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Ability Magazine, (6), 2004: Deaf West Theater: Playing in Los Angeles. Community Entry Services & Connie Stevens. International Conference Accessible Technology: CSUN. Interview with Joely Fisher. Traumatic Brain Injury. Employment. ConnecTV. Dream Foundation. Emergency Prep. US Update. Stephen Grace. Healthy Recipes. Events/Conference. Humor Therapy.1001 W. 17th St., Dept F6, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 2004

Af-Milah, Second Thoughts on Brit-Milah, The Israeli NewsLetter against Circumcision, (In Hebrew), PO Box 207, Rosh-Pina 12000, Israel, (3/99)

Allergy & Asthma Network, 5/03: OSCs Celebrate a Decade of Success. New Peanut Allergy Treatment? Read All About It in Espanol. When Kosher Isn't Dairy-Free. Tackle That Dust. 3/03: Gearing Up for Spring Allergies. Can Heartburn cause Asthma Symptoms? Food Bites: Mealtime solutions. (12/free) Nancy Sander, Editor-in-Chief, Allergy & Asthma Network: Mothers of Asthmatics, 2751 Prosperity Ave, Suite 150, Fairfax, VA 22031

Allergy & Asthma Today, Mothers of Asthmatics. Spr/03: Pollen Hunters: From back roads to vaccines-the story behing your allergy shot extract. Puffs, Sprays, Powders & Mists, Oh My! Win/03: The Eyes Have It: Take the itch out of eye allergies. City vs. Country Asthma. Food Label Savvy. (12/Free) Nancy Sander, Editor in Chief, AAT, 2751 Prosperity Ave, Suite 150, Fairfax, VA 22031 or or

American Health Fitness for Men, 4-5/02: Sex Issue: 100 guaranteed sex secrets revealed! Sexpert advice you need to know! Dating for dummies. What women want under the sheets! Are you a stud (or a dud) in the sack? Bad Girl Brawl: The toughest chicks on TV battle it out (Why, ask ask? Why not.) Hey Guys! Flip over this mag Now! Cool Stuff for Guys. We Have Some Health & Fitness Too!Robert Kennedy, Publisher,

Business & Health: Keys to workforce productivity. Special Report Fall/00: Real men don't eat quiche (or go to doctors). Fear and loathing in the doc's office. The little gland that could. Identifying mechanisms that attract men. Erectile dysfunction. Dysfunctional visits to the doctor. Preventive health screenings. What will work? Who will pay? Copies are free. Lisa Lucas, Business & Health, PO Box 430, Montvale, NJ 07645-9805 or 800.432.4570.

Cancer Center Report, Sum 01: Chemistry and Cancer. Radiation Oncology Settles into New Cancer Center Home. Laboratory Findings. Clinic Notes. Cancer Fighter Focus - Prostate Cancer Program. Population Science. More Interest Access for Once-Secret Tobacco Papers. Fall/00: Gastrointestinal Cancer Program Reorganizes: Aims towards special NCI recognition. Volunteers Are Vital Contributors to War on Cancer. From the Clinic. From the Laboratory. A Patient Advocate Shows How to Make a Difference. Cancer Fighter Focus. Free. UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center, Communications Unit, UCSF Box 0128, San Francisco, CA 94143-0128

Cure, Cancer updates, research & education, Spr 03: Profiling Cancer:  Identifying patterns in genes unlocks one more piece of the cancer puzzle. Advanced Breast Cancer: New therapies mean longer, better life. Melanoma: Gearing up the body's natural defenses. Lymphedema: An underestimated complication gets new attention. End of Life: Planning for a good death. Combining Science & Humanity. Important Survey Inside: Tell us what you think! Also inside: A Physician Gives Tips for Communicating, Music Heals the Soul, Lessons from a Caregiver, The Latest in Breast Imaging, Law and Order's S. Epatha Merkeson Speaks Out about Lunch Cancer, and more! Win 02: Free to cancer patients, survivors and caregivers for a limited time. Otherwise, $20/4 issues. Cure, 3535 Worth St, Collins Tower Ste 185, Dallas, TX 75246-9930 or 800.210.CURE or Editor in Chief Vinay K. Jain or ree subscriptions at  

Diabetes Digest, an online version of the free patient-oriented magazine Diabetes Digest, distributed through pharmacies. It includes basic diabetes information for those just diagnosed.

