Twenty-one year old legally blind woman does second try at the Iditarod, the longest sled dog race in the world, stretching 1,049 miles of arctic Alaskan interior from Anchorage to Nome, with not one but twelve dogs. As of 3/18/06, she finshed today in 58th place and 7th out of 20 rookies that started the race.


They're kinetic, maddening and failing at school. Now educators are trying new ways to help them succeed.


Dove spent an estimated $2,500,000 in the Super Bowl to promote a self-esteem program for your girls who might think they should be thinner, prettier, even blond. Did they miss a BIG opportunity by ignoring fathers?

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Christopher Oliver, age 8, of Mechanicsville, VA, was the grand prize winner in this year's Creative Expressions contest for No Name-Calling week. about this week's important awareness campaign! Click here to see all of the entries.


Read some of the words spoken at James Dungy's funeral by his father Tony!


The January, 2006 issue of Car and Driver had a story at the back of the bus, I mean back of the issue called Fast Women: Racing's raciest women and where to meet them. Take a number - no crowding. Written by a somewhat sexiest Ted West, it did cover almost six pages which included 1+ pages of ads, and 21 pictures. Related Stories: Women in Racing, Woman Racers and our 15 Women to Watch in 2006.


The October, 2005 issue of Reader's Digest headlines The Secret Lives of Men: What they think, feel and hide. It starts on page 101 and goes straight through page 121. There's the introduction followed by Big Boys Don't Cry: And other myths about men and emotions; then "I Love You Man!" The nuts and bolts of male friendship. Next is A Winning Friendship: Four teammates and the bond that helped make them champions. And finally, My Big Fat Greek Life: He lost it all - and gained much more. In true Reader's Digest style, it takes these four hugh topics and does their 'Clif Notes' version in 20 pages. The good news. There wasn't one single ad throughout those 20 pages.


Winner of the Documentary Audience Award and a Special Jury Prize for Editing at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival, this is a film about quadriplegics who play full-contact rugby in Mad Max-style wheelchairs - overcoming unimaginable obstacles to compete in the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece. It's intense action, foul language and quad sex. To this reviewer, the trailer left an impression that it was a violent movie. And, while there are a few intense scenes, I had actually hoped for more about strategy and how the game is played, what goes on on the rest of the court besides around the goal.


Menstuff® has compiled the following information on a case of turning a pedophile's wedding into a star event as if everything's all better now that the molested child is an adult.

The June 5, 2005 issue of People magazine provided a two page spread plus a lead on the cover to a pedophile's wedding to the former sexually abused child. The student was 12 when the affair began, the teacher was 34. (Click on the photo above to see the feature on the cover.)



Reading e-mail, sorting data and talking on the phone at once - multitasking clearly saves time in a fast-paced world. Or does it? Anybody who expects to get ahead today better master the art of multitasking, right? A recent study of employees by the Families and Work Institute in New York City finds that some 45 percent of U.S. workers believe they are asked or expected to work on too many tasks at once.


To save Social Security, Bush wants to destroy it. And, in doing so, it would require the government to borrow at least $2 trillion to make up the immediate shortfall. However, the Social Security System is not only solvent, it's in much better shape than the rest of the federal government. "The people who hustled America into a tax cut to eliminate an imaginary budget surplus and a war to eliminate imaginary weapons" Paul Krugman wrote recently, "are now trying another bum's rush."


Animated film with Will Smith as the voice of Oscar, a fish with dreams of making it big and moving to the "top of the reef." He stumbles upon his opportunity when a shark is accidentally killed and Oscar takes credit for the act and is dubbed "the shark slayer." He befriends a vegetarian shark (Jack Black) who helps him perpetuate his new persona, but he learns fairly quickly that fame and fortune come with a price and lying will get you nowhere. Complete content analysis.


There is an epidemic of brain injuries annually that are caused by head trauma from preventable accidents. Each year 1.5 to 2 million Americans have traumatic brain injuries. Of this number, 50,000 die, and 90,000 experience long-term disability. Traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability in people youger than 45. The highest risk occurs between ages 15 and 25, with the rates for males 2 to 3 times the rates for females. Currently at least 5.3 million Americans - a little more than % of the US population - are living with disabililties resulting from brain injury.


"Killer heat waves. Melting glaciers. Floods that strand millions of refugees. Global warming is not some futuristic doomsday. It's already here - and the death toll is rising."


