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October '01

Menstuff® list of local men's events and conferences happening during October. Updated 10/6/01. 

CAN-Canada, ISR - Israel

ISR, Oct (TBA), Sexual Abuse in the Jewish Community (1st Int Conf). Jerusalem

NY, Oct 5-7, New Warrior Training Adventure

CA, Oct 6, Love with All Your Mind: Becoming a man of wisdom, Burlingame

US, Oct 11, Coming Out Day National

AZ, CAN, KY, MO, New Eng, TN, Oct 12-14, New Warrior Training Adventure

MA, Oct 12-14, 10th Annual Village of Brothers Fall Retreat, Do You Live in Your Body?  Washington

IA, IL, IN, TX, Oct 19-21, New Warrior Training Adventure

CA, Oct 19-22, Healing the Father Wound®, Middletown

US, Oct 20, Make a Difference Day

MN, Oct 20 Men's Health and Well-Being Symposium, Minneapolis

OR, Oct 22, Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski Television Interview "AM Northwest" KATU-TV Channel 2, 9-10 AM, Portland

OR Oct 22, Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski, Free Presentation and Booksigning, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, 7 pm, 1231 NE Broadway. 501-335-0201 Portland

NY Oct 25-28, Healing Sexual Victimization of Boys and Men, 9th International Conference on Male Sexual Victimization. Mic Hunter, Richard Gartner and others, New York

CA, CAN, Oct 26-28, New Warrior Training Adventure

IN Oct 26-28, Running With Iron John™ for couples, Bedford

CA Oct 27, Men's Health Conference: Health Issues for Men and Woman: Andropause (male menopause) & Menopause, Jed Diamond, 2nd International Conference, San Rafael

AR, Oct 30-Nov 2, Gender Diversity Conference, Sunburst Resort

Dates are 2000 and assumed, until confirmed, that they remain the same for 2001: 9/15-10/15: Hispanic Heritage Month. October is Adopt-a-Shelter Dog; Alternate History; Auto Battery Safety; Campaign for Healthier Babies; Celiac Sprue Awareness; Child Health; Computer Learning; Diversity Awareness; Dryer Vent Safety Awareness; Energy Management is a Family Affair-Improve Your Home; Family History; Fantasy; Gay and Lesbian History; Health Literacy; International Fired Up; Listen to Your Inner Critic; Lupus Awareness; National AIDS Awareness; National Animal Safety and Protection; *National Breast Cancer Awareness; National Car Care; National Crime Prevention; National Depression Education and Awareness; *National Disability Employment Awareness; *National Domestic Violence Awareness; National Family Health, National Family Sexuality Education; National "Gain the Inside Advantage"; National Home Inspection; National Orthodontic Health; National Pharmacy; National Physical Therapy; National Pizza; National Popcorn Poppin'; National Roller Skating; National Skin Care Awareness; National Spinal Health; National Toilet Tank Repair; Pediatric Cancer Awareness; Rett Syndrome Awareness; Sarcastics Awareness; Substance Abuse Prevention; Talk About Prescriptions; Unmasking Halloween Dangers; Vegetarian Awareness Month. 10/1-7: Mental Illness Awareness; *Minority Enterprise Development; National Health Care Food Oct 8-14: *Fire Prevention; Home Based Business; National Adult Immunization Awareness; *National School Lunch Week. 10/9-13: Pet Peeve Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Week. 10/10-16: Wildlife Week. 10/14-20: Pharmacy Week. 10/15-21: Getting the World to Beat a Path to Your Door; *National Character Counts; Teen Read Week. 10/16-22: National Health Education Week. 10/22-28: National Massage Therapy Awareness, National Save Yur Back Week. 10/23-31: Red Ribbon Week. 10/25-31: Peace, Friendship & Goodwill Week. 10/1: World Vegetarian Day. 10/2: World Habitat Day, 10/3: Techies Day. 10/4: Toot Your Flute Day. 10/8 Global Learn Day; National Children's Day. 10/9: Indigenous Persons Day; *Leif Erikson Day, Yom Kippur, Canadian Thanksgiving Day. 10/11: Coming Out; Teddy Bear to Work Day; 10/12: Oktoberfest. 10/13: Blame Someone Else; Scream, Train Your Brain Day, Friday the 13th. 10/14: Sukkot. Be Bald and Be Free Day. 10/15: National Grouch; *White Cane Safety Day. 10/16: Dictionary;  Boss' Day, Intl. Librarians World Food Day. 10/17: Black Poetry, International Eradication of Poverty Day. 10/18: Canadian Persons;  Boost your Brain Day. 10/19: Evaluate Your Life Day 10/21: Sweetest Day. 10/22: Mother-In-Law; National Scientific Literacy Day. 10/23: National Mole Day. 10/24: United Nations Day. Black Thursday. 10/25: Cartoonists Against Crime Day. 10/26: Horseless Carriage; Mule Day 10/27: Frankenstein Friday, Navy Day, Ugly Pickup Contest. 10/28: Make a Difference; Wild Foods Day; Day of Meditation. 10/29: Daylight Savings Times Ends. 10/31Halloween; National Magic; *National Unicef Day. 11/7 is Election Day. Vote. Here's a reminder electronic greeting card a day to send to your friends.

* Means a Presidential Proclamation has been made.

Domestic Violence Prevention Month - See Issues. Also, see books on anger, violence-general, violence-domestic, violence-rape, violence-sexual, women's violence, sexual harassment plus Q&A Slide Guide on Gangs and Safe Dating in Merchandise and Alternatives to Violence programs. - resources for male and female perpetrators and male and female victims. Got some information to add, send it to mailto:violence@menstuff.org

Note: Authors and Talk Show Producers. Bradley Media Publications produces an annual "Experts and Sources on Men's Issues" that is directed to Radio & Talk Show producers. The next issue will be released 12/1/01. Closing for advertising is 10/13/01. Call for circulation and cost information. Last year's rate was under $600 for a page. It's a chance to get broader exposure of important men's issues and books focusing on men's issues. For more information call 800.989.1400 ex 104 and ask for Rose.

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