Diabetes Forecast: The healthy living magazine of the American Diabetes Association for more than 50 years. It is the monthly magazine published by the American Diabetes Association. Articles cover diabetes research and treatment, as well as practical tips for day-to-day coping. Each full-color issue includes hints on eating well, beating stress, staying active, getting support, and finding great diabetes care. In addition to offering subscription information, this site gives users a free look at selected articles from current and past issues. 8/03:On the Job: Simple stategies for balancing work and diabetes. 5 Steps to Banish Leg Pain. No-Sweat Guide to Safe Exercise. Cut Your Drug Costs Now. What About Amputation. Constipation and Diabetes. Alcohol Update. Easy-Stir-Fry. Healthy Sleep. (12/free) Linda M. Siminerio, Diabetes Forecast, American Diabetes Association, 1701 N. Beauregard St, Alexandria, VA 22311. 800.806.7801

Diabetic Cooking offers great-tasting, nutritious recipes to help people with diabetes manage their daily meal plans. Quick recipes will satisfy everyone in the family, while there are plenty of b ooking tips, baking secrets, helpful shopping hints, complete lessons, and menu suggestions for the cooks. Each bi-monthly issue is also full of color how-to photos that make following the recipes easy.

Family Urology:  A publication of the American Foundation for Urologic Disease. Vol III, No 3: Hale Irwin Teams Up with A.F.U.D. for "Better Prostate Health." September is Prostate Health Month. Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men. Vol III, No 1: Survivor Story. Urology Profile on Michael Manyak. When the Doctor becomes the Patient. Health Tips for Older Adults. Introduction to Radical Prostatectomy. Vol VII, No. 2: Urologist Appointed Director of NCI. Incontinence in Children. Prostate Cancer Survivor Story. What's New in Pediatric Urology. Vol VII, No 1: Kidney Health Month March 2002. Proteinuria. DoD Center for Prostate Disease Research. Vol VI, No. 3: Testicular Cancer Related Effects on Male Fertility. The Adolescence of Prostate Brachytherapy. Update in Testing for and Treatment of Bladder Cancer. Vol VI, No 2: Pro Golfers Team Up to Get "On Course for Bladder Month". Peyronie's Disease: "What Is It and How Is It Treated?" Immediate versus Delayed Therapy for Prostate Cancer. Vol VI, No 1: Hematuria. Male Menopause: Androgen decline in the aging male. Before, During and After Your Radical Prostatectomy. Anrenergenic Regulation of Prostate Smooth Muscle. I Was Recently Diagnosed with Hinman's Syndrome. What is this and can it be treated? Vol V, No 3: Answers to Your Questions about Bladder Cancer. Drug Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Vol V, No. 1:  Surgery Versus Radiation for Early Stage of Prostate Cancer. LPGA Golfers Team Up to Educate the Public About Interstitial Cystitis - AFUD and ALZA sponsor "On Course for Better Health" campaign. Vol IV, No 4: From Russia With Love. Interstitial Cystitis: A condition much more common than previously thought. The Management of Common Urinary Problems in Children. Kidney Stones: What you need to know. Vol IV, Issues 1: New Approaches for Preserving Kidney Function, Spina Bifida. Vol III, Issue 4. Enlarged Prostate-what you need to know. Coping with Urologic Disease: A family affair. Internet access and the patient. (4/$17.50) Lesley Finney, Am Foundation for Urologic Disease, 1128 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201

Get Up & Go: Age Wave - the monthly newsmagazine for maturing adults, Editions: SF/Peninsula, Orange County, (12/$15-Newsstand), 42080 Osgood Rd, Ste 4, Fremont, CA 94539 8/99

Harvard Men's Health Watch.12/05 Exercise and Again: Can you walk away from Father Time? Cancer of the Penis. Ejaculation Frequency and Prostate Cancer. Chelation Therapy. ($32/year) Havard Health Publications, PO Box 9308, Big Sandy, TX 75755-9309

