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Menstuff® provides a listing which includes stories that have appeared on the cover of over 90 current magazines and newsletters directed to men. Each listing includes a copy of the latest cover (under the Lenny icon) plus the editor's name and mailing address.

Men's Periodicals - Over 200 men's magazines and newsletters broken down by the following catagories:

Men's Periodicals - Historical - A historical listing of over 400 men's publications we believe to be out-of-print.
Fathers/Parents - Most directed to mother's and carrying information that we should know about our children. Now-and-then there's something written from our perspective.
Kids - Geared toward children
Teens - Geared toward young adults, primarily young women. It never hurts to know what "they" are telling your kids
Women - Why does a "men's site" have women's magazines. Again, like the periodicals directed to teen girls, it's important that men understand what primarily women are telling women about men, relationship, beauty, and sex.

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