The June 2004 issue of Oprah featured MEN! Sex is like pizza... & other startling insights into the hearts of men. Men who adore real women: We've found them! Good-Guy Hall of Fame: Brains, looks, charisma to burn 2004's Best Men. Man Trouble? Dr. Phil's got answers. My Girl. Your Father, Yourself (six writers). Foreign Affairs. Token Guy. The O Interview: How the mahvelous Billy Crystal made Oprah laugh and cry. The Wrinkle Report: Treatments that actually work (Science finally does something good for women!) Exclusive: Vitamin Alert: Labels that lie vs. pills that deliver: we name names. Editor's note: All magazine management and staff lsited on pages 12 and 16 of this issue didn't have names of their own. They were all listsed as "daughter" or "son" of their father's. Nice gesture and it sure seemed like they had enough room to put the daughter or son's own name, too


The Candie's Foundation mission is to educate teens about the consequences of teenage pregnancy, bringing it into the national consciousness through a public awareness initiative, which aims to reduce teen pregnancy in the United States. For more information go to


There's a scene in the Prisoner of Azkaban that is expected to find the viewers cheering. (It's also repeated in a flash-back later in the movie.) It's where one of the Slytherin girls makes a sneeringly vicious insult towards Ron, and he hauls off and slugs her.


The movie Jersey Girl has got mixed reviews. . Frankly, I don't think they've asked any fathers what they think. Especially fathers raising daughters. But, it wouldn't take much for any father to transpose the situation to their own life. Try this on for size.


Society is obsessed with breasts. But what are we doing about breast cancer? For women and men?


Some men are eating 3,000 calories rapidly, in one sitting - more than once a week. They are some of the 2 million plus males who suffer from binge eating disorder. The Premier Issue of Men's Edge tells the story. (2-3/04.) Most experts now believe that anywhere between 40% to roughly half of all compulsive overeaters are guys.


The February 2/04 issue of More presents a Special Bonus:  The surge in plastic surgery - what's that all about. Why he just bought a 'vette and other midlife crisis tales. What they really think about sex, sports and success.


Hazing is often winked at as a benign initiation ritual, but it has a tendency to spiral out of control, as it did in the horrific events at Long Island's Mepham High. A 6'2", 245-pound senior sat on a 145-pound jayvee player while a hulking junior linebacker pulled down the player's shorts, dipped a broomstick in Mineral Ice - an ointment that burns when applied to sensitive skin - and forcibly sodomized him. They sodomized three players at least 10 times.


A homophobe hates others simply because of their sexual orientation. You can usually spot them mouthing off about "deviant lifestyles" and how same-sex couples shouldn't be granted the same rights that other couples enjoy. Not a fun bunch! But there is an even more insidious group, those who are too cowardly to admit their narrow-minded prejudices, or worse, aren't even aware that they have them! Use these examples to "out" some...


Just drop it. Imagine carrying around a heavy burden that burns you up but you refuse to let it go. Sounds silly? Well, it's something we all do whenever we hang on to resentment - no matter how "justified." In the September-November issue of IONS, words of wisdom are offered by four specialists in "forgiveness".


If that porn star next to the keg is coming on to you, beware: two minutes of fun could ruin your life.

Rolling Stone's September 18, 2003 issue does an expose on Shane's World, a porn film company from Van Nuys, California, that gets college kids drunk and films them in very compromising sexual situations. UC Santa Barbara, Indiana University and Arizona State University have been the initial targets.


Diagnosis. Chemotherapy. Radiation. Slow painful death. No more. A new era of cancer treatment if dawning. Meet three scientists who are using the revelations of the human genome project to reshape medicine.


The 6/16/03 issue of Newsweek features major coverage of men's health issues during International Men's Health Week. Included in the articles are the latest information on Status Anxiety, Depression, Prostate Cancer, Strength Training, and Viagra Alternatives with the Harvard Medical School plus a great story from Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald Reagan.


The following is not about blaming feminists for the outcome described in the various articles below (except those who knew that they were creating a "noble lie*" and the myth that resulted - that school shortchange girls). It is about holding the educational system and government responsible from here on out with the equality of quality education of girls and boys, now that we know that it is a myth.

This is not the beach at Ibiza


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Menstuff® has compiled the following information on men and women around the world Baring Witness for peace. The above are nude men gathered at Drake's Beach, CA on December 29, 2002.


Answer: She is selling a subscription to a magazine. Can you figure out the magazine before looking at the alphabetical listed here?


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