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Women Perpetrators
The number of women in jail is reportedly skyrocketing — and no one knows why
7 Female Celebrities Who Have Physically Abused Their Men
Dorene Macias, Former LA Gang Member: 'My Gun Made Me Feel Bigger Than God'
Inside the minds of women who have sex with boys with boys
Catherine Kieu Becker Pleads Not Guilty In Penis Slicing
Stefanie Dickinson, An Ellicot School Board Member, Has Been Arrested For Sexting A 14-Year-Old Boy
Woman on Rampage Over Chicken McNuggets
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A Woman’s Inalienable Right To Murder?
Amanda Knox - a Sexually Rapacious Killer
Girlfriend a Cold-blooded Killer of Steve McNair
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Chic Fights - Girls Gone Wild
Mother Reunited With Kidnapped Newborn
He's Dead, She's Free. What's Up With That?
Giant Lady Bodybuilder Gets Drunk, Beats Up Invalid Husband and Bites Cop
Oklahoma Woman Charged With Child Abuse for injecting human waste into her 2 1/2-year-old daughter
Woman, 82, Convicted of Attempted Assault
Wife jailed after cutting Colts CB with knife
Double-Standard Treatment for Child Abusers
Dixie Chicks Get Away with Murder and get a Grammy for it
"If women ran the country, it would be different." In what way?
Domestic Violence
Abusive Behaviors
Gender Bias Okayed by Circuit Court
A.C.E.B. Syndrome
Women as Batterers
Controlling Domestic Violence Against Men
Her Baby, Her Choice
Best Interest of the Child
Women in Combat
Baby Killers
Violent Girls
Bad Girls
Violent Women
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Gender profiling prevalent in domestic violence
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Adult women get arrested for everything from spousal abuse to running down a group of pedestrians or having sex with underaged boys but don't get much press or jail time. Can you identify any of these women? Answers




BAD GIRLS (under 25)


3/1/06 - Johnny Jackson, a former drummer for the Jackson 5, was found stabbed to death inside his Gary, Indiana, home. Police arrived on the scene after an upstairs tenant complained of hearing a disturbance between Jackson and a woman.

Parents and Their Daughter Harrass Her Former Friend to Death

Curt and Lori Drew and their daughter of suburban St. Louis, created a fake Myspace profile of "Josh" to tormented a 13-year-old girl Megan Meier into committing suicide. Since no city, state or federal laws were broken, everyone seems to be protecting the perpetrators by withholding the parents pictures. They are free to move anywhere so they can torment other former friends of their daughters. Noone is holding them responsible including themselves. There sure are some sick people in this world and the Drew's are at the top of my list.

When Bogus Cyber Friends Attack! "Lori laughed about it"
Scary! Predators & Cyberpaths Next Door! The Power of Deception Online! When Megan Meier Meet Josh Evans she had no idea who was lurking behind the mask? Megan Meier, a 13-year-old who suffered from depression and attention deficit disorder, corresponded with the 'boy', called Josh, for more than a month before he abruptly ended their friendship. Megan thought she had met a good-looking 16-year-old boy on the Net. He told her he had heard she was cruel and called her a 'liar and slut'. She became depressed and hanged herself the day after her online friendship ended. But what the young girl did not know was that Josh did not exist. He was created by adults - parents of a classmate of hers - who lived just down the street from her home in a St Louis, Missouri suburb. The woman who created the fake profile has not been charged with a crime. She allegedly said she created Josh's profile because she wanted to gain Megan's confidence. The reason? To find out what Megan was saying about her own child online. She told police that she, her daughter and another person all typed and monitored the communication between the fictitious boy and Megan. Drew lured Megan in a way she knew would be most devastating to the child. Because Ms. Drew had taken Megan on family vacations, she knew the girl had been prescribed antidepression medication, Ms. Meier said. She also knew that Megan had a MySpace page. Ms. Drew had told a girl across the street about the hoax, said the girl's mother, who requested anonymity to protect her daughter, a minor. "Lori laughed about it," the mother said, adding that Ms. Drew and Ms. Drew's daughter "said they were going to mess with Megan."
Source: And, learn more.

Megan Had It Coming - Suposedly Lori Drew's Blog

1. 2.   Dixie Chicks Get Away the Murder and get a Grammy for it

I used to like these street urchins who made the transition from working the streets to major winners in the 1999 Country Music awards. So, this is not about their song "I can't live without you. Without you I'm not okay. Without you I've lost my way." Most recording artists have a few dysfunctional songs in their repertoire.

No, this is about another new song "Goodbye Earl", an upbeat song that makes premeditated murder fun. Whether for guilt or legal reasons, they even made this statement in the liner notes, though the size type and colors they used makes it almost impossible to read. "The Dixie Chicks do not advocate premeditated murder, but love getting even." But this song is about premeditated murder and disposing of the body. And, about having fun doing it. Wanda sings, "Earl's gotta die. We need a break. We'll go to the lake. Plan a lunch, and stuff you in the trunk. Well is that all right, good let's go for a ride." And, "Ain't it dark, wrapped up in that tarp?" And, "A missing person nobody missed at all."

Now, Earl wasn't innocent. He has a violent husband after two weeks of marriage. But, if everyone used the excuse that "my only option was premeditated murder", vigilantism would be queen.

I've been amazed at the number of "conscious" women, wives and mothers I know, who really get a kick out of this song. But, let a water gun in the house and watch out.

I won't hold my breath waiting for any woman to stand up against this song, much less the shelter movement or the women's movement. In fact, it may become their theme song. Because it gives new impetus to the use of the Abused Wife Syndrome as a defense for premeditated murder. Nor do I expect to see a single newspaper editorial, or talk show, much less any of the major news programs to devote a single sound byte to this subject. Yet, television shows are filled with segments of girl's/women hitting, slapping, and punching boy friends just because of something they said. That kind of violence from a woman to a man seems okay. It must improve the ratings, too, because many of the shows use those segments in their promos. Is this what we want to teach our children, especially our daughters? First, if you don't like what a man says, go ahead and slug him. He deserves it. And, after all, he can't do anything about it. If he even tries to restrain you while you're hitting him, you can charge him with a felony in many states. "That'll show those men." And don't dare go to sleep or we'll really get even with scissors (remember the tremendous support Loraina got from the women's movement?) or a knife or a gun. As reports confirm, our daughters are getting more violent. Is this kind of "revenge" working to end violence? Does it make guys like Earl afraid or make them even want to change their behavior? I haven't seen anything to support that theory.

Don't get us wrong. Husbands who abuse their wives or children should go to prison. Wives who abuse their husbands or children should go to prison. (And get a sentence with equal severity.) Boys to hit their girl friends, should go to juvey. Girls who hit their boy friends, should go to juvey. (And get a sentence with equal severity.) Husbands who sexually abuse their children, should go to prison. Wives who falsely charge their husbands, should at least have their children removed from their house for severe child abuse.

Just "Getting' even." Would you say fair is fair if the next man you hit hit you back with the same or less intensity? Just "Getting' Even." How about the next time you point your finger at him and belittle him in front of the children calling him a lazy good for nothin' for watching some sports over the weekend. That's verbal and domestic abuse if a man belittles his wife like that. Would Tom Lehrer's ditty "I hold your hand in mine, dear" be appropriate here? (Side bar: Little does he know that you spent considerably more time in front of the tv everyday during the week watching your favorite soap operas and talk shows.) What about falsely charging your former husband with sexually abusing his children. What kind of a mother does that - a pretty sick one I'd say and not the best one to be raising children. Yet, she can knowingly falsely accuse him, multiple times, and yet in most states, there's no recourse to stop her. Sounds like a perfect time for AHS (Abused Husband Syndrome). Gettin' even is what it's all about. Ain't that right, Wanda?

This reminds me of the movie about two powerless women going on a shooting spree "Gettin' even" with men. But, leaving a trail of violence only to commit suicide by driving over a cliff holding hands, I fail to see the power in that. Hundreds of witches holding hands and jumping off cliffs during the inquisition, now that was power.

These Shiksa Chicks have their own web site but unfortunately no way to email them. Their new album is called Fly (see 1. above), and ostensibly it's about "having more confidence and ability to soar and fly." Their homepage opens on a pair of guys Levi's jeans with the line "Unzip to Fly". Move your curser to the zipper fly and an enlarged hand with pointing finger comes up. Click on the fly and the Dixie Chicks emerge out of the guys pants (see "2" above). The connection is confusing. It's also an interesting concept considering the majority of their fans (at least on their "fans" page) are adolescents or younger girls. They also talk about how empowering all their songs on the new album are. They specifically talk about "Goodbye Earl" but don't mention "Without You." I wonder why?

At least the Dixie Chicks are obvious about their hate, though they're not willing to take responsibility for it. Unfortunately, the psychic message that we are left with is revenge and that never leaves one at peace. Like you, we want Earl off the streets as quickly as possible and not enough is being done, from our perspective, to stop violent men and violent women from being violent. Encouraging "revenge," however, isn't empowering, even in a fantasy. Let's use the time and money we would use supporting the Dixie Chicks to find a better way?

"Little Ms Muffet
Sat on a Tuffet
Planning ways to kill Earl
Such a sweet little girl!"


Gender Bias Okayed by Circuit Court

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals puts it stamp of approval on bias against men in sentencing. A district judge had earlier concluded that prosecutors treated men more harshly than women when both were accused of being drug couriers. One Arizona study showed that prison sentences for men are longer and that 35% of women got probation without prison, compared to only 11% of men. Nevertheless, the Appeals Court said prosecutors should be given "extreme deferences" and "appropriate respect" when they decide to charge one person (men) and let another (women) off. The court told the district judge that the sentences he gave three men were too low. He had given them lower sentences to make them comparable to the sentencing of women. The court ordered him to raise the sentences. So much for equal protection under the law

A.C.E.B. Syndrome

Then there's the case of Paul Carter, an invalid cancer patient, who died in May, two years after his wife doused him with rubbing alcohol and set him on fire. The Santa Ana, CA man had a rare form of breast cancer, and his death is officially attributed to pneumonia. His wife, June Carter, was sentenced to a year in prison, but got out after nine months for good behavior. The reason for the attack, in which he was burned over 20% of his body: She was enraged that he had eaten her chocolate Easter bunny (known clinically as the Abused Chocolate Easter Bunny Syndrome).

Her Baby, Her Choice

It will be interesting to compare sentences for "fetal murder" (which the California Supreme Court ruled the same as murder when a fetus died in a robbery where the pregnant woman was pushed to the floor), with the sentences given to women who killed their babies. A District of Columbia woman admitted suffocating her 6-week-old daughter and was sentenced to spend her weekends in jail for three years. And in the same month, a Silver Springs, MD woman was sentenced for killing her newborn son. In pleading for leniency, she told the court "I miss my child and I will always feel that loss." Her sentence: psychiatric treatment and probation. And a park in suburban Washington, DC was dedicated to the memory of a baby boy killed by his baby-sitter, who admitted to throwing him down. Her total time in prison: four months.

Best Interest of the Child

Abusive single moms, neglectful single moms, deadbeat moms. While statistics show that mothers have a higher rate of physical abuse to their children under 6, that the percentage of women who owe children support and don't pay is higher than the percentage of men who owe and don't pay, we don't want to hear it so we step up our attack on men. And we leave innocent children to fend for themselves. And we leave these women without the help they need, simply to support a system that forgets about the true safety of children to uphold the false impression of the loving mother. The fact is that there are many mothers who should be raising their children and many fathers who shouldn't. There also are thousands of mothers who shouldn't be raising anyone's children and thousands of father who should be.

There are thousands of women who physically abuse their children, not to mention the psychological abuse and neglect. There are thousands of women who are physically abusive to their spouses, and this isn't just lesbian relationships, though most of the attention on women's violence is directly toward women in lesbian relationships. Where is the help and support for the other violent women. Ignoring the fact that some women are violent doesn't make the problem go away. And, it doesn't support these violent women to help them relearn the behavior of hitting that they are passing on to their children. Watch junior high and high school students. There's a lot of hitting from girls to guys. An excuse that the guys must have deserved it would never be tolerated it the boy was doing the hitting. Excusing women's violence against children by showing statistics that women spend more time with the children, almost says that you would hit them too if you "had" to spend that much time with children. That kind of permission for violence against children must not be tolerated. All violence, regardless of who inflicts it or why is wrong. If we really cared about women, we would get them the help they need to break the chain of violence that they are passing on to their children.

It's ironic. Most of the adult men who have victims of a physically abusive wife, that I have talked to, stay in the relationship, not because they love their wives, but also to protect their children. They are often the butt of the violence because they stand between the wife and child. These men are caught in a double bind. The courts tend to prosecute men for not reporting their wives before they prosecute the abusive wives. And, if the men do report their abusive wife, in more cases than not, all the wife does is claim he was abusive to her and they lock him up on her word, leaving the children with the abusive mother. And, if the man removes the children from the violent home, they'll more often be charged with kidnapping when little is done to the woman who removes the children from the state. When we talk about it the police and press see us as complainers and turn the guilty mother free to abuse again. What does this say to the children? Is it best for the child to be placed back in the home with the abusive mother? We've got to recognize the magnitude of violence, regardless of where it comes from, and take some drastic steps to make the world safe for children. Otherwise, it won't be long before the world isn't safe for any of us. Think about it.

Women as Batterers

According to the US Justice Department and the Centers for Prevention & Disease control 1998 report, over 1/3 of all batterers involved in domestic violence were wives or girlfriends. Are you a victim and don't know it? Are you willing to take the chance that you could "die of embarrassment" or are you willing to admit it?

In 1998 there were 2,335,000 reported cases of spousal abuse. 1,500,00 women were abused by their husbands or boyfriends. However, many that haven't been around or heard the stories over the years were shocked to see that 835,000 men were battered by their wives or girlfriends which represent over 1/3 of all domestic violence cases. Other reports by the U. S. Justice Department showed that "out of 8,000 men surveyed, 9.7% of male domestic violence victims took out restraining orders. Out of 8,000 women surveyed, 68% violated restraining orders. And, each year, approximately 1 in 1,000 men report violent victimization by an intimate." This doesn't count emotional or verbal abuse.

This was a shock on the talk show circuit, though female violence is acted out every day on Sally Jesse Raphael and Jerry Springer. On 2/25/99 Montel did a show on this "Ugly Little Secret" and a few days later on March 2, 1999, Oprah did a show calling it the Shameful Secret. Both seemed surprised and listened as the women gave excuses - he made me angry, he walked away, I couldn't help it, I grew up in an abusive household.

The closing was also surprising. Oprah gave no resource information, phone numbers, nothing for battered men or women perpetrators, and Montel did give a number for the National Domestic Violence Hotlline at 800.799.SAFE (7233). Unfortunately, the person we talked to didn't know of any resources for battered men and women perpetrators. Other sources tell us that there are 6 or 8 of the 24 Alternatives to Violence programs in the state of Texas (where the hotline is based) that offer such programs but we haven't been able to verify the programs yet.

