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Seducing Via Email with Love Poetry

Q: Ron and Dave, When is a good time to start sending the romantic letters in the e-mail? I have known this girl for about 2 weeks. EXTREMELY HOT. I have to shake guys hands everywhere I go just because they have seen me with her.

I don't want to push it too fast with the romantic talk, but I also want her to think romantically about me. I also have her home address if you would like to add anything there, thanks, Lucky

A: Hey Lucky,

Good work on the first stepsŠgoing out with a woman you find attractive. Now for the next stepŠturning into mindless hanging out to something romantic and sexual.

You don't say much about your relationship now. What's it like? Are you kissing? Making out? Having sex? Heck, are you even holding hands? Does she know you are not just a friend? This stuff is important.

Since you are reluctant to make romantic talk with her, you are probably not having sex with her. You must start showing your romantic interest in her. You must be complimenting her, for one thing. If you are not complimenting her as a woman or showing your romantic interest, then you are really in trouble--she may be thinking of you as a friend already.

Email is great, because it gives you the opportunity to say things, especially romantic things, that you might not normally have the nerve to say to a woman. It gives you an opportunity to run "visualizations" on her. Remember, when you describe something to someone, they have to go inside and imagine what you are describing, just to be able to track with what you are talking about. If I describe one of the new VW Beetles, you have to imagine it. By the same token, if you describe an experience to someone, they have to go inside and imagine having that experience in order to understand what you are talking about. SO, you want to write emails that describe wonderful feelings of love and romance to the woman of your dreams. This will get her in the right state of mind for your next move.

We suggest love poems. Search on-line, or go to a bookstore or library and look under love poetry. Write her emails that say things like, "I saw this poem and it made me think of you. I thought I'd share it." Then enclose the poem. Feel free to use the same poem on a number of women, just so long as they don't know each other.

In your situation, romantic emails should be part of your approach. You should be showing your romantic interest, and taking her on a seduction date. You should have an outcome in mind for each date--kissing her? Having sex? Be sure to pursue other women--don't let her be your "one and only hope," and be willing to take the risk to find out what she thinks of you. If you haven't kissed her yet, you should soon. Whatever you do, don't let this hang out as "maybe-friends-maybe-potential-lovers." Be the man, push the situation, and FIND OUT.

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