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"In their 2-3/01 issue, Ms. magazine takes stock of where Title IX has taken us and looks at what the future holds for this landmark legislation. And while schools are required to open the doors to women, Angela Ruggiero's experience in 1999 presents a pretty sad scenario for our daughters. Angela, the 1998 Olympic hockey gold medalist, was home for the summer and wanted to play a little pickup hockey at her local rink. "No women," said the woman guarding the entrance. 'I can really play,' she said, assuming the attendant was concerned for her safety on the ice. 'No women.' The place, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan.

"Ruggiero is one of thousands of women athletes who benefited from Title IX of the education Amendments of 1972, the federal law that prohibits discrimination in federally funded educational programs. That Ruggiero played on an Olympic ice hockey team is evidence of ow far women have come since Title IX. That she was turned away from her hometown rink is a sign of how far we still have to go - not just in the courts but in a culture that still resists women's evolving roles.

"Although Title IX is now synonymous with equality in women's sports, it originally had nothing to do with athletics but with Ivy League students and college professors. Even with the Olympic wins for women's Ice Hockey, Basketball, Softball and Soccer, the reality is that men's athletic operating budgets in colleges have increased 139 percent to 89 percent for women." How would you like to have a very athletically skilled daughter that wasn't allowed to make her mark?

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