We have gathered 36 such programs that are listed in our "resource" section. The code for battered men is 86 and 89 for women perpetrators.

 We've also prepared a rather extensive section directed to men at the end of this section called The Rights of Battered Men and another topic titled The Beat Goes On about how violence from women to men is acted out daily on television and accepted as okay. Also a write-up on possible cause titled tv violence. Check it out.


Teacher Charged With Child Sex Abuse
After Being Impregnated by Student

Cops: Teacher invited 2 students to her home for sex

A substitute teacher was arrested last week after police say she had sexual encounters with students she invited to her Georgia home.

While Cherokee County Sheriff's Office officials said the students were at the age of consent for the state, it was 38-year-old Laura Rich's position of authority that makes her alleged deeds a crime.

Rich is accused of starting a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old shortly after she began substitute teaching in early 2015, Cherokee County Sheriff's Office spokesman Jay Baker said.

Rich is accused of having sex with an 18-year-old months later.

The Cherokee County School District notified police about the allegations.

"Our detectives conducted an investigation and determined that Rich had sex with a 16-year-old student in early 2015 and then had sex with an 18-year-old student in late 2015. The encounters occurred at her former home in Acworth," Baker said in a statement.

In a statement, the school district said Rich's last day as a substitute was August 19.

"Our School District has zero tolerance for inappropriate relationships between students and any adults serving in any capacity in our schools," a spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Rich was charged Friday with two counts of sexual assault by a teacher. She was released on a $22,400 bond that same day.

According to online records, her first court appearance is scheduled for October 21.

Dorene Macias, Former LA Gang Member: 'My Gun Made Me Feel Bigger Than God'

When Dorene Marcias was 16, a traumatizing experience made her want her own gun.

She saw her boyfriend's father shoot himself, underneath his chin. "We were standing right there, and his head blew off and his brains splattered everywhere," Marcias, now 45, told The Huffington Post. "I kneeled down to look at his brain, and it was still pulsating."

Instead of making her afraid of guns, the experience made her sure she needed one. "I thought, I need to have one of these guns because if anybody tried to hurt me, that's what I would do to them," said Marcias.

To get a gun, she joined a gang at age 18 -- significantly older than other recruits, some as young as 11. It was the same gang that her mother, father, aunts, uncles and cousins were in -- one of four gangs that ran a corner of MacArthur Park, just west of downtown Los Angeles, in the 1980s.

To be "jumped in" or initiated into the gang, she submitted to a beating by 10 women. She hit who she could, but within seconds went down and endured three minutes of kicking all over her body, including her face.

To her, the bruises and aches were worth it.

"It made me feel a part of something better than myself. Because I wasn’t comfortable with who I was as a young lady," Macias said. "I got the love, the compassion, the nurture and the approval that I was looking for, that I didn’t get in my home."

"Plus, it was what I learned at home. It was what you did," she added.

Then she got her gun -- a .22-caliber pistol that fit in her pocket. Everyone in the gang was given a black-market gun and taught how to use it.

"I can remember the thrill, the adrenaline of it -- knowing that I had a gun; that I was going to shoot somebody," she said. "My gun made me feel bigger than God. It made me feel invincible, like nothing could get through me."

The gun, in addition to a couple of homeboys or homegirls, went with her everywhere. They rarely left the house during the day because it was easier to camouflage at night. Every time they stepped outside, there was the risk of gunfire from rivals. Their missions were to drop off or pick up drugs, or to stage a drive-by shooting.

"I wasn’t afraid because I knew I would give my life for" fellow gang members, Macias said. "And they would give their life for me. I was not afraid of dying. It went along with that lifestyle. Internally, you're already dead."

The rules were that it was okay to shoot someone in a rival gang. "Because we were all fighting for the same thing -- territory, money, who was going to sell the most drugs," she explained. "I was putting my life on the line for the name of a street and part of a park."

Marcias said she was shot four different times, and to this day has a bullet lodged in her head. She estimated she witnessed gunfire an average of four times a week. Sometimes, innocent people were caught in the crossfire.

After struggling with heroin and cocaine addictions and spending 10 years in and out of prison with a dozen criminal convictions, Marcias said it was the birth of her son, now 10, that made her want to change her life. "I didn't want my son to experience the things I experienced," she said. "I realized that somewhere along the road, the cycle of violence has to be broken."

Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit that assists former gang members and at-risk youth, gave her the tools she needed. She now works full time on the building maintenance team at the nonprofit, which includes a restaurant and bakery.

Through Homeboy Industries, Macias got 15 of her largely gang-associated tattoos removed. She and her son live in the same neighborhood around MacArthur Park where she grew up, and she feels safer walking around with her son now that she looks less like a gang member, she said.

She is enrolled in parenting classes, Criminal and Gang Members Anonymous and a women's self-help group at Homeboy Industries. She and her son go to a group called Double Winners for former gang members and their children.

Homeboy Industries also has helped getting her son enrolled in Catholic school and involved in after-school baseball and karate. Marcias said she hopes that a better education and more extracurricular activities will keep him from wanting a gun.

"If he wants a gun, I will tell him that everyone gets angry and disappointed," she said. "And if you have a gun in that heated moment, you might use it without thinking about the long-term effects."

Now that her son is older, Marcias has begun to tell him about some of her mistakes and the consequences. They read and watch the news together and talk about gun violence. They feed the homeless together in Skid Row, and she has pointed out where she used to live in a tent, when all her belongings fit into a shopping cart.

"It's my duty as a parent to make sure history doesn't continue to repeat itself," she said. "When a situation arises, I want him to say, 'This is exactly what my mom told me about. And I have a choice.'"

Jodi Arias Trial: 'When You Cut His Throat, Were You Crying?'

Accused murderer Jodi Arias underwent more fiery cross-examination Thursday, with Maricopa County prosecutor Juan Martinez demanding to know if she was crying when she shot, stabbed and cut the throat of her ex-boyfriend.

Arias, 32, sobbed as the prosecutor showed her a picture of Travis Alexander's crumpled body. Martinez, grilling Arias for a fourth day of cross-examination, showed no sympathy.

"Were you crying while you were shooting him?" Martinez asked.

"I don't remember," Arias said.

"Were you crying when you were stabbing him?" Martinez asked.

"I don't remember," Arias replied.

"How about when you cut his throat, were you crying then?" Martinez asked.

"I don't know," Arias sobbed.

The exchange was one of many Thursday that left Arias looking haggard and beaten by the close of court.

Arias, 32, is accused of the June 2008 slaying of Alexander inside his Mesa, Ariz., apartment. She faces the death penalty if convicted. Alexander was stabbed 27 times, shot twice in the face and his throat was slashed. The prosecution contends Arias was motivated by jealousy. Arias told the jury she killed Alexander in self defense after his increasing sexual demands and after she caught him masturbating to a picture of a little boy.

Earlier Thursday, Martinez questioned Arias about her activities on June 4, 2008 -- the day of the killing. Who deleted photos on Alexander's digital camera, later found in his washing machine?

"I might have deleted them ... It could have been me," Arias said.

Later, during a follow-up question, Arias said, "I believe it was probably" Alexander who deleted the photos.

Arias memory problems caused obvious frustration for Martinez.

"We're here because you killed him, right?" Martinez asked.

"Yes," Arias replied.

Arias said Alexander became enraged when she dropped his camera on the bathroom floor.

"I dropped it ... It landed on the mat ... and sort of did a little double bounce on the tile," Arias said. "He said that I'm a f--king idiot."

Alexander was so upset that he slammed her to the bathroom floor, Arias said.

"I got the wind knocked out of me and I hit my head," Arias said.

Alexander chased after her and she ran to a walk-in closet, Arias testified. She said she grabbed a .25-caliber pistol off a shelf.

"You chose to escalate this didn’t you, even though you had the … head start, didn’t you?" Martinez asked.

"No, I didn’t choose to escalate it. I was trying to deescalate it," Arias replied.

"And you chose to deescalate the situation by … getting a handgun, right?" Martinez asked.

"Yes," Arias replied.

Arias said she ran to the bathroom with the gun and held it out with both hands as Alexander charged her like a "linebacker."

"He's lunging at you and he's almost on you and the gun goes off, right?" Martinez asked.

"Something like that," Arias replied.

A Mother Gone Wild

You would be hard-pressed to find a more disturbing picture of a mother gone wild than the below criminal complaint filed this against Patricia Johnson, a 34-year-old Pennsylvania woman. Seems that a drunk and drugged-up Johnson tried to throw her teenage son a lewd birthday party at a local hotel, where she offered the boy and some of the teen's friends beer and drugs, tried to perform a striptease, and asked to be spanked. Johnson allegedly exposed herself at one point, licked the faces of some boys, and, according to the teens, "kept trying to touch them in their pants." Johnson has been charged with an assortment of crimes, including indecent exposure, corruption of minors, and reckless endangerment.

Inside the minds of women who have sex with boys with boys

Laura Lynn Cross, 36, charged with sexual battery in Ohio after giving birth to her former student’s child, joins the growing number of women accused or convicted of having sex with adolescents. About two weeks ago, a Georgia woman, Angelene McAnulty, 25, was charged with having sex with a 15-year-old boy. Last week, Lee Annette Williams, 50, of North Carolina, was charged with statutory rape of a former student when the now-22-year-old man was 14.

What is going on in the minds of these women?

First, there is the obvious: In order for an adult to manipulate an adolescent to have sex, that adult has to have little regard for free will. The adolescent in such a scenario — relatively new to sexual encounters and potentially worried about the consequences of saying no — would be ill-equipped to refuse the advances of his teacher.

What sort of women have so little regard for the autonomy of others? Generally, they are women whose own boundaries were shattered in childhood or adolescence. It is cliché, but also true, that sexual offenders were most often victims themselves (whether of sexual misconduct or physical violence or significant emotional violence).

As I have said before, there’s no original evil left in the world; everyone is just recycling pain now.

If some of the most intense dramas in a person’s life have been ones of being overtaken, the notion of heartlessly wielding power or, conversely, yielding to it again can be a nearly irresistible dynamic.

Women who sexually abuse boys may also have less control over their actions due to illnesses like bipolar disorder or impulse control disorder, sometimes coupled with substance abuse.

But there is also a cultural problem here: I would venture that a significant percentage of Americans still believe that a 15-year-old boy who has sex with his teacher is a conqueror, not a victim. And women who are now 25 or 36 or 50 years old were certainly raised in a culture that promoted that view.

I have heard men joke very recently about how much they wish young, pretty female teachers of theirs had “abused” them. Of course, they have no idea what the emotional fallout could, in fact, have been.

Five years ago, I criticized actor Adam Sandler for his starring role in a comedy called “That’s My Boy,” which celebrated sex between a 13-year-old and his pretty teacher and grossed almost $37 million at the box office.

Sandler never apologized. He’s still a megastar. Imagine what kind of career he would have now if his film had been a laugh fest about a 13-year-old girl whose male teacher rapes her, repeatedly.

Part of the trouble in getting people to recognize the very real damage done to adolescents and young teens who have sex with adult women is that males have to be sexually stimulated for intercourse to occur. In these cases, they must penetrate their assailants. Too many people interpret that to mean that the male in the scenario must be partly responsible for what happens.

It isn’t so. A naive person with an appetite can be tempted to eat poisonous food. A young, innocent, thirsty person will drink tainted water. Sexual appetites are just as commanding. The poison conveyed by an adult female authority figure who manipulates an adolescent or young teen into an aroused state is just as toxic.

Grandmother Still at Large after Killing Baby

Fleetwood, PA. (In Berks County) A woman has been charged in the fatal poisoning of her 5-week-old granddaughter, authorities said.

Police said that Merry Long, 43, poured about two cups of salt into a can of powdered baby formula because she was angry at her son and his girlfriend, who is the child's mother. The couple and the child were living with Long at the time of the Feb. 11 poisoning, according to authorities.

The mother unknowingly mixed the formula with water and fed it to the baby, who went into convulsions and died Feb. 18, officials said. The child, Megan Long, died from brain swelling caused by excessive sodium, the Dauphin County, PA (The home of Hershey) coroner's office said.

Long fled the area after confessing Feb. 24 that she put salt in the formula because she was angry with the couple for the way they were treating her.

Long was charged Friday with homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. Authorities have not explained why it took almost five months to file charges. Coincidentally, the grandmother has not been located to be arrested and apparently there is no photo available.

Mom Convicted of Drowning Child

A woman diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic was found guilty in Troy, NY of murder and attempted murder for drowning her 4-year-old son in a bathtub and trying to drown her 5-year-old son. Christine Wilhelm could face up to 40 years in prison on both counts when she is sentenced August 27, 2003. She had pleaded not guilty by reason of insantiy in the April, 2002 drowning of Luke and near-drowning of Peter. Prosecutors said her marriage was falling apart and she decided to kill the boys in their home in Hoosick Falls to punish her husband.

Law Protecting Fetuses Upheld

A judge has upheld murder charges against a woman accused of killing the fetus of a romantic rival, rejecting defense arguments that Pennsylvania's fetal homicide law conflicts with abortion rights.

Man Loses his Ass in Alabama - And not Gambling

Here is the mug shot for Kimberly King who was arrested Wednesday (6/12) by Pickens County, Alabama cops and charged with attempted murder after she slashed her boyfriend with a knife and repeatedly stabbed him in the buttocks and rectum. The attack occurred early Sunday morning (6/9) as the 26-year-old woman and the 25-year-old Mississippi man returned to Alabama after a night of clubbing. Driving in separate cars, they both pulled off to the side of the road where King began the attack. According to District Attorney Chris McCool, "The wounds were so severe to the buttocks that they are gone." (1 page)

Girls and Wrestlilng

Girls who watch wrestling are 18% more likely to fight with their dates, says a Wake Forest U study. (Ed. Of course, if they train for the school team, they often pin their male competitor.)

Kraft says Their Coffee can End Domestic Violence

This ad, for General Foods International Coffees, appeared, in the 2/02 issue of Good Housekeeping. It shows a broken cup on the floor and a big coffee stain on the door. Copy reads "As soon as Colette threw the cup, she realized her mistake. She could live without Jean-Pierre. But that was her last cup of French Vanilla Cafe." Let's hope she got to the store to buy more French Vanilla Cafe before she killed someone! A Kraft product from a Phillip Morris company. Betsy D. Holden, Pres & CEO, Kraft Foods, Inc, Kraft Ct, Glenview, IL 60025, 847.646.2000 or fax 847.646.4916. The advertising agency for General Foods International Coffee is Young & Rubicam Chicago, One S. Wacker Dr, Ste 1800, Chicago, IL 60605 312.845.400 or fax 312.845.2800. This is just another example of how violence towards men is such an accepted part of our every day culture (he probably said something to deserve it, is often the retort). So, it becomes part of a national advertising campaign for a common grocery product directed to women. Is there "anything" that a woman could say that a similar response by a man would be acceptable?  I don't think so. Some of the other products owned by cigarette giant Phillip Morris.

