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Disagree with someone or something. Call their 800 number and complain. Just calling ties up their order line and to more importantly decrease their profitability through phone bills. If they offer videos on their web site, download the videos without making a purchase, if possible. The extra bandwidth will also eat into their profits. And, if you get mailings that ask for money, use their return stamped envelope with nothing in it. Where to Write

It Gets Better
Get toxic chemicals out of School Lunch Boxes
Federal Law Guarantees Right to Genitally Mutilate Boys
Tell the FBI: Rape is Rape!
Warning:  Omega-3 Fatty Acids Lead to Increased Risk of Prostate Cancer?
Teenage Girls Continue to 'Fake 'n' Bake' Despite Health Warnings
Parent Alert: Lazy Cakes Are Not for Teens
Warning: Selenium may cause diabetes
The Mis-Informant - with Jack Black
KFC Advertises on College Hotties Buns - Girls Gone Wild is Next Probable Promotional Vehicle
And Now We Boycott Target?
American Academy of Pediatrics condones minimal forms of female genital cutting
You can be part of an historic Congressional hearing
Shell is still playing a "Shell" game that can Cost You - Big Time
Coke to Fleece America by Charging More for Less
Nike can't Possibly pay its Workers a Minimum Wage, Much Less a Living Wage
Rape and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce
Pepsi and Walmart helping your kids want more junk food
Let's Can Bud's Fan Can
The White Knot Campaign
Claire's Offering Flasks to Tween Girls
Bratz Belt Too Suggestive?
MillerCoors has Santa Claus promoting pub crawls? Bad idea.
Binge Drinking T-Shirts at Old Navy Stores
Doll pulled off shelves over Islamic message
JC Penney's "Teen Sex" Ad
The Boys at Rotten Cotton promote rape
Bimbo City delivers poor messages
Bikini clad girl gives Timberlake a "suck-job" on the Super Bowl
From the Kinky Folks Who Brought Us 'No Boundaries' Panties for Teen Girls
Wal Mart tells junior girls to kick, hit, spray bug spray in boys' faces
Albertsons' Thinks Violence is Funny
Nordstrom Heeds Call
Anheuser-Busch Wants to Spyke Up Your Life
Wal Mart Continues to Encourage 'No Boundaries"
msn.com Promotes False Circumcision Story!
Dodge Glorifies Women Headbutting Men
Raise your voice. Wear the tag
The Trouble with Boys
Dove Self-Esteem Fund
Qantas Tags All Men as Potential Molesters
PBS's Assault on Fathers
Dior Markets 'Addict 2' Fragrance to Teen Girls
New Orleans Times-Picayune Makes Fun of DV
Home Depot makes Toxic Choices
DishNetwork Promotes Violence Against Men
People Magazine Makes a Pedophile a Star
American Greeting Sticks it to Men
Paris Hilton Washes Cars for Carl's Jr.
Durex - Bravo for this Caped Crusader
FedEx/Fox find a Kick in the Groin Funny
Fred Meyer and the Stupid Factory
MGA Promotes Blind-Date Play for 6-Year-Olds
Television Networks Refuse Religious Commercial
Verizon tells fathers to "Leave Your Daughter Alone"
A & F is for Losers
The Pill - A Woman's Only Issue?
Watch Out - The New "Shell" Game can Cost You - Big Time
Kidnapping Children May Become Legal in California
New Potter Movie Condones Domestic Violence
Fred Meyer Sells "Boys are Smelley" Products
Child Supermodel Site is Questionable
Wal-Mart Continues to Encourage "No Boundaries" for Young Girls"
Commercial List Brokers Target Children
Boys Are Stupid & Happy Bunny Campaigns
Americans for Fuel Efficient Cars
Anti-Defamation League Defames Others
AOL Ignores Men
Asko Appliances Advertising
The Best of Boy Bash Stickers
Blaze Seems to Set Fires
Borders sell 'Boys are Smelly" Journals
Boyfriends Often Abuse and Kill Children
Boys are Stupid Campaign
Bumfights - Brutality is Merchandisable
Campaign to End the Use of Land Mines
CBS Refuses Commercial
"Common Sense" Campaign
Confusion: Fuji and Israel
Doritos Lack Taste
"Fcuk Him
Goodbye PCAW Stamp
The Great American Smoke-Out
Harvard Medical School is Anti-Male
Help Knock Tooth Decay Into Orbit
It's Happy Bunny
It's Not a Dare, It's a Hamburger
iVillage.com's Take on Relationships
J.C.Penney Believes Father's are Incompetent
Jim Beam Continues Lowbrow Campaign
Kidnapping Children may become Legal in California
Kraft says Their Coffee can End Domestic Violence
Levi's and Sex
Calvin Klein and Sex
Like Most Swedish Supermodels, They Consume Next to Nothing
Men's Health Act Needs Your Support
Images Directed to Pubescent Girls
Miller Lite Suggests "Live Responsibly"
New Potter Movie Condones Domestic Violence
On the Town. Off the Hook
Poisonous Phthalates in Cosmetics
Pony Peddles Porn
Poisoning Valentine's Day
Progressive Continues its Assault Against Men
Progressive Insurance Castrates Men
Protect Production of Medical Isotopes
Psychiatry Committing Fraud
Real Friends. Real Bourbon. Real Drunk
Respect Yourself in the Morning
Rotten Cotton
San Francisco Chronicle Resorts to Cheap Shot
Scholastic's Exploitation of Children
Snapple Encourages Fraternity Boards
Teed Off Over T-Shirts - Time Magazine
Tobacco is Whacko but Only if You're a Teen
T-Shirts for Future Wife Beaters
Union Bay Promotes Sexual Violence
US Withdrawal from UN AIDS Effort
Wal-Mart Continues to Encourage " No Boundaries"
What do these People have in Common?
What if Cigarette Ads Told the Truth?
Who's Chicken at Chicken Soup?
Wife Beater' Tank Tops
Wrigley uses Violence to Intro New Gum
Zirh Fragrances and Abercrombie & Fitch Announce Campaign Changes

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