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Center Highlights, Fall/01: Mercy Spirituality and Conference Center, 2300 Adeline Dr, Burlingame, CA 94010 650.340.7474

Guideposts is an inspirational monthly magazine that nurtures the personal growth of the readers, helping them find peace of mind, solve tough personal problems, and build satisfying relationships with family, friends and co-workers. "A guide to practical living" is an interfaith magazine written by people from all walks of life who have developed personal strength and positive attitudes through their faith in God.

Journal of Men, Masculinities and Spirituality (JMMS) is a new online, scholarly, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal. JMMS seeks to be as inclusive as possible in its area of enquiry. Papers address the full spectrum of masculinities and sexualities, particularly those which are seldom heard. Similarly, JMMS addresses not only monotheistic religions and spiritualities but also Eastern, indigenous, new religious movements and other spiritualities which resist categorization. JMMS papers address historical and contemporary phenomena as well as speculative essays about future spiritualities. E-Mail.

Male Call, Newsletter of the Unitarian Universalist Men's Network, 4-5/00: The Hug. A Baby in God's Opinion That Life Should Go On! Planning Your First Men's Retreat. Our Work is Renewal. 4190 Front St, San Diego, CA 92103 800.227.6670 or or

New Man, The official magazine of the Promise Keepers — published eight times a year — is written for men who have made a lifetime commitment to holiness, reconciliation, and discipleship. It covers every aspect of a man's life — from spiritual and physical to emotional and social. Such topics as career, children, church, relationships, and bible study are detailed in this magazine. 1-2/99:  4 marks of a Real Man. Romance for Dummies. Why Racism Doesn't Matter. Success to the Max-John Maxwell wants to make you a dynamic leader. Millennium Madness-Will 1-1-2000 really be doomsday?  Ready for a career switch? How to take a smart leap, PO Box 420632, Palm Coast, FL 32142 Still publishing as of 6/03.

  White Crane, A Journal exploring gay men's spirituality, (4/$14) Spr/03: Pilgrimage. Sum/02: Altered States. Consciousness & Hallucinogens: The re-unification of the sacred and the natural. Intimations: Mystical experience as altered states. Every Breath You Take. Give Me Fever: Disease as vision. Sex Changes. Ecstatic Dance. Spr/02: Pleasure: A philosophical perspective. Bearsex and Bear Community. The Trouble with Angels. Pleasure, Sex and Salvation. Of Pleasure and Gay Holiness. Some Things About Gay-Male Porn. Ganymede: The father God's Love for His Boy. Orgasm. Phallic Worship. Pleasure and Brokenness. Somebody Turn on a Light. Erotic Discernment. Win/01-02: Intention. Six of Wands: Realization. It Is Safe to Let Go. Determined Queens. Imagine. Seeking a Bald Redhead. Decide to Develop Your Potential for God. Let Us Pray for Our Enemies. Seeing with Different Eyes. The Gay Movement's Intention.Fall/01:  Gender & Spirit. Gender & Sexual Identities Within American Indian Tribal Spaces, Between their Worlds. My Life as an Intersex. The Sexual Complex. The Myth of Hermaporoditus & the Next Steps. Gender: Types & Images. Questions of Gay Gender & Culture. A Sexual Stockholm Syndrome. Back into the Future: Transphobia is My Issue Too. When I Was Born. Sum/01: Love & Joy. Special Feature: A Conversation with Neale Donald Walsch. Mindful Masturbation. Spiritual Journeys. David Jonson, Jeff DeVore, George Paris and More...Spr/01: What happens when the world is reduced to black and white...The Shadow. The Shadow Saga. Shadows Within Shadows. Archetype of the Double. Reclaiming Gay Shadow. Gay-Centered Inner Work. Consequences of the Shadow. The Shadow Life. Cosmic Emptiness as Shadow. The Feminine as Shadow. The Fearful as Shadow. Garden of Ashes. The Father-Son Incest Myth. Greek Pederasty. Win00/01: An interview with Neil Douglas Klotz. Jesus and the Centurion's Slave Boy. Encountering Apocalypse: Text and context. The Right to be Spiritual. A House Divided. The One, True Faith. Hinduism, Homosexuality and Queer Identity. Science Fiction and Modern Mythopoesis. Opening Old Gates. Who Are the Gay People? Fall/00: Solitude:  Loneliness? Contentment? Mystical Experience?  plus Eric Ganther on Tarot, Steve Kammon on Circuit Parties and Spirituality, and a letter from Bill Weintraub about sex. Sum/00: Compassion: de la Huerta, Bidwell, Spong, and more...Spr/00: Food & Spirit. PO Box 2762, Wimberley, TX 78676-2762 or

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Abe Lincoln said, "It's been my experience that people who have no vices have very few virtues."

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