Male Victims of Women's Violence Slowly Overcoming Skepticism

Jade Rubick remembers dialing a domestic violence shelter for help a few years ago. He was not calling for his mother, his sister or a girlfriend. He was calling for himself.

"They had no idea what to do with me," he said. "They were really helpful [but] they didn't have any resources to give me. They tried to refer me to private counseling."

But Rubick was a student and could not afford a therapist. He had suffered abuse at the hands of his then-wife for years.

"She hit me, slapped me, pinched me, pulled my hair, threw things," said Rubick, now 28 and living in Oregon.

When he would threaten to leave, he said, she would threaten suicide. "I didn't really know how to break up with her," he said. "We weren't living in the States at the time. I kind of thought that maybe it was situational, maybe it would be better when we got back."

But it did not get better. He found himself covering the marks, telling lies.

"My boss saw bruises on my leg," he said. "I said I had fallen down the stairs. He just looked at me, and he said, 'Those aren't falling-down-stairs bruises.' "

About 835,000 men annually are assaulted by a current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, according to a 1998 report released by the U.S. Justice Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the most current data available.

In Utah, 31 men sought refuge in domestic violence shelters last year.

"You never know the extent that it's being underreported," said Duane Betournay, program specialist for domestic violence for the Division of Child and Family Services. "Domestic violence has almost been politicized as a feminist issue."

Male victims say authorities refuse to view domestic violence as affecting people of both genders. True, battered men constitute a small percentage of abuse victims -- more than 1,000 women were sheltered in Utah last year.

"When I first started doing this work, it was 95 percent women victims," said Diane Stuart, Utah's domestic violence coordinator. "Now, it's 80 percent women and 20 percent men."

But law enforcement attitudes are changing, said Sandy police Lt. Mark Nosack, who specializes in domestic violence and teaches police recruits on the subject. "A full third of our arrests we make [in domestic violence situations] are females," Nosack said. In some of those cases, police have arrested both parties after mutual violence.

"I've had a number of cases where she was the perpetrator, and she did significant damage on him," Nosack said. "We don't [automatically] blame the man," he said. " That's obvious by the numbers of arrests that we're making."

Utah's domestic violence law is gender-neutral, said Stuart, meaning shelters must be a haven for both sexes. If they cannot house a man, they must find him a hotel room or other safe place, just as they would women and children.

But the stigma associated with the issue often means men "really do not ask for help," said Kay Card, director of the Davis County domestic violence shelter. "It is a problem."

Samuel King, a Salt Lake City-based divorce attorney, repeatedly comes across male domestic violence victims. "It's not at all rare," he said.

One of his clients was a construction worker, a "tough guy" who was hospitalized four times as a result of abuse at the hands of his wife. The woman was smaller than her husband, he said, but used weapons such as cast-iron skillets.

Victims come from all walks of life. Stanley Green, who lives in Washington state, is an engineer who married a physician in 1982. "The initial abuse began shortly after the wedding," he said, and escalated after the couple had their second child.

"She would hit me, and I would put my arms up in front of my face," he said. "I knew not to hit her or grab her or shove her. I knew that I would go to jail and never see my kids again. I could do nothing but protect myself and try to leave."

After one particularly brutal 1990 incident, which occurred in a car, his wife told police that Green was trying to steal the vehicle. Officers threatened to arrest him if he didn't leave. "There was blood streaming down my face," Green told The Salt Lake Tribune.

He called a domestic violence shelter. "We're here to help women," he said he was told. " 'We don't know what to say to a man.' "

In some situations, men said their wives claimed to be the injured party once law enforcement arrived or later in divorce court. Similarly, some battered women's advocates say male batterers claim abuse in order to cover up their own violence.

King, the divorce attorney, suggests using lie-detector tests or similar screening. "Some women genuinely need protection. Other women are using it to control the man."

Rubick admits he sometimes resorted to violence himself when attacked. "There were times when I was hitting her back," he said. "That was the worst part of it for me. I saw myself taking on a lot of the behavior that she was doing to me."

King said larger men are more likely to take physical abuse without fighting back, partly out of fear of killing or maiming their much smaller wives or girlfriends.

After escaping his own abusive marriage, Rubick began a Web site for male domestic violence victims. That turned into Stop Abuse for Everyone, a nonprofit organization ( ) for battered men that conducts training for authorities and others.

"The response has just been amazing," he said.

Green, also a member of SAFE, says the plight of battered men has improved since a policeman told him a decade ago, "You gotta be kidding, buddy. Women don't beat men. I've never heard of that."

Now, officials are "just saying there aren't very many [male victims]", he said. "That's a big change from saying there's no such animal."

Source: Ashley Estes, Salt Lake Tribune,

Most Requested Video on CMT Touts Premeditated Murder

Dixie Chicks have done it again. The Country Music TV channel says that "Goodbye Earl", an upbeat song about planning and killing an abusive husband after a two week marriage, is the channel's most requested video. (See related story). In watching a re-run of the Dixie Chicks television concert and seeing an auditorium packed with pre-pubecent girls to adult women singing the words to this revenge song with so much glee, I got a chill. Helen Girly Brown once said, "There's a little bit of bitch in every women." This site made me think that there's a little bit of Loraine Bobbit in every woman, regardless of whether they have ever been abused or not. The video producers purposefully left in a shot of a man in the audience with a sign reading "Earl was Framed" but the feeling I got was that that was a staged situation that could be used further to incite women and their hate of men. You think misogyny is a major problem in this country? It is. And, misandry (the hatred of men) seems to be right along side in some very insidious ways.

A Good Kick in the Groin

"When I have stress, I stage a mock pro-wrestling bout with my husband. My favorite technique is to kick him in the groin. When I get a good kick in, I really feel happy that I am married."  Japanese wife, quoted in the Japan Times.

Wild Women!

From BlackMen magazine: "In a report that was released by the U.S. Justice Department at year's end, women commit about 2.1 million violent crimes each year in the US, three-quarters of which are violent assaults on other women. By comparison, men commit about 13 million violent crimes, just over half of which are simple assaults and 70 percent of their victims are males, the department's Bureau of Justice Statistics reproted. 'Women are where men were during the 1960s and 1970s, using their fsts when they commit violent assaults,' says Jack Levin of the Brudnick Center for Violence and Northeaster University in Boston."

Evil Chicks Face Death

I don't remember ever seeing this reported in the media in the U.S. Usually, when our media report on women in prison, it's filled with stories of why it's not really the woman's fault, or the poor conditions, or how they are being kept from their children. However, there isn't the big interest in keeping American women's violence hidden outside the U.S. Here's one report from the British magaine FHM. "Violent babes on America's Death Row put their male counterparts to shame. The U.S. is home to some of the world's most violent women - 48 of whom are currently awaiting execution on Death Row." Examples: Faye Copeland, Death Row's oldest killing machine (at 67), and Christa Gail Pike, now 22, is the youngest. She used a pair of cutters and assorted rocks to torture and murder a 19-year-old girl on the state university campus in Knoxville in January, 1995. She confessed to the killing but denied keeping bits of her victim's skull because, she said, that would be "disgusting." Then there's LaFonda Gay Foster who at 23, during a cocaine and booze bender in April, 1986, shot and stabbed five victims, running several of them over in her car and setting fire to two of the bodies. Aileen Carol Wuornos, branded "The Most Dangerous Woman in the USA" (See photo above at left), killed a 51-year-old Clearwater repair shop owner in January 1992 along with three other victims. She made a somewhat flimsy claim that each of the murders was self-defense. Mary Ellen Samuels may be the only woman in the history of the U.S. to hire a hit man to kill another hit man whom she had already employed. To boot, the original hit man she was planning to oust had just become engaged to her daughter. What a nice mother. And finally, Brittany Marlowe Holberg, 23, was given the coveted "Public Enemy Number One" tag on America's Most Wanted in November, 1996. She murdered an 80-year-old Amarillo gentleman by ramming a lamp pole down his throat. Undoubtedly, all of these women had something go wrong growing up. Yet, they did what they did. It's interesting that when a man commits a hanous crime, nobody bothers to look at his childhood for sympathy.


Women & Rage: The truth about violence

The 11-12/99 issue of Psychology Today looks at women's violence, finally. Check it out! "Violence by women has skyrocketed in the latter part of this century. Have they taken 'women's liberation' one step too far - or are they just showing their natural killer instinct?" This isn't new news to many of those who have worked with men's issues over the years, but this may bring much needed awareness to those in "Family" Services and many of the Alternatives to Violence programs solely focused on women as victims and men as perpetrators. We have listed all of the programs we could find that provide services for women perpetrators and male victims and well as male perpetrators (Alttoviolence). Hopefully, local and county services will be started in the rest of the country to serve the entire spectrum of violent people, regardless of their sex. NOTE:  If you are a male victim, refer below to important information you should know.

Misleading Reports - "Lesbians Increase Violence Against Men in San Francisco"

We received a "press release" in the mail from an anonymous source. It talked about

"bomb threats...sprayed in front of several male and mixed venues in San Francisco by a lesbian hate group. As late as November, 1999, the bomb threats showed lighted bombs ready to explode and 'Lesbian Avengers' as the source. These bomb threats and other lesbian graffiti appeared in front of Starbucks (formerly Pasqua) on 18th near Castro Street, the restored and historic Castro Theater, and other locations popular with males. 'Dyke space' graffiti also were sprayed in several locations."

They gave four sources of information and to date we have been able to talk to three of the sources and the only verification we have been able to make is that there is a group called Lesbian Avengers in San Francisco, they do spray graffiti, and that their logo includes a bomb. There is no substantiation for other claims that they made any bomb threats, nor called for "death to maleness" or urged the "castration of all males" as the release goes on to say, either through graffiti or their speeches at the "Dyke March" in June of 1999. It went on to say that reports had been released by a San Francisco commission stating that "1 out of 3 lesbians have been sexually assaulted by another woman."  That cannot be substantiate either. Furthermore, we can't find any resource that can substantiate an advertising campaign to reach out to "women raped by other women." We can substantiate a campaign, run in early 1999 to all women, including lesbians, that support services were available for those who are victims of domestic violence. The press release went on to claim, without support, that the "Dirty Dyke" group and NOW members who support and organize the parade regularly spray graffiti on "male turf".

The release also made a claim that "The FBI made no comment about investigating "female supremacist" groups."  Why would they? That isn't their charter under the law. The release claimed that "the parade carries signs urging death to maleness and hate speech against men."  We reviewed the Pride Divide video that they talked about and sw no such sign. We have confirmed that it is scheduled to aired on KQED-TV, San Francisco in late June, 2000.

While we know that many women and men carry the same cultural traits that cause them to lean toward hate, violence and revenge, and we have confirmed some of the information about the Lesbian Avengers, as stated above, this kind of unsubstantiated information that many women and men's groups knowingly release to elicit public support, is wrong. We hold up the Lesbian Avengers as an example of what some women do, and we hold up the same for the person who mailed us this release (whether a gay, lesbian or het). Until the information can be substantiated, it remains that unidentified person's opinion. The reason we have it here is so that other's who may see this and have seen the press release or the publication of the press release, or heard rumors, would have a better position in which to make a decision or take their own personal action.

False image that men are violent, women passive, has negative effects, Kathleen Parker,

"I'm reading Ann Landers, who reprints a list of warning signals to help women figure out whether they're married to a batterer. Not to diminish the value of lists, perish the thought, but here's a clue: (1) If he or she hits you, he or she is a batterer. But Landers' column and list aren't about he or she; they've about him. For as everyone knows, men are batterers. Everyone knows that "the most dangerous place for a woman to be is in the home."  Everyone know that "men batter because they can."  So go the headlines and billboards these days. On the other hand, not everyone knows when she's being battered, according to Landers. Hence, the list of warning signs "to help women determine if a mate or date is a potential (or actual) batterer." As I read the list, I kept thinking, why is this about men?  Item for item, the warning signs could as easily - even more easily in some cases - be associated with female behavior. Consider a few:  jealous of your time, controlling behavior, blames others for problems, says cruel, hurtful things, has sudden mood swings and unpredictable behavior, says, "I'll kill you," breaks things, uses force in arguments, holds you down, pushes, slaps, or shoves." I'm sure you don't personally know any women who have mood swings or say hurtful things. I'm certain you've never known a controlling, jealous woman or one who, in a flash of anger, has thrown or broken something. Slaps?  Blames others?  Why are these warning signs only of male batterers?  Or is it that batterers are guilty unless proven female?  With only one exception having to do with foreful sex - rare is the woman who can rape a man - not one item on the list is more likely to be associated with men than with women. No one wishes to trivialize the horror of domestic violence, nor to suggest that women and children haven't suffered grievously at the hands of violent men. But domestic violence, like all stories, has two sides. Are we willing to examine the whole cloth of hard data, or is it easier to piece together anecdotal scraps for greater effect?  The truth of domestic violence is that men kill and cause serious damage more often than women, according to the National Family Violence Survey. The truth also is that women iitiate violence as often as men. Which is to say, batterers come in both sexes, and warning lists, if they're to be meaningful, should be gender-neutral. What's discomforting about Landers' list and similar messages is that they continue to feed the public perception that men are violent creatures and women passive victims. Such perception not only is false buy poses serious, far-reaching cultural and policy repercussions, not the least of which is the demonization of all men. Domestic violence is an individual problem, not, as feminist theorists have championed, a patriarchal manifestation. By telling half-truths based on ideological dogma, we merely reduce the likelihood that the story of domestic violence - potential or actual - will ever change." Kathleen Parker is a columnist for the Orlando (FL) Sentinel and has a weekly column in the Grass Valley (CA) Union

Women and Violence

Beth Grimes, an advocate for the Marin Abused Women's Services (MAWS), wrote a letter that appeared in the June 9 issue of the Pacific Sun, a Marin County California weekly freebee. The letter was titled "Misused stats" and provided two important pieces of information that I have never been able to get from calls to MAWS or their Men's Program, or ever seen as a resource in any Pacific Sun article, or found anywhere else in Marin, for that matter. First, that there are resources for men who are victims of women's violence (what man would have thought to go to the YWCA before the YMCA, tough) and second, for providing us with "archival data" that confirms that, of those killed in domestic violence situations, 28% of the killers were women.

