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Hey Ron and David,

I have a question. I'm curious, why do you recommend placing your own personals ad as being better than trying to find women who are placing their own ads?

Thanks, Chris

Hey Chris,

Good question. Your focus should be on searching through women's personals ads and responding. However, most services, like AOL personals,, Yahoo, etc., are created in such a way that you must email the women from your own account, or from your ad.

Women then go and read your ad, after reading you're mail to them, and assess whether or not they might be interested in you. So you must then have a good ad that is seductive and alluring.

The point you are making, with which we totally agree, is that you must be the one to initiate contact, take all the risks, etc., while still remembering that it's a numbers game. Thanks for the question.

Ron & David

Q #2


You're tapes are absolutely fabulous. Well worth 10 times the price. Your advice is right on. I've listened to the Mastery Program many times so far and continue to learn and perfect my skills. Many, many thanks.

I have run into a problem. I'll meet a woman, the chemistry is definitely there, I ask deepening questions etc.

Then I ask for her number, and get it. Then when I call, a day later, her answering machine will come on, and I leave a message (up beat, complimentary etc), but receive no return call. I know she was interested, so what type of message should I leave on the next call to entice her to call back? She's not my one and only hope; however, I am interested.

Thanks in advance for your response,


Hi Sam!

We are glad you like the tapes! It is true that seductions can live or die on the answering machine, and just because she doesn't call you back doesn't mean anything. Did you ask for her email when you got her number? That would be a good practice to follow in the future. It's easy to get her email when you get her phone number, and you can use email to set up a date.

It may be time to find out how you can "annonymize" your calls...that's when you type something into the phone, often *67 (check to see what it is in your area) before dialing, and her caller ID won't work. You can then call her and see if she picks up, without her knowing you called her. The other approach would be to sometimes call using *67 and see if she picks up, and sometimes not. I'd call once every couple of days for a week or so, sometimes hiding the number, sometimes not. I'd leave a message in a couple of days, then only settle for real contact.

Best of luck!

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