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Dear Ron and David,

I've been dating a woman, and it turned sexual and everything was going great. The problem happened the next morning, when she opened my bedstand drawer and noticed a couple of porn magazines I had in there. She got really disgusted and went through them, one page at a time, lying on my bed and reading aloud in a derisive voice all the dumb comments they put next to the pictures. "Oh, I'm sure she said this!" Blah blah blah. I totally didn't know what to do.

- Shamed porn-lover

Dear Porn-lover,

When you are seducing a woman for the first few times, she simply shouldn't be allowed to find out that you have pornography. The only exception is if she asks to see some while you are having sex, and this is rare. Put it away where she won't find it while she's looking for skin lotion or a shirt to wear while she makes coffee the next morning.

As you get to know her better, continue to keep your porn where she won't see it, until you can figure out how she feels about it. The main thing you need to know is that if she hates porn, you must never argue with her about it. Simply listen to what she has to say, then change the subject. Arguing about pornography will never change a woman's mind on the subject. Don't even try. And keep it away from her.

In your situation you needed to change the scene. Women can be real ball-busters about porn, and you simply have to change the scene and get her thinking about something else. Tell her you want to make her breakfast, or take her out to breakfast. Take a walk with her.

Anything to get her out of your bedroom, and away from your porn.

On the upside, while a lot of women really hate porn, a lot of those women have accepted that men like porn, and that their love of porn is one of the flaws of men they simply have to try to ignore. So make it easy for her, and get her away from your porn. She'll never be able to ignore it as long as she's holding it in her hands.

Ron Louis and David Copeland

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