Menstuff® has compiled information and books on the issue of STDs. STI is the new term that is expected to replace STD since many sexually transmitted infections are just that, infections and not diseases. Therefore, the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) appears to be a more accurate medical description. Note: Always have a Responsible Conversation about your Sexual History BEFORE petting or engaging in oral, anal or vaginal sex.

STD Prevention and Protection
Fifty percent of Americans will contract a sexually transmitted disease in their lifetimes. But you don't have to give up on great sex to have safe sex.

STD Testing
Most doctors don't test for the two most common STDs - unless you ask them to! Learn what to ask for during your next STD test.

Newsbytes - News items on the subject.

Let's Talk about STIs
A Couple’s Guide to What’s New In Birth Control
Sex Education at Home: A Guide for Parents
A Responsible Conversation about Sexual History
What's New in Birth Control: An Easy-to-Follow Guide About New Choices
General STD/STI Fast Facts
STDs and Pregnancy
Contraceptive Effectiveness Rates for Pregnancy Prevention
STDs/STIs (Venereal Diseases)

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Slide Guides:
Resources: AIDS & Aging

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