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Legend:  A-Atheletics, B-beauty/Cosmetics, C-Career/Business/Finances, D-Drink, E-Entertainment, F-Fashion/Style, H-Health/Fitness, I-Image/Self-Improvement, J-Journalism-Investigative, L-Leisure/Lifestyle, M-Music/Movies/Media, P-Politics, R-Relationship, S-Sex, T-Technology. (circ/cost of a 4 color page of advertising) The "@" at the front means that the publication is primarily local in nature. The date at the end denotes the most recent issue we've received.

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Achilles Heel Magazine, a forum for discussion of men and masculinity and a reflection of the diverse and developing ways in which men are experiencing themselves today. 3/99: Fatherhood:  Bringing father back home. Young dads two. My couvade. Fatherhood: Your turn now. Men united. Families need fathers. Screaming men. A farewell to passing. Why can't I be gay? Sum/Aut 97: Men & Power: Re-thinking Men's Power, Sharing Power, Nine types of Power, Foucault. Realms of Power. Anti-sexist work. London's Men's Centre. Dancing in the Dark. (4/10lbs) 4 West Park Villas, Horrabridge, Devon, PL20 7TY, United Kingdom or

Brother: The Journal of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, Spr/02: Gay Pride Rockland. Violence and Gender. It's About You, Man. Sniper Sport. Jack Straton's Ending Men's Violence Citebase. It Makes Me Sad. Second Class Action. The Whys of Gay Parenting. DOMA: The Defense of Marriage Alphabet. Largest-Ever Study of Black GLBT People. Aut/01: Together we can change the world. Part Time Father. Gloucester Men Take on Fight Against Domestic Abuse. Animal Abuse and Family Violence. Coming Out - A Singular View. Web Repository for Personal Experiences with the "Isms" Vol 20, #2: Blackfatheritis. The Grateful Dad plays M&M 19: My Experience with the National Fatherhood Initiative. Posthumous Role Model. What Does a Son Need from His Dad? Building a Feelings Vocabulary - For Kids and Parents. Gay Pioneers. Just a Few Days Ago, I was Attacked... Gay Pride - The Straight View. Vol 19, # 2a: Manhood and Violence: The deadliest equation. Columbine and Male Entitlement. Roles of Men with Feminism and Feminist Theory. Anti-Semitism and Heterosexism: Common constructs of oppression. The Developmental Experience of the Gay/Lesbian Youth. Response to the Christian Men's Movement: The Promise Keepers. Spr/01: Re-Visioning. Feminist Reflectoins: Who me?  Reflections of an Evolving Pro-Feminist Man. Learning Lessons. The Worth of Your Labor. President's Day Donations "In Honor of George W. Bush"  Poured in to Planned Parenthood. National Institute of Justice Study on Sexual Victimization of College Women. Mockery of Katherine Harris Shows Double Standard. Win/00: Manhood and Violence: The deadliest equation, Columbine and Male Entitlement, Roles of Men with Feminism and Feminist Theory, Anti-Semitism and Heterosexism: Common constructs of oppression. The Developmental Experience of the Gay/Lesbian Youth. Response to the Christian Men's Movement. Survivor without a Tattoo - Poetry.8/00: Special Silver Anniversary Edition: Presenting abstrcts from the 12th Men's Studies Assocation Meeting. (free w/$50 mem) PO Box 455, Louisville, CO 80027-0455 or

The Coalition Chronicle: A publication of the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence. Spr/03: Ending Violence Against Women and Dismantling Racism. Statewide Teen Dating Violence Public Awarenses and Prevention Project. Celebrate the Moms and Dads in Your Life with Coalition Cards. Spr02: Breaking the Silence: Testing for rape drugs-why it wasn't happening. The Clothesline Project. Fall 01: The View from the Capital Dome. An Update on the Greenbook Project. Sprint, Motorola answer the "Call to Protect."  Domestic Violence in the Workplace. Spr/01: Coalition to present Susan Poulin and Gordon Carlisle in "Spousal Deafness". From Restraining Orders to Retraining Orders: The Educational Role of Batterers Intervention. Celebrate the Moms and Dads in Your Life with Coalition Cards. Sexual Assault Laws Top Legislative Priority List. Looking Back on the Year 2000 and Ahead to Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. Men Against Violence. Fall/00: Collusion vs Confrontation: Avoiding pitfalls in batterers intervention. Coalition Issues Fared Well in the 1999-2017 Legislative Sessions. New Study on Intimate Partner Violence. Enhanced Advocacy: A conference on empowering ourselves and others.(4/free) PO Box 353, Concord, NH 03302

The Journal of Men's Studies: A scholarly journal about men and masculinities. (3/$35) Box 32, Harriman, TN 37748 Beginning with Volume 8, the Journal goes online. Order your password via their secure ordering link at the site. ($20 US per issue).