Healing: Providing pactical, clinical information to families and children's professionals. Spr/Sum 04: Can autism by conquered? An in-depth look at autistic spectrum disorders. International Adoption. Adolescent grambling. Helping teens kick the (smoking) habit. When "No" means "No." Identifying and combating emotional abuse in children and adolescents. Psychological clues to the teen school shooter. ($20 suggested/2/year) or or 800.25.PEACE x 8340

Health & Fitness for Men. Real answers for today's man. 10-11/01: Special Fashion Issue: Clothes she'll like you in. The New Way to Shed Fat Fast. Car Sex: Do's & Don'ts for Backseat Seduction. Your Way to be. Model Physique: Jolt your arms to new size today. How to get a hard body in 30 minutes. Tailoring workouts for your bodytype. Amy Fadhli: Hot exclusive!  Cool Guy Gear. 16 More Pages on Training, Sports and Sex. 7/01:  Summer Shape-Up: Now you can tune up big-time & faster than even! Survival Training with survivor Joel Klug. Seven Ways to Lengthen Your Life. Let's Talk about Sex: What guys need to know. How to Cheat Fastfood!  Mind Games: Your winning way. Sports: Football, boxing, hockey and wrestling.

Hepatitis is a bimonthly publicqaation dedicated to helping those who have been diagnosed with hepatitis to stay informed of current findings and the different viruses, treatments, and forms of prevention. The magazine's mission is to assist patients and their familites in taking control of their own health care by providing curret, comprehensive information all in one source.

Male Nurse Magazine, Jerry R Lucas RN, Publisher, 10510 south state hwy3, Deputy, IN 47230 or 812.352.1293 or or E-Mail

ManAlive: A journal of men's wellness. Sum/03: Fathers. I Didn't Ever Want to be a Father. Dad Never Had Much to Say. My Father: An admirable man with flaws. That Stubborn Old Man with the Goats. Healing the Hate. Rite of Passage. The Spirit of Ancestors: Fathers Coming in Strange Shapes. His Dad Shows Up: A half century late. Mission Possible. (4). Gary McFarland, Editor, Man Alive, PO Box 4732, Santa Fe, NM  87502

Man to Man News, Prostate Cancer News and Information from the American Cancer Society's Man to Man Program. Issue Two: All Prostate Cancer Therapies have Some Side Effects. Hereditary Prostate Cancer. Long-Term Look at Prostate Cancer Treatment Needed. Tomato Sauce Ingredient Benefits Men. Prostate Cancer Treatement's Side Effects Impact Men's Outlook. Survivor Story. Some Men with Prostate Cancer may be Able to Delay Treatment. Prostate Cancer Prevention Studies Underway. Make Prostate Cancer Treatment Choices Carefully. PC-SPEC taken off the Market. (4/free) Bruce Blank and Ted Gansler, Editorial Board. Man to Man, American Cancer Societry, 800.ACS.2345

Men's Fitness: when performance counts. For the active man who aims to live a healthy, active life. Features and departments in this monthly magazine focus on exercise, health issues, and nutrition, and provide readers with the knowledge to be their best and achieve more. R  Fit, active men, training, nutrition, gear, apparel, adventure sports. (351M/$27M). 10/01: Start Today: Boost Muscle & Strength: Hardgainer's 4-week plan. Easy Cardio: Walk three inches off your waist. Fit Nutrition: 10 superfoods you must eat. 12 Foods You Should Never Eat. Psych Up for Today's Workout. Retain Your Muscle Gain. Home Workout:  Get lean, toned and flexible - without wieghts. Sex Web Sites That Won't Get You Fired! 1/00: America's Fattest Cities: Do you live in the Blubber Belt?  Lose Fat for Good! 15 surefire strategies. Don't be a gym dropout: 10 ways to stick with it. 10 nutrients to boost your performance. Which health web sites can you trust? Fitness Program 2000. 10/99: 5000 Guys Sex Survey:  Plus Hollywood's 10 Hottest Women and Pamela Anderson Lee Opens Up:  Pam on men's butts, stolen videotapes, her own fantasies and more. 24 Ways To Customize Your Physique. Quick Abs:  Six-pack breakthrough. 12 Instant Nutrition Fixes. Latest Research:  Creatine's safety record. Warning!  6 dangerous foods. Hiking Challenge:  America's best rugged trails. 5/99: Strip Fat Fast!  5 moves for lean muscle. Stretch Your Supplement Dollar. Hospital hazards 20 survival tips. Fat loss in a bottle. Jerks:  How to beat 'em. Free Bonus Section:  Health, diet, sex tips. MTV's 'Loveline" crew Uncensored. 3/99:  Annual Sex Issues, More! Better! Total Sex! Full-body training with one exercise. Energy crisis?-8 food fixes. 39 things you should never do. Plus instant stress cardio your own doctor. Previously: Your guide to healthy living. Killer abs-get them now. Minerals for maximum performance. Big arms in 3 easy moves. Good news about bad diseases. Meals to knock her socks off. Run better without running. Joe Weider, Editor, Men's Fitness, 21100 Ervin St, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 or

