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The Window of Opportunity

Q: Hey guys, I have your book, and it's done wonders for me. (How many times have you heard that?) My question is regarding the "Window Of Opportunity" you mentioned briefly in your book. I had a steady girlfriend recently for 6 months (using the techniques in your book). While I was with her I met and flirted with (though never dated) a few very attractive women. I even got their phone #'s, and invitations to parties, etc. I never took these girls up on their offers. I recently broke up with my girlfriend, and now I'm starting to think about these women I met while I was with her. Although, as you've stated, I feel sort of strange having "known" them for awhile, and now I'm just starting to actively pursue them. It doesn't feel quite right to me (almost like dating your neighbor). Is there a way around this, or should I start a clean slate and forget about these girls?

- R.

A: Dear R.,

Great question! Would it be odd to go back to these girls now, who you didn't pursue when you were in a relationship? The answer is, NO. Let us tell you why:

Women are always looking to you for how things are going in an interaction. This means that if you are upset, or filled with the concern that what you are doing is somehow weird or inappropriate, she'll pick up on that and be concerned about it, too. If you are confident that it's okay that you are calling, even after a few months, she'll more than likely be okay with it, too.

So often men ask us, "When is it appropriate to call a woman?" The same rule applies--there's no "set time" you must wait, you must simply be confident that when you do call, it's the "right time." Then she can look to you to see if there's a problem, see that there isn't, and relax herself.

The fact that you've not called because you are a faithful guy who keeps his word in a relationship can actually work FOR you, rather than against you. What there is to do is call these women, and say something like "Hi! It's [your name]. It was really great getting to know you a few months back, but I have to tell you I never followed up because I was in a relationship, and was committed to keeping my word and being faithful to the woman I was with. That ended a little while ago, and, if you are open to it, I think it might be fun if we got together for a cup of coffee sometime. How does that sound to you?" From there you set up a coffee date, and you are off to the races!

And if it's any help, we've interviewed women and asked them, "would it seem weird to you if a guy called a few months after getting your number," and the answer was almost uniformly some variation on "Not if it wasn't weird for him."

Best of luck!

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