In the past, many male-bashing groups have used "survey data" from women's shelters to claim that, since less than 5% of their victim calls come from men, this must accurately represent who the real perpetrators of domestic violence are. When using "archival data" from the U.S. Department of Justice, it is clear that more women than men are victims. The same 1998 report Beth uses shows that of the 2,335,000 reported cases of spousal abuse, 1,500,000 women were abused by their significant others. However, the important thing that the report also shows, and that the men-bashing groups won't dare acknowledge, is that 835,000 men were battered by their significant others, representing over 1/3 of all "reported" domestic violence cases.

The much maligned Suzanne Steinmetz, tried to point out the level of women's violence back in 1974, when she wrote "Violence in the Family" and her 1980 follow-up study "Behind Closed Doors: Violence in the American Family," but it wasn't politically correct to point this out back then. This incredibly high number of violent women -- to their children and to their significant others -- is no surprise to Patricia Pearson, who has recently published "When She was Bad: Violent women and the myth of innocence" nor Rene Denfeld, in her book "Kill the Body, The Head Will Fall: A closer look at women, violence and aggression" nor Alice Myers, author of "No Angels:  Women who commit violence" nor Gini Sikes author of "8 Ball Chicks: A year in the violent world of girl gangs. Even the June/July, 1999 issue of MS magazine steps gingerly into the arena in their cover article titled "Wild Thing:  The Truth about Women's Aggression" leaving the image of the passive, nonviolent nurturers behind to explore women's killer instinct. As long as organizations like MAWS make statements that women cannot be perpetrators, they are denying these violent women important services to deal with their violence towards children and significant others. (We've found hundreds of men's alternatives to violence programs around the country but have found only 36 programs outside the prison system that help female perpetrators and Marin Women's Services is the only organization we know of in the greater bay area that provides anger management programs for violent women while most other communities continue to deny the need for such services or blame the male victims for causing the women to be violent.)

A simple reference of the acceptance of women's violence that draws no outrage from the male-bashing groups, is television. Virtually every week shows from Melrose Place to Suddenly Susan show women slapping and punching men. If these shows depicted men slapping and punching women in the same circumstances, I'm sure they would draw the wrath of these same groups.

Beth also suggests using emergency room data as an accurate depiction of violence in the household. This would be great, except for the fact that the medical community has been trained to look for signs of domestic violence only in women. The American Medical Association's own guide to emergency room doctors called "Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines on Domestic Violence" basically says, in all of their reported statistics and references, that men are the perpetrators and women are the victims. When ER doctor's, "Family" Violence centers, Shelters, Men's Alternatives to Violence Programs and even books like Dawn Bradley Berry's "The Domestic Violence Sourcebook: Everything you need to know" only presents men as perpetrators and women as victims of domestic violence, how trustworthy can the "archival data" be?

Furthermore, women are told that Physical Violence is slapping, hitting, kicking, burning, punching, shoving, throwing things, locking out, and other acts designed to injure, hurt, endanger or cause physical pain and that Emotional Abuse consists of doing or saying things to shame, insult, ridicule, embarrass, demean, belittle, or mentally hurt another person. This includes calling names like fat, lazy, stupid, silly, ugly, unfit parent, withholding affection, etc. Think back. Did your mother ever do any of these things to your father? The culture must be reminded that these are acts of domestic violence, regardless of the sex of the perpetrator. However, until the time when emergency rooms check both sexes regarding this diagnosis, until family violence programs, and shelters, and alternative to violence programs understand this and stop giving abusive women excuses for their violence, I'm afraid that "archival data" isn't any more valid that "survey information." Hopefully, however, with information like the above, and with other women attempting to remove the veil that has so effectively been raised by male-bashing groups to protect, and even encourage, women's violence towards men, the women's community will team up with health services to start providing services to help these violent women by honestly approaching the problem of women's violence towards their children and significant others.

Ref. "Death", a bloated female figure with skeletal head, sits on a blue horse, painted with stars and moons. Brandising a scythe, she is surrounded by fragments of human bodies and dead creatures. This idiosyncratic depiction of the Grim Reaper is both macabre and playful. As a celebration of the power of women, it is characteristic of Niki De Saint Phalle's work. Painted polyester, 1985. (Painting top left of page.)

Presidential Assasins

Lest we forget, or do you remember. Two women tried to kill President Gerald Ford. The first, Lynette Fromme on Septembeer 5, 1975 in Sacramento, California with a Colt .45 and the second, Sarah Jane Moore a few weeks latter on September 22, 1975, with a .38. She was a police and FBI informant who claimed "it was kind of an ultimate protest against the system." Both were convicted, both escape from jail and both were apprehended.


Who are these violent women?

1. Actress Tawny Kitaen was arrested by Newport Beach, California police in April 2002 and charged with spousal abuse and battery on her husband, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chuck Finley.

2. Tara Patrick (aka Carmen Electra) was arrested by Miami Beach police in November 1999 and charged with battering her husband, former NBA star Dennis Rodman. However, charges against the "Baywatch" star were eventually dropped. Source:

3. Amy Fisher posed for this New York State Department of Correctional Services mug shot in September 1997, five years after pleading guilty to shooting her lover Joey Buttafuoco's wife. The so-called Long Island Lolita was paroled from the Albion Correctional Facility in 1999. Source:

4. Lizzie Grubman was photographed in October 2002 at the Suffolk County Jail, where she surrendered to serve a 60-day sentence. The 31-year-old public relations princess pleaded guilty to felony and misdemeanor charges arising from a July 2001 incident in which she plowed her SUV into a crowd, injuring 16 people waiting outside a Hamptons nightclub.

5. Meet Danyle Fowler. The Ohio woman was busted for allegedly giving her 11-year-old son money to buy her crack. According to the Akron Police Department, Fowler, 30, threatened to beat the boy if he didn't come home with the illegal booty. Fowler, who acknowledges a long history of drug use, is facing misdemeanor child endangerment charges. The child has been temporarily placed in the custody of Fowler's mother.

6.  Tonya Harding, need we say more?

7. Andrea Yates was convicted of drowning (killing) her 6 children in 2001. A wet and bedraggled Yates called police to her home on June 20 and showed them the bodies of her children (note the origin of the names): Noah, 7, John, 5, Paul 3, Luke 2 and 6-month old Mary. She had called them into the bathroom and drowned them one by one. She claimed to be overwhelmed by motherhood, considered herself a bad monthers and had attempted suicide and been hospitalized for depressoin. Women's groups had harshly criticized prosecutors for pushing for the death penalty. Many also suggest that her husband should be put in prison, not her. See In Defense of a Flawed but Decent Russell Yates (Editor's Note: I suggest that the real criminals in this case, besides Andrea Yates, are Debra Saunders, Cindy Hasz, Froma Harrop and Marcia Clark, former O.J. Simpson prosecutor. How come Hate Crimes don't cover people who hate fathers?)

8. Adrienne Samen, is a Connecticut woman who went bonkers at her wedding reception. Turns out the story is better than we thought. According to this just-released South Windsor Police Services report, 19-year-old bride Adrienne Samen spat on her wedding ring, called a fellow inmate the N-word, and queried cops on how much time she'd serve for "killing a Marine" (Samen's new hubby, a Leatherneck, had just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq). The newlyweds are reportedly now honeymooning, presumably enjoying the peace and quiet missing from their wedding night. Samen, an 87-pound dynamo, is scheduled to appear in Manchester Superior Court on August 28 to answer misdemeanor criminal mischief and breach of peace charges.(8/25/03)

9. Robin Hibbard MTV, always on the cutting edge of reality television programming, probably can't wait to air episodes of the next "Real World" series, which is now filming in southern California. That's because one of the show's female participants--a 23-year-old Florida bartender--just got arrested for assaulting a Marine (!) while she partied and filmed in a San Diego nightclub. Cops busted Robin Hibbard after she allegedly punched and scratched Derek Porter, a 29-year-old Leatherneck, during the bar altercation. Porter, who refused a police offer of medical treatment, suffered several six-inch scratches, said Bill Robinson, a San Diego police spokesman. Hibbard, who told officers that she was a "Real World" cast member, was charged with misdemeanor battery and spent about nine hours in the Las Colinas women's jail before making bail. It is unclear what triggered the altercation between Porter and Hibbard, who is pictured above in action at Tampa's Coyote Ugly. Robinson, who told TSG that Hibbard and some friends came to the bar with a camera crew and told patrons they were filming for the popular MTV program. (9/4/03)

10. She Drowns Her Two Sons and Claimed a Black Man Did It
Susan Smith is the South Carolina woman who killed her two boys, Michael, 3, and Alex, 14 months, in October, 1994, by driving her auto into a lake while the children slept in their car seats. She's serving a life sentence. Many women wanted to hold her former boy friend responsible because he broke up with her.

11. Creed's lead singer gets smashed - in the face. Meet Hillaree Stapp. The 24-year-old Orlando, Florida woman is the former wife of Scott Stapp, lead singer of the rock band Creed. According to the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Hillaree was just arrested for allegedly smashing her ex in the face with a cell phone during a November 14 argument at the singer's home (cops were called to the scene by Diana Ivey, the 29-year-old performer's assistant). According to the below sheriff's report, the Stapps were squabbling (among other things) about child custody matters involving their son Jagger. The Stapps were divorced in June 1999 after 16 months of marriage. In a March 2001 People magazine interview, Scott spoke glowingly of his ex: "I'll always love her. She gave me one of the greatest gifts in my life, my son."

12 Ryan Haddon Slater, wife of actor Christian Slater, was arrested yesterday for domestic battery after allegedly throwing a glass at the Hollywood star, who needed nine stitches to close a gash on his noggin caused by the flying object. Ryan Slater Haddon, seen below in a police booking photo, was nabbed on the misdemeanor count following a 6 AM dispute in the couple's suite at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, according to this police report. The 34-year-old actor was treated at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center. His wife, a 32-year-old television producer, was booked into the Clark County Detention Center, which she departed after 12 hours, according to Kelly Bush, the couple's spokesperson. The Slaters were in Sin City to attend a Limp Bizkit concert. (4 pages)

13. A Teacher Gone Wild. The teaser for this article read "A Texas high school teacher threw a rollicking house party Saturday night, complete with porn and beer. That's usually not a problem--unless your guests are all minors, some as young as 14 and 15."

Now, what is your first thought. Was the teacher male or female?

Meet Shelly Lowery. The 28-year-old high school English teacher was throwing a rowdy little house party early Sunday morning when neighbors called police with a noise complaint. When cops arrived at Lowery's Texas home, they found seven teenagers (including kids aged 14 and 15) partying with teach, whose living room was strewn with open beer cans, according to this Brenham Police Department report. And, in a homey touch, a pornographic video had been playing on the television. Lowery, who was hit with misdemeanor charges of furnishing alcohol to minors and displaying harmful material to her underage guests, was released from the Washington County Jail after posting bond. Not surprisingly, the local school district has suspended Ms. Lowery, though she will continue receiving a paycheck. (2 pages)

I'm guessing that you thought it was a man, from the teaser. Most men and women do. I find it so interesting that, when it's a woman, you have to read the article. When it's a man, it's usually stated in the headline. - Editor

14. Wynonna Judd Busted for Drunk Driving Country singer Wynonna Judd was arrested early today for drunk driving in Nashville. Following a traffic stop, cops detected the smell of booze on the 39-year-old performer, whose eyes were watery and dilated. Judd, who told officers that she couldn't recall how many drinks she had polished off, agreed to a Breathalyzer--and promptly blew a .175, more than twice the Tennessee limit of .08. Judd was released after posting $500 bond. Earlier this month, Judd hosted the Country Music Television program "Morning After: The 40 Greatest Drinking Songs of Country Music." Promoting the show, she offered these tips: "Here's some important barroom etiquette rules everyone needs to know. If you meet someone in a bar and forget their name, it's always permissible to call them Baby or Darlin'. However, it is never permissible to call them Babycakes or Honeypants, OK? And lastly, all bartenders everywhere, can always be called Joe." (1 page) As for her mug shot, let's put it this way. Annie Leibovitz isn't shooting portraits for the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Then there's always Susan Smith.

15. Nineteen-year-old Tiffany admits to being a bully. She says her main goal is to "piss people off." Her bullying behavior ranges from name-calling to physical attacks. "I pick on weaker kids because I think it's funny," she says. She's gotten into physical altercations with girls at school and with her boyfriend. Tiffany recalls the fight with her boyfriend: "He called me a name and then I grabbed a cordless phone and threw it at him and broke his nose." Tiffany has also attacked her mother Judy. "After I grounded her for lying to me, she got really upset," Judy says. "When I refused to let her go out, she physically attacked me. She was screaming and cursing, and came at me and pulled my hair." (Editor: This girl belongs in prison. On several counts of felony assault againsts other kids and against her mother and physical domestic violence against her boyfried. She deserves it but I doubt that Dr. Phil would even pose such a solution, though that would be what would happen to her boyfriend or brother, if they acted in that manner.)

16. Not really violent, though falsely blaming a man, first her boyfriend for not spending enough time with her (24/7) and then accusing a stranger of making "her do things to him under the nature of touching and 'other stuff'." from page 15 of the police report. It was all, seemingly, a wishful fantasy, and she'll probably get off.

17. Somebody's grandmother? Laura Faye McCollum was convicted of repeatedly raping an 18-month-old girl and trying to suffocate her with a pillow. She admitted to sexually assaulting 15 children - mostly girls between the ages of 2 and 3.

18. Meet Pamela Johnson. The 43-year-old Minnesota woman was swapping spit with her boyfriend (the couple, together for about six months, were making up/making out after a fight). That's when, for no apparent reason, Johnson allegedly bit off about an inch-and-a-half of her 47-year-old boyfriend's tongue. The man was treated at a local hospital and released and Pamela was arrested for assault.

19. Andrea Stover was a sex offender. (See the warning poster.)  She was a pornographer and was convicted in May 2000 on charges of disseminating sexually-oriented material to minors. She was found dead on January 14, 2002.

20 Stacy Umstott (the 28 year-old blonde mother) along with stripper Athena Lemieux (photo 21 - black hair), a 15-year-old girl, and 2 20 year-old men and a 34 year-old man allgedly beat and raped a 44 year-old man who was caught peering into a 5 year-old child's bedroom. According to a harrowing police report, officers found the man covered in blood and crumpled on the grass. With his pants at his ankles and his face swollen, the victim was found with "a twig inserted into his rectum and there was false teeth laying in the grass next to the male," according to police. A witness told investigators that he heard a female attacker yelling, "put it in his ass, he wants it in his ass."

22. Debra Lafav's husband, 25-year-old Kristian, has finally filed a divorce petition in Hillsborough County Circuit Court (FL) saying that his marriage to wife Debra, 23, is "irretrievably broken." He is also seeking a restraining order against his estranged wife in a bid to protect various assets and to keep her from opening his mail. Debra Lafave is facing a variety of felony charges for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old male student from the middle school where she taught reading. She told the boy that she was "turned on by the fact that having sexual relations with him was not allowed."

