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Viagra at bedtime may prevent erectile dysfunction
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The current television commerecial, which ran 1/22 on Oprah, shows a woman hitting a man in the back of the head with a box of Special K. No big deal? Wonder what would happen if the roles were reversed showing the man hitting the woman in the back of the head. Wonder if anyone beside us will complain. www.kelloggs.com (click on "contact us") or call 800.962.1413 or write Kellogg Consumer Affairs, PO Box CAMB, Creek, MI 49016


1/29/01: Is juggling your kids' highly scheduled lives, from homework to sports to lessons to music to who knows what, wearing you out? It's the Parent Trap: how to do right by your children without running the family ragged. The rise of "hyperparenting" and how to avoid the burnout. MORE Plus: "When Your Kids Burn Out" and "A Twelfth Grader Looks Back."


The Winter, 00 issue of Transgender Tapestry looks at a publication, free online at www.ngltf.org in the Library and Publication section. It won't tell you how to start, structure or grow an organization or coalition, but it will provide you with insight into approaches to legislative work.


The 2-3/01 issue of Ms. Magazine takes stock of where Title IX has taken us and looks at what the future holds for this landmark legislation for our daughters. MORE See our related stories in Women's Sport and When Daughters Come Second.


Subway surfing is back in vogue among New York thrill seekers. Clinging to the roof of a train as it hurtles through the city is pure lunacy that often ends up as blood on the tracks. The 1/01 issue of Loaded gives us a look at the latest result of the No Fear campaign that often ends up in young men making dumb, and at times, fatal mistakes. MORE Know Fear


This may not be the cover you'll see on the 2/01 issue of Gear. You see, this was the cover on the newsstands in early January, but the next group of issues that hit later saw a change in the photo. Still the February issue. We don't support this kind of marketing and encourage you to boycott them also until they stop coning their readers.


While the Gulf War joins the strange low-intensity-conflict status of Grenada and the Falklands, its veterans remember the great wages paid for this so-called none-war. Ten years later, Code (2/01) catches up with some of those left behind. MORE


If a guy says his manood is seven inches long, he's exaggerating, right?  Not according to Richard Edwards' extensive 9,000 man online survey. This "short" story appears in the 01/01 issue. MORE


What's so good about it? The 11/00 issue is a great read for those who are gay and want to look at their lifestyle in a more postive way. It's also a great read for Hets who would like a better understanding. We're all men. Take this opportunity to gain a better understanding of the benefits. MORE


How to stop your job from destroying your sex life.From the complications of working wives and husbands and the draw of sex in the office, to the problem of having chandelier-swinging sex when you get home so tired you fall asleep on the doormat. It's all in the January issue.


It's happening. Chicken Soup for the Soul® has an edition about Father's due out in May, 2001. And, they are looking for stories about Men for a new addition. MORE


Winter/00 issue of Fader, a BK contemporary magazine focuses on a place known variously as the cradle of civilization , the motherland, and the continent of Africa. From a visit with the sublime Sade and the insouciant maverick Finley Quaye. Plus a nod to the legendary band of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti to a stark portfolio shot in Sierra Leone's darkest hour. On newsstands now!


They're young, educated, affluent, and successful. They're men who should be happy...and don't understand why they're not. Experts call it by its clinical name, dysthymia. Others just call it The New Depression. The 2/01 issue of Men's Health explores this from a man's perspective and then gives you 12 ways to get happy fast.


Just published. Vol 1, No 1 of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation: The official journal of The International Society for the Study of Dissociation provides in-the-trenches clinicians with science that will guide them to more effective healing of traumatized persons.


The 12/00 issue is devoted to fathers on issues from The Beauty of Joining the Tribe to Preventative Medicine for our Boys. From Hugging Fred to Dads at a Distance. From Men Behaving Strangely to Surviving Divorce. From Black Masculinity in the Caribbean to Men, Drumming and Ritual and more.


It takes a great imagination to create cigarette advertising. Philip Morris are experts at it. Like using their charity work to get their cigarette image back on television and pretending cigarettes have nothing to do with over 1,200 deaths a day. MORE This mimic of Marlboro ads appeared in the 2/01 issue of Stance magazine for young men. There's a body bag over the trailing horse and the Surgeon General's box noting "Yee Haw! You too can be an independent. rugged, macho-looking dead guy."  16 mg of cancer-causin' tar, 200 mg of false self-confidence, 2500 mg of "Giddy-up, nobody gonna tell me what to do!"  www.thetruth.com/main.cfm?flash=no


Sex Etc. A free newsletter by teens for teens. This issue covers: Are Teens Too Young for Love? Straight Answers to Your Sex Questions. Dealing With Your Parents' Problems. Stalked: One Victim's Story. Like Mother Like Son. Addictions run in the family. Breaking the Silence: An incest survivor speaks out. MORE


Vol V, Issue 3: Erectile Dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient to permit satisfactory sexual intercourse. It is very important to visit your physician as soon as you realize that you may be one of the 20 to 30 million men in the US suffering from erectile dysfunction!


Everyman, one of the few non-newsstand men's magazines left, devotes this 76 page issue to Male Nobility, Women Praising Men, and Who Are the Men of the New Millennium? An excellent companion book is What There is to Love About a Man by Rachael Snyder.


Women's Pro Football is Back with a Whack. The New England Storm played the Houston Energy for the WPFL Championship on January 20th. Houston won 39 to 7. Let's hope the WPFL doesn't become animals like the Baltimore Ravens to play great football. www.womensprofootball.com | My Daughter's A Pro-Linebacker | Teams | Latest Results


For years, the debate - part quack science, part race baiting - has raged over the supposed differences between black and white athletes and the reasons for them. A review of Jon Entine's book, Taboo, attempts to discover - and uncover - some basic, naked truths.


1/1-2/01: "Brian Ramirez had no idea that six minutes of party passion would change his life forever." Includes "Seven reasons to keep it in your trousers." It also reports that the cost of the pregnancy is around $14,000 and costs during the first year will add another $22,000. MORE


In the 1/01 issue, they hit the streets and asked real women all the questions you're not supposed to ask - and they loved it. Includes the top 50 questions answered - including what women really do in the bathroom when you're on a date.


1/01 Issue of Stuff coerced 3,000 suits into revealing what goes on within their office walls. From cubicles to the copy room, employees are putting foreplay in their 401(k)s. The findings may ultimately explain why unemployment is at an all-time low.


Nike ran this two-page ad for their Air Dri-Goat athletic shoes. "How can a trail running shoe...help me avoid compressing my spinal cord into a Slinky on the side of some unsuspecting conifer, thereby rendering me a drooling, misshapen non-extreme-trail-running husk of my former self, forced to roam the earth in a motorized wheelchair with my name, embossed on one of those cute little license plates you get at carnivals or state fairs, fastened to the back?" MORE

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