Men's Health is a lifestyle magazine dedicated to showing men the practical and positive actions that make their lives better. (See MH18 for the teenage guy - OOP.) Articles and columns cover fitness, relationships, nutrition, careers, grooming, travel, and health issues. C H L R Showing affluent men, the practical and positive action that make their lives better, fitness, nutrition, travel, grooming. 1,624M/$91M). 5/03: Special Sectoin: 97 ways to pick up a woman. Stiff Competition: Woman vs. Man. Women Die of Prostate Cancer too. 8 Simple Rules for Good Nutrition. 15 Foods that Shrink Your Gut!  The Better Sex Workout: Get strong where it counts. Beat Stress, Boost Eneregy: Find out how. 33 Great Looks to Catch Her Eye. Build the Perfect V-Shaped Torso: in 25 minutes a week. 8/02: Special Weight-Loss Issue! Lose Your Gut! Complete belly-off program. The 15-minute Home Workout. Free Poster: Sculpt your abs in less than 28 days!  Muscle Shakes You Can Make. A Summer of Sex! Get ready for action. Build Great Biceps Fast! The new move that works wonders!  125 Best Foods for Men. Eat up. 4/02: Build the Perfect Body! 100 best workout tips of all time. Your Gut's a Goner! The comfort-food diet. Working Guy's Guide to Style. The One Sex Quiz You Must Take. Life-Saving Fitness Test! 41 Ways to Melt a Woman's Heart. Free Poster: Big chest, thin waist, essential exercises. 3/02: The Amazing Sex Issue! 6 no-fail seduction tricks. The female orgasm, exposed! Kim Cattrall's dirty little book. Gorilla dating tactics. Muscle Secrets: Build an incredible body in 15 minutes!  40 Unwritten Rules of Manhood. Instant Cold Cure. Strength Snacks. 17 Easy Steps to Perfect Health. Plus: Whiter Teeth Painlessly. Stop Snoring Now. Full-Body Muscle Builder. Is Your Dog Ruining Your Sex Life? George Foreman, Grilled and Workout Tips from Yogi, Moby, Regis and The Thin White Duke. 2/02: Special Get-Back-In-Shape Issue. The Amazing Sex Trick: More size! More sighs!  Gain Muscle. Lose Pounds. Free Poster! Hard-Body Insturction Manual. Ultimate Abs - with just 3 exercises. Exclusive! Dubya's Sober-Up Strategy: Will it work for you? 1,001 New Health Tips for 2002. Win! A free home workout set. 12/01: Einstein! Churchill! Homer Simpson! Amazing guys, amazing advice. Make Good Sex Great. Start tonight!  Free Workout Poster: Build new muscle. 55 High-Energy Superfoods. Full-Body Dumbbell Workout. Protect Your Family: 25 best ways. Plus: Weight Control: The red-hot chile pepper diet. Mind Control: Charm her pants off. Pain Control:  Banish backaches for good!  Birth Control:  The no-condom solution. 11/01 (Europe): What Will She Look Like in 10 Years?  Sneaky Test. Personal Weight-Loss Plan: Sent direct to your mobile Today!  BUild Muscles You Never Knew You Had. 2-Week Stress Cure. A Stronger Back in 7 Days. Sex Tricks from Porn Flicks.11/01: Boost Your Sex Appeal: 50 ways to do it, fast! Want Muscle? Eat this. Free Poster!  Get Strong: This guy's ultimate secrets. Strip Away Stress. Your Perfect Weight: Get there, stay there. Exclusive! Sex and Your City:  Lusty? or Limp? 10/01: Your New Body is Here! Gain muscle in just 15 minutes a day. 40 Things a Man Should Never Do. Sex So Hot: She'll speak in tongues. 60-Second Power Breakfasts. "Oops! The condom broke..." 24 Fast Fixers for Real-Life Disasters. 347 New Health, Fitness & Nutrition Tips! 9/01: 10 Amazing Sex Secrets (with pictures!) Hard Muscles Fast! Six new rules to sculpt your body. Sleep Better Tonight: With these easy tricks. 7 Drinks that Shrink Your Gut Plus: Add an inch to your chest. 19 instant age erasers. 33 things to buy right now. Free Poster! The cover-model workout. Guide to Style. 8/01: Summer Get-fit-fast issue. Push Her Lust Buttons! Lose Your Gut! The 5 best exercises. Special Bonus: Bigger Arms! A Stronger Chest! Amazing Abs! 55 secrets from top trainers. The Hard Muscle Diet: 289 new health nutrition and fitness tips! Be a Sex Object: Build the body she can't resist. 5/01: 60 Seconds to Great Sex: The secret trigger that drives her wild. Amazing Abs in Minutes! A Hard Body: In one hour a week. Free Nutrition Manual: 10 meals that melt fat fast. 32 Symptoms you Shouldn't Ignore. Free Poster! Ultimate chest workout! Plus: Quick fixes for bad backs. Great snacks that build muscle. 8 incredible tales of survival. Will she cheat? Gibe her this test! 4/01: Beat Fat for Good: And lose your gut forever! World's Greatest Sex Trick: Hurry to page 100. A Bigger Chest: In just one move. 8 Guy Foods You Need More Of. Look Your Best: In 10 minutes or less. Free Workout Poster: 12 instant muscle builders. Win! Free Sex for Life! Stress Gone in 60 Seconds. 3/01: Top Secret Sex Spots.: 34 erotic Adentures. Free Workout Poster: Muscle up in 3 weeks. 