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Menstuff® reports here on interesting articles appearing in September periodicals. A click on the photo will often provide a larger photo or additional information reagrding the topic. See previous months above.

A variety of current information is also available: Mediawatch, 2002 provides reviews the media's portrayal of men in advertising and the media. See 2001, also. For an index of these and additional stories, see 2002 and 2001. What's New provides weekly updates of additions to the web site including the latest issues, which are also included in Newsbytes (see table above).

After reviewing some of these topics, we encourage you to write the corporations and the government and give them your viewpoint. Action of the Week selects a particular action to take for the week. Change doesn't usually take place when only one complaint is received. If you want to be part of the solution, let them hear from you! Here's how.


Your parenting leaves them perplexed and their advice might drive you crazy. But your kids get so much out of the relationship. 9/01


First issue follows route of Cosmo Girl. As would be expected, major emphasis on outside appearance promoting looks, makeovers, clothes, make-up, and fashion. Above story says "Guys & girls play the rating game." What would you expect with a heading "Girls Kick Butt? Lara Croft and Charlie's Angels never had a bad fashion moment why should you?" Saving grace article about Julie Stiles who went to the ElleGirl interview with "not a trace of makeup." 9/01


Leading experts agree that the early years are crucial for building our daughters' self-esteem. Here parents, teachers, psychologists, and girls themselves voice what's needed to nurture the female spirit. 9/01.


We like to think of kids as sweet and innocent, but in fact all children can be cruel. Top child psychologist Michael Thompson suggests ways to help kids deal with enemies - and make friends. 9/01.


Marauding models, sinning socialites and a Bush twins fantasy plus Camille Paglia picks the World's 25 Wickedest Women. All in the 9/01 issue.


This 610 page September issue, plus inserts, continues to promote women as sex objects. With a nude Kate Hudson on the cover, other cover stories stress "Tips for Sultry Eyes." "50 Quick Ways to Rev Up Your Look." "Sexiest Shoes Ever." 9/01


MH-18, from the publishers of Men's Health, direct this publication primarily to the adolescent male. This article is quite through and helps the reader understand what's going on with young men today. It also provides a handy pocket-size pullout to gauge "How Angry Are You?"


The Lives of Men is part five of one man's story of his fight with cancer. Healing the wounds, smackey mouth, and infusion confusion. A new appreciation for memory, bladder control and the simple taste of food. 9/01


Tired of the same idle chitchat night after night? Then pepper her with these doozies and astound her with your knowledge! 9/01


Make room for Daddy - he's spending more and more time with the kids. On weekdays, dads spend about 65% as much time with their children as moms do, and on weekends, 87% as much time. 9/01


There is more than one way to die at the tentacles of a jellyfish. One could wrap around you in the surf. You could accidentally step on one that had washed ashore. Or, if all else failed, you could always drink one. No. 9


Jon Favreau says the bottom line: men who avoid monogamy focus on the moments leading up to orgasm. The Art of Monogamy relies heavily on the moments immediately following orgasm. "How do I feel?" "Who am I lying next to?" "What does she have?" Yes. What does she have? 9/01


Your nose knows when procreation is in the air says Devendra Singh, Ph.D, of the University of Texas at Austin. Some researchers think the scent may come from pheromones called copulins, produced by vaginal and cervical secretions that peak during ovulation. That's science. 9/01


This is a review of the best (and worst) new pills to help you snooze if you are an insomniac and are tired of enduring tortured hours of writhing and rolling. 9/01


Think your date's just looking for a tight ass and a loose wallet? Think again. Leslie Yazel clues you in on what women really want in a guy. Prepare to be amazed. 9/01


Attention all airline passengers: If you have heart, circulatory or breathing problems, a few precautions could cut your risk of an increasingly prevalent hazard of flying. 9/01


Who among us hasn't been bullied by a woman? Pressured into a commitment, nagged into submission, forced to give up an entire bathroom shelf? Learn the ancient art of relationship self-defense, thanks to this black-belt course on how to toss aside nasty obligations. 9/01


On newsstands now, this 214 health guide is filled with great information for your body, your diet, your relationship - your life. Check it out! On display until 10/23/01.


The 7-8/01 issue reports on the Main Conference on Domestic Violence Against Men. This is one of the few places in the country that makes an effort to understand and face this politically incorrect concern for men and their children.


Teen mags promote what women's magazines have emphasized for years, beauty on the outside. Every now-and-then there's an article that takes an slightly different tack. The seven secrets: Confidence rules. Envy is a waste of time. Friends and family like you for who you are, not your size. Healthy habits rock. Harness the power of positive thinking. Think like a guy. Don't compare yourself to others...especially celebrities (though earlier they trashed Calista Flockhart calling her a "scary stick"). Then it's back to the original premise with articles highlighting physical beauty and clothes high lighting breasts. (Check out Cool Dad and A Touchy Subject.)


The recent execution of Timothy McVeigh stirred a controversy over whether or not there should be public executions. What do you think?


An online survey reported the top 5 "chick" cars as the: VW Beetle, VW Cabriolet, Mazda Miata, VW Jetta & Dodge Neon. The top 5 "guy" cars were the: Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, Chevy Camaro, Ford F-150 pickup, & Dodge Viper.


For each copy of Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul you purchase from us at the regular price, we will send a copy to two prison libraries. (Our goal is to get at least one copy in every prison in the U.S., which total over 8,000 facilities.)


It's happening. Chicken Soup for the Soul® has an edition about men and they are looking for stories.

There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go. - Tennessee Williams

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