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Menstuff® reports here on interesting articles appearing in June, 2002 periodicals. A click on the photo will often provide a larger photo or additional information regarding the topic. See previous months above.

A variety of current information is also available: Mediawatch, 2002 provides reviews the media's portrayal of men in advertising and the media. See 2001, also. For an index of these and additional stories, see 2002 and 2001. What's New provides weekly updates of additions to the web site including the latest issues, which are also included in Newsbytes (see table above).

After reviewing some of these topics, we encourage you to write the corporations and the government and give them your viewpoint. Action of the Week selects a particular action to take for the week. Change doesn't usually take place when only one complaint is received. If you want to be part of the solution, let them hear from you! Here's how.


Researchers are unlocking differences in the ways men and women hear-knowledge that could explain what's labeled inattention or becomes misunderstanding in your household. It's why men tune out and women miss the point. Reader's Digest, 6/02


Harvard Men's Health Watch, 6/02 reports that prostate cancer is like a jigsaw puzzle. The outlines may be clear, but many pieces are still out of place. Then, it's nice to know that scientists continue to make advances. This report includes epidemiology, etiology and treatment targets.


Several of the major women's magazines have followed Cosmo Girl to introduce "Teen" editions including Elle and Vogue. Most women's magazines have at least something beneficial to say besides fashion. This latest entry has nothing to say, really. Spr 02, Teen Vogue


Brother, Spr/02. It's about you, man. This new CD is the brainchild of Todd Denny and features songs about men's issues: violence, war, pornography, television and the prison industry, to name a few. Find out more at www.olywa.net/tdenny


If your daughter is like most girls, she'll worry about breast development during some phase of her adolescence. Learn positive ways to support her through this important time of her life. Daughters, 5-6/02.


More than 50,000 Americans die each year because of kidney failure. Of the 35,000 waiting for kidney transplants, only 11,000 will receive one. Diabetes mellitus is the leading cause of chronic kidney failure followed by uncontrolled or poorly controlled high blood pressure. Vol VII No 1 Family Urology


It might be baking cupcakes for rescue workers, playing football on an all-boys' team, bringing magic into a friend's life, or daring to ski backwards down a black diamond slope. Inside, meet 25 girls and find out what makes them tick. New Moon, 5-6/02


Hate kills but local DA's fear charging killers. It appears that it's the killers they are trying to protect, not potential victims. Sounds like a bad case of homophobia to me.


"The Best of 30 Years of Ms", this topic looks at divorce in the age of equal parenting. Ms, Spr/02


Mentoring is a critical activity that can help support children and can make the difference between a child succeeding or failing. Great article. Not addressed is the importance of keeping the father involved after a divorce. Voice Male, Spr/02


For each copy of Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul you purchase from us at the regular price, we will send a copy to two prison libraries. (Our goal is to get at least one copy in every prison in the U.S., which total over 8,000 facilities.) Updates on Chicken Soul for the Prisoner's Soul


It's happening. Chicken Soup for the Soul® has an edition about men and they are looking for stories.

There is a time for departure even when there's no certain place to go. - Tennessee Williams

Mencare® lists important nonprofit men's services and organizations.
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