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Adoptive Families provides up-to-date information and sensitive advice concerning the adoption-related issues you care most about. Problem-solving assistance and information about the challenges of adoption speak to members of adoptive and prospective adoptive families. Every issue contains a special section devoted to adoption-related books, videos, and toys unavailable anywhere else. 5-6/98: 2309 Coma Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

Alternative Family Magazine is a national bimonthly magazine for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered parents and their children. In addition to essays and photos depicting the lives of GLBT parents and their children, the magazine covers legal developments, reproductive issues, and social and behavioral matters. It features favorite recipes, book and video reviews, and a "Kids' Room" section where children can find coloring and games pages. Rounding out the magazine are classifieds and a resource guide.

American Baby: for expectant and new parents (primarily directed to moms), (12). 7/03: Help! Why Moms Do More than Dads (and how to change that.)  Welcome Newborn: Wrinkled, red-faced and just about perfect. I Knew I was a Mom When... The Best New Toys for the Backyard. When Pet Meets Baby: Smoothing the ruffled fur. 5/03: The Best Baby Products: As chosen by our readers. The 5 Most Common Food Problems - Solved!  How to Raise a Happy Child. Precious Cargo: Now's the time to brush up on your driving skills. Rock-A-Bye Baby: Soothing techniques that really work. 6/02: Get Ready Dad! The highs and lows of new fatherhood. Cool Togs for Hot Summer Days. Could Your Baby Have Asthma? "I Feel for You"  How to raise a caring child. The Ultimate Guide for Family Car Travel. 4/02: Naughty or Nice? Strategies to raise a well-behaved child. How to Aviod New-Parent Guilt. The Chicken Pox Vaccine: What you need to know. Are You Ready for An Emergency? Food Fights Getting Your Picky Eater to the Table. 3/02: Your Baby Will Love You For It! The many benefits of infant massage. The Best New Bouncers, Swings, and High Chairs. Sleepless Nights, Tired Days: Help for the walking weary. When to Worry About a Fever (and when not to.) Raising a Child with a Disability. 2/02: Wide Awake? How to make baby a good sleeper. "Why I Chose to Adopt" One mother's story. Parenting Tips for Tough Times. Thinking About Formula? A user's guide. The Sweetest Layette Ever: Blankets, booties, and gowns galore. 1/02: The Season for Sniffles: What to put in your medicine cabinet. Three's Company? The pros and cons of having a third child. Make Room for Baby: 4 knockout nurseries. The Hows & Whys of Baby's Cries. It's Bath Time! How to get your little one squeaky clean. 12/01: Baby's Home! Now What? Getting through the first month. What's the Best Treatment for Ear Infections? 'Tis the Season to be Beautiful: 5-new mom makeovers. How to Start Your Baby on Solids. Holiday Magic: Great gifts for every budget. 11/01: Have a Seat! A no-nonsense guide to potty training. How a Baby Changes Everything: 3 couples' stories. The Best Baby Toys of the Year. The Inside Story: An amazing look at life before birth. How to Make Breastfeeding Work for You. 10/01: What's the Right Car Seat for You?   How to Babyproof in Just One Weekend. Devilishly Easy Halloween Costumes. Colds vs. Allergies: How you can tell the difference. Our Readers Pick the15 Best Baby Products. 9/01: Happy 1st Birthday! Fabulous cakes, gifts, and party tips. "I Gave Birth at Home" One mom's story, moment by moment. Losing Those Last 10 Pounds After Baby (and why it's so hard to do.) Meet the Grandparents: How the generations relate. Can You Keep Your Baby from Getting Sick? 8/01: Nothing to Wear? Try rugged new play clothes in stripes and plaids. Blankie Love: Why your baby needs his security object. Surviving the Supermarket with Your Child in Tow. Born with a Sweet Tooth: From taste to touch - how the senses develop. 5 Financial Steps you Need to Take Now! 7/01: The Toys of Summer: Outdoor fun from spinklers to seesaws. How Your Infant Gets to Know You - Even Before Birth. Walk It Off: The ultimate workout for pregnancy and after. Should You Teach Your Baby to Swim?  Newborn Screening Alert: The tests your baby might be missing. 6/01: Let's Go Outside: How to keep the bugs at bay and the sun away. The Daddy Bond: A father's guide to getting closer. How Will Prenatal Testing Affect Your Pregnancy? The Bottom Line on Baby Feet (and buying first shoes). Road-testing the New Strollers. 4/01: Just Add Water: Cutest new toys for the tub. Steppin' Out with Your Baby...What to take when you go. You Can Prevent Food Allergies - Here's how. Taking the Bedlam Out of Bedtime. What will a C-Section do to Your Sex Life? 3/01: Every Last Detail About Maternity Leave. Time Line for Talking: Is your child on track? What to do if Your Baby's a Biter. The Battle of the Bulge: How much fat your kids really need. Don't Cry Baby: How to soothe a fussy newborn. 2/01: Thumb vs. Pacifier: Is one better?  What happens to baby in the hour after birth. Toy Basics: The right stuff for playtime. Solid strategies for starting baby food. Sniffles, sneezes, colds and flu: What to do. 1/01: Open Wide: How to get baby to take his medicine. Confused about Vaccines? Why baby needs so many shots. The Best and Worst of Being a Single Parent. Help! My mother's driving me crazy. We've Got You Covered: The complete layette. 12/00: Holiday Gifts Galore: From practical to pricey. The Most Glorious Sight You've Ever Seen...Meet your newborn. Don't Make Baby Smile: and other surprising photo tips. What's bothering baby's tummy. Your 15 favorite beauty products. 11/00: The Baby Name Search: Trends, traps, and narrowing the field. When's the Best Time for a Second Child?  Dot-Com Shopping: We put it to the test. Fail-Safe First Aid. What Makes Baby Laugh. 10/00: Pretty Baby! Head-to-toe grooming guide. She's Got Personality: How to deal with your child's many moods. Fa-BOO-lous Halloween Costumes. Best Baby Products: Readers pick their favorites. Circumcision: The debate goes on. 9/00: Blowout Parties for Baby's 1st Birthday. Car-Seat Safety: Why most parents are getting it wrong. Massage Away Baby's Colic and Cries. What's the best birth control for you? Toys, Toys, Toys: Everything old is new again. 8/00: The Bottom Line: on diapering and newborn care. Cures for Crybabies. Are You a Martyr Mom?  Asthma Alert: Reducing baby's risk. Giddyap! Babywear goes western. 7/00: Get Up and Go: How baby leans to walk. Push Yourself (and baby) With Our Stroller Workout. Is She Teething or Sick? How to sort out the symptoms. "What I'll Miss About Being Pregnant." Why Kids Make Messes. 6/00: Daddy Talk: What's really on his mind. Help! My toddler's driving me crazy. How to Avoid Dining-Out Disasters. The Doctor Interview: 10 questions you must ask. What Causes Those Newborn Bumps and Rashes?  5/00: Teeny Bikinis. Survive Vacation with Baby and have fun! Puzzling Baby Behavior Explained. "Why I'm Thankful this Mother's Day"  How to Spot: Health Problems your doctor might miss. 4/00: No TV for 2 Years!  Are the experts for real?  Have a Seat, Baby: The best bouncers, swings & more. Ready, Set, Talk. My Baby vs. Yours: Why you can't stop competing. Bottlefeeding With Love. 3/00: Discipline Dilemmas Solved!  The Fastest Way to a Tighter Tummy. No-Panic Guide to Fever. How to Make Your Home Baby Safe. Breastfeeding for Beginners. 2/00: The Complete Bath: Tubs, toys, & techniques. Baby Steps: From kicking to crawling to walking. The Latest Vaccine News. When Does Memory Begin? What to do about colds and flu. 12/99: Baby Games. Happy Holidays! 32 perfect presents. How to Spot an Ear Infection. Baby Won't Take a Nap?  Here's help. Readers Pick the Top Beauty Products. 11/99: Potty Training Tactics. Shoes for Tiny Soles. What Men Find Sexy About Pregnancy. Emergency? When to call the doctor. First Week: Home with baby. 10/99: Readers Vote:  Top ten baby products. Is Your Car Seat Safe?  Tune in to Baby's Emotions. Cures for Stuffy Noses. 9/99: Real Moms, Really Easy Makeovers. Boy or Girl:  Should you find out?  Your Most Embarrassing Moments. Protecting Baby:  Playpen safety, rash advice, vaccine news. Let's Party!  How to plan baby's 1st birthday. 8/99: Is It Too Early to Teach the ABC's?  What Baby Really Sees and Hears. Boot Up With Baby. How to Find Other Mommy Friends. Fashion Flash!  Kids go gray. 7/99: Lights, Sound, Action!  Classic toys go high tech. Get Your Body Back after Baby. Why Parents Argue: and how to stop. Down with Diaper Rash. 6/99: You're Pregnant:  What's going on in there?  No-Sweat Exercise. Why Dads Do (and Don't) Have it Better Today. Which Stroller's for You?  Sunny Days:  TLC for tender baby skin. 5/99: The (Baby) Swimsuit Issue. Discipline that Really Works. Baby's Size: Why parents obsess. Great Summer Escapes. A Hands-on Guide to Infant Massage. 4/99: The Dish on Infant Feeding. Build a More Confident Child. The Bottom Line on Baby's Poop. Are You a Moody Mom?  Hello Baby!  Your newborn head to toe. 3/99: Baby's on the Move:  What to expect. RX for Colds & Flu. Eat Right!  Our 5-day plan. More Family, Less Money?  How to get by. Newborn Sleep:  Make it safer, better, longer. 12/98. Does your age make you a better parent?  Help your toddler welcome the new baby. Celebrate! the baby's first holiday. Gifts galore-30 perfect ideas. C-sect ions - the uncut truth. 11/98. "Consumer Alert: Fisher Price is offering repair kits for the Safe Embrace Convertible Car Seat (model number 79700). The harness adjuster, used to lock the harness belt around the child, can malfunction if a spring breaks and could cause serious harm in the event of a crash. 800.355.8882. Evenflo is offering a free insert to reduce the size of the leg openings on the Hike 'N Roll carrier (model numbers 522101 and 522102). Small children may slip sideways through the leg openings. 800.649.0071. Century is recalling Fold 'N Go Care Centers with model numbers 10-750 or 10-760 (found on the underside supporting tube). The bassinet may have loose fabric, which can create a pocket near the floorboard where infants might suffocate. 800.583.4092. Cover Stories: Sex, Money, Diapers: What every new dad should know; Milk: How much what kind and when; Readers vote Top 10 Baby Products; The No-Surprises Labor Guide; How to Fly with Baby (a lot of airports have changing tables in the men's room now-ed); Potty Training Made Easy, (12/$14), PO Box 53071, Boulder, CO 90323-3071 AOL keyword: PS American Baby or Judith Nolte, Editor-in-Chief, Primedia Inc, 249 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011 (2 men on a staff of 19) www.americanbaby.com or www.parentsoup.com/americanbaby

