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Making a Difference - It's So Easy
Circumcision not a factor in spread of HIV
Doctors Say Fewer Men Dying of Testicular Cancer
Are Today's Fathers Overworked and Stressed Out?
Father's Hormones Fluctuate Around Childbirth
Making Dad Happy
What it costs ... to make Dad happy
Do Mom's Create Tom Boys?
Father Friendly Public Changing Tables
Cost to Raise a Child
Are Family Courts Prejudiced Against Fathers?
NIH Expands Fatherhood Research
Report Finds Young Black Men at Higher Risk for HIV
Safeway Cares - Finally
Fear of Layoffs Raises Men's Blood Pressure
Number of Sex Partners Linked to Prostate Cancer
Men don't get full benefit from relatively new test
Project Aims to Find Out about Men's Health Needs
Docs Don't Talk to Men about Prostate
Fear of Layoffs Raises Men's Blood Pressure
Penis Enlargement
Osteoporosis under-diagnosed in men
Hey, Superman, You Won't be Invincible Forever
Lyme's Disease
Non Smoking Celebrities
Why Do Women Live Longer than Men?
Best Places To Be Single
Why Do Young Female Athletes Lose Their Periods?
A Good Name
Dangerous jobs
Roll Your Own Black Out the First Day of Summer
Knowing Your Anatomy
Non-surgical foreskin restoration
22% of Male Inmates Are Victims of Rape
Early warning over Down's risk
Safe test for Down's Syndrome
The Hardest Challenge: Getting A Family Member To Accept Help
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Last year, major metropolitan newspapers gave Mother's Day 23% more stories and over 40% more space than Father's Day stories. Check out the Year 2000 comparisons. Father's Day 2001 has passed and we are in the process of collecting and scoring many of the same major newspapers. Check back to see "How Dads Stack Up in Your Newspaper?"


Are you confused about what you're supposed to do during labor?  Here's the lowdown for first-time fathers. Also, this issue, unlike most, has a lot of information for fathers plus Al Roker's new advice column.


About 300,000 dads in the US stay home with their kids while their wives work, and the number is growing. Here, five fathers who have chosen to be their children's primary caregivers share the highs and lows of the job. 7/01


Learning to love your baby as only a father can. Fact is, dads are just as good at nurturing as moms. Here's how to get off to a great start. 6/01


Whether it's snuggling bare-chested or mastering the art of diapering, here's seven special ways for fathers to connect with their baby, right from the start. 6-7/01


Teachers and other adults need to take immediate action when bullying does occur. To prepare in advance, "Bully-Proofing" programs typically incorporate development of rules, discussions, role-playing, and other consciousness-raising activities into a kids daily routine. 5-6/01


A daughter learns about love and loyalty from a father who's long dead. In the first of a new series by various writers, Bebe Moore Campbell remembers the father she wishes she had known better.


"What, me marry?" Read it and weep, ladies - even an older guy thinks he's too young to think about marriage. Summer, 2001


Tedious people come in many forms. We show you how to identify them, isolate them, then disable them, and stop them in their tracks. 6/01


In this city full of people - single, committed, and somewhere in between - the biggest barrier to a health romance may well the the city itself. Money, status, space, summer houses, all put strains on relationships that those in other cities can scarcely imagine. A taxonomy of urban love and war. 6/11/01


From Tim McVeigh, Susan Smith, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ramizi Yousef, Ted Kaczynski to Adolph Hitler and Pol Pot, something turned them into murderers. (Then there's always the "ethnic cleansing" proponents - The 5/21/01 issue takes a deeper look.


Vanessa Grigoriadis attends Spring Break and discovers a new breed of babes: the inverse Victorians. The Sea and be seen scene where clothing is (almost) optional at the ongoing beach and boardwalk pageants of Spring Break. Photography by Naomi Harris. 6-7/01


This month, the Bay Area celebrates gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride. And so does this issue of San Francisco Magazine. A special issue on gay liberation in the 21st century. Look who's out. How the Bay Area's out lesbians and gays are making us all richer, sexier, smarter, and more open. 47 huge talents who run this town. 6/01


Only a quarter of America's households fit the old "Leave It to Beaver" model and single mothers are on the front lines, raising kids and redefining the meaning of "family". Today's moms may be divorced or never-married, rich or poor, living with men or on their own. The May 28 issue discusses about the forces behind this crucial demographic shift - and what it means for the children.


Think of your future as a series of goals. Each goal is like a tequila shot. The more you conquer the better you'll feel. Burp. Maxim (6/01) reports on the eight indispensable skills to get you on the fast track to total workplace domination.


It's a label. It's a lifestyle. But is it mine? From Virginia Vitzthum , a straight feminist who likes sex and hates the double standard. She's lucky to live in a place and time where a woman can go out and get laid without repercussions. 6-7/01.


Sex, violence and videotape, a dispatch from SuperMax in Florence, CO. A lot went on at the movie when the lights went out. Meetings, deals, stabbings, murders. Young pretty boys choked out and raped. Once you get fucked in prison, you are never seen as a man again. Your time in prison is all about either being someone's wife, paying protection or going into protective custody. This is penitentiary life. 6-7/01


In the Summer, 01 issue of MH-18 (Men's Health) Short-term: Smoking pot screws up your short-term memory, lowers your motivation and impairs your ability to concentrate. Long-term: pot smoke has higher concentrations of the same cancer-causes you get from cigarettes. THC, pot's main ingredient, contains more than 400 different chemicals.


Warning:  MH-18 only comes out once every three months. The summer issue has three different covers with totally different story headlines for the same stories. The editor, Jeff Csatari, told us that the three covers are a test and that each cover was distributed in a different part of the country, so consumers would not be confused and buy two or three by mistake. So, if you've found more than one cover of this issue displayed in your city, like we did, let Jeff know at Jeff.Csatari@Rodale.com


The male chin still doesn't come with a user's manual. Until it does, five pages of foaming, scrubbing and moisturizing shaving shenanigans should plug the gap. With the right kit and a few expert tips, shaving needn't be a pain in the neck. Or the cheeks, or the chin. 05-06/01


Ever wonder what women talk about after they travel off in packs to the ladies' room? Wonder no more. A reporter with a tape recorder went into the women's bathrooms of the hottest clubs in New York City to find out just what comes out of their mouths. You'll never look at women the same way again. 6/01


For each copy of Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul you purchase from us at the regular price, we will send a copy to two prison libraries. (Our goal is to get at least one copy in every prison in the U.S., which total over 8,000 facilities.) MORE


It's happening. Chicken Soup for the Soul® has an edition about men and they are looking for stories. MORE


It takes a great imagination to create cigarette advertising. Philip Morris are experts at it. Like using their charity work to get their cigarette image back on television and pretending cigarettes have nothing to do with over 1,200 deaths a day. MORE This mimic of Marlboro ads appeared in the 2/01 issue of Stance magazine for young men. There's a body bag over the trailing horse and the Surgeon General's box noting "Yee Haw! You too can be an independent. rugged, macho-looking dead guy."  16 mg of cancer-causin' tar, 200 mg of false self-confidence, 2500 mg of "Giddy-up, nobody gonna tell me what to do!"  www.thetruth.com/main.cfm?flash=no

There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go. - Tennessee Williams

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