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Black Child, The African American Parenting 'zine, (6/$14-newstand), Fall, 98. Interrace Publications, 2870 Peachtree Rd, Ste 264, Atlanta, GA 30305

Black Men: For strong, positive, caring brothers. 8/02: What She Wants! What She Needs! The Sex Issue! 100 women speak! 5 Tips on Staying Potent: Give her the sex of her dreams!  Take Home a 6-Pack: The abs you want now!  Set Her Free! 106th & Park's sexy host cuts loose! 4/02: Discover the Naked Truth about Kelis! Take Her Over the Top! Women's orgasms. What every man should know!  Real Sex: Real women speak. What we want in bed! Swimsuits 2002: Hot bodies in teeny-weeny bikinis! Who's on First? Baseball overview 2002! 3/02: Who's on First? Baseball overview 2002!  Discover The Naked Truth about Kelis! Take her Over the Top! Women's orgasms. What every man should know. Real Sex: Real women spea - What We Want in Bed!  Swimsuits 2002: Hot bodies in teeny-weeny bikinis! 2/02: Lust vs. Love: Why can't a woman be more like a man?...or can she? Do It Like a Sex Machine: The 10 best postions to take her over the top!  Meet the Hottest & Sexiest Stars of 2002: First up City High's Claudette Ortiz. Baby's Got Back: and beauty and brains!  Forget Quick Fixes: The key to total fitness. 12/01: Free 2002 Calendar. Leader of the Pack! Lisaraye, voted the year's sexiest woman and 9 other hot sistas!  Make Her Want You! 10 things you could do better in bed!  Wanna see more? Pull here. 10/01: 5th Anniversary Issue! TV's Sexiest Lawyer Soul Food's Nicole Parker Holds Court! How Women Really Feel: Do nice guys finish last?  Good Sex, Good Food! Satisfy her hunger!  The Magic Issue! The hottest urban gear designers for men! 8/01: How to Buy Lingerie for Your Baby!  Inside Her Mind: Women confess what they like most about sexy movies!  All Woman...Jannet: She's hotter than July! 5/01: The Tenision Twins: Back by popular demand. Women of Summer Issue: Our hottest. Get Touch! Mind power! Get in the game of life! What Women Want Even More than Great Sex! 4/01: Ooh, Baby Baby...The 5th Annual Swimsuit Issue! The Sexy Women of Destiny's Child: A Black Men exclusive. Wanna see more? Short on Time? 4 quick-fast moves to build your biceps! Sure Shots! Baseball Preview 2001. The teams and players too watch. Why women Fake It? Was It As Good for Her as it was for You? 2/01: She's Got It! Meet Tamala Jones. One of the Sexy New Faces of 2001! Plus The Women of the Unforgettable Calendar! Get in Too Deep. What makes Sex Good for Her?  What Not to Say! Want Massive Legs? Learn How to Squat. Intense Training Gives You the Power! The NCAA Overview 2001. College Ball Contenders & Pretenders! 7/00: Throwing you Cruves! Tyra & more of summer's sexiest women!  Listen Up!  Real women talk real turn-ons!  Cops Who Care: Saving our sons. Get Fit Now! Train like a pro!  3/00: Avonte's Back! In our 4th annual swimsuit issue! Dive right in. Inside Cherry Lee! Adult film's hottest star. Push It! New York Giant Jesse Armstead's power training. Pump Up Her Pleasure! The sex & fitness link!  Go longer, be stronger for her...for you! We make the touch calls: Baseball preview 2000. Not the first publication to explore "The N Word", but it's another perspective. Code was first. 9/99: 16 Page Bonus All About Women! Inside Tyra:  Her most soul-baring intrview plus... Eye Candy for the Soul. Summer's Most Blazing Beauties!  Last Longer!  Tantric sex techniques to try on her. Sexual Harassment in the Workplace:  Is there a double standard? See Our Hot Wheels Review for Cool Brothas!  Play Hard!  Our essential guide to summer survival! 3/99: Think Sexy!  The 3rd Annual Swimsuit Issue!  Sexy Bronze Beautires to Die For!  Fuel Up!  Power foods for sexual staying power. Make Your Own Breaks!  Getting beyond "the man". Baseball's Major League Sluggers - who to watch in '99! 1/99. How you voted. The top 10 Sexiest Women of the Year. Hold on-Athletes make better lovers? & other dangerous sex myths. The truth What Women Want - read this one for her. Here they come - women of the 1999 unforgettable calendar! (12 - Newsstand) Kate Ferguson, Managing Editor, Starline Publications Inc, 40 Violet Ave, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Called to be Human:  A quarterly publication of Diversity as Gift. Spr, 00: Ending Hate. The Theory of Listening, Partnership for Healing. (4/$10-25 sliding scale), 1314 NW Irving, #512, Portland, OR 97209