American Girl, 9-10/99: Get Ready:  Make bathing fun. Get Set:  Start the school year right. Go!  Play any sport better. 11-12/98. Deck the Halls - Make a snowy popcorn scene. Joy to the World - Gift coupons to share. Let it Show! - 50 cool ways to get warm. (6/$20) PO Box 37311, Boone, IA 50037-2311 readermail@ag.pleasantco.com or www.americangirl.com

and baby, redefining modern parenting. 10-11/01:Going Global: A long, hard look at overseas adoptions. Fertile...at 40?  Gay Day USA: Stepping out as a family. Puberty 101: Keeping the teen spirit during adolescence. Resource Directory. (6) Out of the Box, 55 Washington St, Ste 812, Brooklyn, NY 11201. info@andbabymag.com or www.andbabymag.com

At-Home Dad Newsletter. (4) Join the At-Home Dad Network (free) by including yourself at the At-Home Dad Newsletter online (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Athomedad_newsletter) list which provides timely info from the frontlines of fatherhood. (OOP) Was a quarterly magazine written for the 2 million U.S. fathers who stay home with their children. Each issue presents the At-Home Dad Network, listings of playgroups, resources, and other at-home dads. The magazine offers home business ideas, child-rearing tips, and firsthand stories. Fall/00: At-Home Dads & Disruptive Technology. A Day in the Life... Cats in the Cradle. Road Trip. Sum/00: Look out Mr Mommio...It's "daddio". Rock & Roll Daddies. TV Reader Response. Win/00:  Fourth At-Home Dad Convention..."Yes!" Beer/Breastmilk in the Frig. Daddio to air on NBC. At-Home Mom's View. At-Home Dad Network. Peter Baylies, Editor, At-Home Dad, 61 Brightwood Ave, North Andover, MA 01845-1702 athomedad@aol.com or www.athomedad.com.

Baby Magazine, Essential reading for pregnancy, birth and baby care, (Newsstand) 9/98 57-59 Rochester Place, London NW1 9JU England

Baby Years, For parents of children ages 0-36 months: The most important years of their lives. (6/$19.99) 10-11/01: That's My Mommy: Help toddler adjust to baby. Toilet Training Time? Take our quiz and find out!  Clutter Crackdown! Storage secrets you need to know. Fever, Fuss, Fatigue? When to call baby's doctor. Bonding with Baby: Why dad's role is critical. Highbury House Communications, PO Box 91836, Long Beach, CA 90809 888.881.5861

Bay Area Parent (formerly Parent - Northern California,) (12$15), Also, Bay Area Parent Family Phone Book & Destination Guide (2003) 3/02: Dangerous Duty: How parents cope with risky jobs. Making the Most of a Family Resort Vacation. New Approaches to Dealing with Learning Differences. Special Camp Section. Financial Services Pages. 2/02: Teen Development: Helping teens navigate the path to adulthood. Childcare Solutions: Making high-quality care the norm. Summer Camp: Choosing the right one for your child. February Family Fun Calendar. 12/01: The Last Parenting Icon: An interview with Dr. Brazelton. Get in on the Giving: Helping others this holiday season and beyond. NAPPA 2001: Part 2 of our look at the best stuff for kids. A Holiday Romp with Pooh and Company. Good News for Sleep Deprived Parents. 10/01: 10 Tricks for Treats. Maternal Depression. Halloween Family Events. 7/01: Mr. Rogers Expands the neighborhood. What You Need to Know About Meningitis. Getting Your Child Ready for School. Preparing Parents: Why all parents need more education & support. Nappa 2001: We honor 12 great resources for parents. 6/01: Overcoming the Obstacles to Paternity Leave. Infant & Toddler Swim Programs. Avoiding Summer Safety Hazards. T. Berry Brazelton and The Father's Role in Raising Children. End-of-School-Year Reflections. Party Directory. Bay Area Parent, 1300 Grant St. Ste 204, Novato, CA 94947 editor@unitedad.com

Black Child, The African American Parenting 'zine, (6/$14-newstand), Fall/98. Interrace Publications, 2870 Peachtree Rd, Ste 264, Atlanta, GA 30305

California Parenting Institute Newsletter, Sum/00: Happy Childhood Last a Lifetime. Celebrating "Family"? Trusting the Older Baby, Trusting Ourselves. Videotaping Parents and Their Babies. Housecalls...a Pediatric Consultation. Dads Connection: Myths and realities about fathers. California Parenting Institute, 3650 Standish Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95407

Child, the essential guide for parents, (12/newstand) (10 men on staff of 56) 10/01: Halloween Spectacular! The spookiest customes, menus, decorations, and more. Sleepless Nights? Smart bedtime strategies that work. Diary of a TV-Free Family. Coping with ADD: Parents reach out. Penelope Leach: Bonding with baby. Plus:  Health, nutrition, fitness, discipline, toys, and kids' entertainment. 9/01: Raising Confident Girls. Your Best Back-to-School Guide! Breaking the Juice Habit. Secrets of the Well-liked Child. The New Pediatric Drug Trials: What you need to know. Wolfgang Puck Cooks with His Kids. A Perfect Balance: How to be happy with work & family. 75 Great Ideas for Kids' Rooms. 6-7/01: Summer Fun Issue: 8 smart vacations. 30 super slumber party ideas. 23 cool tips for hot days. Raise a Child Who Loves to Read. What's Your Discipline Style? Putting Fatherhood First: Dads who make it work. Vaccines Under Fire. The Science behind Breastfeeding. Want to Win a Free Trip to Broadway? 5/01: Raising Boys Today: What your son needs now. Super Creative Kids' Rooms. Veggies Your Child Will Love, Really! Exculsive Survey: What your mom secretly thinks of your parenting. 12/99-1/00: How to Raise a Get-Along Kid. Fight the Flu! Doctors' best advice. Why Kids Need Fairy Tales. Baby News: Walking: What's normal. New relief for colic. Household cleanser alert. Sleep and TV: The surprising connection. Family Rituals: Why they matter. 127 Gift Ideas: From stocking stuffers to super software. 12/98-1/99. 118 Perfect Presents plus Mister Rogers on the Joy of Giving; You Grow, Girl - first year milestones to celebrate; Secrets of Raising a Patient Child; Strep or Sore Throat-how to tell, how to treat; Could Your Child be Dyslexic? 5 Early Warning Signs; 10-Minute Action Plan - Childproofing Away from Home; What Your Kids' Drawings Reveal. Previous: Safety exclusive-what police with every parent knew. Winter health report-9 ways to prevent a cold, stomach virus alert, drinks that soothe and cure, and more. Self-esteem-why you need it as much as your kids do. When kids are mean-should you step in. TV busters-20 other ways to beat cabin fever. Why an independent child is a happy child. Pamela Abrams, Gruner & Jahr Publishing, 110 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10011

Child Protection Report, The independent news service for professionals working with children & youth, (25/$257), 9-10/98: 951 Pershing Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20910-4464 http://www.bpinews.com bpinews@bpinews.com

Children & Youth Funding Report, semimonthly report on children, youth and family funding, (24/$250), 11/4/98: 8204 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Choosing Children's Software, is a quarterly magazine dedicated to helping you find the best children's software and web sites. Arranged by grade level, this magazine contains reviews, feature articles, and lists of software that have received the coveted "Best Picks Awards".

Crayola Kids aims to teach families with young children about the magic of reading and the wonder of creativity. Each issue contains a complete children's storybook, in addition to such features as one-the-page puzzles and craft activities. It's designed to stimulate creative processes for fun and quality family time.

