a number or email address then. Most women are shy in a group setting. You need to get them alone so they feel comfortable.

5. Keep going! These girls probably don't even know you are romantically interested, and you are probably beating yourself up and not letting yourself seduce them over time. 

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