23. Senorita Walker, a 33-year-old Chicago high school teacher allegedly paid three teenage boys for sex and plying them with pot and booze. One 15, the other two 16.

24. Kathy Boudin, a former member of the radical Weather Underground, is pictured in this New York State Department of Correctional Services mug shot. Boudin, part of the gang that robbed a Brink's truck of $1.6 million in 1981, received 20 years to life after being found guilty of robbery and murder (a Brink's guard and two cops were killed in a shootout). Boudin was last denied parole in May 2003 and is currently locked up in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility.

25. Maher: Ex Is Serial Shakedown Artist Denying an ex-girlfriend's legal claim that he used racial slurs and assaulted her, comedian Bill Maher has fired back at the woman, describing her as a would-be extortionist who launched a campaign to embarrass and humiliate the HBO star after the demise of the pair's ten-month relationship. In the below Los Angeles Superior Court filing, Maher--described as a "confirmed bachelor, and a very public one at that"--alleges that Nancy Johnson fabricated claims that he physically and verbally abused her. In a $9 million palimony lawsuit, Johnson, a centerfold model and former flight attendant also known as Coco Johnsen, claimed that Maher also promised to marry and have children with her, support her financially, and purchase a Beverly Hills home. Portraying himself as Johnson's "latest victim," the 48-year-old Maher contends that the woman's "modus operandi" is to try and shake down former consorts. One of her prior "unscrupulous schemes," Maher alleged, involved a 1997 shakedown bid targeting a Miami socialite whom Johnson falsely accused of rape and kidnapping.

26. Not For Teacher: Meet Amber Kay Marshall. The 23-year-old Indiana teacher's aide is the latest educator to get busted for allegedly having sex with underage male students. Marshall was charged Monday in Lake County with child seduction and sexual misconduct with a minor for her alleged trysts with special ed students at Hebron High School. According to a probable cause affidavit , Marshall's encounters with the two boys spanned 15 months, beginning in March 2004, and occurred at her home, a Super 8 motel, and in a parked car. Marshall, who was charged in June with similar crimes in a neighboring county, faces more than 30 years in jail if convicted of the felony abuse counts.

27 Woman to Question Sons in Her Murder Trial. Susan Polk, who married her therapist, now faces murder charges in his death. In the midst of a bitter divorce, Susan Polk says she split for Montana, determined to get away from her abusive husband. "I didn't plan on coming back and killing him," she explains. But kill him she did - thrusting a paring knife repeatedly into his body in an angry rage.

28 Mollie Hardbarger

Meet Mollie Hardbarger. The 73-year-old West Virginia woman is sitting in a Mountain State lockup after pumping a .22-caliber slug into her 69-year-old husband's stomach. According to a criminal complaint filed in Ritchie County Magistrate Court, Mollie told cops she shot her hubby Hallie "because he was having sex with a local female." And, as if it wasn't bad enough he was stepping out with someone from the 'hood, "this particular female had a venereal disease." Ouch. The septuagenarian, who has been charged with malicious wounding, faces up to 10 years in prison if found guilty. Meanwhile, Hallie is in critical condition in a local hospital's intensive care unit. When will this septuagenarian crime wave end? What an example for the kids:

29 The Principal Lacked Principle
Booze, drug, sex scandal rocks educators at Ohio middle school. When we heard about the latest scandal embroiling a U.S. middle school, well, we assumed it must have involved a teenage boy and a confused math teacher. So imagine our relief when the below investigative report--authored by Columbus, Ohio public school officials--found only that Wedgewood Middle School educators drank booze during the school day, got kinky with each other in the boiler room bathroom, and spoke about where to score cocaine. Principal Loy Koeller (pictured) and teacher Thomas Mannarino engaged in such a variety of inappropriate conduct and a second teacher, Abbi Terry, was also involved with Principal Koeller.

30 (Renee Thomas - blonde) & 31 (Angela Keathley - black hair): Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders In Bathroom Brawl - pair were getting busy in Tampa bar loo

The cheerleaders arrested for that Tampa bathroom brawl have been booted from the Carolina Panthers squad for allegedly engaging in conduct embarrassing to the team. In what many will likely view as a double standard since NFL stars are regularly arrested but allowed to continue playing, Renee Thomas and Angela Keathley will now have to seek another outlet for which to shake their pom-poms. While the Panthers have removed any mention of the duo from the section of the team's web site devoted to the cheerleading squad, you can click here for screen grabs of the pair's purged TopCat bios. A third cheerleader, Kristen Owen, was suspended since Thomas, 20, was carrying her driver's license when popped (Owen was not in Tampa at the time). As you might be aware, cops contend that Angela Keathley, 26, and Renee Thomas, 20, were engaged in some kind of sexual activity in a bar bathroom when other female patrons waiting to use the facilities began beefing. According to criminal report affidavits, Thomas responded by clocking one complaining gal in the face. The underage Thomas, who gave arresting officers the ID of Kristen Owen, another Panthers cheerleader, was charged with battery, while Keathley was hit with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest raps. After the 2:20 AM scrum at the Banana Joe's bar, Keathley and Thomas were booked into the Hillsborough County Sheriff's lockup, where the mug shots were snapped. They were released on bond after spending several hours in custody.

32 Kendra Davis: Unsafe At Any Speed

Antonio Davis’s wife has been charged with misdemeanor battery for flinging a hot cup of coffee on a woman with whom she’d had a traffic accident. Just as the hype surrounding her United Center bruhaha started to die down this comes to light! Chicago’s WLS-TV also found a woman to whom Kendra Davis owes $11,000 for an automobile accident a decade ago. Davis lost the civil court judgment but forfeited her Illinois license when she didn’t pay it.

33 Texas Mom Stands Trial in Baby's Death

A mother accused of killing her 10-month-old daughter by cutting off the baby's arms with a kitchen knife went on trial in McKinney, Texas after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Police had found Dena Schlosser, 37, covered in blood in her kitchen, still holding a knife and listening to a hymn. In court she was portrayed "Normally Dena is a sweet woman...She cares, she has compassion." Records show that she had been accused of neglect months before killing her daughter, but a state probe found she did not pose a risk. Texas' Child Protective Services came under scrutiny after a number of abuse deaths, including this case. The Health and Human Services Commission, which oversees CPS, has issued more than 160 recommendations to overhaul the agency.
Source: USA Today

34 Paula Eleazer Mendez - 43: Another Mother Kills her Children

In another case of filicide (the act of murdering a son or a daughter) we have a mother who, thinking her marriage was ending chose to kill her children and poison herself. Eleazar Paula Mendez, 43, immigrated from Mexico approximately 10 years ago and lived in New York City. Her husband, 37-year-old Arturo Morales was also an immigrant from Mexico City. They lived in New York City for several years until they moved to DeQueen, Arkansas in hopes of raising their children in a safer environment.

Morales eventually moved back to New York after having no luck in finding employment in Arkansas. He left the three children, 5-year-old twins Samanta and Samuel and 8-year-old son Elvis in the care of their mother. He planned to return to his family once he made enough money to pay off the mortgage on their home.

Early on the morning of January 28 Morales received a call from his wife. She claimed that she killed the children out of fear her husband was going to divorce her and take the kids away. A note left by her in Spanish claimed she could not go on without her husband.

Morales placed a frantic call to the local DeQueen Police Department, who responded to the home. He then headed down to DeQueen himself.

“[The father] told us she called and said that she had just killed the kids and she was going to kill herself - and it’s because of him,” DeQueen, Ark., Police Chief Richard McKinley said.

Police arrived at the blue trailer house at 9:39 a.m. Saturday morning and found the bodies of the three children lying side by side in a bed. Mendez collapsed shortly after their arrival, apparently from self-induced poisoning from insecticide.

Mendez told investigators she tried to kill herself on Friday by swallowing ant poison, prosecutor Tom Cooper said. She said the children saw her take the pesticide and asked her to kill them, too, he said.

“I blessed them and then I suffocated them,” Mendez told investigators, according to Cooper.

“It looked like they had been drinking some hot chocolate,” Police Chief Richard McKinley said. “We also found nearby some poisoning. The poisoning was called Tempo. It was an insecticide poisoning. We also found, right by that, a mixing glass.”

He said the mixing glass and the cups were also sent to a lab for tests.

Police also noticed a piled of burned children’s books, paper and other things next to the house. She later told a priest, Rev. Salvador Marquez-Munoz it was an attempt to “erase the past.”

“She’s mentally destroyed. She deeply regrets what happened. She wishes she could go back in time to change what happened,” said the Rev. Salvador Marquez-Munoz, who visited Mendez after her arrest.

Marquez-Munoz said the disturbed mom came to him at St. Barbara Catholic Church last week to discuss her marital problems and the difficulty of raising three kids on her own.

“She said it came to a point where she felt helpless, alone,” the priest said.

In the visit after the murders, Mendez broke down and said, “Father, I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I just couldn’t handle it,” he said.

Paula Mendez has pleaded innocent to three counts of murder and is currently being held without bail under suicide watch. The judge also ordered a psychological evaluation.

35 Yasmine Bleeth

Bleeth - Former "Baywatch" star Yasmine Bleeth was arrested in September 2001 by Michigan police and charged with cocaine possession. The actress pleaded guilty to one criminal count and was sentenced in January 2002 to two years probation and 100 hours of community service.

36: Jennifer Capriati

Jennifer Capriati was arrested by Coral Gables, Florida police in May 1994 and charged with possession of marijuana after cops went to her hotel room in search of a runaway girl. The tennis star settled the misdemeanor charge by agreeing to attend drug counseling.

37 Michelle Rodriguez and 38 Cynthia Watros

Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, stars of the ABC megahit "Lost," were arrested by Honolulu cops in December 2005 and charged with drunk driving. Rodriguez, 27, and Watros, 37, were nabbed minutes apart as their respective cars weaved along a highway linking Kailua and Honolulu. The actresses, both of whom failed field sobriety tests, were each charged with driving under the influence and released after posting $500 bail. Rodriguez, pictured directly below in a Honolulu Police Department mug shot, plays "Ana Lucia" on the TV series. Watros, who looks pretty toasted in her booking photo, plays "Libby" on the top-rated series.

39 Tracey Gold

Actress Tracey Gold, who starred in TV's "Growing Pains" and famously went public with her anorexia battle, was arrested in September 2004 for drunk driving after rolling her SUV--carrying her husband and three young boys--down a California freeway embankment. The 35-year-old Gold, pictured below in a Ventura County Sheriff's Office mug shot, was busted by California Highway Patrol officers and charged with a felony count of driving under the influence causing injury. According to a CHP spokesman, Gold was driving a 2001 GMC Yukon on Route 118 at about 11:51 PM on September 3 when she lost control of the vehicle. While Gold's husband and two of her sons (ages five and four months) were not seriously injured, the actress's oldest child, 7-year-old Sage, suffered a broken clavicle and a head laceration. After CHP officers administered sobriety tests, Gold was arrested on the DUI charge.

40 Natasha Lyonne

Actress Natasha Lyonne was arrested in August 2001 by Miami Beach police and charged with DUI. She subsequently pleaded guilty to drunk driving and was sentenced to probation, community service, and had her license suspended.

41 Kim Delaney

Former "NYPD Blue" star Kim Delaney was popped in Los Angeles in January 2002 for drunk driving. In February 2002, the actress pleaded no contest to reckless driving and was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay a fine.

42 Jennifer Wilbanks, the Runaway Bride

Jennifer Wilbanks, the so-called Runaway Bride pleaded no contest to a felony count of making false statements about her supposed late-April 2005 abduction on the eve of her overblown Georgia nuptials. Wilbanks, pictured below in a Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office mug shot, was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and placed on probation for two years. While the Wilbanks saga will eventually fade from the public's memory, we'll always have her loony statement to cops when she finally surfaced in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

43 Noelle Bush

Noelle Bush, daughter of Florida Governor Jeb Bush, was arrested by Tallahassee police in January 2002 and charged with trying to fill a fake prescription for Xanax. After entering a court-ordered drug treatment program, Bush was rearrested in July 2002 when a counselor found her in possession of unauthorized pills. In October 2002, an Orlando judge ordered her back to jail for another violation of her treatment program.

44 Dana Plato

Former "Diff'erent Strokes" actress Dana Plato was photographed by Las Vegas cops in January 1992 after getting caught forging a Valium prescription. At the time of her arrest, Plato was serving a probation term stemming from her guilty plea to charges that she robbed a Sin City video store in 1991. Plato committed suicide in May 1999 at the age of 34.

45 Lindsey Blackledge

Meet Lindsey Blackledge. The 19-year-old California gal was arrested in July 2002 for possession of a stolen, 14-ounce tri-tip steak. According to the Calaveras County sheriff, the beef was swiped from the outdoor grill of Katherine King, a 38-year-old San Andreas woman who called cops after discovering her meat was missing. When police arrived at the crime scene, they discovered a trail of "meat juice" leading from King's grill to an upstairs apartment. Inside the apartment, investigators followed the meat drippings to a bathroom, where they found the purloined sirloin hidden in a cabinet below the sink. Blackledge--who was found in the apartment--was charged with a felony.

46 Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons, the wife of music power Russell Simmons, was arrested in July 2004 and charged with marijuana possession and a variety of vehicular infractions following a traffic stop near her New Jersey estate. Saddle River police said Simmons, driving a Mercedes-Benz coupe, repeatedly ignored their directions to pull her car over as they followed in a cruiser with its lights flashing. kimora

47 Patty Hearst

Patty Hearst, granddaughter of legendary newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst, was photographed by the San Mateo County Sheriff in September 1975 after her arrest on bank robbery and gun charges. Hearst, kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army in February 1974, was sentenced to seven years in prison. She was released in February 1979 after President Jimmy Carter commuted her sentence.

48 U.S.-born Iva Toguri D'Aquino (Tokyo Rose)

U.S.-born Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who was dubbed "Tokyo Rose" for broadcasting anti-American propaganda from Japan during World War II, was convicted of treason and sent to federal prison for about seven years (this picture was taken at the lockup in Alderson, West Virginia). D'Aquino was pardoned by President Gerald Ford in 1977.

49 Former Axtell coach out on bond

Sheriff’s deputies arrested a local high school teacher on Tuesday for allegedly giving alcohol to some of her students. Axtell high school coach Heather Nicole Tindle is charged with five counts of furnishing alcohol to minors, and more charges could eventually be filed against her.

What had been school yard rumors among students at Axtell High School for weeks was confirmed by Sheriff’s Deputies on Tuesday. They arrested one of the school’s teachers, Heather Tindle, for buying students beer in early February. “Coach Tindle had rode home with some boys after a basketball game and during that ride, they agreed to meet up later,” said investigator Brad Skaggs. On that bus ride investigators say Tindle and the five boys made plans to go out drinking, they say they met up later that evening at the Highway 84 and 31 split and piled in Tindle’s car. Investigators say they put down 24 beers in all, while driving along Highway 31 and while parked in a remote location off the highway.

