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Relationship Blocks, Barriers and 1

If there's any part of you that wants more love or a better relationship and are wondering what you might want to do to create it...

You'll be excited to know that this is the first in a series of articles we're going to write on the subject of "blocks, barriers and blunders" that keep us from having all the love, passion, connection and intimacy we want.

So, what are these blocks, barriers and blunders that keep us from having the love passion and connection we want that we're talking about?

There's certainly a whole lot more to it than this but if theres a challenge in ANY area of your life, you can know that it's something in one of these areas...

  • Your Thoughts
  • Your Beliefs
  • Your Attitudes
  • Your Actions


  • Your Strategies.

That's it.

Everything else is just the details.

You can always trace any challenge back to one of these areas and here's a practical example to illustrate this...

Someone wrote to us recently and asked us...

"How can you stop thinking about the past and only think about the good things you and your partner have now?"

This is an excellent question and one we'll answer in this way...

The person who wrote to us didn't say whether it was 'their' past together or the past before getting together that they couldn't stop thinking negatively about so here are our thoughts...

In this situation, If you can't stop thinking about the past (and it's causing challenges in the relationship) then one of two things is going on...

Either you have quite a few thoughts that you continue to think on an ongoing basis in which you aren't questioning the validity of and these thoughts seem be a trigger for you and are keeping you "stuck"...

or have unhealed issues from your past or current relationship that need to be identified, looked at squarely and healed before they destroy your relationship or marriage.

If you think about it this person's situation is no different than anything you might be going through now or in the future. It goes back to one of those five issues we described above that need to be solved.

To help you with any relationship challenge, question, issue or concern here are some powerful questions to ask yourself to help you determine where the problem is and how you can release it...

Are the things I'm thinking about this situation actually true or are they things I'm only worried or concerned about that aren't actually true?

What are the beliefs I hold that could be contributing negatively to this situation?

Are these beliefs I hold moving me closer to or further from the love, passion and connection I want?

What attitudes do I have that are contributing to this situation? What beliefs do I have that are contributing to this situation?

Are the things I've done been helpful in this situation or have they taken me further from what I want?

Is there a better or different strategy I could try in this situation to help us work through this situation?

As you know from reading this newsletter, we're huge fans of the power questions in making big changes and shifts in your life.

The questions above are just a few and you're certainly encouraged to come up with your own questions to help you make shifts in your relationships and life.

So, what do all these questions have to do with relationship blocks, barriers and


Everything actually.

Most people tend to think (erroneously) that the problems of life are 'out there" instead of "in here" or inside you.

If you are having challenges in your relationships (or any aspect of your life for that matter), asking yourself the right questions and being open to new answers is a powerful strategy to use for making shifts for the better.

Asking yourself the right questions and being open to the answer also requires you take personal responsibility for what you are creating in your relationships and life.

This "taking personal responsibility" is, in our opinion, something that we need much more of in a world where nearly everyone wants to point the finger outward and place blame elsewhere.

We believe that we are ALL the creators in our lives.

Not someone else. It's us.

Please understand that we're NOT saying that there isn't a god, creator or higher power that created all of us and our world. That's not what we're saying at all.

What we are saying is this-- not taking responsibility for what happens in our lives is definitely a barrier to connection with the people in our lives.

What we have discovered is this: When we take responsibility for our lives and everything in them-- the problems, issues and challenges we have seem to start working themselves out.

©2008, Susie & Otto Collins

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