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There are more boys born than girls. Under 5, there are almost 500,000 more boys. This number keeps decreasing and at 30, there are fewer men than women. The Federal Government has established 5 commissions on Women's Health and, while a Men's Health commission has been proposed before, it never survived, and with it, many men didn't survive who might have been helped by its passage. On Valentine's Day, 52 members of the House of Representatives started the ball rolling again. It's up to you, now. MORE


The 2/01 issue asks "Is America shortchanging male children?" "We used to think that the schools shortchanged girls; now the news is that schools are waging a war against boys," says psychologist Judith Kleinfeld. "Neither view is right." Cathy Young, author of Ceasefire, reports. MORE


Tkyes are getting techy even before they hit preschool. Are computers a boon- or a bane - for kids? An in-depth report on the pros and cons of comupters for kids appears in the 3/01 issue. MORE


No other place on earth has been as devastated by the AIDS virus as southern Africa. This is the story of what happens when a disease infects not just individuals but entire societies-swallowing families, communities and hopes, and raising the question of whether the rest of the world's reluctance to do more against this modern curse amounts to an enormous crime against humanity. MORE


In the February Special Issue. Fifteen years in the marriage bed. This is what it feels like, that deepest nexus of emotion and desire. The issue also carries the Desire Survey: Who's likelier to cheat, husbands or wives? What do men and women desire in a partner? What would women most like to try in bed?  And, the readers respond.


Is it a turtle? Is it a seal? No, it's a bleached-hair dude on a board waiting to be a shark's lunch. The 2/01 issue of Front lists 7 ways to Avoid a Shark Attack. MORE


Most women have been exposed to some of the worst pickup lines men can say. What you think might be the most clever come-on that'll instantly make her give up the digits might just be the lamest thing she's ever heard. Take it from those who have heard - what not to say to a woman you want to get next to. MORE


Despeite the statistics and stereotypes, teen pregnancy among Asian Americans is a very real problem, so says the 2/01 issue of A Magazine: Inside Asian America.


The new challenges and adjustments that you'll face as a bachelor parent can be overwhelming at times, but the rewards of raising good, happy children are immeasurable. Winter 01 issue. MORE


Games are rapidly becoming as sophisticated and adult as the people who play them. But is the rest of the world ready to see that happen? Does the industry itself fully understand the impact it has the potential to make? 2/01 issue.


Men reveal how they really feel about your makeup, hair, fragrance and more in the 02/01 issue. Quick Peak: Minimal to no makeup. No drawn-on eyebrows, rouge, eyeshadow, and eyeliner. Like: when the skin is glowing, lip gloss, or lipstick.


The 1/01 issue looks back at the words, moments and images making the mosaic that has been the publication during the first decade of publication and the AIDS crisis. Includes an exclusive on Maya Angelou and why she never lets a chance pass by to talk about AIDS.


The current television commerecial, which ran 1/22 on Oprah, shows a woman hitting a man in the back of the head with a box of Special K. No big deal? Wonder what would happen if the roles were reversed showing the man hitting the woman in the back of the head. Wonder if anyone beside us will complain. www.kelloggs.com (click on "contact us") or call 800.962.1413 or write Kellogg Consumer Affairs, PO Box CAMB, Creek, MI 49016


1/29/01: Is juggling your kids' highly scheduled lives, from homework to sports to lessons to music to who knows what, wearing you out? It's the Parent Trap: how to do right by your children without running the family ragged. The rise of "hyperparenting" and how to avoid the burnout. MORE Plus: "When Your Kids Burn Out" and "A Twelfth Grader Looks Back."


The Winter, 00 issue of Transgender Tapestry looks at a publication, free online at www.ngltf.org in the Library and Publication section. It won't tell you how to start, structure or grow an organization or coalition, but it will provide you with insight into approaches to legislative work.


The 2-3/01 issue of Ms. Magazine takes stock of where Title IX has taken us and looks at what the future holds for this landmark legislation for our daughters. MORE See our related stories in Women's Sport and When Daughters Come Second.


Subway surfing is back in vogue among New York thrill seekers. Clinging to the roof of a train as it hurtles through the city is pure lunacy that often ends up as blood on the tracks. The 1/01 issue of Loaded gives us a look at the latest result of the No Fear campaign that often ends up in young men making dumb, and at times, fatal mistakes. MORE Know Fear


The in-your-face XFL is here. Are you ready for some crazy-ass football? Well, the World Wrestling Federation, professional football, and NBC have joined forces. Be afraid. Be very afraid!  In the 2/01 issue. MORE


While the Gulf War joins the strange low-intensity-conflict status of Grenada and the Falklands, its veterans remember the great wages paid for this so-called none-war. Ten years later, Code (2/01) catches up with some of those left behind. MORE


They're young, educated, affluent, and successful. They're men who should be happy...and don't understand why they're not. Experts call it by its clinical name, dysthymia. Others just call it The New Depression. The 2/01 issue of Men's Health explores this from a man's perspective and then gives you 12 ways to get happy fast.


It takes a great imagination to create cigarette advertising. Philip Morris are experts at it. Like using their charity work to get their cigarette image back on television and pretending cigarettes have nothing to do with over 1,200 deaths a day. MORE This mimic of Marlboro ads appeared in the 2/01 issue of Stance magazine for young men. There's a body bag over the trailing horse and the Surgeon General's box noting "Yee Haw! You too can be an independent. rugged, macho-looking dead guy."  16 mg of cancer-causin' tar, 200 mg of false self-confidence, 2500 mg of "Giddy-up, nobody gonna tell me what to do!"  www.thetruth.com/main.cfm?flash=no


1/1-2/01: "Brian Ramirez had no idea that six minutes of party passion would change his life forever." Includes "Seven reasons to keep it in your trousers." It also reports that the cost of the pregnancy is around $14,000 and costs during the first year will add another $22,000. MORE


It's happening. Chicken Soup for the Soul® has an edition about Father's due out in May, 2001. And, they are looking for stories about Men for a new addition. MORE

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