100 Ways to Look Great Fast. Power Foods that Burn Fat. Terror on p 118! Hunter S. Thompson gets mauled! Stephen King sees dead people! Plus: Bigger biceps in 90 seconds. Amaxzing Drugs for men. Energy Snacks - that help you think. Sneaky Bosses - get them fired. Free Bonus Section: Style guide Spring 2001. 2/01: Special Lose-Weight Issue. Get Back in Shape! See results in just 10 days. Rock Star Sex: More power! More rhythm! More squealing!  Foods That Fight Fat. Look Thinner - Instantly!  The Easy Way to Hard Abs. Read This or Die: 397 new health & fitness tips. Free Workout Poster. Sleep Longer, Sleep Better. Get Happy! Right Now! (We're not kidding). Stress Tips for Busy Execs. Herbal Viagra (Get It Now!) The Snack that Makes You Immortal. Last-Second Valentine Gifts. The Fat that Builds Muscle. Secrets of Clown Sex. Dress Her Cat Like a Dog. The Invisible Condom! 12/00: Sex School: Pull an all-nighter. Build This Body Exclusive: Our cover guys show you how. Instant Calm...Here's how. Nuke Your Gut: The TV dinner diet. 15-Minute Fat Burners. Testosterone: Top off your tank - naturally. No Flu for You!  2001 Home Gym Buyer's Guide. Win! A beer vacation! 9/00: Fat to Flat: Drop 20 lbs the easy way. Sex Olympics: Play along at home!  Simplify Your Workout. The Perfect Muscle Drink. 138 things a man should never apologize for. The Best & Worst Colleges for Men. Bonus Booklet:  Arms! Like Anacondas (that just ate a pig). A cheater back cover that encourages buying two copies of the same issue without realizing it. (See icon above in August). Men's Health Guide to Style. Clothes So Great: She'll rip them off your back. Free Poster: 20 Style Tips: Every guy should know. Women Rate Your Underwear. Don't Look Like an Idiot: How to dress in any situation. 8/00:  The Ultimate Test. Free Muscle Poster:  Get Your Body Back: The best exercises of all time. Bonus Booklet:  Sex So Good the neighbors will complain. Build Abs that Show. The Secret Energy Food. Win Your Weight in Beer!  Still Fat? (We'll fix that!) Bench 20 lbs. More. 6/00: How Do You Rate? Sex, money, muscle - our annual state-of-man report. The Secret Fat-Burner. The Smell She Can't Resist. Read Her Filthy Mind. The Perfect Workout. Start today!  Weight-loss Poster: Flat belly foods. This Herb Will Save Your Hair. 8 Exercises We Dare You to Try. Never Have A Heart Attack. Booze that Heals. 5/00: Want Sex?  Do this!  Lose Your Gut: As you sleep!  We're not kidding. Free Pullout: No-Weight Workout. Eat This Get Strong. 23 Muscle Builders. When Will You Die. 4/00: Special: Our 100th Issue. Get Hard: The whole-body plan. Get Sex: Read her lust signals. Get Abs: The 20-minute workout. From Our Lab: 8 new superfoods. Why Beautiful Women Make You Stupid. Free Muscle-Building Booklet. 1-2/00: 2 Steps to a Flat Stomach. How old is 45?  Drop 12 pounds!  Hard Muscle: Your start-up plan. Is Your Marriage Doomed?  Take this test. Free Poster: A year of workouts. 12/99: Build Muscle at Home: 6 best workouts. The final word on:  High Protein Diets. The Wild Man's Health Plan. Inches off Your Belly. Immunity-Boosting Foods. 11/99: The Male Brain Explained. Build a Hard Body:  In 15 minutes a day. Add 10 Years to Your Life. Hidden Stress Signals. Ultimate Abs. 10/99: Special Weight-Loss Issue:  Lose 10 lbs. and more!  Drop it now, keep it off forever. One Shot Makes You Younger. More Muscle Less Sweat. Turn Fat into Energy. 55 Health Tips You Can't Live Without. 9/99: The Body You Want: In the time you have. New Cures for Back Pain. 52 Easy Ways to Cut Fat. Instant Calm. Which Stooge are You? 7/99: Turn Fat into Muscle:  See it in 9 days!  Live Longer:  The 6-step plan. Drink This, Get Healthy. Hard Abs:  The easy way. Relax Now! Build a Strong Back:  One simple move. 6/99: Max Muscle by June 21. Stop Forgetting Stuff!  Burn Fat Faster. We Test Baldness Cures. Build Beach Arms. Get Naked, Save Your Life. Win Free Steaks for a Year. 5/99: Win Gym Membership for Life. 30 Instant Health Fixes. Lose 10 lbs of Fat! Muscle-up Your Chest. The Only Two Vitamins you Need. Your Mom:  A survival guide. The Beer Lover's Workout. 4/99: Naked Muscle: Pack it on in 3 weeks. Sex: The next level. Free Poster: Build a Better Diet. Lose Your Love Handles. Best & Worst Herbal Remedies. 23 Ways to Feel Great All Day. Hard-Body Handbook: Chapter 1. 3/99: Bullet-Proof Your Heart. Hard Body Basics: The plan. Beat Fatigue for Good. 14 Pounds-gone. This Pill Makes You Smarter. 200 Ways to Look Better. 2/99, Special weight-loss issue: Get back in shape-30 day guarantee. 7 smokin sex secrets. Lose your gut. The new anti-stress diet. Best home remedies for men. 12/98. Muscle Made Easy - 7 simple steps. Sex So Good - she'll tell her friends. Body-Building Foods. De-Stress at Your Desk. Test Your Health. The 37 Worst Things to Put in Your Mouth. Build Arms Like This Guy's. Michael Lafavore, Editor, Rodale Press, Inc., 33 E Minor St, Emmaus, PA 18098 or