Creative Classrooms is an award-winning magazine from Children's Television Workshop. It's an excellent hands-on resource for teachers of grades K to 6 and is filled with easy-to-use activities, reproducible pages, stories, projects and educational news.

dads, The Lifestyle Magazine for Today's Father. 11-12/00: Down to Earth: Val Kilmer, the Red Planet star opens up about life as a single dad. My Father the Criminal: A son goes in search of a shady past. The New Classroom: When children with special needs arrive. Our Favorite Things: A family holiday gift guide. The Best of: Digital cameras, ski vacatons, classic movies. Plus: Al Roker's tips on fatherhood. Premiere Issue 6-7/00:  Cal Ripken: Staying Power on the Durability of Family Lfe. No Tie for You! Our alternate gift guide. An Insider's Guide to Disney World: How to get the most out of your visit. Your Wife is on Line 2: The art of romance with kids around. Notes on Fatherhood: Ben Stein, Frank McCourt, Boomer Esiason. www.edads.com Eric Garland, Editor, Dads Media: 114 East 32nd Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10016 Subscriptions: (6/$10) dads, PO Box 421082, PalmCoast, FL 32142-7940

Dads & Daughters: For parents of girls ages 10 to 16. It provides parents with information and support, intended to help them communicate with and enjoy the company of their adolescent daughtes. If communication breaks down or severe problems develop, they urge parents to seek the help of professionals. (8/$35) 3-4/03: Her Dad: When you can't fix it. The Value of Solitude. Fathering Journey: Liana's Hands. Dad's Desk: Toward a family-work balance for dads. Charlene Giannetti on Girls and Adoption. Is She too Young to Date? Vegetarian teens, model culture and more. No Room of One's Own? Curing the Crabbies. Junior High Dating. A Menstrual Celebration.  5-6/02: Closer to Her Friends than to You?  Meet Her at the Movies. Sports, Cars, Technology and More. When She Smells like an Adult. Should You Tell on Her Friend? Sally Ride, your Daughter and Science. The Golden Age of Girlhood. 3-4/02: Tom Rusk on Parents' Fears. Girl Athletes and Eating Disorders. Getting to Know Her School. HIV, High Tech, and More. Soda Pop Junkies. Is Cheerleading a Waste of Time? Dating Violence Among Teens. Fathering: Working through silence. 1-2/02: Helping Her With Emotions. Hostile Hallways. Her Name in Lights. Wake-up Call. The Absent Father. Does She Have Scoliosis? Should She Work? Cutting Through Constant Conflict. 11-12/01: Margaret Sagarese on Cliques. Can You Talk About Her Body? Dating Violence and More. Handling Girls' Grief. Is Dad Being Left Out? The Discipline Dilemma. Is Her Coach Right for Her? Should You Worry about Teen Magazines? New Names for Cliques. 2-3/01: Are You Her Parent or Her Friend? Rage Rock. Stepdaughters-Caught in the Middle? Big-Sister Blues. How Much is Too Much? Girls and Gadgets. Trying to Fit In. Joe Kelly or 651-332-0275, www.dadsanddaughters.org

@ Divorce. New York/New Jersey , Toronto. For Chicago: For Southern California: For Southern Ontario:  Win/00: One Isn't the Loneliest Number: Here's how to reinvent yourself as a happy single. Ivana Trump offers advice on divorce and relationship issues. Also: Letting go and moving on. Smart furnishings for small spaces. How to be a great bachelor parent. Sum/00: Making Peace: From ex-spouses to in-laws and everything in between, here's how to make your post-divorce relationships work. Inside: Tips and advice for single parents. Coping with grief and loss. Negotiating with your ex. Sex and divorce. Fall/99: Money, Law, Relationships, Kids, Health. The Road to Recovery. Great tips to get you through this challenging time. Is your appearance sending the right message?  Here's the right stuff for women and men. Life after divorce - from legal matters to dating. The joys of flying solo. Mediation and kids. Are your kids at risk?  Take the Money Personality Quiz. Questions & Answers about Divorce. (4-newstand local), Segue Espirit Inc, 145 Front St E, Ste 301, Toronto, ON Canada M5A 1E3 www.divorcemagazine.com or editors@divorcemag.com.

Effective Parenting: An AGS Nwsltr for Sponsors of Parent Training, Fall/98: 4201 Woodland Rd, PO Box 99, Circle Pines, MN 55014 ags@skypoint.com or www.agsnet.com

Families in Crisis Funding Report ($260/24) 8204 Fenton St, Silver Springs, MD 20910 (3/99)

Family Fun, (10), The goal is for parents to enhance the time spent with their children. A typical issue explores learning activities, vacation, planning, travel tips, and reviews of children's books, videos, and music. 12/99-1/00: Special Double Issue:  Holiday Fun Guide. Exclusive: The best software for your kids. Easy-To-Make Holiday Gifts. 7 Great Ways to Celebrate the Season. Best-Ever Holiday Cakes & Cookies. New Year's 2000 Party Planner. Exploring Family History with Your Kids. Looking For the Perfect Snow Day Activity. 9/99: Back-to-School Fun Guide:  Learning games & after-school crafts plus more!  Lunch Box Makeovers:  Easy recipes turn yucks into yums. 20 Secrets to Stress-Free Mornings. Can Your Family Solve the 1999 Mystery Challenge?  8 Great Games for Young Athletes. (10 men of 33), 244 Main St, Northampton, MA 01060. www.familyfun.com

Family Life, (6/$15-newsstand), (8 men on staff of 30), 10/01:  Halloween Fun!  33 costumes, crafts & treats that kids love. The New Way to Stop Sibling Fights. Nurture Your Child's Creativity: Word games & more. 10 Secrets to Happier Weeknights. Win a Hawaiian Dream Vacation for your Family! 6/00: Who Needs Fathers?  New Main Fatherhood Alliance. Pulling the Plug on Sibling Rivalry. Setting the Visions: Every child. 12/99-1/00: Holiday Special! 20 Great Toys for Under $20. Snowboarding for Everyone. 10 Gifts You Can Make Together. How to avoid end-of-the-year stress. Nurturing a Child's Pride. Bonus Report: How to raise tweenagers. Plus: The best books, videos and software of the year. 8/99: Five Things Your School Isn't Teaching Your Child. Different Stokes:  Raising boys and girls. Super Scrapbook Strategies. How to get kids to eat their veggies!  Why bribery backfires. 12/98-1/99. How to Deal with School Bullies; The Ultimate Holiday Guide to New York City; The Family That Skis Together; Great Projects to Light Up the Season; Getting Kids to do Their Chores (really); Christmas cookies. Barbara Plumb, Executive Editor, Family Life, (6/$15), PO Box 52213, Boulder, CO 80323-2213 (Keyword on AOL - Family life)

@ Family Life, Santa Barbara  (12/free), 11/99: Jane Seymour speaking of stories...kids and life in SB. All Those Masks. About Lizards: and those little horses. Can I Have a Horse of My Own? Raising Great Kids. Spending Quality Time with Kids During the Holidays. PO Box 4867, Santa Barbara, CA 93140. SBfamLife@aol.com

@ Family Magazine, Kern County, (10-newsstand), 3/98: 8200 Stockdale Hwy, #M10-207, Bakersfield, CA 93311 kerncounty@family.com www.kerncounty.com

Family Magazine, Portland, The Resource for Family Living in Oregon & SW Washington, (12/free) 6/01: Summer Survival Guide. Camp Guide Inside! Family Road Trips. Father's Day Special: Two timely tales that celebrate the joy of Daddy. Portland Family, PO Box 16667, Portland, OR 97292, publisher@portlandfamily.com

@ Family Magazine, San Diego, (12/free-newsstand), 3/98: PO Box 23960, San Diego, CA 92193 sandiegofamily@family.com www.sandiegofamily.com

@ Family News, for everyone. Caring about parents, kids, community (free/6-newsstand) (1 man on staff of 6) 10/01: Danger and Opportunity. Fear: Friend or Foe. Raising Responsible and Kind Kids. Your Family's First Line of Defense. 13 Tricks for a Safe Halloween. 6/01: Father's Love. Family Fun Adventures. Career Counseling: Tools for Change. Schools and Camps. 5/01: Mother in the Making. She's So Shy. Counter Self-Defeating Thinking. Summer Camp Guide. 4/01: Simple Parenting for the Tough Years. Body Talk: Wordless messages. Every Day is Earth Day! Summer Camp Guide. 2/01: Scooter Safety. Thoughts on Love. Why Fad Diets Don't Work. Daddyman Speaks: The meaning of parenting. Impact of Divorce on Teenagers. The Other Side of the Foster Care Story. School and Camp Guide.1/01: Raising Responsible Children. Your Diet Resolution. Prepare Your Preschooler. Schools and Enrichment Guide. 11/00: AAA's Wet Weather Driving Tips. Silencing the Snorer. Claiming Your Life. Let's Make Music. Parenting: begins before Conception. 9/00: Lets Talk About Sex. Hassle-Free Homework. E.Q. - Special Intelligence. Schools and Enrichment Guide. 8/00: Love the Life You Live. Families with Special Needs. Timely Tips for School Success. 7/00: A Marin Family's Journey Around the World. Sharing the Load. How Diet Affects Behavior. 10 Car Trip Tips. 5/00: Camp Guide: Great summer ideas for kids. Mom's New Role. Software-the need for speed. Sweet Kisses. Walk for Family Works Youth Programs. Join the Human Race Saturday, May 13th. 4/00: Using Your Intuition. Calcium Naturally!  Why Play Soccer?  12/99: Reinvesting in Family. Holiday Pet Tips. Dazzling Digital Media. Unique Gift Guide. 9/99: Temperament Tools & Services. Building Math Skills. Must Kids Share?  Kerry Mazzoni - Keeping Children Safe. School & Enrichment Guide. 8/99: Discover Your Child's Talents. Teen Vegetarians. Am I a Good Parent?  Positive Environments for Growth & Learning. 7/99: Time to Camp. Summertime Sanity. Hot New Technology for Kids. Too Busy to Read? 11/98. Software: Goin' Hollywood; Teaching Gratitude; Trust Your Gut; and One Family: aggressive to assertive; Arlene Klasky, the Mommy of all Rugrats; Can You Benefit from a Charitable Remainder Trust. Mary Jane DeWolf-Smith, Editor, Family News, (free/6) Apple Family Ctr, 4 Joseph Ct, San Rafael, CA 94903 http://www.familyworks.org or familynews@familyworks.org

Family PC. Designed to help parents and kids integrate home computing into their lives. It is easy to read and use; and it's more fun that you ever dreamed a computer magazine could be. Published jointly by Disney and Ziff-Davis, a leading publisher of computer magazines, it makes computing an educational and creative experience.

