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Menstuff® provides a listing of over 200 current magazines and newsletters directed to men. The magazines' latest cover appears under the "Lenny" icon next to the listing. Click on the name for information about the publication. The following season abbreviations are for general reference: Spring - March, April, May; Summer - June, July, August; Autumn or fall - September, October, November; and winter - December, January, February (Note: See Latest Non-Newsstand Men's Publications. See Latest Newsstand Men's Publications. See this historical listing of over 400 men's publications we believe to be out-of-print. For a further historical reference, check out Michigan State University's Changing Men Collection of men's periodicals.) Click here for list of publications we sent MSU from our library.)

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Menletter - a monthly journal of articles, essays, observations, and resources for men. It consists of a free e-newsletter and a website without advertisements or pop-ups. Menletter has been in existence for over five years and covers topics such as men's health, relationships, spirituality, gatherings and retreats, resources, and mentoring. Sign up today E-Mail or

Legend:  A-Atheletics, B-beauty/Cosmetics, C-Career/Business/Finances, D-Drink, E-Entertainment, F-Fashion/Style, H-Health/Fitness, I-Image/Self-Improvement, J-Journalism-Investigative, L-Leisure/Lifestyle, M-Music/Movies/Media, P-Politics, R-Relationship, S-Sex, T-Technology. (circ/cost of a 4 color page of advertising) The "@" at the front means that the publication is primarily local in nature. The date at the end denotes the most recent issue we've received.

Current Periodicals for Men

Diversity (13)

Fathers/Parents (74)

Gay/Bi/Trans (27)

General (36)

Health & Fitness (28)

Men's Rights (2)

Mythopoetic (5)

Pro Feminist (7)

Recovery (10)

Spiritual/Religious (5)

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