MH-18: Men's Health: Fitness, Sports, Girls, Gear, Life. (OOP) Tons of useful stuff for teenage guys. WARNING Shady Marketing Tool.  Rodale Press, publishers of MH-18, may print different covers for the same issue which may include different teasers on cover articles, so the cover we show here may not be what you see on the newsstand. Be very careful to note what issue you are looking for, i.e., Fall, 2001, etc. Win/01: Gift Guide: 32 cool things you'll want now!  Xbox vs. Gamecube. Build Monster Biceps: Free training booklet inside. Talk to Any Girl. Why We Love Cheerleaders. Marine Corps Workout. Nelly Flexes Hip-Hop Muscle. Eat Junk, Lose Fat. X-Games X-Clusive. Fall/01: Rage: Why Are We So Mad? Turn Fat Into Muscle. Bench 20% More. 10 Ways to Win Her Over. 20 Must-Have CDs. Blink-182 Rocks Hard. Sick Tricks for BMX. Build a Huge chest Free Workout Booklet. Win $10,000 for College. It's Your Skin: Piercing pointers. 42 Drills: Be the best: Football, soccer, b-ball, wrestling and more. Sum/01: Snag 6-pack abs. * win a $5000 gaming system. More Girls that You Deserve. Build Muscle in 4 Weeks. Summer Special: The best jobs. Awesome road trips. Score a beach goddess. Cool sports camps. Certified Fit: Champion surfer Tommy O'Brien + Friend Hillary. Sum/01: Summer Starts Here. Tough Enough? 9 tests of strength. Snag a Beach Goddess. Amazing Abs. Make Your Car Kick Butt. Max Muscle in 4 Weeks. 1-2/01:  Build Big Biceps. Will She Date You? 5 ways to know. H.S. Basketball Tips. Jump Higher, Score More. X Games Girls. Free Cash for College. Sick Winter: Sports your mom will hate. Jeff Csatari, Editor, Rodale Inc, 33 E Minor St., Emmaus, PA 18098 (not accessible) 610.967.5171 MORE ON SHADY MARKETING