Men's Studies News. Newsletter of the American Men's Studies Association, Fall/00-Win/01: Conference Brochure.Sum 00: Join us in New Mexico! Editorial Office, 43 Gina Meadows, East Amherst, NY 14051

@Men Talk: Twin Cities Men's Center News, articles, poetry, schedules of events. 6-7/03: Twin Cities Pride Festival - 32 Yers of Notable Changes. 4-5/03: Adventures in Fathering. Memories of a Younger Brother. Strength in Resiliency. 6-7/02: When a Mom is a Dad: Overcoming bias against male nurturing. 4-5/02: Empathy for Young Males. Taking the Steps to Stop the Abuse. 2-3/02: Father-Son Fury: One dad's story. Food: Long-lasting treatment for depression. 12/01-1/02: Making a Choice. Here and There. 10-11/01: The Birth of a Man-Child. 8-9/01: October's Men's Health and Well-Being Symposium. Andropause: Male Mid-Life Passage. 6-7/01: Intimacy Between Men. Forgiving Our Fathers. Facts About Fathers. Giving Back: Creating Gay Community. 4-5/01: The Role of Pain in Parenting. 2-3/01: The Yen for Yin. Boys to Men: A new mentoring program for youth. Circumcision: Doctors liable for assault. 12/00-01/01: What Gift Can I Give?  10-11/00: Men Have Buddies, But No Real Friends. Can You be a Big Brother? 8-9/00: Men and Violence: Who are the victims? The Apology. Memories of Father's Day June 18, 2000. Understand and/or Accept. Is It Possible to Live in Peace? 6-7/00: Why Are Fathers so Special? Taking the Steps to Stop the Abuse. Six Quarters for a Life. Same Dad, Different Day. Surviving Fatherhood. 4-5/00: A Walk with Mom. 2-3/00: The Last Fishing Trip. 3249 Hennepin Ave South Ste 55, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Voice Male, Suppporting Men, Challenging Violence. (formerly Valley Men's Nwsltr) Covers a wide variety of subjects, including pro-feminist male issues. Sum/03: Beneath the Armor: Discovering Boys' Secret Hearts. White Men Challenging Racism. Welcoming Home the Troops. Sen. Santorum's "Family Values." Why Ending Violence Against Women in Men's Work. The Fragile State of Men's Health. Sum/02: Are There Fight Clubs in Men's Future? Dear Mon & Dad, I'm Gay. Mother Envy. Gender Roles on the Dance Floor. An Infertile Father's Abundant Life. Secrets, Lies and the Closet. Spr/02: Reaching Up for Manhood. Men and the Fear of Hugging. Beyond Soundbite Thinking. Letter to an Absent Father. Confronting White Racism. Win/02: God Bless Us All. Michael Kimmel, Robin Morgan and Rob Okun: Gender, Violence and September 11th. Rouge Males in the Middle East. Stress Resilience for Hard Times. Fall/01: Men in an Age of Innocence: Photos of 19th century male friendsihps. Dear Friends: American photographs of men together 1840-1918. Four to Receive Challenge & Change Awards November 1st. A Hometown Challenge to Racism. Beyond the Isolation of Men. A Feminist Wife Embraces Men's Work. Gay & Queer: What's in a name? Sum 01: Mentoring Our Boys. Father Loss. Becoming Green Men. RadioActive Youth. On Being a Gay Father. When Your Partner has Breast Cancer. Spr/01: Can Men Have Friends? Men, Sports & Violence. Coming Out: Not for gay men only. Men of Color Column. Teen Fathers Who Care. Domestic Violence in Siberia. Porn's Manipulation of Men. Win/01: Whose Masculinity Is It, Anyway?  Am I Gay, or...? Porn, Power and Privacy. Men's Work in Mexico. Rites of Passage in Nevada. New: Voices of Youth Column. Tears of a Black Father. Men's Health at a Crossroads. Fall/00: Raising Boys' Emotional Intelligence. On Having a Gay Father. "Men's Rights" or What's Right for Men?  Juan Carlos Arean: Beyond "Cultural Competence". Canadian Men: Training for Change. Sum/00: The New Knights: Men's work in Great Britain. Boy's Rites of Passage. Coming Out on the Football Field. Why Do You Hate Me?  And a Baby Shall Lead Them. Spr/00: Hamlet and the Ghosts of Our Fathers. On Men as Leaders, Malcolm X. What's So Funny About Anti-Male Humor?  Co-Parents as Co-Pilots. Men and White Ribbons. Beyond Blinders: Battering, Isolation and Community. Introducing Out Lines: A new column on Queer issues. Win 00: Wilt Chamberlain: Male role model? In search of a new boyhood. Why rape is a men's issue. A father remembers Matthew Shepard. Challening the Masculine Culture of Violence. Fall 1999: Challenge and Change:  Michael Greenebaum & Wally Nelson, MRC 1999 Award Winners. On Growing Younger. Healthy Aging. Peter Coyote on Making Peace with His Father. Why Do We Need Gender Education, Anyway?  Men Overcoming Violence in Japan. Summer, 1999: Love Makes a Family. School Boys and the Killing Fields. What We Can Do to Aovid Another Littleton. Portraits of Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Families. Becoming a Man:  The Big Impossible?  Men as Survivors:  A Silent Majority. Spring, 1999: Local Heroes:  Gavin Harrison & Sokhen Mao. Fathers After Divorce:  A precious resource. Y2K and the Denial of Privilege. 50 Health Ideas for Men. In the Lap of the Buddha. Poetry by Martin Espada. Out of Body, Out of Mind. Winter, 98/99, Father Hunger. Yoko Kato: Working to end "silent violence". What's a nice feminist like me doing in a place like this?  Elitism in the men's movement. Bisexuality reexamined. A recovering batterer speaks. Is there really male menopause? (4/Free w/$25 mem), Men's Resource Ctr, 236 N Pleasant St, Amherst, MA 01002 413.253.9887 or

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One of the things about equality is not just that you be treated equally to a man, but that you treat yourself equally to the way you treat a man. - Marlo Thomas


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