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Menstuff® provides a listing, Men Talking to Men, which includes stories that have appeared on the cover of over 90 current magazines and newsletters directed to men. Each listing includes a copy of the latest cover (under the Lenny icon) plus the editor's name and mailing address.

The Quest: Equal rights for men. Fall/00: A Message from the President. The Public Eye and Cad Journalism. Male Bashing as National Entertainment. NOM's Vision. A Model Group for Conscious Raising. You Are the Grassroots. Men's Apathy About Prostate Cancer. Civility in Domestic Relations Laws. The Paternal Instinct. Quest's Quest. National Organization for Men (Free with $25 mem), 11 Park Pl, New York, NY 10007

Transitions, National Coalition for Free Men: 3-4/03: The 2002 Annual Report of the Men's Health Network. Every Man Deserves to be Heard. Father & Child Reunion. Traetise on Gravity. "About Schmidt" is Filled with Men's Issues. 3-4/02: Raising Boy's Emotional Intelligence. Toilet Seats Upset Feminist Men. 1-2/02: The Choices of Men. Are Men Entitled to Sexual Happiness? Are Women Worth Sleeping With? Do Women Conspire to Withhold Sex from Men in Order to Get What They Want? The Perpetual Definace Charade. Collecting Items for Homeless Men. Solving Human Problems with Political Solutions has Eroded Civil Liberties. 11-12/01: Francis Baumli Gets Pedantic About Masculinism. Steven Svoboda Reports from Geneva on Male Circumcision and the U.N. NCFM Announces Award Winners for 2001!! Reflections on September 11th. 9-10/01: How You Envision Life After Divorce. What God Has Joined Together. What is Happening to Our Boys? 7-8/01: Rest in Peace Aunt Wilma. The PMS Blues. Wedding Bell Blues. Effacing the Male: Gender, misrepresentation and exclusion in the Kosovo War. Report Maine Conference on Domestic Violence Against Men. 5-6/01: NCFM Members File Lawsuit against Minnesota Battered Women's Act Alleging Sex Discrimination! The NCFM Chapter in New York Granted Provisional Status! Santee, Columbine...Why Boys are the Way They Are. Update on Hetherington Case. Women's Roles Key to Ending Harassment. Steve Cook Memorial. Gender, Misrepresentation and Exclusion in the Kosovo Way. Surviving Male Menopause. 3-4/01: In the end, Justice will prevail. The manipulators will get their just due! Gender, Misrepresentation, and Exclusion in the Kosovo War. Is a Nuclear Weapon Really Needed in a Domestic Argument? Think before you use 911 for a domestic violence call. Media on a Quest to Remove "Obstacles" to New Age Diversity. The Female Matriarchal Society. Men: Presumed Guilty. Physicians Fail to Fully Inform Patients. So, Who Really Needs Help?? Health Education Program AIDS in Reducing Circumcisions to 57% More Baby Boys are Keeping their Normal, Healthy Foreskins. 1-2/01: In Our Hurry to Help All Downtrodden Women, Let's Not Forget that Most Homeless People are Men. Some Notes on Healing Male Shame. What About Central Park. 2000 Annual Report - Men's Health America. Is There Any Shadow of Leadership in NCFM? 11-12/00: Women Demand Gender Equality NOW. Reproductive Rights-It's also a men's issue. The Hoax of Female Exclusion from Medical Research. The Portrayal of Men at UNH. Losing Faith. A Monograph on Feminism. Domestic Violence Knows No Gender. 9-10/00: Great Works are Performed, Not by Strength but by Perseverance. Russian Submarine Proves Need for Men's Health Act. NCFM Awards for the Year 2000. Choice for Men. 7-8/00: Falsehoods Perpetrated by the Sisterhood. 5-6/00: Happy Father's Day. Please Don't Forget this Man. The Liberal Media-In-Training. Sometimes Equality Wins. 3-4/00: Who says life has to be fair?  the Feminists??  Go to jail. Law Enforcement. 1-2/00: A Staircase in the Fog. A Story of Divorce & Sexual Harassment. Deadbeat Dad More Pitiable than Problematic. (6/w/$30 mem) National Coalition for Free Men, PO Box 58203, Minneapolis, MN 55485-2023 or

The Women's Freedom Network Newsletter. 1-2/03: If You're Going to be Raped, Let Me Give You a Condom. My Trip to Cuba. 11-12/02: What Happened in the 2002 Electoin?  Pundits, Polls & Projections. Trying Times for Immigrants and the Constitution. 7-8/02: Should We Revisit Title IX? A Woman's Choice: Letting Her Defend Herself. Combating Internatioinal Sex Trafficking in Females: Progress made, challenges still ahead. The Collapsing Nuclear Family: Inventing a crisis.(6/Contribution) Cathy Young, Editor, The Women's Freedom Network, 410 Massachusetts Ave, N.W. PMB #179, Washington, DC 20016

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A child becomes an adult when he realizes that he has a right not only to be right but also to be wrong. - Thomas Szasz


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