Men's Health Watch, Harvard. 7/02: Diabetes: Preventing Complications that Kill: Understanding Blood Sugar. Shoulder Pain: Nothing to shrug at. Nighttime Urination. 6/02: Lest We Forget II: Alzheimer's Disease. Male Infertility. Prostate Cancer: Three Research Advances. 5/02: Lest We Forget 1: Remembering and forgetting. Sex and the Heart: New guidelines for men. PSA: Friend or foe? On call. 4/02: Should You Have a Stress Test Before You Exercise? Bladder Cancer. Knocked Cold: A Concussion Discussion. (12/$24) Miniscule for the Money. Eight pages, two-color. Harvey B. Simon, Editor, 10 Shattuck St, 6th Floor, Boston, MA 02115 or or 800.829.3341

The Moyad Health Journal: Realistic, practical and honest health and nutritional information (no more and no less),(4/$25) Sum/00: Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Fish & Shellfish Everywhere. Realistic Recipes. BVlood Pressure in America. Watercress - A Power Food. Latest Reseaerch on Nutrition & Supplements. Prescription Drug Update. Moyad Health Journal, PO Box 1007, Ann Arbor, MI 48106 or 734.769.1004 x 1626 (#)

Nerve: Think about sex. 3-4/01: Sex and Fashion: Getting it on, taking it off. Skin-tight. Low-cut. Thigh-high. See-through. Peekaboo. Hip-hugging. Half-off. Double-breasted. Low-slung. Buttoned-down. Laced-up. 52 pages of barely-there fashion. Sex Without Condoms: A confession. The Hottest Circus on Earth. 12/00-01/01: Plastic Surgery Down There. Sex with the New Rich too Big? The People, Places and Things That Get us Hot and/or Bothered: Twisted sex from the land of oz. Mormon Love-Ins. Oprah's Latex Bind, Buffy's Orgasmic Subtext. Plus: Strippers, Streakers and Surprising Sex Symbols-from Putin to Potter. #64. The Hottest Unconsummated Affair on TV: Lauren Velez and Dean Winters Burn It Up on Oz. (6/$25) Nerve Magazine, 520 Broadway, New York, NY 10012.

