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A Highly Successful Seducer Always Pursures more than One Woman

In interviewing and modeling the behavior of Effective Seducers, we learned a terrible truth: if you are trying to become an expert seducer, pursuing only one woman is worse for your sex life than pursuing none at all!

Why is pursuing only one woman as damaging to your sex life as pursuing none at all? Because when you are only pursuing one woman, you have no back-up plan. You have all your eggs in one basket. You can't be playful and pursue her unconcerned with outcomes, because if she's your only prospect, she's your only chance for sex. You'll get overly concerned that if things don't work out you won't have anyone else to pursue. Also, when you are only pursing one woman it most likely will make you dependent on her in some way. You will likely push her away from this dependency attitude. Further, if after a few dates she doesn't like you, then you will feel that there is something wrong with you. Your inability to relax with her will drive her away and leave you feeling bad about yourself.

Many of our students have fallen into this trap. You can follow all the other habits of the Highly Effective Seducer, but if you only pursue one women, you will never experience an abundant sex life.

If you are pursuing a variety of women, adding in more all the time and dropping out ones that don't work out for you, no single woman's response to you takes on much significance. You are able to relax, be playful, and unconcerned about her responses to your seduction. You'll be able to say to yourself "Hey, if she doesn't want me, there are plenty of women waiting in the wings to take her place," and know it's true.

Pursuing more than one woman also makes you more patient with the women you are seducing, because you have a variety of women at different points in your seduction. When a man is pursuing a variety of women, it doesn't matter to him if one of them is being uncommunicative, is mean to him one day, or is moody. He knows he doesn't have to rush her in any way, because he has his needs met other places. This makes him an easier man to be around, and much more attractive to women.

Pursuing more than one woman is also important when you finally are having sex. If you stop pursuing other women once you have a lover she will become your girlfriend, whether you like it or not. Studies have shown that men's body chemistry actually becomes physically addicted to a woman he sleeps with on a regular basis. That's fine if you want a girlfriend, but if you want casual short-term relationships with women you must continue to pursue other women, even after you've got the first one in bed.

Women are attracted to men who are relaxed, creative and exciting. Pursuing more than one woman brings out both of these qualities. When you know the woman you are pursuing is one of many, her response matters less than it would if she were your only hope for sex. You can be more relaxed, because you aren't risking offending your only possible sexual partner. If you do lose her for some reason, you can just move on to the next woman. Pursuing more than one woman also brings out your creativity and makes you more exciting, because pursuing multiple women keeps you engaged with life in a creative exciting way. These qualities attract women.

Highly Effective Seducers always pursue more than one woman. They don't put all their eggs in one basket at the beginning of a dating relationship, and have more success with women every step of the way.

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We must try to trust one another. Stay and cooperate. - Jomo Kenyatta

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