Axtell ISD administrators aren’t speaking publicly about the action they’ve taken. “From what I understand, speaking with the school officials, they did an internal investigation and based on the information they obtained from these students, they called her in their office and asked her to resign and she has done that,” explained Skaggs. But this may not be over, investigators say there are other allegations circulating about what happened that night with Tindle, and while they won’t confirm what they are, they are confirming an investigation is also underway to find out if they are true.

Tindle is out on $5,000 bond, if convicted on all five counts of furnishing alcohol to minors, she could be fined as much as $20,000 and could also spend up to five years in jail.

51. Illinois Doctor Karen McCarron Accused of Murder

State regulators have suspended the medical license of a Morton pathologist accused of suffocating her 3-year-old autistic daughter on May 13, 2006. Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced. Wednesday that Dr. Karen McCarron’s license to practice medicine had been suspended "in the public interest, safety and welfare."

She has been indicted in Tazewell County on two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of obstructing justice and one count of concealment of a homicide involving the death of her daughter, Katherine. McCarron, whose medical practice was based in Peoria, has pleaded innocent. A hearing on the medical license suspension has been set for June 29 in Chicago.
Source: Also, and

52. Mother Reunited With Kidnapped Newborn

Dorothy Torrez, a woman who had recently miscarried, entered a rural Missouri home, attacked a young mother slicing her throat with a knife and stole her week-old baby.
Source: Christopher Leonard,

53. Harlem High Teacher Charged, Resigns

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says a complaint has been filed against a Harlem High School teacher. The complaint accuses Melissa Chase of having an alleged inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old student.

Chase, also a coach at the school, faces charges of sexual assault on a student according to the Sheriff’s Office, a felony.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says the teen's mother filed the report.

Columbia County School Superintendent Tommy Price says he found out about the complaint today. In a press release, Price says the teacher has resigned from her job Harlem High. He adds that a report will be filed with the Professional Standard’s Commission.

54. Olivia Ornelas

Police in Illinois say that Olivia Ornelas blamed her DUI and crashed vehicle on her boyfriend's failure to take her, as he promised, to the new "Twilight" movie.

55. Karen Henry

Police in Florida arrested Karen Henry, 45, after she allegedly threatened her 80-year-old father with a knife for not sharing his potato salad.

56. 'Vampire' Josephine Smith

Josephine Smith is seen in this booking photo from the Pinellas County Jail. Smith was arrested after allegedly attacking and biting a piece of skin off a homeless man in St. Petersburg after proclaiming "I am a vampire, I am going to eat you".

57. Misty Lawson

A Kentucky woman was arrested last week for allegedly punching her 10-year-old son in the face -- during an anger management course. Misty Lawson, 30, a self-described "professional baby maker" on her Facebook page, punched her son in the face and body several times during an in-home, state-mandated class aimed at curbing her anger . Luckily, a counselor witnessed the alleged assault and called police, who reported the incident to Child Protective Services, WDRB reported. Lawson was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault. Lawson has a long rap sheet to go with her newest arrest, including possession of stolen property, marijuana possession, menacing, resisting arrest and contempt of court.

Women accused of insuring men, then killing them

Two women in their 70s face trial in Los Angeles on charges that they insured the lives of two homeless men and ran them over with a car in hit-and-run murders to collect millions of dollars in death benefits.

Longtime friends Helen Golay, 76, and Olga Rutterschmidt, 74, are to be arraigned March 29 on homicide and conspiracy counts. Paul Vados, 73, was killed in a Hollywood alley in 1999. Kenneth McDavid, 50, died in an alley near UCLA in 2005. After a preliminary hearing last week, a judge ordered the women to stand trial. The defendants had pleaded not guilty to an earlier criminal complaint in the case.

"Local newspapers have compared this bizarre case to the comical plot of Arseni and Old Lace, but these were brutal murders," says Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Shellie Samuels, who is prosecuting. "The pure and simple motive was greed."

Court documednts allege the defendants installed the transients in apartments and paid rent for two years to keep track of them while paying premiums on 24 insurance policies worth a total of $5.7 million.

By California law, after two years, an insrance company cannot contest fraudulent statements on an application for a policy.

Samuels says the women got the allged victims to sign insurance applications falsely, saying they had yearly incomes of $60,000 to $100,000. The women were named beneficiaries of the policies on false claims that they were the men's cousins, business partners or fiancees, court papers say.

The defendants had collected $2.8 million before FBI agents arrested them on suspicion of insurance fraud last May, court documents say. Federal fraud charges were dropped after the state filed murder charges. They have been jailed without bail since their arrests.

Authorities got a break in solving the hit-and-run cases when detectives compared notes and discovered the women were insurance beneficiaries of both victims, Samuels says. Police then found DNA matching McDavid's on a station wagon linked to Golay, affidavits filed in court say. An autopsy found that McDavid was "drugged and heavily sedated," Samuels says.

"The case is unique becuase of the defendants' age and what they were willing to do," Samuels says. "It kind of boggles people. People tend to think that women of that age aren't going to do something this awful."

Golay's defense is that "she did not do it," says her lawyer. "Whether or not there was insurance fraud going on is irrelevant to the issue of murder. She's 76 years old. It's preposterous to say she had the physical ability to commit these alleged murders." Rutterschmidt's lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.

At lasts week's hearing, Rutterschmidt's laywer tried to shift suspicion to Golay based on testimony that she tried to delete Rutterschmidt from a policy.

Prosecutors won't seek the death penalty because of the women's ages. If convicted of two premeditated murders for financial gain, they would be sentenced to life in prison without parole.
Source: Martin Kasindorf, USA Today

HS Coach Sex Scandal #167

Update: Arrest Warrant Issued, Blonde Cheerleading Coach Turns Herself In to Cops - This whole thing sounds like a predictable Penthouse letter: a 17-year-old high school boy goes on a weekend field trip with his senior class to a YMCA camp. The lone chaperone? The blonde cheerleading coach . . . who just happens to be the wife of the principal! (See earlier story below.) And even after the school finds out that something may have happened, it takes several days for them to notify parents and the law doesn't get involved until AFTER they see the story on local TV. That's what is alleged in the case of Carrie McCandless, 29 (mug shot picture right) who turned herself in to authorities today to face charges of sexual assault on a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. But don't start your "women in prison" movie fantasies: McCandless posted $20,000 bond and is back on the street. In her defense, the former coach claims she didn't know the student who made the allegations and hasn't done anything wrong. (Denver Channel) The most important question is: is she hotter than Pamela Rogers?

BONUS: School board president at Brighton Charter High School now faces charges for failing to report sexual assault accusations made against a teacher. Double Bonus: His son was the male substitute teacher at the same school who was charged earlier for also having an inappropriate relationship with several female students. (9 News - KUSA )

Giant Lady Bodybuilder Gets Drunk, Beats Up Invalid Husband and Bites Cop

Boy Held Captive by Girl Scout Leader

Kelly Layne Lau and her husband, Schumacher, are being held on $1.2 million dollar bail each. A search of the couple's home turned up evidence implicating the two in holding a young black boy captive. He broke away only wearing boxer shorts with a link of chain around his ankle.

Naughty Teacher Update

Woman Admits to Having Sex With Boy 28 Times in One Week! - Our friends at have done it again: they have not only the complete police report, but also the mug shot of this bad teacher. He's only 13. She's 34 . . . and not really that great looking. But according to police, Rachel Holt, a science teacher at Claymont Elementary School in Delaware, has admitted to having sex with the boy, a student in her class, at her Wilmington home at least 28 times during a one-week period last month. Holt admitted she had intercourse with the boy 27 times and performed oral sex once during the last week of March AND also admitted that another boy, 12, watched her having sex with the boy and that she had provided both of them with beer. To top things off, because the boy's father wouldn't approve her him sleeping overnight at Holt's house, she pretended to be another kid's mom, called the dad's girlfriend and got permission for a "sleepover." She's still in jail, having failed to post her bail of more than $500,000. Details here .

Young Female Criminals Under 25

  • Jessica Bishop, 21, Palm Beach County, Florida, Burglary,/2 years probation (smokinggun1)
  • Casey Ann Hicks, 21, Jacksonville Beach, FL 5'3" 125 lbs Possession of controlled substances - 4 years, 8 months probation
  • Autumn Wisner, 22, Plant City, Florida, 5'4" 140 lbs Grand theft - 5 years probation
  • Gail Smithrman, 23, Pensacola, FL 5'6" 115 lbs Possession of marijuana/2 years probation
  • Tiffany Gamanche, 21, Port Orange, Fl 5'8" 113 lbs Possession of controlled substnace, 1 1/2 years probation
  • Sarah Waddington, 20, Bradentor, FL 5'4" 110 lbs Cocain sale 1 1/2 years probation
  • Elizabeth McAllister, 21, Everglades City, FL, 5'9" 130 lbs, Grand theft/4 years probatoin
  • Melissa Wells, 22, Live Oak, FL 5'7" 145 lbs Grand theft/1 year probation
  • Natalie Peterson, 23, strips, drives to someones home, orders three siblings out of "her" house so she could take a shower.

Wife jailed after cutting Colts CB with knife

Nick Harper, (31) Indianapolis Colts cornerback, was treated for knee injury and may not be able to play against Steelers on Sunday. His wife, Daniell Harper, 31, was jailed Saturday night on charges of cutting him with a knife and is being held without bond on charges of battery with a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness. Nick Harper was arrested in June on a domestic battery charge after police said he hit his wife.

Miffed Wife Reportedly Snips Hubby's Penis

A Cambodian man received 25 stitches on his penis following a dispute in which his wife attempted to sever it with a pair of scissors, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

Khay Kaing, a 40-year-old villager in Kampong Cham province, is now receiving treatment for his wound, said Koh Santepheap (Island of Peace) newspaper.

It said the man had been drinking and singing with four other friends at a karaoke parlor before the incident that occurred early Saturday morning.

After he returned home, he and his wife got into a fight in which he allegedly slapped her. As he laid down to sleep, his wife struck at his penis with a pair of scissors before she fled their hut with two small children, the newspaper said.
Source: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Jan. 24, 2006,

Naked Woman Goes on Wild Rampage

You probably won't need to get to the end of this story to suspect that drugs were involved in this one: According to police, 23 year old Natalie Peterson went to her aunt's home, argued with here and then for no reason at all stripped off all of her clothes and drove off leaving them in a pile on the aunt's front porch. Then, she drove a few blocks, broke into the house of a complete stranger where she took a shower. She promptly told the homeowner it was HER house and he left . . . to call police. But it doesn't end there. Natalie didn't go easily, kicking, punching, and biting officers and at one point--I'm not making this up!--she urinated into her own hand and threw the liquid at the cops. Eventually they cuffed her and took her to jail where after examining her, officers believe she may have been under the influence of methamphetamines.

Woman, 82, Convicted of Attempted Assault

An 82-year-old woman has been found guilty of attempted assault on a peace officer for trying to hit a Sheriff's deputy on the head with her cane in August. A prosecutor recommended that McCullough be placed on probation for three years and fined $400. She'll be sentenced when a background report is complete.

Oklahoma Woman Charged With Child Abuse for injecting human waste into her 2 1/2-year-old daughter

An Oklahoma City woman was charged with child abuse Wednesday for injecting human waste into her 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Oklahoma County District Attorney Wes Lane said.

Sarena Sherrard, 30, was charged with child abuse by Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy, a condition in which people often injure their children in order to gain attention and sympathy for themselves.

Sherrard falsely reported symptoms, ignored doctor's medical advice and injected numerous foreign substances into the body of her daughter, Sarah, Lane said.

Sherrard later confessed to injecting the waste into her daughter's body in an effort to get attention, according to the affidavit.

Police say the child has undergone more than 15 surgeries and remains hospitalized in serious condition and has been diagnosed with failure to thrive.

Sarena Sherrard faces up to life in prison if found guilty, Lane said.

Prosecutors in Florida said they will seek to have Casey Anthony executed if she is convicted of first-degree murder in the death of her daughter. Anthony, 22, is accused of killing Caylee Marie Anthony, who was 2 when she disappeared in June.

Ex-Teacher Guilty of Raping 2 Boys

A 33-year-old former elementary school teacher has been convicted of having sex with a 10-year-old student and his 15-year-old brother.

Jennifer L. Rice faces more than 25 years in prison after being found guilty of one count each of first-degree kidnapping with sexual motivation and first-degree child molesting, and two counts of third-degree child rape.

Both sides agreed to the facts in Pierce County Superior Court, and Judge D. Gary Steiner reviewed them and issued a ruling.

Prosecutors say the former McKinley Elementary School teacher abducted the 10-year-old student from his Tacoma home, drove more than 100 miles and had sex with him at a highway rest area in 2007. They say she also had sex with his 15-year-old brother that summer

Church Volunteer Charged in 8-year-old's Rape, and Killing

Melissa Huckaby was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. She has a history with law enforcement, and was due in court later this month to check in with a county mental health program, part of a probatoin she received for a petty theft charge. But this time it was much bigger. Huckaby is charged with murdering her daughter's playmate, Sandra Cantu, in a grusesome crime that has schoked residents in Tracy, CA. She was a volunteer as a Sunday school teacher at Clover Road Baptist Church where her grandfather serves as pastor. Over and above the murdrer, she was charged with rape with a foreign object, lewd or lascivious conduct with a child under 14 and murder in the course of a kidpanning. The body was found in a suitcase in an irrigation pond.

Innocence Taken

Huckaby, the suitcase case, is charged with drugging two other people, a 7-year-old girl and an adult man. The girl went missing in January and was found with Huckaby in a park. Police said the girl tested positive for a muscle-relaxing drug after being returned to her family. Court papers identified the other alleged poisoning victim as Daniel Plowman, who may have been dating Huckaby.

Dani's birth mother, Michelle Crockett, was charged with child neglect. She was faced 20 years in prison but made a deal with prosecutors and gvae up her parental rights so she didn't have to spend time in jail. She was eventually sentenced to two years of house arrest. Crockett said she did her best as a parent and that she missed her daughter.

Barbaric Treatment

Police said that Tai-Ling Gigliotti and her boyfriend locked her teenage nephew in a bathroom for more than a year, sometimes in the dartk, with little food, and beat him. He ultimately escaped to a neighbor's home - with a broken arm and oozing sores.

Prosecutors in Britain say this woman deliberately chewed off part of her boyfriend's tongue during a kiss and then threw it on the floor. Here, Tracy Davies is seen outside Newcastle Crown Court in Newcastle, England.