Family Services Report, Incorporating Families in Crisis. Welfare Reform, Housing, Job Training, Child Care, Domestic Violence. (24/$289) 10-11/00: HHS Plan to Close Medicaid Loophole is Too Little, Too Late for Roth. Look for funding for your program. Take a good look at this issue. The latest proposals for reauthorization of TANF. Updates on how welfare reform is working in the states, with insights on job training, employments, and supportive services such as transportaion and child care. New efforts to fund and implement fatherhood programs nationwide. CD Publications, 8204 Fenton St, Silver SPring, MD 20910.

Family Therapy Networker, 9-10/99: Our Kids: Do we know who they really are? Getting Real. Teens Speak Their Minds Confronting the Secret: Internal family racism. (6/$24-Newsstand) Family Therapy Networker, 8528 Bradford Rd, Silver Springs, MD 20901-9955

Family Tree: America's # 1 Family History Magazine. Discover, Preserve and Celebrate Your Family History. 4/01: Find Your Female Ancestors!  5 Best Sites to Connect with Cousins. Discover Your Jewish Roots. 10 Secrets for a Successful Family Reunion. How to Build a Family Photo Album. 172 Web Sites to Visit!  New Ways to Find Your Roots in the Census - on the Web! 1/00: Find Your Roots!  East steps for getting started. Preserve & Protect Your Precious Photos 50 Software Secrets: for family tree maker. 10 Best Resorts for your next family reunion. (Premiere Issue-Newsstand)  F&W Publications, 1507 Dana Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45207 editor@familytreemagazine.com or www.familytreemagazine.com

Family Violence & Sexual Assault Bulletin, Win/99: Domestic Violence in the Chinese American Community: Cultural taboos and barrirs. Children Testifying in Court in Abuse Cases: A surve of judicial practices in Maine. Sum/99:  An inpatient Interdisciplinary Process to Evaluate Child Maltreatment in a Military Facility; Legislative Solutions to the Protective Parent Backlash. 7120 Herman Jared Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76180 dwforkids@earthlink.net

@ Fast Forward, By Kids For Kids About Kids (9/$20-newsstand) (0 men on staff 6) 10/01: Creature Features. Wild About Harry? Enter our drawing contest. Wonder What Really Goes On at a Rock Awards Show? Here's your backstage pass. 2/01: And the Oscar goes to...Vote for your favorite kid movie and actor for 2000 and you would be a winner. Can you haave a disease and be "normal?" Meet a diabetic firl and find out. 1/01: Anchor Away...being a TV newscaster is not as easy as it looks. Students tackle tough moral dilemmas with cartoons. Watch out Koromon, Yokomon and all the other Digimon. Readers create their own digital monsters. 10/00: The House that Goes Bump in the Night. Could This be a New Crazy Bone? 9/99: A Giant Story. 11/98. Mobiles, Movement and More; Multimedia Math; A Tour Inside the Bay Model; Thanksgiving True or False:  Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated in Canada; The first Thanksgiving Days were harvest festivals; For thousands of years people have held harvest festivals; The first Thanksgiving in America did not involve feasting; The pilgrims grew corn, peas, wheat and barley; The Thanksgiving menu included eel, clams and watercress; About 900 Native Americans attended the festival; brought five deer to cook at the feast; In 1789 George Washington proclaimed November 26 as Thanksgiving Day; In Canada they celebrate Thanksgiving on the second Monday in October; and President Roosevelt tried unsuccessfully to make Thanksgiving Day one week earlier in November, so people would have more time to shop before Christmas. Answer:  They are all true. Ann Luckiesh, Editor, Fast Forward, By Kids For Kids About Kids ($20/9) 1115 Third St, San Rafael CA 94901 aluckies@marin.k12.ca.us

Fatherhood Today, National Fatherhood Intiative, Win/Spr04: Time for 24/7 Dad. NFI Releases "Deployed Father & Families Guide" and Brochure. 7th National Summit on Fatherhood. What Happens when You put Family Needs First? Family Trees. A Poet of a Father. New NFI Studies Show that Fathers Help Adolescents Make Right Choices. Congress Focuses on Responsible Fatherhood. Pop Culture. When was Your Last 3,000 mile Check Up? Sum03: NFI's Directions for Dads CD: Gives dads a navigational system for fathering. New "Instructions" PSA Reaches the Hearts and Minds of Millions. Sports Can Help Fathers Relate to Their Daughters. Dads Help Children "Make the Grade" and Achieve Educational Success. NFI Celebrates a "Golden" Father's Day. 6th National Summit on Fatherhood. Cars, Cows, Coaches and Dad. Domestic Violence: A crisis of disconnection. Spr/03: NFI to Catch "Golden Dads". NFI Briefs Senate Staff on Responsible Fatherhood. Helping Military Fathers Stay Connected with Their Children. Spr02: Explore "New Frontiers" Daddy, Why Does E=mc2? Dreaming of San Antonio? 'Sperm Bank Baby' to Meet Test Tube Dad, or: Tales from the Brave New World of Fatherhood. When is a Parent Not a Parent? Win 02: Boeing Contributes $21,000 to NFI's Military Fathers Program. New Statewide Fatherhood Initiative in Indiana. A Very Brady Father Absence. When "Mommy Only" Leaves Dad Lonely. Can't Buy That Love: Studies show father love is as important as mother love. Headitorials on Divorce. Women on the Move: Conversations with three women involved in the fatherhood movement. NBA 'Iron Man' A.C. Green on Abstinence and Fatherwhood. Sum 01: President Bush Keynotes Fourth Annual National Summit. NFI and the Ad Council Team Up to Tell America: It takes a man to be a dad. Fatherhood Roundup: Measurable progress in the fight against father absence. Hey Dad, What's for Dinner?  Spr/01: National Summit on Fatherhood. NFI Names Roland Warren Executive Vice President. A Weekend in Unfatherland. Baseball & Parenting. Win/01: NFI Unveils New, Improved Web Site. "X" Fathering. Marriage Essential to Fatherhood Topic. Greater Pittsburgh Fatherhood Initiative Underway. The Story of A City's Summit. Strengthening Fatherhood. Promoting Fatherhood Amidst Election Fray. Fall/00: Father Knows Best No More. Soccer Dad. How Children Fare in the US. Fatherhood Works in Virginia. Fathers & Sons. Fathers & Daughters. Sum/00: Vice President Al Gore and Gov. George W. Bush Both Address Summit on Fatherhood. NFI Unveils Daddy Awards. Fathers of the Year. Embracing the Texas Fatherhood Initiative. Spr/00: You're Invited, Longing for Daddy. Incarcerated Fathers. Win/00: The Eyes of Fathers Are Upon Texas. June Summit to Help Equip CBO's for Fatherhood Promotion. Violent PC Games. Fathers Count Legislation. 101 Lakeforest Blvd., Suite 360 in Gaithersburg, MD 20877 www.fatherhood.org or info@fatherhood.org

Fathering: a journal of theory, research, and practice about men as fathers. 10/03: Connection and Communication in Father-Child Relationships and Adolescent Child Well-Being. African-American Fathering of Young Children in Violent Neighborhoods:  Paternal Protective Strategies and Their Predictors. Studying "Working Fathers: Comparing Fathers' and Mothers' Work-Family Conflict, Fit and Adaptive Strategies in a Global High-Tech Company. Promoting Children's Mental Health in Disadvantaged Areas: Profiles of Fathers. Prenatal Inovlvement of Adolescent Unmarried Fathers. Men's Studies Press, PO Box 32, Harriman, TN 37748-0032. www.mensstudies.com Published three times a year in February, June and October

The Fathers & Friends Newsletter: Strong families & strong communities require strong men. Spr/03: Backtalk: Rude behavior or self-expression. The Crazy World of Pregnant Fathers. Changing Lives More Ways than One. Men, You Can Get Breast Cancer, Too. Sum/02: Father's Day Without Father. Mystery Growing. President Talks about Fatherhood. We Need a "Family" Meeting. Father's Day - The History. Spr/02: In Defense of Marriage. Dads Have to be There to Say No! Fatherhood Begins Before Conception. Wini/01-02: Searching for a Manhood Model. Fatherhood, Ready or Not. Fall/01:  Divorced Dads: Staying Connected. Be a Better Parent. High Blood Pressure - the Silent Killer. (4) The Fathers & Friends Program, Forsyth County Department of Public Health, 799 N Highland Ave, Box 686, Winston-Salem, NC 27101-0686 muhammbt@co.forsyth.nc.us

Fathers Rights Newsline (6/Free w/$18 mem) PO Box 713, Havertown, PA 19083 (8-9/99)

FatherWork, the Magazine for everyone working with fathers. Sum 01: Men at Work in the Nursery: Government sets new empolyment targets. But are they achievable? Dads Go On-Line: Britain's first web magazine for all fathers. Wales Asks the Children: First children's conference on fatherhood. Win a Sony camcorder. (4/30lbs.) to Herald House, Lambs Passage, Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8QT www.FatherWork.org.uk or www.fathersdirect.com

Federal Assistance Monitor, Federal and Private Grant Opportunities, (24/$319). 1/01: Washington Update, Community Services. Education, Private Funding. State Funding. Grant Update. CD Publications, 8204 Fenton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910 www.cdpublications.com/cdpubs

Fit Pregnancy provides information and advice to women about how to exercise properly, eat right, and maintain good health during the after pregnancy. A typical issue of this quarterly publication includes information on new products, maternity fashions, and more.