New Choices, Living Even Better After 50. Published 8 times a year. Is written for men who have made a lifetime commitment to holiness, reconciliation and discipleship. It covers every aspect of a man's life from spiritual and physical to emotional and social. Such topics as career, children, church, relatinoships, and bible study are detailed in this magazine.

New Mobility Magazine, 23815 Stuart Ranch Rd, Malibu, CA 90265-8987. 800.338.5412 or

NOCIRC, National Organization of Circumcision Information Resource Centers. (donation) Spr 01: Genital Integrity Awareness Week Launched. Medicaid Report Exposes Wasteful Spending. 18-Year-Old Files Lawsuit Against His Circumciser. Dad Protects Son in New Jersey Lawsuit. Spr 00: U.S. Circumcision Rate Falling. UN Grants NOCIRC Roster Status. First Baby of the New Millennium (uncircumcised). $10 Million Circumcision Lawsuit Settled. Botched Circumcision Leads to Aus $360,000 Settlement. Box 2512, San Anselmo, CA 94979

Prevention: America's # 1 choice for healthy living. 9/01: Our Breakthrough Program! Do Just One Thing and beat the Top 10 Health Threats. Feel better now! Stop Diabetes! Drop Stubborn Pounds! Recharge Your Diet! Clobber Cholesterol! Slash Cancer Risk! Beat Arthritis Pain! Double Your Weight Loss with this easy trick.(12) Robert Rodale, Editor-in-Chief, PO Box 7319, Red Oak, IA 51591

The Prevention Researcher, (4/$20), 66 Club Rd, Ste 370, Eugene, OR 97401 (Spring, 99)

Probe: A quarterly newsletter of the Prostate Awareness Foundation for Prostate Cancer Patients. (4/Free w/Membership) Win/00: Sex & Prostate Cancer/. News from the Mainstream. Alternative Medicine Corner. Some Suggestions When Seeing a Doctor. Probe, 2166 12th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116 or 415.675.5661

Prostate Self Help for Prostate Cancer Patients. Basically the same four-pager as Probe (4/Free w/Membership) Summer/00: Sex, Lies & Incontinence, Here are Some General Points for Dealing with Incontinence, and some that Relate Specifially to Having Sex. Prostate Self Help, 2166 12th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94116 or 415.675.5661

Self Helper - many states have local organization/publication. See

@ Senior Magazine, (12/free) 3565 S Higuera St, San Luis Obispo, C A 93401 (11/99)

Sex Life. #5: Don't have sex in the dark. Erotic Talk:  Flirting & Talking Dirty. Sex Product Rip-offs. Monogamy or Not to Be. Infertility. Get What You Really Want in Bed. Ann Arbor:  Look before you leap. Guy Talk:  Friendship & the hot babe. S&M:  Satisfy your curiosity. Female Sexual Anatomy:  News about her pleasure center. (6/$28-newsstand), Evan Elaine Quon, Editorial Development, Zygote, Inc., 530 Showers Dr, #7-315, Mountain View, CA 94040

Testosterone, Muscle with Attitude. No. 7: Regulate Myostatin...And take the brakes off muscle growth!  Pop 'Em Out Muscles: See stubborn body parts grow!  How to Cheat on Your Diet and Win! Expose: Dirty tricks supplement companies play on you. 5 Ways to Un-Stick Your Bench Press. The Pro-Steroid Roundtable. PO Box 60310, Colorado Springs, CO 80960-0310 800.530.1940.

The Voice of the Diabetic. This quarterly magazine published by the Diabetes Division of the National Federation of the Blind covers all aspects of eye complications caused by diabetes. The magazine emphasizes tight control, diet, and personal independence despite eye problems. The site features current and back issues

We Magazine is the lifestyle magazine for disabled individuals, their families, and their friends. Readers will enjoy news updates, profiles of leading advocates, book and movie reviews and coverage of issues in education, breakthroughts in science and medicine, and work.

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The first wealth is health. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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