Date Contract

Shawn German, 19, allegedly dated a 13-year-old with the written permission of the couple's mothers. German's mother, Tracy Lisi, 38, signed the agreement to avoid legal problems, said police. Now, the mothers, who were arrested Sept 4 with German, face charges of child endangerment. German is charged with second-degree rape. (Editor's note: In Latin America and Southeast Asia, it is not unusual for a 14 year old woman to marry a 21 year-old man, in the Catholic church. She is capable of raising a family and he is capable of providing for the family. In America, we see our girls as still being little girls, long after they have developed into women and we neglect to treat them as women and teach them what goes along with that position. With many of our daughters, they never learn until after they get pregnant, and then they learn from their own experience and not usually guided by caring parents.)

Girlfriend a Cold-blooded Killer of Steve McNair

Authorities determined that Kazemi had killed the former Tennessee Titan star before pulling the trigger on herself. (Editor: Clearly pre-meditated. Clearly a case of domestic violence. Why is everyone skirting around these facts? Steve was the victim of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.)

"The police department has concluded that Steve McNair was murdered by Sahel Kazemi and that, in turn, Sahel Kazemi killed herself with a single gunshot wound to her head," said Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas. "The totality of the evidence clearly points to a murder-suicide."

Scorned Women Seek Revenge on Three-Timer

Police Say Women Attacked Man, Applied Krazy Glue to Sensitive Parts

If you mess with one scorned woman, you're bound to get burned. If you mess with two, things could really get ugly. But what happens when you mess with three?

An unidentified married Wisconsin man who was dating three women at the same time found out the hard way that it can only mean trouble.

After finding out that the same Casanova had been courting them all simultaneously, Michelle Belliveau, Wendy Sewell and Therese Ziemann allegedly lured the man to a local motel room to seek revenge.

Police say Ziemann kicked off the plan, convincing the man to voluntarily agree to be bound and blindfolded with the promise of a massage.

But instead, police say, she cut off his underwear and sent a text message to the other women to enter the room.

"This wasn't a spur of the moment type of event in that all of the participants in the complaint and in the information provided were part and parcel of this plan," said Ken Krantz, the district attorney of Calumet County, Wis.

When the women came into the room, they allegedly attacked him and applied Krazy Glue to sensitive body parts.

Reports show that they asked the victim which woman he loved more, which one he wanted to grow old with, slapped him in the face and then said, "Can you handle that?"

The man was finally released after he started screaming, and police say the women fled with his cell phone, wallet and car.

So, how did the trio find out about each other? Police say it was the man's wife who informed them of the love quad.

According to the Appleton Post-Crescent newspaper, an arrest warrant was issued Friday for Tracy M. Hood-Davis, the victim's wife, who also faces a charge of being a party to false imprisonment.

The Post-Crescent also said the victim was treated for minor injuries and released from care.

As for his alleged attackers, the newspaper said Ziemann was charged with being a party to false imprisonment, fourth-degree sexual assault and misdemeanor battery. Sewell and Belliveau were charged with being a party to false imprisonment.

Ziemann told police she met the victim online through a Craigslist ad and subsequently fell in love with him and had given him about $3,000, the Post-Crescent reported, adding that when Hood-Davis contacted her to alert her to the mulitple affairs, she said that the man used the women for money.

(Editor's note: These three violent fems should also be charged with grand theif. They stole a car. Reminds us of the song by the Dixie Chicks that promotes premeditated murder.)

Cancer Survivor: Kin 'Robbed Me Blind'

Octogenarian cancer patient Evelyn Roth wasn't supposed to live. So two relatives took advantage of her dire situation, snapping up all her possessions and selling her home, police and prosecutors said.

Roth's niece Kathleen Sue Jingling, 53, and cousin Virginia Ann Kuehn, 66, have been indicted on 35 felonies, according to the The Oregonian newspaper. The women pleaded not guilty at their arraignment this week.

Roth's home of 56 years in Portland, Ore. -- gone. The mahogany furniture crafted by her late husband -- gone. Her wedding pictures, her Buick, her grandfather clock, more than $100,000 in savings and investments -- all gone.

The trouble began when Roth had surgery in February 2008 for what The Oregonian described as a cancerous growth on her esophagus. After surgery, she fell in her home, was hospitalized and then was sent to a nursing home. That spring, she had radiation treatments for the cancer. And on April 24, she gave Kuehn and Jingling power of attorney.

An officer said Jingling later told her the doctor "guaranteed" that Roth was dying.

But as Roth recovered, she starting hearing rumors of a "For Sale" sign on her lawn. A former Sunday school student of hers helped start unraveling what happened to her belongings and her money while she was ill.

The self-described "stubborn old lady" has surprised authorities with her high spirits, despite her losses, but she told the newspaper she is determined to see her relatives jailed.

"They robbed me blind," Roth said. "Everything was for money, just to get money, money, money. That's not the way it should be."

Wheelchair Assault?

Mikka Shardai Cline faces a child abuse charge after she allegedly hit a boy in a wheelchair as she tried to grab a soccer ball from him outside a Dallas hospital. Police say Cline hit the medical halo that was screwed into the boy's skull.

Pinned to a Mattress

Arvilla Marie Lilly Meinhardt of Golden Valley, Minnesota runs a day-care center out of her home. She is accused of pinning 2 and 3 year olds to mattresses as discipline control and to keep them docile while napping. She's been doing this for 8 years. Maybe she needs to start taking Ritalin.

Accused of Stabbing 2 Nieces in Tony NY Suburb

Police found two young girls sprawled on their kitchen floor bleeding from multiple stab wounds in a "horrendous" scene after their aunt called 911 for help, police said. The aunt, who had been baby-sitting, was charged with assaulting the girls, though a motive for the attack in an upscale New York suburb remains a mystery.

Police said they received a 911 call Saturday night from the girls' aunt, Lisa Turkki, asking for assistance at the home in tony Katonah. Turkki, 39, was in the driveway when police arrived and was arrested by the responding officer, Bedford police Lt. Jeffrey Dickan said in an interview this morning.

Inside the home, on the same street as Martha Stewart's sprawling farm, police found Maeve and Annabel Kelly, 7 and 9 respectively, bleeding on the floor from multiple wounds, he said.

"The officer described it as horrendous," Dickan said of the scene. "Obviously, any time you have these types of serious crimes involving children, it just makes it that much harder for officers and any and all people that respond."

The girls were taken to Westchester Medical Center with serious injuries, police said. They were in stable condition as of Sunday, Dickan said.

"I'm hopeful they are either still stable or are getting better," Dickan said.

He wouldn't say what Turkki said when she called 911, nor would he comment on a motive, saying it's early in the investigation. Police had not been called to the home before.

The girl's parents, Eva and Joseph Kelly, were down the street at the Caramoor Center attending a Dr. John blues concert Saturday night. They were called to the box office during an intermission to be told of the attack, the Journal News reported.

Screams were heard from the house when they returned home and entered the kitchen, the New York Post reported. State police took them to the hospital.

"The girls are so great. I can't believe this would happen to them. I would assume anyone who could do this would have mental problems," Tapani Talo, a contractor who worked on the Kelly house, told the Post.

Turkki, of East Syracuse, was charged with two counts of assault, both felonies, police said. She was being held at the Westchester County Jail and is due back in court Thursday night. She did not have a lawyer at her arraignment, and one will likely be appointed for her, Dickan said.

The Post said Turkki, the sister of Eva Kelly, volunteered in 2002, 2003 and 2004 with ARISE, a nonprofit group that works with people with disabilities. Phone calls to the nonprofit went unanswered.

Talo said Joseph Kelly, 50, is a financier who travels the world for his job and Eva Kelly, 43, formerly worked in finance and stays home with her daughters, the Post reported. Talo helped the Kelly home become a cutting edge "green" home, complete with geothermal heating, the Post said.

The Kelly home is in a bucolic area among some larger estates on Girdle Ridge Road, the same road where Stewart's 153-acre farm is located and near the estate of designer Ralph Lauren. Katonah is a hamlet in the town of Bedford, about 45 miles north of midtown Manhattan.

The stabbings were big news in the small hamlet.

"These types of things don't happen here often," Dickan said. "We're fortunate that we don't deal with these types of crimes all that often."

Soccer Mom Killed Her Kids for Being 'Mouthy'

When police responded to a call from a concerned relative and found Julie Schenecker on the back porch of her Tampa home, they said she was covered in blood and made a gut-wrenching admission: She had killed her teenage son and daughter because they were "mouthy."

Police said the military officer's wife, described by her mother as depressed, shot and killed her son on the way to soccer practice, then drove to their upscale home and shot her daughter in the head while the girl studied at her computer.

YouTube And that’s the latest news on the soccer mom who killed her kids

"I think we will never understand how or why a mother could take the lives of her children," police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said. "That was the only reason she provided to our detectives."

Schenecker was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Wearing a white jumpsuit, she was led into a county jail on Friday, shaking and being supported by a sheriff's deputy.

Now authorities are trying to understand what triggered the killings.

Schenecker's mother had called police from Texas at about 7:40 a.m. Friday because she was unable to reach the 50-year-old woman, whom she said was depressed and had been complaining about her children.

McElroy said Schenecker left a note detailing her plans to kill her children and then herself, saying "they talked back and were mouthy and that she was going to take care of it." She provided the same motive to police who interviewed her, authorities said.

"During a post-Miranda interview with detectives, the suspect confessed to killing her two children," police said in a statement. "She described the crimes in detail."

Schenecker's husband, Army Col. Parker Schenecker, is stationed at the headquarters of U.S. Central Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa. The father had been away for several days, said CentCom spokesman Lt. Col. Michael Lawhorn, describing him as a career Army intelligence officer.

Police said Parker Schenecker was in Qatar and was told of his children's deaths on Friday.

Officers found the body of Schenecker's daughter, Calyx Schenecker, 16, in an upstairs bedroom, McElroy said. The body of her son, Beau Schenecker, 13, was found in a sport utility vehicle in the garage.

An arrest affidavit said Schenecker shot her son twice in the head "for talking back" as she drove him to soccer practice Thursday night. She drove home, went inside and shot her daughter in the back of head while the teen sat at a computer doing homework, then shot her in the face, the affidavit said.

McElroy said investigators believe the teens "never saw it coming." Both were killed with a .38-caliber pistol. Police said the weapon was purchased five days earlier, The Tampa Tribune reported.

The family's home is on a cul-de-sac in a gated country club community in north Tampa.

Charanun Soodjinda, 38, lives across the street. He said the Scheneckers moved in about two years ago and "fit right in." The couple's two children often played in the cul-de-sac with other neighborhood kids, and Julie Schenecker seemed to be at home a lot.

"They seemed like a nice family," Soodjinda said. "I never thought this would happen. How could you do that to your children?"

Seena Jain, who carpooled with the Schenecker children and her own daughter, Sheema, 15, told the St. Petersburg Times that recently Parker Schenecker had picked up his wife's carpooling shift while she recovered from a serious car crash that happened about a month ago. Details of the accident weren't immediately available.

The Times also reported that the Department of Children and Families said it investigated a complaint involving the family about two months ago, but that the tip was determined to be unfounded and the case was closed. Agency spokesman Terry Field told the paper he could not elaborate.

Media outlets described the students as active at school, with Beau playing soccer at Liberty Middle School and Calyx in the pre-International Baccalaureate program at King High School, where she ran cross-country and started a Harry Potter fan club.

Sylvia Carroll, who attended Muscatine High School in Iowa with Julie Schenecker, said she was a popular and athletic student who excelled in basketball in the late 1970s. They reconnected about a year ago on Facebook.

"I'm just in shock," said Carroll, who now lives in Austin, Texas. "I can't believe this."

Stefanie Dickinson, An Ellicot School Board Member, Has Been Arrested For Sexting A 14-Year-Old Boy

Police have arrested a school board member for sexting a 14-year-old.

The sexts were discovered by the victim's sister, who became suspicious after witnessing Stefanie Dickinson, 37, hugging her brother multiple times. Dickinson is a sitting board member and treasurer of Ellicot School District-22, near Colorado Springs.

Deputies told the Colorado Springs Gazette that they believe Dickinson had been texting the boy since he accompanied her, her husband and two sons on a camping trip to Lake Meredith in mid or late August. After the trip Dickinson allegedly asked the boy for his cell phone number so that she could send him photos from the trip, but the arrest warrant says that Dickinson texted him that she wanted to sneak out of the house to meet with him.

Other text messages found on the boy's phone said, "I just want u," and on Sept. 2 they got more explicit. In the message, Dickinson talks about having sex and texts, "Baby I will rock ur f***ing world!"

In another message Dickinson's text reads, "You can't tell anyone about this at all because I could lose my family."

A report cited by KDVR says that the boy told deputies that he felt uncomfortable, and says in the arrest warrant that she would frequently come to his football games and "would always tell me I have a sexy smile".

Dickinson posted a $3,000 bail, and is due back in court next week.

Try-outs for the Oakland Raiders

Oh, sorry. Our mistake. That's a college girl's soccer game.

Junior defender Elizabeth Lambert was suspended Friday for her infractions the day before during a 1-0 loss to BYU in a Mountain West Conference semifinal. Lambert is seen in video from the game throwing elbows, colliding with several players and then yanking the ponytail of a BYU player.

While she claimed that it was in "a heated situation", it appears that she was in control of her emotions and enjoyed playing dirty while no-ono was looking (except these cameras.) 

Video highlights have been airing nationally since Thursday night and not because it was a thrilling game decided on Carlee Payne’s header in the 31st minute. The focus of the highlights is more on Lambert’s physical play, especially her takedown of BYU’s Kassidy Shumway by grabbing her ponytail and pulling her crashing to the turf.

A Woman’s Inalienable Right To Murder?

On January 7, 2010 the Associated Press released a story titled “Maine woman avoids prison for killing of husband”

What is important about this case are not the details -- admittedly unattractive -- but the essential legal principle established by Waldo County (ME) Superior Court Justice Jeffrey Hjelm. Judge Hjelm established the legal precedent that any woman based on her own internal and unverifiable thoughts and feelings has the right to murder any man and suffer no legal consequences. In short, women and women alone have the right to be judge, jury, and executioner.

The woman, Amber Cummings, using a Battered-Woman Defense, did not testify which would have subjected her to cross-examination. Rather, testimony in her defense was provided by a Psychologist and various other mental health “experts.” Writing as a Psychologist, I can assure all interested parties that among Psychologists and other mental health “experts” there are a very large number who would welcome the opportunity to construct testimony on behalf of a Battered-Woman Defense based on feminist ideology. To judge for yourself whether or not Amber Cummings is a battered woman incapable of any alternative other than murdering her husband, see her interview following the trial at ( ).

What is most critically at issue, however, is whether justice for the crime of murder is to be determined by feminist jurisprudence (the Battered-Woman Defense) or by behavior. In this case the behavior was a woman firing two bullets into the head of a sleeping man.