The Future of Children Journal, Spr-Sum/01: Caring for Infants and Toddlers. Spr-Sum/00: Unintentional Injuries in Childhood; Win/99: Domestic Violence and Children; Fall/99: When School is Out; Spr/98: Protecting Children from Abuse and Neglect; Sum-Fall/97: Children and Poverty; Spr/96: Special Education for Students with Disabilities; Win/96: The Juvenile Court; Sum-Fall/94: Sexual Abuse of Children; Spr/94: Children and Divorce. The David & Lucile Packard Foundation, 300 Second Street, Ste 200, Los Altos, CA 94022 circulation@futureofchildren.org or www.futureofchildren.org

Getting Men Involved, Newsletter of the Bay Area Male Involvement Network, (Donation/4), Spr/01: Ten Things Men Can Do to Get Involved. Child Caring Man of the Year Award. Child Support Issues: How Not to Get Swallowed Up by the System. Can Fatherhood Groups and Victims Advocates Find Common Ground?  The Role of Women in Male Involvement. Sum/00: What is Male Involvement? What do Fathers Contribute to Children' Well-Being? States Lag in Promoting Responsible Dads as Social Norm. 199 Porteous Ave, Fairfax, CA 94930 www.bamin.org

Grit is a bimonthly publication for American families who believe in traditional values and traditions. Highlights of the magazine include personal remembrances and family-oriented news on a variety of subjects from home life to Americana.

Guideposts is an inspirational monthly magazine that nurtures the personal growth of the readers, helping them find peace of mind, solve tough personal problems, and build satisfying relationships with family, friends and co-workers. "A guide to practical living" is an interfaith magazine written by people from all walks of life who have developed personal strength and positive attitudes through their faith in God.

Healthy Kids empowers parents with information and guidance for raising happy and healthy children. Each bimonthly issue covers vital topics such as health and fitness, food and nutrition, learning, activities and lifestyles issues affecting the whole family. It is published in cooperation with the American Academy of Pediatrics (which approves all articles and advertisements) making it a trusted and reliable source of information.

Hip Mama, The parenting zine. Brought to you by the National Campaign for the Prevention of Misogyny & Lies. (4/$4- newsstand) # 24/01 My Parents Were Moonies. Subversion through Friendliness. Plus: Niki de Saint Phalle. Yo Mama Picks the Music. Building Community, Cutting Edge Teen Pregnancy Prevention or Old Fashioned Misogyny? Way More Cool Stuff..., #17, 3rd Qtr 98 PO Box 12525, Portland, OR 97212 www.hipmama.com or ariel@hipmama.com

Home Education Magazine, (6/$24-newsstand), 9-10/98 PO Box 1083, Tonasket, WA 98855 hem-editor@home-ed-magazine.com or http://www.home-ed-magazine.com

The Horn Book Magazine: About books for children and young adults, (6/$25-newsstand), 12/98-1/99 56 Roland St Ste 200, Boston, MA 02129 magazine@hbook.com or www.hbook.com

Homeschooling Today, (6/$20-newsstand), 9-10/99 PO Box 1608, Ft Collins, CO 80522 http://www.homeschooltoday.com

In Search of Fatherhood: Newsletter forum for and about the fathers of the world. 7-9/02: A "Shoot-Straight-from-the-Hip-take-no-Prisoners" conversation on Fatherhood with James Kennedy and Almas Jamil Sami. The Politics of Fatherhood. Santee, Columbine: Why boys are the way they are - Warren Farrell. High Child Support Awards Deny Contact between Fathers and Their Children. 4-6/02: The Ultimate Survival Guide for the Single Father. Straight-No Chaser: Interview with three men who are fathers under difficult circumstances. Why Is Daddy In Jail? Playing Catch: Stewardng Children's Grief. The Greatest Challenge: Infinite possibilities. Can I Still Be a Father?   Fathers in Today's Society (Is not only a male). 1-2/02: Making a Box: My father's death. Unleashing the Power Within. Starting Over. Direction for Our Young Ones. What God Has Joined Together. 4-5-6/00: The Primary Source for Parental Disrespect: Failure to prepare the black youth for life in an oppressed society. The child is the Father of the Man. Books for Dad. Celebrating Fatherhood: The African American Male Empowerment Summit. 1/00: Fatherhood in the Millennium. Are You Ready?  All dads face difficulties. Books for Dad, Dialogue with Three Fathers, Where to Turn for Resources and Support. What's on Your Mind: Experience the literary artistry. (4/$9.95), BSI International, PO Box 3885, Philadelphia, PA 19146-0185 www.bsi-international.com or bsi@netreach.net

Kids: Activities for Families, (newsstand) Vol 8, No 2 Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, 1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019 wdsipvt@aol.com (not a known aol member) (5/00)

Los Angeles Family: L.A.s essential parenting resource. ($12/12) 4/01: True Blue: The Dodgers give back to their fans. Nursing Your Adopted Baby. Making the Internet Safer for Your Kids. The 2001 Camp Guide. David Gawkowski, Editor, Siwol Media Group, 11835 W Olympic Blvd, Ste 425, Los Angeles, CA 90064

Mothering: The natural family living magazine, (6/$19 - newstand) 9-10/01: HIV + Moms say No to AIDS Drugs: Special Report: HIV, families & medical justice. Mehndi Body Decor. Why Federal Exams Don't Work. Kitchen Table Democracy. 5-6/01: Bully-Proof Your Kids: 12 ways to resolve conflict. Children and Funerals. A Birth Center in Cincinnati. Playing Dress-Up. 11-12/00: How to Protect Your Uncircumcised Son. Water Birth: An agua revolution. Our Kids' Hectic Schedules: Enough is enough. Let Them Play: Another activity may not be what your child needs. Guys and Dolls: A toy just like me. Not Just for Babies: 10 good reasons to breastfeed your toddler. R-E-S-P-E-C-T: What children get in democratic schools. Family Night: Creating a tradition of togetherness. 9-10/99: Helping Children Sleep (And you too!) Is Your Child Welcome in Public?  Touch Taboos. Growing a Multiracial Family. Vaccine Safety Questions on the Rise. Genetically Engineered Baby Food. PO Box 1690, Santa Fe, NM 87504-9774 www.mothering.com

Networknews, National Network for Youth, Sum/00: An Interview with Leon Gbee. Leadership in a New Light. Overcoming Impediments to Organizational Change. Tips on Raising Funds to Attend Symposium 2001. LGBTG Resource Guide Available this Fall. Win/00: An Insider's History of the National Network. Meet the Root: The history behind our logo. Fall/99: National Network for Youth Formalizes Partnership with Southeastern Network of Youth and Family Services. Why the National Network for Youth Rocks! Sum/99: Youth Need to Be Part of Strengthening Our Communities. Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg: Five stages toward cultural competence. (4) 1319 F St NW, Ste 401, Washington, DC 20004

New Generation Dad,

New Moon Network: (OOP) For adults who care about girls. The premier publication for parents and professionals dedicated to raising healthy, confident girls. 9-10/01: An interview with Bell Hooks. An Excerpt from the New Book Yell-Oh Girls!  Mothering a Would-Be Model. Working with Latino Girls. A Report from Turn Beauty Inside Out Day...and exciting news about New Moon Network. A Movie Mess; Teen Girls on Film. 7-8/01: When a daughter becomes sexually active. Rocket girls. You must first hold hands to fly. Girls reaching out with science. I was a seventh-grade Girl Scout. 5-6/01: Helping girls make their dreams come true. Helping gifted girls. Teaaching your girl about politics. Mom and daughter deal with difficult people. How to throw a period party. 3-4/01: Teaching About Date Rape. Should I let my girl be a cheerleader? Girl on the gridiron. How can I keep my girl in scouting? An open letter to Seventeen magazine. QT2: New video on self-injury. 1-2/01: Changing Bodies, Changing Lives. Girls and Sleep Deprivation. Fathering a "girly" girl. Dealing with your girl's sexuality. Running for their lives. Unhealthy health coverage in teen mags. 11-12/00: Why Your Daughter Should Be in Beauty Pageants! Fighting Weight. An Alaskan Outdoorsman takes His Duaghter Hunting. Housework is Not a Dirty Word. Goth, Retro, and Barbie: Decoding Teenage Style. The Fashion Obsession of Teen Mags. Schoolgirls Revisited. 9-10/00: Are All-Girls Schools Best? The continuing controversy over single-gender education. Rethinking traditional education goals for girls. What women are studied in schools? Gender Bias in the Science Classroom. Books on Violence and Survival. Advertising in Schools. 7-8/00: Fighting back against advertising. Facing the Music: Girls and the Internet. Safe Surfing for Kids. The dancer in the mirror. Seventeen, self-image and stereotypes. Nancy Drew and the case of the disappearing feminist. Father-Daughter Pride. 5-6/00: Celebrating Girls' Milestones. What Girls Think about Beauty. What I Learned Coaching Girls Basketball. The Great Ear-Piercing Debate. Fighting Back Against a World Ruled by Babes. Having a Beautiful Friend. Teaching Your Girl to be a Movie Reviewer. 3-4/00: Tribal Rituals of Teens. Seventh Grade and Puberty Pathos. Mean Streak: Are girls cruel to friends?  Fauz-Friends and Best Friends. Letting Her Take Risks. Take Our Daughters - Or Sons? - To Work Day. New Moon for Girls Themes and Thoughts. The Sexism of Harry Potter. 1-2/00: Sports & Fitness: Feminism, football and female victory. How to raise a physically active daughter. Coaching my Daughter the Pitcher. Soccer or Art: Don't box in your girl. A canoe camp that change a life. A Title IX pioneer looks back. Safety & responsibility for the way you dress. 11-12/99: Helping Girls Reach Their Dreams. New Moon for Girls Themes and Thoughts. Teaching Girls about Women's History. Raising a Feminist in the Heart of Texas. Training Bras and Other Mother/Daughter Issues. Girls and Computers. When a Daughter is Depressed. Teenagers and TV: The disappointing truth. 9-10/99: Fathering:  An interview with Will Glennon. Aunts and Uncles in Literature. "All the Boys Like Her" A dad responds. A Homeschooler Grows Up Strong. The Great Diary Debacle. An Unexpected Kind of Granddaughter. Qt2. A Thought from DAD's Director Joe Kelly. New Moon for Girls Themes & Thoughts. 7-8/99: When Words Can Hurt:  Body comments directed toward girls. Father Joy & Pain. Spinsters Ink Your Feminist Scholarship Essay Winner. Learning Fractions with Graham Crackers. The Great Portage Passage. New Moon Publishing, PO Box 3620, Duluth, MN 55803 newmoon@newmoon.org or www.newmoon.org

New Parent: The essential guide for expectant parents. Fall/Win 01: Car Seat Safety. Coping Strategies for New Moms. Preparing for Labor. Mastering Newborn Care. No Nonsense Nursing. (2/free) Impact Media Communications in cooperation with the International Childbirth Education Association. Toll free 888.334.0988.