Ebony. 7/01: Annual Black Health and Fitness Section. The Rock Talks About Race, Wrestling and Women. Super Single Sisters from Coast to Coast. Jill Scott: The story behind music's new star. The Al Sharpton Nobody Knows. www.ebony.com

EM: Ebony Man. Is chivalry still appreciated? Fashion: earth tones and EM's spring collection. Why are women unpredictable? Hair loss and restoration. Quiz: How well do you know black history. Evander Holyfield's 10 tips for total fitness. Willie Wofford, Jr., Editor, Johnson Publishing Co., 820 South Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605

Hope, Stories on making the world a better place and finding you place within it. Emphasizes the difference people can make in one another's lives.. Bimonthly.

House of Roses: Universal Entertainment for Men. Fashion, Sex, Brew, Funnies, Music, Fitness, Toys, Money & Rising Roses. (12) 12/01-1/02: Premiere Issue: Tamala Jones Heats Up the House. 50 Reasons:  Why your woman is not the ultimate girlfriend. Professor Tom Keykis:  Lessons on scoring. Smack Down Moves: For all occasions. Toughest Guys in History. Girlfriend Golden Brooks. Tough Jobs: Are you man enough?  & Holiday Must-Haves. Singing Svala. Tuff Guy: Gene La Belle. www.houseofroses.com

Interrace. For and about interracial couples, families and multiracial people. No 44:  What you may not know about interracial marriages:  Family reactions, positive reactions, children of black-white couples, children's racial identity, developing a positive identity. No 43: 9th Anniversary - # 15 issue featured It's not just black and white. Who are the others?  Of many colors. Miss Universe 1997, Brook Lee. Forbidden love?  A Christian perspective on interracial marriage. Candy Mills, Editor, Interrace Publications, PO Box 17479, Beverly Hills, CA 90209 http://members.aol.com/intrace/index.html or intrace@aol.com

Mia For Latinos & the People Who Love Them. (Fall 98-newstand) List of the 10 Best Cities to have an Interracial Relationship in:  1. Seattle, 2. Minneapolis/St. Paul, 3. San Francisco, 4. Phoenix, 5. New York, 6. Denver, (7 wasn't listed), 8. San Diego, 9. Portland, and 10. Los Angeles. The Worst:  1. Birmingham, 2. Detroit, 3. Cleveland, 4. Dallas, 5. Cincinnati, 6. St. Louis, 7. Boston, 8. Philadelphia, 9. Atlanta, 10. New Orleans. (4/$9), 165 W 29th St, 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10001

Mondo Uomo, English edition, (6-newsstand at $12.95@) (6-7/98) Italy - Viale Sarca, 235, 20126 Milan

MultiCultural Review, dedicated to a better understanding of ethnic, racial and religious diversity. (win 04), Neruda in English: Establishing His Residence in the U.S., Poetry, Virginia Woolf in Turkey: An Interview with Dr. Ali Gunes, Romanian Jews in the Holocaust, Boosks in Spanish for Children and Adolescents, The Native Forum and Byond at the Sundance Film Festival. (Quarterly/$29.95). Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Editor-in-Chief, mcreview@aol.com, The Goldman Group, Inc., 14497 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Ste 205, Tampa, FL 99618

Next Step: The International Diversity Guide. Is diversity destined to fail? New Jersey's multicultural mission. Gays in corporate America. Mentoring. Investment opportunities in Ghana. Keith Ellison, Next Step Enterprises, Inc., PO Box 38584, Philadelphia, PA 19104 http://www.magamall.com/magazine/89869/Next_Step.htm or normbond@nextstepmag.com or kellison@nextstepmag.com

Oye: For the modern Latino man, Premiere: David Fumero: Smoking up the small screen. Paul Rodriguez; Comedy's Terminator. Foreplay 2000. Fashion: Silver & Spice. La Virgen y La Sangre. Culture Clash; Drive by Artists. Plus: Godzillatino: Does size really matter?  Larry Flynt's Skin Game. Get Washboard Abs Now!  The New Latino in Ralph Lauren's Underwear. (12/$$9/95) 6380 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 1113, Los Angeles, CA 90048 www.oyemag.com (Premiere Issue)

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There never were, in the world, two opinions alike, no more than two hairs, or two grains, the most universal quality is diversity. - Michel de Montaigne


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