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My question is on approaching a woman who is with a group of friends. Thanks to your book I could do it when they are by themselves, but I still can't approach them when they are in a group, even if I sort of know them.


Dear Confused,

This is a place where teaming up with another guy can make a big difference. Recently we were running an individualized weekend for a client, and as part of it took him to a mall to help him learn about approaching women. We went to the make-up area of a department store, because there were lots of pretty women there, all standing around in a group, not working. The two of us flirted successfully with the five of them, and created interactions that could have lead to further interactions or to phone numbers.

Some pointers:

- Approach the group first, the individual woman second. You can approach a group with your male friend, and then split up pretty fast. You approach together, make some jokes, then start to focus more on separate women. At the store, the women were together, but they tended to drift back to their posts occasionally to look like they were working or to help a customer. As they drifted, we went with them. We also came back later and were able to go directly to the women who had been most responsive.

- Be playful. It's good to let your romantic interest be known right away, perhaps saying something like, "Wow, I haven't seen such a bevy of beautiful women in as long as I can remember! How could one store be so lucky to have all of you?" We said this and they laughed and giggled, as much as it might make you gag to think about saying it.

- Use your friend to demonstrate playfulness. One guy showing up and being playful with a group of women can be too scary for them--none of them want to get caught up in the playful vibe until someone else has, so they all might just stare at you blankly. If you are with a friend, you can both be playful and jokey, and that gives the women more permission to get playful with you. After all, someone else has already joined in.

We did this by requesting free make-up samples, especially emphasizing each other's need for such a service. It created a vibe that they could let themselves get into, because they weren't the _first_ to get caught up in it.

- Mix up being playful and more "normal." Full on playfulness will overwhelm your quarry if it never lets up. We also asked questions like, "Do men buy makeup? What kind do they buy?" and "What's your favorite part of this job?" or "Do crossdressers shop here?"

Remember, your goal in flirting is to leave her feeling happy and excited about the idea of seeing you again. Leave while it's still fun, and check back in with her later.

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