@ Northern California Parent (formerly Kid Konnection) (1 man on staff of 17), 7/01: Do As I Say, Not As I Did: Parents and their youtful indiscretions. Readers' Best Bargain Stories. Talking With Kids About Sex. Gender Equality Begins at Home. Daughters, Dieting and Self-Esteem. 5/01: Valuing Motherhood: Why mom needs a raise. Getting Kids to Love Math. Camp Directory. Party Directory. 3/01: Plan an Outdoor Adventure! Preparing kids for camp. Homeschooling. 2/01: Older Parents: Challenges and rewards. Are You Raising a Praise Junkie? Questions about Montessori Schools. 1/01: Balancing Work & Family. Enter Our Best Bargains Contest. Wildcare: Sharing nature with children. New-Mom Networking. 12/00: Holiday Fashion: Dresses Up. Solving the Formula Riddle. Holiday Events. 11/00: Why Don't We Make Healthy Choices?  Education: Where does your candidate stand. Travel to Basel, Switzerland.10/00: Halloween Haunts. Parent-Teacher Conferences. Halloween Round-Up. 12/99: Holiday Helper: Top toys of 1999. Words of Wisdom: A parent speaks from experience. The History of Holidays: Tracing our (Christmas tree) roots. 11/99: Discover D.C.: A capital vacation. Family Dynamics: Common characteristics of birth order. 1999 Photo Contest Winners. Win a $100 Buying Binge at Busy Minds. 10/99: Howling Halloween Hauntings. Monsters & Boogeymen: What scares children & why. Creative Exposure: Introducing kids to art. Corporate Cash: Alternatives to bake sales. 9/99: 1999 Baby Guide. Time to Party!  Planning the perfect birthday. Changing Lanes:  Parents cash in on commuting. Discipline Do's & Don'ts:  Conquering common pitfalls. 8/99: Ready, Set, Go!  Heading for kindergarten. Street Smarts:  Traffic safety for kids. Healthy Lunches:  Good tasting and good for you. 5/99: Expanded listing of summer day camps. Better speech and hearing month:  Do your children understand everything they hear?  Children and Chores:  The importance of household responsibilities. 11/98. Report Cards: How to know when kids need help in school; Beating the Back-to-Work Blues; Hepatitis B Immunization and Awareness; Finding Time to be Married. Barbara Spotleson, editor, 4983 Sonoma Hwy, Ste L, Santa Rosa, CA 95409 www.parenthoodweb.com

Offspring: The magazine of smart parenting, Steven Swartz, (11 men and 31 women), 12/00-1/01: How to Help Your Kid Excel: What works. What's overkill. What's simply a waste of time. Holiday Special: 37 Must-Have Kids' Gifts. 8 Pages of Cool Clothes. 17 Great Winter Vacations. The children of sperm donor 5027. In Whose Faith? Raising kids in a mixed marriage. Does Your Kid Need a Good Spanking? www.offspringmag.com

Parent (Portland), (12/free) 6/02: Dad's Day in School: Increasing father involvement. Answering to Their Peers: Beaverton police like youth peer court. The New Middle School. Llama Trekking Lets Families Explore Oregon's Backcountry. Karen Reed-Matthee, Regional Editor, Portland Parent, 8196 SW Hall Blvd, Suite 357, Beaverton, OR 97008 503.626.4940. www.parenthood.com

@ Parent-Sacramento/Sierra, (12), 457 Grass Valley Hwy # 5, Auburn, CA 95603 (9/98-newsstand) sacramentoparent@family.com

@ Parent - San Francisco/Peninsula, (12-newsstand) 12/98 1480 Rollins Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010 SFPP@aol.com

@ Parent - Shasta, (12/$15), PO Box 992713, Redding, CA 96099-2713 (8/98-newsstand) sp@snowcrest.net

Parenting. (10/$10-newsstand) (14 men of a staff of 113) 5/02: How to Choose the Best Toys Age by Age. Home, Friends, School..What affects your child most. Pregnancy: Boosting your baby's health-for life. Celebrating the Family: Exclusive Survey: What shapes us as parents. 10 Ways to Be the Parent You Want to Be. The Rituals that Bring Us Closer. 11/01: Ear Infections: New thinking, better treatments. Busy Babies! The funny things they do - and why. Will You Be a Good Mother? 5 ways to tell. Get Your Toddler to Do (Almost) Anything. Best Toys of the Year!  Our age-by-age guide. Why Kids Cry. Soothing strategies, for infants on up. 10/01:  Safety Guide: Protect your child from burns. Your New Baby: The 6 things no one tells you. 4 Mistakes Even Good Parents Make (And how to stop). Let's Play! The surprising benefits of baby games. Obesity Alert: Is your child at risk? Halloween Fun! Easy costumes, crafts, and treats. 9/01: Best Ways to Nurture Girls and Boys. Street Smarts: Safety rules, age by age. Bedtime Problems: Solved. Picking the Perfect Baby Name. What Babies Really Know (and when). Raise an Eager Learner: Fun with numbers. 7 secrets of preschool teachers and more. 6-7/01: Bonding with Your Baby: What every dad needs to know. How to Raise a Caring Child. "You Promised!" Best answers to whines, gripes and more. Safety Pullout: Sun Protection, for Babies on Up. Should You Quit Work? The real pros and cons. Summer Fun! Cute swimsuits. Travel smarts. Splashy games. 12/99-1/00: Holiday Fun! Stress-free celebrations, Easy gifts for kids to make...and more. Special Pullout: Keep your child safe this season. Why Babies Need Friends. Families and Faith: Raising a spiritual child. Sibling Rivalry? 14 ways to end it. 12 Great Toys for $10 or Less. 9/99: Sleep Safety:  SIDS prevention and more. Learning to Talk:  An age-by-age guide. How Toddlers Understand Feelings. 10 Ways to Raise a Nonviolent Child. Your Top Baby Questions:  Answers from the authors of What to Exect. Rise and Shine!  Get-up-and-go strategies for your family. 12/98-1/99. 12 Terrific Toys for $10 or Less; I Want Mommy-what to do when only you will do; The Power of Pretending: Best ways to nurture it; What Babies Really Know in the Womb; How to Raise a Money-Smart Child; Holiday Fun:  Less stress, more joy, easy crafts and treats, festive kids clothes and more. Car-seat alert-how to save your child's life. Are you spoiling your baby by Dr. Spock. !:%#@!-what to do when children swear. Toddler Triumphs-four ways to help little kids feel big. Prenatal tests - what you need to know. Circumcision-Yes or No? James, 13 months old, and on the brink of independence. Age-by-age guide to discipline. Anne Krueger, Editor, Parenting, Time Publishing Ventures, 24 West 43rd St, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10036 www.parenting.html

Parents, America's #1 Family Magazine emphasizes family formation and growth, focusing on the day-to-day needs and concerns of today's parents. Everything from disciplining and rewarding your children to planning family vacations is covered in this essential guide for moms and dads. (2 men on staff of 32) 10/01: Boo! Tricks, treats, crafts, candy & lots, lots more. Inside: Cute Halloween costumes anyone can make. Make No Mean No (in 3 easy steps). Emergency 911: Lifesaving lessons every child must know. Antibiotics Undate: News you haven't heard yet. 10 Fun Ways to Teach Caring and Sharing. The Right Way to Read to a Toddler. 9/01: School Success: Give your little student an A+ start. Save Your Baby's Life: Hidden nursery hazards. Find and Fix Your Discipline Mistakes : The screaming stops here. Healthy Teeth: What dentists want moms & dads to know. How to Handle: Bullying, name-calling, teasing. Maternity-Leave Update: Know your rights. Car-Seat Buyers' Guide: The latest, safest models. 6/01: Great Father's Day Gift: Buy Dad this Issue. Can't Stop Shouting? Stay Cool discipline.for stressed-out days. Healthy Toddlers: Germ-proofing secrets. Brain-power boosters. Fun food for picky eaters. Baby Sleep Problems: New science, new solutions. Free Mini Mag: From Baby Care to Teaching Values: Parents share their best advice. Too Big? Too Small? What growth charts won't tell you. The First Sex Talk: What to say and when. 5/01: How to Save Your Baby's Life. The Scary Truth About SPanking. 6 Simple Ways to Be a Beter Parent. Poison Prevention Plus Hidden Hazards in the Crib, Tub & Car. Decorate the Perfect Baby's Room. Kids Stay Free: We pick the best motels. Best Bathing Suits for Had-a-Baby Bodies. 75 New Birthday Paarty Ideas. 1/00: No More Candy! 26 healthy snacks your kids will love. Stop Yelling! 10 steps to smarter discipline. Y2K Giveaway: 2000 great prizes. Coughs, Colds, Flu: The best comforts and cures. Colic relief. Books babies love. How 2-year-olds think. Secrets of Your Child's Personality: A new column by John Gray. Exclusive: New mom Cindy Crawford on breast-feeding, beauty sleep and her postbay body. 12/99: New Family Computers: Best buys for your budget. An Insider's Guide to Toddlers. Your Baby is Crying...We'll tell you why. Y2K With Kids: 38 cools ideas to plan now. Holiday Heaven: 10 steps to a more spiritual Christmas, our best-ever cookies, crafts & gift ideas, and how to take the perfect family photo. Bad Medicine?  Herbal remedies that harm children. Have Fun, Get More Done: Double your energy this weekend. 12/98. Teaching about God; Manners Makeover; Stress-Proff Your Child; Fire Safety: Are you prepared?  The secret life of toddlers; The Busy Parents' Guide to Christmas; Puppy Love! Why kids need pets. Other issues: Stopping colds - a 10 page winter health guide. Smart toddlers-how love boosts IQ. Emergency-E.R. advice all parents need. Chores for little helpers. Embarrassing sex questions - what to say. Spark your child's creativity. (2 men on staff of 32) Ann Pleshette Murphy, Editor, Parents, Gruner-Jahr Publishing (they also publish "Child"), 685 Third Ave, New York, NY 10017 parents.com

