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Getting Women to Lose Weight

My wife and I have been married for 6 years and we have one child, 3 years old. While my wife is still a beautiful and sensual woman, I would like her to shed those extra 15 pounds. I have purchased gym memberships, workout classes and personal trainers for her. How can I convince her to get back in shape?

David: Alert! Alert! Pay attention, boys: No woman will change because she feels you are pressuring her to do so!

Ron: Look at it from her perspective. She's married you. She's been sexual for you. She's even produced an heir for you! And what do you do in response? Pressure her to change her body. Good luck, pal.

David: A woman wants to feel loved the way she is. And buying her gym memberships will never make her feel loved the way she is. She'll resist you, get angry, and even get fatter!

Ron: Back off for a while. Don't pressure her. Grit your teeth and tell her you are more committed to lover her the way she is than you are to her losing those pounds.

David: And at the same time, you get yourself into shape, bub. Use the gym membership and personal trainers yourself. Invite, but never pressure her to join you. In time, she'll feel loved the way she is (as well as inspired by how you look), and want to lose that weight, too.

Confidential to "Likes the real thing":

We know you hate condoms. We know you REALLY hate condoms. We know you think you are special and exempt from the rules because you hate them so much.

Here's the news: everybody hates condoms as much as you do. You're not special. Condoms are the law of the dating jungle. Unless you want to risk 18 years of child support and deathly diseases, wear one. You have no chance of changing the jungle; you must adapt to the harsh terrain. Wear a condom. Get over it.

Confidential to the guy from Chicago who called us on the phone: Our telephone service provider accidentally reset our voice-mail system last week, causing us to lose all our stored messages, including yours. Call again!

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We must try to trust one another. Stay and cooperate. - Jomo Kenyatta

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