To fully understand the double standards inherent in feminist jurisprudence one simply has to reverse the genders. Would any judge ruling in a case where a man fired two bullets into the head of a sleeping woman free the man with no criminal penalties?

I don’t know if Judge Hjelm is married but if he is and were his wife to fire two bullets into his head while he slept, it would be ironic justice for his wife to be freed by the subsequent Judge on her case on the basis of her husband’s own ruling.

More importantly, this case establishes a precedent that all men and all women who love men and want a man in their lives should oppose and seek to overturn. Were the core principle established by Judge Hjelm to be retained, we would be a society living under the rule of gender rather than a society living under the rule of law.

©2010,Gordon E. Finley, Ph.D. is Professor of Psychology at Florida International University in Miami

Amanda Knox - a Sexually Rapacious Killer

Despite all the airtime devoted to Amanda Knox, it's still hard to reconcile the fresh-faced honor student from Seattle with the sexually rapacious killer convicted of the November 2007 murder of her British roommate. Few Americans have heard all the powerful evidence that convinced a jury that Knox was one of three people to sexually assault Meredith Kercher, brutalize her body, and cut her throat. In Angel Face, Rome-based Daily Beast senior writer Barbie Latza Nadeau- who cultivated personal relationships with the key figures in both the prosecution and the defense - describes how the Know family's heavy-handed efforts to control media coverage distorted the facts, inflamed an American audience, and painted an offensive, inaccurate picture of Italy's justice system. An eye-opener for any parent considering sending a child away to study. This book reveals what really went on in this incomprehensible. crime. Buy the Book

Video: Woman on Rampage Over Chicken McNuggets

An Ohio woman on the warpath for Chicken McNuggets flew into a violent rage at a drive-through window when the restaurant told her they were only serving breakfast.


Melodi Dushane really, really wanted her chicken nuggets. So she wasn't loving it when a worker at the Toledo McDonald's told her they stopped serving the meal at 2:30 a.m.

In fact, she was downright mad. The 25-year-old reacted to the news by getting out of her car and throwing punches at the employee, then pounding on the glass with her elbow and then finally smashing it, according to ABC affiliate KSFN in Fresno, Calif.

New video of Dushane's fast food rampage, which happened around 6:30 a.m. on New Year's Day, shows the woman's angry reaction to the bad news about the nuggets.

The employees appear to have fought fire with fire. At one point, a manager joins the drive-through worker, and together they slam the window closed on Dushane's fingers, forcing her to let go and allowing them to latch it shut.

Dushane has been charged with vandalism, according to KFSN. She was asked not to return to the same McDonald's restaurant ever again.
Source:|htmlws-main-n|dl8|link3| (Editor's note: See follow-up story below. This seems to be a sure case for CPS, if she has kids or access to kids. That is if CPS really cares about keeping chidren safe.)

McNuggets Rage Caught On Tape

Turns out that bizarre New Year’s Day McNuggets rage incident was caught on surveillance tape by a camera at the Toledo, Ohio McDonald’s where Melodi Dushane had her meltdown.

As TSG originally reported, Dushane put her fist through the eatery's drive-thru window after being informed that McDonald's stopped serving dinner selections at 2:30 AM (Dushane, 24, had pulled up to the eatery at about 6:30 AM).

According to a police report, Dushane "leaned out of her car, into the window, and punched [a McDonald’s worker] in her mouth." When a second employee interceded, Dushane took a swing at her. After the women tussled, Dushane "then punched the drive through window, breaking it," police reported.

Charged with felony vandalism, Dushane cut a plea deal and was sentenced to 60 days in jail and ordered to serve three years probation. Prosecutors released the surveillance video after the conclusion of Dushane’s case.

Teen Mom sentenced to 5 years

AmberAmber Portwood is headed to prison now that a judge has reimposed her original prison sentence, which was handed down from a December 2011 drug arrest.

Portwood, who appeared on the MTV reality show "Teen Mom," faced a judge Tuesday and was sentenced her to five years behind bars. She had previously struck a plea agreement, which mandated she complete a drug rehab program or go to prison.

Last week, Portwood appeared in court and, to her lawyer's dismay, told a judge she was unable to complete her rehab program. According to TMZ, she said she will always be a "bad girl" and asked to be sent to prison instead.

In 2010, Portwood was charged with three felonies for domestic violence against her ex-fiance, Gary Shirley, which occurred while their daughter Leah was present and was caught by MTV cameras. She was placed on two years probation -- after a two-year jail sentence was suspended -- which she violated in 2011 when she got into a physical altercation and was found with prescription medication without having a prescription.

In June 2011, Portwood was rushed to the hospital after what was rumored to be a suicide attempt.

Portwood, who will be referred to the Indiana Department of Corrections' drug treatment program, appeared on the first cycle of MTV's "Teen Mom" which featured her life with Leah, who is now 3 years old.


Actress Pamela Bach was issued a felony DUI after causing a chain rear end collision that resulted in San Fernando Valley. Police booked her because everyone involved cited minor injuries.

Pamela Bach was arrested for driving under the influence in California in late November, marking the second DUI offense for the ex-wife of David Hasselhoff.

Always feisty 'Real Housewives of New York City" star Kelly Bensimon accepted two days of community service for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend back in March. "I'm very pleased," Bensimon said outside court on June 8. "Justice was served."

'Three's Company' star Joyce DeWitt was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence on the Fourth of July in California.

'Vampire Diaries' actresses Kayla Ewall, Nina Dobreva, and Krystal Vayda were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for flashing drivers during a photo shoot on a Georgia highway overpass.

Rapper Da Brat, whose real name is Shawntae Harris, was arrested Nov. 1, 2007 after a dispute at a nightclub northeast of Atlanta, where she was accused of hitting a waitress over the head with a bottle of rum. She was charged with aggravated assault, DeKalb County Police spokeswoman Mekka Parish said.

Unlucky reality star Megan Hauserman was arrested April 16 in Miami Beach for suspicion of driving under the influence. Officers say she smelled of alcohol and her speech was slurred as she told them she was "filming a TV show and was tired." Hauserman was in 'Rock of Love' and had her own show, 'Megan Wants a Millionaire,' which was canceled after one of the contestants allegedly killed his estranged wife.

Designer Kenley Collins of 'Project Runway' fame was arrested and charged for allegedly attacking her ex-fiance with a laptop, apples, water and ... a cat. Collins admits she "gently" tossed the cat, but denies using the animal as a weapon. At a March 25 hearing, Collins was told that an assault charge would be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Alexandra Kerry was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. Her blood alcohol level tested under the legal limit, but a CA driver can still be prosecuted if the vehicle is being operated unsafely due to alcohol.

Lil' Kim was arrested in New Jersey in July 1996 for possession of marijuana.

Tawny Kitaen, the actress-wife of former Anaheim Angels pitcher Chuck Finley, was under arrest for allegedly attacking her husband. Tawny Kitaen allegedly attacked her husband as they drove home from dinner. Richards says 'she kicked him in the thigh, in the leg, in the arm, she grabbed his ear and twisted it.'

'Melrose Place' actress Amy Locane was charged with second-degree vehicular homicide after a June 27 car accident in which the passenger in the other car was killed. The actress admitted to drinking wine before the crash.

Country singer Mindy McCready was arrested and charged with the two misdemeanors (battery and resisting arrest) on July 21, 2007 in Fort Myers, Fla.

Actress Lori Petty was arrested on May 30 for allegedly driving drunk and hitting a skateboarder with her car, according to TMZ reports. Both she and the skateboarder only suffered minor injuries

Stephanie Pratt was pulled over in Hollywood early in the morning on Oct. 18 and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

After running out on a $10K hotel bill and failing to appear at several court hearings, Randy and Evi Quaid were jailed in California. Charges against Randy were dropped and Evi pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor and was ordered to perform 240 hours of community service.

A 23-year-old woman in Australia was sentenced to more than two years in prison for cyber-stalking 'American Idol' runner-up Diana DeGarmo - for the second time. Quattrocchi did community service for cyber-stalking and blackmailing DeGarmo in 2007.

Nicole Richie was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence on December 11, 2006 in Burbank, California after she was allegedly driving the wrong way on the 134 freeway.

Kimora Lee Simmons was arrested after police said she was driving erratically and ignored the flashing lights of a cruiser for nearly two miles on July 26, 2004. Simmons was arrested just after midnight outside her estate in Saddle River, N.J.

Sarah Trigger, the ex-wife of actor Jon Cryer, was arrested on May 28 on charges of felony child neglect. TMZ reports that police found "rope or chord marks" around the neck of her child.

7 Female Celebrities Who Have Physically Abused Their Men

When it comes to domestic violence, women aren’t always the victims. We have grown so accustomed to hearing about men abusing women that we seem to have totally forgotten that women are just as capable of physically assaulting men in their lives. We have an article on women who stand by their abusive men, so it seems fitting to have another article on famous women who have assaulted their boyfriends and husbands. While some of this abuse looks like it could have been just a one-time thing, we have other women on the list who have defended their right to be abusive. See for yourself – here are 7 female celebrities who have physically abused their men!

7. Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra proved herself to be quite the scrapper back in 1999. She and her one-time husband Dennis Rodman were arrested after they got into a physical altercation. The police were called and Electra was found with a cut lip and Rodman with scratches on his arm and a torn shirt. Both of them accused the other of making insulting remarks and being physically abusive; however, after they were arrested for battery assault all the charges were dropped.

6. Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters have a pretty tempestuous relationship. In 2013, she was arrested for domestic violence after they had a violent fight that left him with a bloody nose and bite marks. Roberts was ultimately let off the hook because Peters didn’t want to press charges and instead wanted to work things out. It looks like that might be working for them. Earlier this year, Roberts was spotted wearing an engagement ring. Who knows – maybe this troubled couple will make things work long-term; however, we’re not so sure.

5. Elin Nordegren

When Elin Nordegren found out that Tiger Woods was cheating on her, she reportedly got physical with him – and not in a fun way. She is rumored to have scratched up his face and when he tried to make a run for it in his SUV, she reportedly came after him with a golf club. As he tried to drive away, she struck the SUV several times with the club, which caused the pro golfer to hit a fire hydrant and a tree. Given all the lying and cheating that Woods did, we’re surprised Nordegren didn’t do more damage in her fit of anger.

4. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a really dysfunctional relationship. We already know that he was charged for hitting her; however, what most people don’t know is that she did most of the hitting in that relationship. “Contrary to belief, I do the hitting, he doesn’t. He has never put his hands on me. We are crazy for one another. I mean crazy in love, love, love, love, love. When we’re fighting, it’s like that’s love for us. We’re fighting for our love,” Houston told AP. Excuses, excuses! Admitting to being the one doing the abusing does not make the relationship any better.

3. Brenda Harvey

Lionel Richie’s ex wife Brenda Harvey beat him up when she caught him having an affair back in 1988. Rumor has it that the adoptive mother of Nicole Richie actually caught her husband in bed with another woman in a Beverly Hills hotel room. She reportedly pretended to be room service, forced her way into the room and then violently attacked them both. Harvey was arrested for spousal abuse, trespassing, assault towards the other women and vandalism. That entire situation sounds really messed up.

2. Kelly Bensimon

This cast member of “The Real Housewives of New York City” was arrested back in 2009 for attacking her boyfriend-at-the-time Nick Stefanov. Kelly Bensimon reportedly punched him in the face and gave him a black eye and a gash on his left cheek. She was charged with misdemeanor third degree assault for the incident; however, the charges ended up being dropped after Stefanov failed to show up in court for two separate hearings. Bensimon hasn’t been caught hitting another boyfriend since.

1. Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with hitting her boyfriends. During an interview to promote her new memoir “Close Up” on “This Morning,” she laughed about punching her two ex boyfriends, Jason Statham and Danny Cipriani. According to the brunette, she hit Cipriani after he gave his number to a stripper and Statham after he embarrassed her somehow at Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s wedding. “In my defense, I don’t think [Statham] felt it,” she said. “He’s a martial arts expert.” Sorry Kelly – when it comes to abuse, there is no defense.

Florida woman sets boyfriend on fire using nail polish remover, cops say

Police say a Clearwater woman set her boyfriend on fire during an argument after a night of drinking.

According to police, 23-year-old Melissa Dawn Sellers doused Carlos Ortiz Jr. with nail polish remover early Wednesday and then ignited him with either a lighter or burnt cigarette.

The 42-year-old Ortiz was taken to Tampa General Hospital in critical condition. Police say he has burns on his face, chest and shoulders.

Sellers left the scene before police arrived, but returned and was arrested. She's charged with attempted murder.

Authorities say she is still being interviewed at the police station and will be booked into jail later Wednesday. It wasn't known whether she has an attorney or what she and her boyfriend were arguing about.

The number of women in jail is reportedly skyrocketing — and no one knows why

Amid a fierce national debate on mass incarceration in the US, a new report has found that one population has been severely overlooked: women.

The number of women held in local US jails has skyrocketed over the last four decades, jumping 14 times what it was in the 1970s, according to a report jointly released Wednesday by the Vera Institute of Justice, an independent research nonprofit that "tackles the most pressing injustices of our day", and the MacArthur Foundation's Safety and Justice Challenge, which is aimed at improving local justice systems.

Women now make up nearly 110,000 of the 745,000 people in the country's jails, the report found.

Beyond the "alarming" rate increase, the report concludes that the criminal justice system is sorely lacking in research and data on why more and more women are being locked up.

"With little data and scant examination of just who the women in jail are and how they got there, it is not surprising that recent innovations to craft smarter, more targeted use of jails do not account for the realities of women's lives," Fred Patrick, a director at the Vera Institute of Justice, said in the report.

What little is known about these female inmates is that the majority are charged with low-level, non-violent offenses, and typically have less extensive criminal histories than male inmates.

Furthermore, nearly 80% of women in jail are mothers, many of whom bear sole responsibility for their children, according to the report.

The report found that several factors affect women's incarceration to a greater extent than men, including trauma, physical and behavioral health disorders, single-parenting, and poverty.

Local jurisdictions have let jails become "stopgap providers" of social and community services for women, who were unable to reach resources they needed outside of the criminal justice system, the report said.

Already, the report's numbers are being treated with some caution by some criminal justice experts, who say the report could even be an underestimation of the full impact on women in jails.

John Pfaff, a professor at Fordham Law School, noted on Twitter that while the country's jail population may be 745,000, that number is totaled just once a year, and so doesn't show the the 11 million jail admissions that occur throughout the course of each year.

Pfaff also noted that that while the rate of women's incarcerations between 1970 and 2014 may have quadrupled, men still account for nearly 83% of the overall increase in jail populations.

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Mother tarantulas kill 99% of the babies they hatch.

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