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Dear Ron and Dave;

I am sure most men have experienced the "attitude". That is that a high percentage of American women either view men as oppressors or just pigs or both. It is probably the most ironic circumstance in history, since so many men sacrificed so much to protect the very freedom that so many women abuse every minute of every day.

I have tried to adapt, hoping to find that unusual woman, but I find that it is so dibilitating and humilating dealing with these uncultured creatures that I wish there were a better way.

I feel that you are genuinely providing an honest service and I would like to take advantage of your help if you think there is a positive outcome for me.

Bob S.

Dear Bob,

This sounds like a difficult situation for you. It is true that in some places women are nicer than they are in others. Some places just have a snottier vibe; we don't know why. But even if you can't move somewhere else, there is something you can do about your situation.

You actually face two problems. One, you face the problem that women aren't nice to you. Two, you face the problem that your anger about that has built up over the years, and now gets in the way in every interaction with women you have--even when they _are_ being nice to you. This second problem is much bigger than the first.

If you are angry with all women, it just makes their attitude worse when you interact with them. They sense your anger, feel attacked, and get angry back at you. The problem is, in life you find what you are looking for. You understand this already--when you buy a new car, for instance, you start seeing cars just like yours everywhere. Your mind has become attuned to it, and you just naturally find it everywhere.

The same thing happens with women. This isn't to say that women aren't often mean. They are. It's not all "just you." But once you've been hurt by how mean women can be, your mind becomes attuned to it. You tend to see it everywhere. You become so "on the hunt" for women being mean that you tend not to be able to see anything else, even when women are being nice to you. Eventually you lose your mind.

If it's any help, you are right--women can be very mean. But being right all day will not get you sex and relationships with women you desire. You've got to take the necessary action to change the pattern you find yourself caught in. First, you must stop spending time thinking about how mean women are. The more time you dwell in it, the more pervasive it will become. When you find yourself ruminating about how mean women are, or talking about it, immediately think about or talk about something else.

Second, you've got to create a series of experiences for yourself of noticing women being nice to you. Some women are nice, even in your life, right now. You've become expert at noticing when women are mean; now you have to become expert in noticing when they are nice. Notice and journal about when women are nice to you, no matter how small the examples may be. In time you will see women's niceness more easily. This will make you less tense and angry around women, which will make it much easier for them to be nice to you, because they won't feel attacked.

Sometimes, if you are really angry, you may need some therapy to help you find a way to safely deal with it. That's okay.

Keep the faith!

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We must try to trust one another. Stay and cooperate. - Jomo Kenyatta

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