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Dear Ron and David,

I want to be able to score with any woman, 100% of the time. I know you might think that's silly, but it seems to me that if it's too easy to get a woman, it doesn't really count. Like last week I met a woman while I was traveling, and I used your techniques, and it was like it was too easy; she was so into me right away that, even though she was pretty, it didn't seem like it meant much to score with her. What can I do to get the 'harder' women?

- Hard up for hard women

Dear Hard,

This is an amazingly common trend we notice among the men who work with us: If things go easily, the seduction (or flirting conversation, or priming date, or whatever) didn't really "count," so they don't feel good about it. They seem to think that only if a seduction is 'hard' is it worth feeling good about. It seems like you have this problem. Let's take a look at it.

First, you need to realize that some women are just not "open for business" and no matter how wonderful you are, they will not be interested in you. You can take a tiny spark of interest or sexual vibe with a woman and fan it into a flame of passion by making the right moves, but if there's absolutely no spark to start with, there's really not much you can do.

In time you can learn to trust your gut about whether or not there is a sexual vibe. While you can kill the sexual vibe by being a bonehead, if there isn't one from the start, there usually is a reason that has to do with her. Here are some examples:

- The beautiful woman Ron went out with recently who exuded no sexual vibe whatsoever. Near the end of the date, she confided in him that she had been heavily abused as a child, and had always hated sex.

- The attractive woman David recently met at a personal growth workshop who emitted no sexual vibe at all. David was puzzled, as he was doing all the "right" things--until saw her sit down next to a butch dyke, and hold hands with her.

- The hot woman you meet who doesn't respond no matter what you do, who you later discover is married or who has a serious (or jealous) boyfriend.

The point is that a woman who is unattainable is unattainable for a reason, and you are not likely to change that. If you are living your life thinking that only scoring with an unattainable woman "counts," you are going to have a difficult life.

Also, if you only let yourself feel good if a seduction was difficult in some way, you are violating seduction fundamental number 4, "Celebrate Your Victories." (To find out more about this fundamental, go to .) Our consistent experience is that violating the fundamentals of seduction is a bad idea.

You can learn to succeed with increasingly difficult women, if you wan to, but you never will if you can't let yourself feel good about the "easy" ones. You need to spend some time looking at these so-called "easy" seductions or interactions with women and ask yourself two questions:

First ask, "What did I do that made this interaction work?" Did you do the flirting moves (to learn about or review the flirting moves, go to .) Did you show your romantic interest right away? Did you find yourself doing situational flirting, asking "what's the story behind that?", asking romantic questions, or doing deepening conversations? Acknowledge yourself for that. As so many of us men know, it is possible to take a woman with whom you have great innate chemistry, and turn her into "just a friend" by not taking the opportunity right away and doing the right things. You did the right things, so acknowledge yourself.

Second, ask yourself, "What bonehead things didn't I do to ruin it?" So many of us men have also experienced how easily a fart joke, physical humor or lighting up a cigar can permanently ruin an otherwise effortless seduction. Look at your "effortless" interactions and notice the places you could have screwed it up, but didn't. Acknowledge yourself. And let yourself feel good.

Even if the seduction wasn't difficult.

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