@ Parent's Journal - Sonoma (6/$7.50-newsstand) 5/01: Over 100 Day Champs. Informese Para La Fammilia. 4/01: How safe is your neighborhood? 100's of ideas for Family Fun inside! Program Inside! Family expo home show. Para La Familia Informese. 6/00: Fathers Day: Tips and words of wisdom. Will fun-in-the sun give you child cancer?  Para la Familia Informese! 10/98. Proposition 8: Real educational reform or more bureaucratic red tape; Halloween Dream,: Crafty Ideas that Won't Scare Your Budget; Safety Tips for Happy Haunting. Sharon Gowan, Editor, ($7.50/6) (2 men on staff of 9), PO Box 351, Philo, CA 95466 parentjour@aol.com

@ Parents' Press: The SF Bay Area's Locally Owned Parent Newspaper, (12/$15-newsstand) (1 man on staff of 11) 2/02: Annual Pregnancy & Birth Guide. Top 10 Pregnancy Worries. Birth: The ordinary miracle. Tip Sheet for New Dads. Seven Keys to College Happiness. Oakland's Friendly Museum. 12/01: Warm and Wonderful Winter Outings: The Nutcracker Tradition. New Year's with Children. Seal Spotting at Ano Nuevo. Chanukah & Kwanzaa Activities. Put on Your Jacket! It's COLD Outside! My Daughter Wants to Date a Boy of a Different Race. The First Year: Helping your baby to sleep through the night. 11/01: Beyond Burgers: Great Bay Area family-friendly restaurants. The Straight Poop for Preschoolers. Harvest Time at a Family Farm. Teaching Girls to Speak Up. Troubled Teen: Stress from divorce or just adolescence? 10/01: Getting a Life: Why every mom deserves time off. A Vanished Past Comes Alive at Marin Parks. Helping Kids Cope with Disasters. Annual Ad Guide to Private Schools. Halloween Happenings Guide. 7/01: Family Fun: A pull-out guide to 70+ Bay Area adventures. Changing Clothes: Makes toddlers rebel! Homesick at Camp? 6/01: Happy Father's Day. Party Party Party: Super birthday celebrations. Love in a Box: Care packages for your happy camper. Little Egypt: Mummies & pyramids in San Jose. Bon't Interrupt Me! Teaching patience to preschoolers. 5/01: Treats for Mother's Day. Books for 21st Century Mothers. Playpens: Pro & Con. Bedwetting Solutions. Parent.Teens - College Athletic Recruitment. 4/01: Camps 2001: 200+ day camps and summer programs for Bay Area kids and teens. Go Green: Celebrate Earth Day. What's the Right Age to Start Team Sports. Parent.teen: Helping your teen to get organized. 2/01: Pregnancy & Brith Annual Special Issue:  Sex during pregnancy. Coping with Colic. Postpartum depression. Birth resources. Discipline: Time-outs for toddlers. Teens Aiming for College: What to do right now! 1/01: Rainy Day Ramblings. Inside...Parent Teen Peer Pressure: What parents need to know. Art a la carte. Freeble Fun. Backyard Birds. Homemade Baby Food. Consequences vs. Punishment. 8/00: Kindergarten: The big step. How preschoolers play. Why, mommy, why? Introducing a bottle to a breastfed baby. Inside Parent.Teen. Choosing a college? Check out these eight hidden gems. 12/99: Celebrate: Brisbane's Stars, Luscious Lakes, Kwanzaa Events, Stepfamily Holidays, Cut Your Own Tree. Keep Your Kids Healthy Without Antibiotics. Inside This Issue:  Volunteer in Latin America; Teens, divorce & holidays; freshman journal: season of change. 11/99: Train Town:  A family adventure. No! No! No!  Understanding your 2-year-old. Vegetarian Babies. Colds, Flu & You. Teen Suicide:  Surviving special needs adolescence. 9/99: Annual Enrichment Activities Ad Guide. Birth to 3:  Growing up smart. Step Families. Sex After Baby. Are SAT Prep Classes Worth the Money?  Mothers & Teen Daughters. 8/99: Swimmer's Ear. Meds for Baby. ADHD Books. Off to Kindergarten. Starting Middle School. What Parents Do Right - and Wrong. Parenet. Teen for bay area families with teens. 7/99: Ouch!  Toddlers who bite. Is It Safe to Sleep with Baby? My Son is Addicted to Video Games. Body Piercing:  Beyond ear lobes. 3 Steps to Choosing the Right College. From Dad's Notepad:  Moving up in the World. 5/99: Celebrate Spring!  Rediscover Golden Gate Park. The Colorado Shootings: Talking to your kids about school violence. Win a Blue Ribbon at the County Fair. Curious (Messy!) Toddlers. Is your breast fed baby getting enough milk?  Parent.teen for bay area families with teens. "I don't like my daughters friends"  Law and order, teen style. T-shirt memories. 11/98. My Baby Won't Eat, Choosing the Right School for Your Child; Annual Guide to Private Schools; Parent/teen families; Teaching Behind the Lines; Homesick at College; What UC wants in Application Essays; Building a Bond with Pre-teens. Dixie Jordan, Editor, (12/$15) 1454 Sixth St, Berkeley, CA 94710 parentsprs@aol.com or members.aol.com/parentsprs/index.html

Practical Homeschooling, (6/$20-newsstand), PO Box 1250, Fenton, MO 63026-1850 phseditor@aol.com

Raising Teens, BH&G (Premier Issue, Fall 1999) (7 men on staff of 20), Fall/99: America's Favorite Dad Bill Cosby Gets the Last Word. 7 Secrets to Raising Great Kids. My Daughter Didn't Come Home!  20 Tips for Better Relationships. $$ for College:  What they don't tell you. Sex (How to talk about it). After Littleton:  Parents Respond. (4/$16-Newsstand). Jean LemMon, Editor in Chief, 1716 Locust St, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023

San Francisco/Peninsula Parent, (1 man on staff of 24), 7/99: Confidence Coaches:  Parents teach teens self-esteem. The Big "P":  Puberty and parents. Baby-Sitting Basics:  Advice for parents and sitters. 12/98. Play On: Holiday toys meant to last; Make a Kwanzaa Mkeka: A woven tablemat; Hands-on Chanukah Crafts; Staying Sane during the Holidays; The Season of Giving - Raising kids who care; New Advances in Treatment of Growth Hormone Deficiency. (12) 1480 Rollins Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010 SFPP@aol.com

Speak Out for Children: Strengthening Families Through Education and Advocacy, Assisting Children of Never Married, Separated and Divorced Parents. This magazine is for divorced, separated, single, never-married parents and the professionals who serve them. Win/03: White House Conference on Missing and Exploited Children. Spotolight Brightens on Paternity FRAUD> College Saving Simplified: 529 plans. Early Supervision & Discipline of Son. CRC Safe Haven Conference a Success. Win/02: Family Transfer-Mation. Parallel Parenting-How It Works. Going Pro Se in Divorce. 14-Year-Old Bikes 3,600 Miles for Shared Parenting. Sum/01: The Myth of the Fading Family. Behavior of Real-Life Dennis the Menace was not Tolerated.Call Us Stepfamilies, not Blended Families. This Child of Mine: A therapist's journey. Additional Findings that Overnights by Infants with the Other Parent Are Fine. Forgive Them Their Debts. Fall/00-Win/01: New Laws Benefit Tennessee Children. CRC of Sierra Leone Helps Distressed Children. Married Parents Would Revolt if Government Interferred in Access to their Children. Once Again - Census Report Shows Connectrion between Support and Joint Custody. Shared Parenting - It Makes Sense. Fatherhood Bill Stalled in US Senate. More Attention Paid to Kidnapping of Children. Relinquishing Custody to Get Health Care. Children's Rights Council, 300 "I" Street N.W., Suite 401, Washington, DC 20002 gocir.com or info4parents.com

