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Babybug is a board-book magazine designed perfectly for infants and toddlers ages six months to two years. It's made of sturdy cardboard pages with rounded corners and no staples and is ideal for babies who love to be read to and for adults who love to read to them. Each issue is filled with simple stories and rhymes.

Barney. Created in conjunction with the Barney the Dinosaur character, offers stories, games and activities designed to appeal to children ages 1-5. The family section offers practical information and ideas, including feature articles designed to help families understand their children's development. It also includes creative activities for families to enjoy together.

Boy's Quest encourages and improves the reading skills of boys aged 6-12 years. It instills traditional family values and inspires the reader with entertaining, thought-provoking, and challenging articles and activities. Each bimonthly issue includes stories, cartoons, puzzles, building projects, knot typing, sciences, math and much more.

Child Life magazine has been entertaining young people for more than 80 years. Today's kids ages 9-11 will enjoy a wonderful mix of classic children's stories from the magazine's incredible library of award-winning literature. They'll also find games, puzzles, activities, a computer column, and other fun stuff.

Children's Digest is written to entertain and inform preteens. Each issue includes reviews of the latest and best health and fitness books and CD-ROMs. Also included in every issue are fun activities and puzzles that teach readers about science, health, fitness and safety.

Children's Playmate. Kids are 6 to 8 years old will find fun-to-read and beautifully illustrated stories, plus great activities such as mazes, hidden pictures, puzzles and more in each issue. They'll also find out how much fun it can be to exercise, eat right, and practice good safety habits.

Contact Kids is written for kids ages 8 to 13. Every issue features articles about science, nature, and hot new technology for kids. Colorful articles, puzzles, games, experiments, and more all add up to hours of fun.

Crayola Kids aims to teach families with young children about the magic of reading and the wonder of creativity. Each issue contains a complete children s storybook, in addition to such features as on-the-page puzzles and craft activities. It's designed to stimulate creative processes for fun and quality family time.

Creative Kids magazine, "The National Voice for Kids," is a 1996 Parent's Choice award winning publication. Published four times a year, each issue bursts with fun games, art, stories, poetry, and opinions written and created by and for kids ages 8-14. Colorful illustrations by kids are printed throughout.

Cricket is a monthly magazine written for children aged 9 to 14. It encompasses a wide variety of genres including folk and fairy tales, fantasy, science fiction, poetry, science, and technology. Features include readers' letters, monthly contests, puzzles, recipes, crafts, and book reviews.

Dinozine, the ultimate dinosaur magazine for kids, provides educational entertainment through reading, learning and doing. The entire family will enjoy the many interactive pages of fun and activities included in each bimonthly issue.

Disney Adventures is for children age 7-14 who are eager to learn. This wacky and exciting monthly magazine focuses on fun and action-packed adventure covering the world of entertainment, real-life, comics, sports, technology and weird science.

Hopscotch Magazine for Girls is designed to stretch imaginations and inspire reading. Created for children ages 6-12, the magazine instills traditional values as well as emphasizing childhood interests. Girls' accomplishments are highlighted; worthwhile activities are encouraged. Each bimonthly issue includes stories, puzzles, poems, crafts, contests, a pen pal club, and much more.

The Horn Book Magazine: About books for children and young adults, (6/$25-newsstand), 12/98-1/99: 56 Roland St Ste 200, Boston, MA 02129 or

Humpty Dumpty is full of stories, poems, puzzles, activities, and more to engage children age 4 to 6. The magazine's philosophy is to help kids have fun while experiencing creative ways to exercise, eat right, and play safely.

Jack and Jill stimulates young minds and imaginations with stories, articles, crafts, games, poetry and humor. Creative, inventive and fun, this magazine will delight and amuse 7-10-year-olds for hours on end.

Kid City. Join in the fun of learning. Each issue will engage kids aged 6-9 with games, puzzles, Ghostwriter mysteries and articles. This delightful magazine is not available on newsstands!

Ladybug is a monthly magazine written for preschoolers, ages 2 to 6 years old. Its goal is to foster a love of reading by publishing high quality fiction, non-fiction, poems, songs, and activities. Each issue includes a parents' section with articles by child development experts, book lists, interviews, and suggestions for parent-child activities. PO Box 7436, Red Oak, IA 51591-2436. 9/98

New Moon, The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams, celebrates girls and builds healthy resilience to gender inequities. Written by and for girls ages 8-14. Advertising-free, intelligent, fun. (6/$29-newsstand), Subscribe here and be sure to enter in the comments/referral field when ordering. 11-12/01: Tricks and Tails: Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids. Sports: No laughing matter. Whoever thinks sports are fun is obviously a loser. Don't Be a Blockhead: All blocked up? Write on, girls!  Play It Again: Anyone up for some bull jumping? 9-10/01: You Say Tomato, I Say Gesundheit. Butt-Kickin' Babes of the Golden Age. Put on Your Birthday Suit. True Believers. Little Myth Superstitious. Now and Zen.7-8/01: How Aggravating! Howling at the Moon. Ask a Girl. Going Ape. Rootin' & Shootin'. Spunky Spelunking. Cry of the Ocean. 5-6/01: Take the Challenge: Turn beauty inside out!  25 Beautifull Girls. Poetry. Ask a girl. Lavie and Me. How Aggravating!   Howling at the Moon. Inside the Moon. 3-4/01: Wanna Be Our Cover Girl? Reading Between the Lines. All Aboard the Friendship. School Daze. The Inner You. Can You Relate? Hi-ho, Hi-ho. Miles of Style. To Your Health. The Straight Dope. Move Over, Bill Nye! This & That. 7-8/99: PO Box 3620, Duluth, MN 55803 or

Nickelodeon Magazine is an award winning entertainment magazine from the number one network for kids. It's packed with celebrity interviews, fascinating facts, comics, pull-outs, puzzles and more. The magazine keeps kids of all ages reading and laughing for hours.

Sesame Street. It's always a sunny day with Sesame Street. This fun and engaging magazine for kids 2-5 offers colorful stories, games, and lost more. Tots will be thrilled as they learn with Big Bird, Oscar and all the Sesame Street Muppets from Children's Television Workshop. 12/99-1/00: Food Fun at Home: Cut and play a sandwich game. Special Snowman Recipe. 2 New Pullout Calendars. Read-Aloud Story: Friends who share. Win a Video! Details inside. Holiday Cookie Match. Send E-mail to Elmo & Friends at (10) Sesame Street, PO Box 7659, Red Oak, IA 51591-0659

Spider is a monthly magazine written for children aged 6 to 9. Each issue includes stories, poems, games, as well as letters from other readers. It helps to enforce and improve writing and vocabulary skills. Box 7434, Red Oak, IA 51591-2434

Sports Illustrated for Kids. Fall/Winter 99: Special Collectors Issue. The Best of S.I. For Kids. It's Our 10th Birthday: Celebrate with Michael Jordan and the greatest stars in sports. Giant Poster: 10 years of cool covers. (13/$29.95) Sports Illustrated for Kids, PO Box 61992, Tampa, FL 33661-1992

Stone Soup, the magazine by young writers and artists, 9-10/98: PO Box 83, Santa Cruz, CA 95063

Turtle magazine is written with preschoolers in mind. Each issue combines health, nutrition safety, and exercise with fun and learning. Illustrated stories, poems, puzzles, and games provide an entertaining way for children to develop reading and comprehension skills. Those great activities and more provide hours of entertainment for your youngsters.

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