The Times for Fathers & Families:  A newsletter for the changing needs of parents in the 21st century, (4/free with $20 membership). 3/02: Resilience: Grieving and bouncing back. Protecting Yourself from Road Rage. Relationship with Dad Continues with Daughters. Reading with Dad. Driving with Dad. Calendar of Events for Minnesota Fathers. 1/03: Why It Is Important for Fathers to be Emotionally Available to their Children. 3 Things Every Dad Knows...and 1 tip that could save your babyt's llife. Did "Expectations" get You? Were you ready for the emotional challenges of parenting? 11/01: Encouraging Children to Identify and Realize Their Life Dreams. A New Mentoring Program for Boys. Children of the Year. Balance "bad" stress with a reasonable amount of "good" stress. Reliving Trauma: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Festival of Fathers. Divorced Dads and the Delicate Father/Child Bond. When Little Hands Get in the Way. 6/01: Helping Sons Connect with Their Dads. Unsung Hero Department. The Columbine Effect: A conversation with our children. An appreciation of a father. Are You a Fit Father? Tuning Into Your Shame. 3/01: A Father's Expectations. Anger Management for Women. Children's Safety Centers. Dads and Daughters. Ten Tips for Dads and Daughters. 12/00: Forgiving Our Fathers. Establishing Paternity and Legal Fatherhood. Other Factors in the Best Interests Statute. Why Do Some Dads Feel like Second-Class Parents. Man as Peacemakers. Quality Music for Children is Available for Those Who Can Find It. 9/00: Helping fathers cope with losses. New Step Parenting Course. 3/00: Seven Traits of Healthy Masculinity for the New Millennium: Power, Purpose, Passion, Paternity, Persistence, Piety, Presence. Resource Center for Fathers & Families, Human Service Bldg 305, 1201 89th Ave NE, Blaine, MN 55424 or 763.783.4938 or info@resourcesforfathers.org or www.resourcesforfathers.org

You & Your Baby, Windsor House, Station Court, Station Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge CV2 5LR England http://www.yourbaby.co.uk (Vol 2, No 2)

Youth Crime Alert, (12/$225), CD Publications, 8204 Fednton St, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (12/98)

Youth Today, The Newspaper on Youth Work, 5/03: To Abstain from Sex - or Not. Child Advocates Find Voice in Togetherness. Wages, Worth and the Budget. Harm Reeducation in Drug Treatment. Just Say Less. Raising Voices for Youth. Overtime Pay Made Simple. Juvenile Justice Among States. National Amber Alert. Anti-Drug Ads Retooled. Profiles in Youth Work. Anti-Smoking Funds Gone. 3/03: Bush Vision for Youth Funding has Advocates Seeing Red. Watchdogs to Bishops. Fed Study. Funding Slash Show Results: Anger. More Work, Child Care for Welfare Parents. Prosecuter's Database of "Future Criminals" Draws Fire. Teen Pregnancy Gets Knocked Down. When Relatives Care for Kids. Does Smoking Marijuana Predict Other Drug Use? Caffeine for Sleepy Teens. Foster Youths Ignored. Some Youth Programs Get Nice Slice, Others "Out of ther Pie". 6/02: German Youth Work Speaks Many Tongues. RFK's Childhood Pal Carries On - Alone. U.N. Children's Conference. U.S. youth delegates differ with the grown-ups. Peace in the Mideast: Jews and Muslims play somewhat nervously at the Jerusalem YMCA. Andrew Hahn: How to make higher education do more youth development. Toll-Free: A directory for youth workers. 5/02: Pervert Priests. Reducing Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use. Smoking Marijuana: An update. College-Linked Training Spreads: But does it improve youth work?  Runaways from Public Care Leave Agencies Lost. The Fine Art of Youth Programs. Art Programs Draw on Creativity, Help Sculpt Youth. Dealing with Runaways: Strategies from the Field. Why Running from Agencies May Make Sense. Respect. Foster Kids Need a Bold Plan. 3/02: Draft Objector Sentenced to Ames, Stays for Life. Youth Jobs Program Gets Pink Slip. Worker Safety. Younger Americans Act. The Beauty of Hip-Hop in Youth Work. 11/01: Response to Terror: Career Center Fends Off Feds and Birds. Researchers Shout Warnings, Youth Workers Shrug. Civic Engagement Up. Youths Speak Out. The Impact on Federal Youth Policy. Adults Model Hypocrisy to Kids. HIV and Teen Girls: New research brings troubling news. 10/01: Why Are Dutch Teens so Sexually Safe?  Youth Coalition's Clout Soars After It Gets Drubbed by Voters. Harry Potter's Coke Deal. Scientists' protest seeks fizz. Boys' Sexual Development: Insights from a first-of-its-kind study. Faith-Based Services: Is White House report on the level?  9/01: How a Song and A Prayer Opened Washington's Wallet. Youths Create Teen Center, Knife Kills It. Youth Statistics. Mike Males: The value of letting kids take risks. Smoking and Girls: A deadly mix. Dating and Other Dangers for High School Girls. Just Say No to Lice, but not to Nits. Satcher's Sex Ed Prescription Hits 'Wall of Ideology'. 6/01: Whem Mom or Dad is Locked Up. Radical Idea Serves Youth, Saves Money. Child Care Staffing. Faith-Based Debate, British Style. Rigging the Stats on Youth. Assessing After-School Programs. 4/01: A DAREing Rescue. Police Take Custody of Abuse Probes. Bush's Tax Cut 'Frankenstein'. Secret Service on School Violence. Lies and Youth Risk Surveys. 3/01: Ex-convicts Connect with Kids. Youth Organizing Comes of Age. What's to Blame for Youth Violence?   Pittman: Tax cut impact on kids. 12/00-01/01: Once Lame Juvenile Justice System Jockeys to the Lead. Youth Service Bureau Spreads Buffalo Winds. The Federal Budget: Who wins. The Youth Vote: What happened?  Fairy Godmothers: A directory of Youth Work Fellowships. 11/00: Retired Gangsters Gang Up on Youth. The Score on Teen Virginity Pledges. Teens write about Teen Moms. Court Advocates Grow but do they Help Kids Much?  Toll Free: A directory of youth workers. 10/00: Expelled Youth Face Life Adrift. Teen Writer Programs Scrutinize Social Issues. Louisiana's Norotious Juvenile Prisons. Youths on youth activism. 'Divorce industry' fuels child poverty. 9/00: Parties Serve Youth Cold Pizza a Hunk: Youths hunger to be heard from the sidelines at conventions, only to reach their Nader. The Youth Gang Epidemic That Was - or Wasn't. Experts warned that youth gangs would soon visit a corner near you. What happened? Inside: Congress graces faith-based groups. Kids write about adoption. Another youth heroin hoax? 7-8/00: Boy Scouts' Holy War over Homosexuals. Anti-Gun Youth Programs Shoot Blanks, Funder Seeks New Tactics. U.N. Children's rights treaty: any impact?  Foster kids critique foster care. Making youth employment programs work. Bidis Banned in Illinois. 6/00: Charter Schools: CBOs, Risky Pot o' Gold. America's Promise Mentoring Impact is Foggy in Philly: AP birthplace proves big test for monument and its limits. An Older American's Act for Kids?  McKenna on Positive Youth Development. Minority Kids in Prison. 5/00: Got Busted? On Drugs? In a Gang? This rec department wants you. Indy Builds a Front Porch, Gov. Bush Likes the View. Kids discuss the pressures of poverty. Latest research on youth and violence. Caring for Kids: A congressional facade. Confessions of a youth worker. 4/00: Reviving Jackie Robinson: Can the Boys & Girls Clubs solve baseball's black youth slump? In New Courts, Kids on Drugs Get the Treatment: The jury is out on whether drug courts are an innovation, a fad, or another widening of the net. Youth Philantrophy Faces Challenges amid Growth. Media Proejcts Empower Youth. Numbers Lie to Demonize Kids. 12/99-1/00: Parochial No More: Faith-based youth work wins more converts. Latinas' Perplexing Lead in Teen Births: A 'condom lady' on the front lines. Juvenile Crime Bill Coma. The Federal Youth Budget. Drug Czar's Alcohol-free Campaign Draws Boos. 11/99: Boot Camps Lose Early Swagger. Hard Lessons in Dropout Prevention. Snapshots: A new look at best practices. England: Youths flock to info centers. Ignoring good news about kids. 10/99: New Zealand Social Work Tactic Hits Shore, Makes Waves, Poison Pizie Sticks, Welfare Reform's Impact on Families. Feds wants to see bang for youth service bucks. Toll-free:  A directory for youth workers. 7/99: On and Off the Wagon:  America's promise at two. Tobacco Funds:  Kids get stale butt. Untangling the web for youth workers. Scanning juvenile justice bills' fine print. Your development programs that make a difference. 6/99: Lessons from Littleton's Loss. Kid Help or Kidnapping?  Tactics of Utah-based groups show the risks and rewards of emotional growth programs. Uncle Sam hands youth centers muchin'-out money. A shaken Senate stirs juvenile crime bill. Chelsea group turns heads serving immigrant youth. 4/99: Super-Predators':  The making of a myth. Stand-Alone Youth Centers Take Hold, Take Flak. 12-1/99. US anti-drug funds misfire, hit target - Virginia City builds youth as assets, not deficits, how they help run town. Review of best directories for youth workers in print and on line. Call waiting for youth crisis hotlines' quality - Technology and expansion boost service, but raise questions about ethics and standards. Congress nudges youth groups toward universal fingerprint checks. Can government youth programs be innovative?  $1 million says yes. 11/98. "American teenagers have apparently gotten the message that it's dangerous to drink and drive. Now they just drink. A recent survey by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that more than 80 percent of the 16 to 19 year olds said it was okay to drink with friends as long as they have a designated driver. Indeed, 64 percent said they appoint designated drivers when drinking with friends. And, only about half said the driver shouldn't drink at all. One researcher told the Associated Press that for many of the teens, a designated driver is 'someone who drinks less than I do.'" "Hasbro's Colin Powell action figure goes on sale this month for $46. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America hope to reap about $50,000 in royalties. It says the money will go to its clubs on military bases here and overseas." (6 men on staff of 14) (12/$15) Patrick Boyle, Editor, 1200 17th St NW, 4th Fl, Washington, DC 20036 Subscriptions to Youth Today, 80 S. Early St, Alexandria, VA 22304 or 800.599.2455 or info@youthtoday.org or www.youthtoday.org

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Making the decision to have a child-it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. - Elizabeth Stone.


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